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Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA
Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA
10/10 icon-question
  • All-stainless steel construction
  • Ceramic build deck with clamps
  • Two 810-drip tips are included in the kit

The Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA is an update to the original Profile with a redesigned build deck, better airflow control, and an all-ceramic ...

Digiflavor Drop V1.5 RDA
Digiflavor DROP V1.5 RDA
  • Four-post build deck
  • Gold-plated build deck
  • Suitable for DL and RDL vaping
Vandy Vape's RATH 24mm BF RDA
Vandy Vape RATH BF RDA
  • Supports single and dual coil configurations
  • All stainless steel build
  • 6mm deep e-juice reservoir

#1 Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA

A New Profile With Better Flavor

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA is an update to the original Profile with a redesigned build deck, better airflow control, and an all-ceramic build deck. It has three types of airflow control and coils: nexMESH CHILL, TURBO, and EXTREME. Each of them gives perfect cloud production and excellent flavor. The Profile 1.5 is 24mm in diameter, and its build deck has increased to 22.5mm for better airflow dispersal. In addition, the atomizer comes with four mesh-style pre-built coils that increase flavor production with minimal size and improved contact with wicking material.


  • Three mesh coils options for different vaping styles
  • Excellent flavor production
  • Well-made from high-quality materials
  • Compatible with 810 drip tips
  • Three airflow options: max, lower, and flexible air supply


  • Dry hits if not wicked properly

#2 Digiflavor Drop V1.5 RDA

Four-Posts for Maximum Vapor

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Digiflavor Drop V1.5 RDA is the latest entry in the Drop series of atomizers that features a dual-airflow design, a four-post build deck, and an all-stainless steel build. The Drop V1.5 comes with two different airflow vents located on the top cap and the inner chassis, which gives users a maximum airflow experience. The first airflow design features a column of horizontal vents. At the same time, the interior one is made in the honeycomb style so that users can get both a direct lung vaping experience and a restricted direct lung experience.


  • Excellent dual airflow design
  • It is designed for DTL and RDL vaping
  • The coils are easy to build and wick
  • Supports single and dual-coil builds
  • All-gold plated deck provides better conductivity
  • It is compatible with the squonk mod


  • No 510 drip tip adapter

#3 Vandy Vape's RATH 24mm BF RDA

Feel the RATH of This Versatile Dripper

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Vandy Vape’s RATH RDA is a durable and versatile dripping atomizer with squonk capabilities. The RDA features all-stainless steel construction and has a postless build deck that uses side clamps to secure the leads of any single or dual-coil configuration. The entire atomizer has a 24mm diameter and comes with two different styles of drip tip, an 810-all-resin drip tip that can be swapped out for a 510-drip tip thanks to the 510 adapters.


  • Well-designed dripping atomizer made from high-quality materials
  • The atomizer with a honeycomb airflow ring
  • 24 mm diameter makes it compatible with almost all mods
  • The deep groove contains large e-juice storage


  • BF pin gets clogged too easily

#4 Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA

An Adaptable, Hard-Hitting Dripper

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA is a versatile, adaptable dripping atomizer that features all-stainless steel construction and supports single and dual coil builds. The Recurve V2 builds on the success of the original device. 3mm ID dual coils and 5mm ID single coils provide huge vapor and clean flavor. It maintains its distinctive curvy shape while incorporating new design features like two different airflow control rings based on the coil configuration.


  • The very deep juice well
  • Supports both DL and MTL vaping
  • Tight and loose hits with every pull
  • Easy-to-install build deck
  • This RDA is squonk compatible


  • Top cap comes loose sometimes

#5 Wotofo SRPNT RDA

A Versatile, Back-to-Basics RDA

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Wotofo SRPNT RDA is a multi-functional dripping atomizer featuring an all-stainless steel build with an innovative deck design. The SRPNT can support single and dual coil builds while giving users a unique airflow control ring. The atomizer works best with dual, staggered Clapton coils, two of which are included in the kit, but vapers can mount several different coils built to the atomizer’s four-post build deck.


  • Easy-to-mount build deck
  • Excellent vapor production
  • The atomizer comes with a lot of pre-made coils
  • High-quality coils included in the kit
  • It is compatible with squonk mods with BF pin
  • A 5mm thick cotton strip gives a tight draw


  • Some leaking problems

#6 Steam Crave Hadron Mesh RDA

A New Multi-Faceted Dripper/Squonker

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Steam Crave Hadron Mesh RDA is a versatile dripping atomizer compatible with squonking mods thanks to its included 510-BF squonk pin. This RDA is a perfect choice for vapers who want to get huge clouds. It has an 810 wide-bore resin drip tip that is very comfortable and can be used with any e-liquid. In addition, the Crave Hadron features a postless build deck that can support both single and dual coil builds that can be run in series or parallel. The atomizer also features a multi-hole, honeycomb airflow control top cap with an 810-wide-bore resin drip tip-up top.


  • 510 threading connection compatible with all mods
  • Excellent flavor production
  • It works well with mesh strips
  • Supports DL and RDL vaping styles


  • Too wide for most mid-sized mods

#7 Hellvape SERI RDA

A Triple-Decker Dripper With Style

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

This atomizer, 26 mm in diameter and 40 mm in height, is made of high-strength stainless steel and is protected from external influences by additional powder coating. From the outside, such a layout looks quite stylish and effective.

The RDA has a huge 6mm deep juice well that is very comfortable and allows you to vape for a few days without refilling. Dual and triple coil configuration supply a substantial flavor boost.

The Hellvape SERI RDA is a well-machined, well-designed dripping atomizer that features an innovative build deck and all-stainless steel construction. The SERI has a staggered, triple-layered build deck that can accommodate single, dual, and triple coils. Even a tiny insert is included in the kit that lets you transform the deck into a dual-coil build deck. The atomizer also has dual top caps that give any coil build reduced heat transfer and a better-designed airflow intake.


  • Increased capacity for bigger coil builds
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Capable of switching between single and dual coil
  • Excellent airflow control


  • Not suitable for amateur vapers

#8 Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA

A Hellishly Good Dripping Atomizer

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA is an update to the original Dead Rabbit that now comes with a dual airflow system intake and 4.5ml e-juice capacity. The main update is increased airflow: the user can choose between three rows of honeycombs instead of two or three slots on each side. In addition, the atomizer features a wide-bore 810-drip tip that is interchangeable with other 810s and comes in either ULTEM or resin styles. The internal build deck also features a revamped build deck that can support both single and dual coil builds.


  • It is a reliable cloud-producing atomizer
  • Designed for squonk mod with 5ml deep juice well
  • Easy-to-mount build deck
  • The atomizer has an innovative dual airflow design providing bigger clouds
  • The slim, slender profile


  • Threads get dirty easily

#9 GeekVape Z RDA

Anti-Leaks, Pro Vapor Quality

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

The GeekVape Z RDA carries on the tradition of GeekVape quality with its redesigned build deck, anti-leak, anti-spit back airflow, and all-stainless steel build. The Z RDA features a dual-post build deck suitable for both single-coils and dual coils so vapers can get creative with coil builds. The atomizer also features a top-to-bottom airflow design that ensures maximum airflow while keeping any e-juice from leaking out the bottom. The kit also includes a 510-BF so users can transform the dripper into a squonk atomizer in no time.


  • No leaking from the tank
  • Anti-spit and low-noise options
  • Suitable for single and dual-coils
  • Top-to-bottom airflow provides precise airflow control and clean flavor
  • Supports DTL vaping with 0.12ohm dual-coil Alien


  • Airflow too restricted

#10 Wotofo STNG MTL RDA

A Mouth-to-Lung Stinger

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Wotofo STNG MTL RDA is a specially designed dripping atomizer with a slim 22mm diameter build with an extended, tapered mouthpiece. The STNG is explicitly created for mouth-to-lung vaping, and its build deck only supports single-coil configurations. This 22 mm RDA is designed for MTL vaping, and it is perfect for or nic salts. It has a unique design with a narrow-looking drip tip that is very convenient. It looks simple and compact. The drip tip and airflow intake are also in-line with mouth-to-lung specifications, but the tank can also support BF vaping with its 510-BF squonk pin.


  • An exclusive MTL dripping atomizer
  • Easy-to-install build deck
  • Well-made from high-quality materials
  • Squonk-ready


  • Only supports single-coil builds

The Best 10 RDA of 2022: Readers' Choice

Category Product Price Rating
Best RDA Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA $32.95 10
Best RDA For Flavor Digiflavor Drop V1.5 RDA $26.99 9,5
Best RDA For Clouds Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA $25.99 8
Best Leakproof RDA Vandy Vape's RATH $27.99 9
Best Innovative RDA Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA $34.95 9
Best RDA With Excellent Airflow GeekVape Z RDA $21.99 7,5
Best Dual Coil RDA Hellvape SERI RDA $28.99 8.5
Best Single Coil RDA Wotofo STNG MTL RDA $14.95 7.5
Best Mesh RDA Steam Crave Hadron Mesh RDA $32.99 8.5

What is an RDA vape tank?

Anatomy of RDA - Infographic

A regular atomizer that has a reservoir for your e-juice that’s fed to the coil for vaporization. However, RDA vapes need you to drip e-juice continuously. This might sound like a lot of unnecessary hassle to beginners, but many old vaping hands love them for their customizability.

What to Look for in RDA Vape Tank for Box Mods?


A smaller diameter, say around 0.86 in., will likely produce the best vapors since the juice will be concentrated in the chamber.

The downside is that there is less building space, so it may take some trial and error to use smaller coils.

Post Holes

How complicated a build is to be had is determined by how many post holes there are and the arrangement. How these are arranged will determine how the build is done, so a beginner needs to keep it simple. Two-post-holes complectation is probably best.

Some RDA tanks have four post holes allowing stacked or horizontal dual coil placement. Depending on how much experience the vaper has, it is probably better to leave this to expert builders.

Juice Well

A small drip well, around 0.12 in. or so, will obviously require more dripping. Depending on how often to drip is too often will determine what size well will be best. The type of wick comes into play, as well, since some types can stay wet even when the well is empty and keep providing vapor.

Japanese cotton is probably the best wick to use as it does stay wet and allows a lot of flavors to pass through. It is one of the most popular wick materials when building an RDA vape tank.

To drip less often, 0.2 in. well is probably best, but keep in mind that all of the juice will have to be vaped in a session not to spill any juice while carrying it with the well still full.


Some RDA vape tanks have airflow vents on the side which makes reduces the chances of over-dripping. Airflow coming from the bottom can create some issues with spillage and some sticky messes. Bottom airflow does make more contact with the coils when they are built correctly, though. Essentially more trial and error in building the coils and wicks are necessary with a bottom-fed airflow RDA.


The types of materials used will also play a part in what kind of RDA tanks is going to be best. Since price is usually an issue, it is a balancing act between using high-grade material that is still cost-effective. Luckily there are polymers that make for great parts that don’t cost a fortune.

How to Pick the Right RDA Vape Tank for Mods?

Since not every vaper is looking for the same thing, we hope that we were able to show that there is a specific RDA vape tank out there for just about every need and want.

Whether it’s for an expert builder who loves to show off their complicated builds or for the beginner looking for the best RDA vape tank to start dripping, there is always some feature that sets it apart in some way.

Vaping is always best when the right mods or accessories are used for the given purpose.


Do you have the money and are searching for a high-level vaping experience? Make sure you look no further. I guarantee you’ll find what you were looking for while exceeding your expectations.

Published: October 29, 2018 Updated: November 18, 2022



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1st Place 10/10

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA