/About Us – A Quick Overview About Who We Are And What We Do
About Us – A Quick Overview About Who We Are And What We Do 2015-11-03T14:26:09+00:00

About Us – A Quick Overview About Who We Are And What We Do

Who we are

VapingDaily is our premier vaping and news website where you can find reliable information on many types of vaporizers, e-cigs, e-liquids and more. On top of that, we offer the latest news and trends from the vaping world to keep vapors and non-vapers up-to-date with current politics, events, and interesting vaping topics. Here at VapingDaily, we want to help you make the best decisions when it comes to vaping, ensuring you get the best information possible through our written reviews and YouTube videos.

Our Goal

Our priority at VapingDaily is to help people understand vaping. Our goal is to help those in need of information on everything vaping related, as well as providing resources for those who are looking for education and support to stop smoking. True power comes from knowledge obtained through education. By learning about smoking’s effects, people can to make informed decisions.

The Drive

The Drive

We believe that information is the most powerful asset to help people understand the damage they cause to themselves, their loved ones and society by smoking.

We all know someone who has smoked cigarettes or chewed tobacco at one point or another. Whether it was a parent, a sibling, or a friend, we’ve watched as they were taken over by addiction and its horrible effects. This is what prompted us to take action, and thus VapingDaily was created.

If you are involved in health advocacy or publish a blog, please consider helping end the smoking epidemic by mentioning our site as a resource for people to quit smoking. We would like to thank you in advance for your support and will continue to work towards a smoke-free world.


Here are some statistics about smoking and why you should be concerned:

Deaths per Year:

Globally, approximately 6 million people die from tobacco use each year. In some countries, such as the US, the number of smokers is decreasing – however globally, the number is rising. It is expected that more than 8 million people will die from smoking, or from being exposed to secondhand smoke, by the year 2030. In the US alone, there are an estimated 480,000 deaths annually from smoking and exposure. This is 1 in 5 deaths, which equals about 1,300 deaths each and every day from smoking or secondhand smoke exposure.

Living with Illnesses:

It is estimated that approximately 16 million people in the US alone are currently living with an illness caused by either smoking tobacco products directly, or having been exposed to second and third-hand smoke. There are also an estimated 1 billion smokers throughout the world. It is unknown how many people are living with an illness globally due to smoke exposure.  

Health Care Costs in the US:

Tobacco use costs billions of dollars in the United States each year. Approximately 170 billion dollars is spent on direct medical care for smokers annually.

Economic Losses in the US

The economy loses over 156 billion dollars annually because of lost productivity. This is in light of the premature deaths due to smoking directly, as well as the deaths from the exposure to secondhand smoke.

Join the VapingDaily Community

If what you’ve read has peaked your interest, let us know. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve or expand our website and community. We’d also like to invite you to join our community and help spread awareness about the dangers of smoking.

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