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Cheap Vapes


Some people can’t make up their minds on choosing the vaping lifestyle simply because they expect it to be a too expensive habit. Of course, this concern isn’t completely true. Now, there is a premium segment in the vaping world, just like in any other industries, where prices are starting from $100. But a quality vape doesn’t necessarily cost a king’s ransom. There is also a whole universe of enticing vape deals that are so tough to pass by. You only need to know places where to get it and which devices worth a hunt.

Why choose cheap vapes?

The vaping world has proved that there’s no reason to look down on everything that’s not US-made. Most popular brands usually have a Chinese origin. They push the industry forward with innovations that other trademarks try to keep up with. The quality of materials, build, firmware and power safety are top-notch. Their massive volumes are sold worldwide. Often, such items sell for less than $70. Thus, low price isn’t the equivalent of inferior quality. American products may appear more expensive for the reason of more pricey labor expenses, taxes and much more. As a result, it’s common to come across a cheap mech mod that is made of the same copper that the one for $300. The copper in it is not worse; it’s just produced in the place where the net cost is much less. That’s why having products that cost a pretty penny doesn’t always mean the best vaping session on the Earth. By looking for cheap vapes, vapers are seeking that fine line where the best quality meets the best price.

Cheap vapes pros and cons


All bread is not baked in one oven, and all cheap vapes are not made by one manufacturer. Meaning that for the same low cost you can get either a very good piece of hardware or, in the worst scenario, a garbage knockoff. Leaving the junk replications aside, let’s look at the pros and cons of vapes for cheap that possess considerable quality.


  • By choosing a cheap vape, you can try out multiple devices to your taste, pick different ones for various occasions, or even collect them.
  • Vaping cheap saves you tons of money for other purposes.
  • If you don’t like your cheap vape it’s not too hard to let it go.
  • Monthly expenses on vaping in the US end up being much less than smoking expenses.
  • Cheap RDA is a better way to practice using rebuildables than burning a hole in your pocket by buying an expensive one that eventually may not be the most suitable for you.
  • You can afford both mechanical and VW/TC mod with no tradeoffs.
  • Enjoy countless flavors of cheap e-juices without giving an arm and a leg for it.
  • Many cheap vapes include zinc alloy build, anodized aluminum, gold-plated contacts and all the stuff that expensive ones have.


  • You may run across poorly made build with rattling parts of low quality.
  • Cheap vape has more probability of ending up firing with a short circuit.
  • Cheap plastic parts become worn out quickly and break up easily.
  • A low-priced box mod may give not accurate wattage, voltage, and TC
  • There’s a little chance of buying a high-end device with all the newest design, most probably cheap vape means outdated.

Cheap vape pens


A cheap vape pen is an excellent option for those who want to get introduced to vaping. If you are not sure if this is your cup of tea, then there’s no need to spend a fortune on a device that has a potential of throwing into a trash can anyway. In the end, all vape pens are pretty basic devices, so a few dollars less don’t make a drastic difference on the vaping experience, when you know that a pricier device has the same battery capacity and atomizer build.

Cheap vape mods


The box mod prices range from affordable ones to ridiculously high like a pilot version from Jay Bo himself for $15000. Overall, producing a box mod takes certain effort and resources, that’s why you won’t find too cheap box mods the market. Here at VapingDaily.com, we made a research of the best cheap vape clones, and it showed that variable wattage and TC mods clones are not that easy to find. It means that even for a low price you get an authentic device from a decent Chinese brand that offers high quality.  

Cheap e-cigs


While vaping technologies development keeps on rolling, simple e-cigs haven’t been forgotten. Instead, they occupied a niche of cheap vapes for ex-smokers. Often they resemble traditional cigarettes in their form factor. The simplicity of draw-activation, prefilled cartridges, and disposable parts make cheap e-cigs desired by many. These devices are also capable of bringing the massive throat hit.  

Cheap e-juice


A secret recipe of a premium e-juice, made of natural ingredients by years of searches and carefully handcrafted by an artisan vaper, steeped in an oak barrel… Come on! That’s what really sounds like a legend to grab some extra money, which is far from the truth. If you want to get real, look up some popular cheap vape juices so delicious that they will make it impossible to put your vape down.

Cheap dab rigs


People know how to smoke sweet “honey” waxes from peculiar handmade devices. Cheap dab wax rigs are a suitable option to optimize the whole process, making it more comfortable and efficient. There’s no need to buy a complicated and expensive device for vaping dabs, except if you consider yourself a fan of cannabis-related subculture.

Cheap vaporizer


Everyone knows that it’s better to vape herbs than to smoke. To get the most of your material, you need a quality and stealthy vaporizer. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to be working good. Devices like these require neither high wattages nor an intricate build. A good find has a ceramic chamber and non-exposed coils. Cheap vaporizers like this can be quite decent if you take some time to find a brand that puts it simply and doesn’t try to make something too extraordinary.

Cheap RDA


A typical RDA has pretty simple build. It’s basically a metal deck on a 510 threading with posts for coils or without them. On top, you put a top cap and maybe an additional drip tip. Simple as that. How come this little thing costs $100 and over? For vapers only starting to use RDAs buying the latter for such a high price is simply unreasonable. Even for experienced cloud-chuckers getting the same product with same qualities for $12 is rather a smart move.

Cheap vape tanks


The greater part of your vaping experience depends on the vape tank because that’s where the vapor is produced. A large, non-leaking, powerful tank for a little price is not a myth. It’s better to choose a detachable build, where you can change a drip tip or a coil head to the preferred one if the supplied component doesn’t satisfy you.

Cheap vape starter kits


Vape starter kit is the most useful thing in the vaping world. If someone doesn’t have a huge collection of tanks and RDAs – the cheap vape kit is everything that’s needed to start vaping right out of the box. In a starter kit, the newest box mod is supplied with a perfectly fitting tank. The only thing that they don’t put in there is the batteries, but due to the safety precautions, we can understand that. Cheap vape kits are very popular across the world, so to buy one is easy as never. The variety of choice, though, might be confusing, but for the price it sells, you can get a kit or two with no hassle.  

Cheap mech mods


Mechanical vape mod is a simple construction. The ones that retail for $100 and over are a mystery. We’re talking here about a metal tube with some battery contacts, folks. Anyway, if you are one of the true vapers who just wants to get the job done instead of chasing unique art pieces, the fabulous world of cheap mech mods is open for you.

Cheap vapes and vape clones


High-quality vape clones often mimic some legendary devices worth couple thousand dollars. Whereas, the same quality you can find in cheap authentic vapes. Authenticity is good when you seek for smart design and special look that is not a copy of anything. Meanwhile, cheap originals may appear very average, when the clone of some interesting build offers a totally new experience.  

Vaping cheap using deals and coupons

Another cool way of saving on vaping expenses is to hunt all kinds of discounts. There’s a lot of exciting bundle deals, holiday discounts and coupons to look for. These special offers are a great chance to vape for cheap without compromising on the quality.  

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