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Vitamin vape
FDA Views on Vitamin Vape

Vaping your vitamins: how to and why FDA regulations Vitamin-specific vaporizers So, can vitamins be vaped? Why to Vape Vitamins? For those who enjoy using e-cigarettes and vaporizers, vitamin-based e-liquids are a boon—an easy way to ensure they are getting their daily vitamins and minerals in an simple, inhalable form that is easier to consume…

V2 is closing down
Did Juul Labs Buy V2 and VMR Products to Conquer the Chinese Market?

VMR, which owns V2 e-cigarettes and vapor products, has discontinued its operations. The company has cited product tariffs among other challenges which, according to a message on their website, will ‘dramatically’ have an impact on its cost structure as well as profits.   VMR’s V2 brands have been very successful in the US to the…

E-cigarette ban in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Bans E-cigarettes

Hong Kong Bans E-cigarettes after imposing a ban on alternative smoking devices that include e-cigarettes as well as Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) tobacco products. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive cites health impacts as the main reason for the ban The ban comes a few months after the territory announced that it was planning to come up with regulatory…

Recreational weed in Canada
Canada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Canada has legalized the use of recreational weed in the whole country making it the second country in the world to do so. Marijuana has been legalized in Canada and fulfills a campaign pledge by Prime Minister Trudeau The legalization took effect on October 17 Adults aged 18 and above can now grow, use and…

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