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ePuffer LUX Tobacco Vape Juice
epuffer lux tobacco e-juice
10/10 icon-question
  • Child-proof bottles
  • New nicotine formula
  • Date of expiry on every bottle

LUX Tobacco e-liquid is a premium tobacco-flavor e-juice from EPuffer. They are a well-known e-cig company that also has a line of e-juic...

VaporFi Smooth Tobacco Nic Salt
Gold Tobacco Vape Juice
  • Available in 18mg, 36mg, and 48mg
  • 30ml nicotine salt
  • Flavor Profile: Tobacco
I Love Salts Tobacco by Mad Hatter
I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco Salt E-liquid
  • 30ml bottle of Sweet Tobacco Salts
  • Flavor profile - rich custard, bold tobacco, silky vanilla, etc
  • Designed for vape pods and low-wattage systems

What is Tobacco Vape Juice?

Tobacco vape juice is an e-juice that mimics the flavor of tobacco without using any actual tobacco. With that said, some tobacco e-liquids use authentic tobacco flavoring derived from real leaves. Other e-liquids combine tobacco taste with various flavors. It ranges from coffee, chocolate, caramel, or whatever taste goes with that particular flavor.

Not all tobacco e-liquids contain nicotine. Like any e-liquid, users can opt for one with various nicotine levels or no nicotine at all. Users of tobacco e-liquids can also choose from several different types of tobacco. In addition, many e-juice makers create different flavors based on different strains of the tobacco plant.

Best Tobacco Flavored E-Juice

#1 ePuffer LUX Tobacco Vape Juice


10/10 icon-question Review score

LUX Tobacco e-liquid is a premium tobacco-flavor e-juice from EPuffer. They are a well-known e-cig company that also has a line of e-juices. This particular blend is exactly that: a blend of several different types of tobacco. From the fields of Virginia to the slopes of the Turkish steppe, the variety of flavors in this e-liquid will be evident from the first vape.

Making the e-juice even more exotic and flavorful is the addition of Asian tobacco flavors.


  • Several tobacco flavors
  • Good throat hit
  • Diacetyl-free
  • Lab-tested ingredients


  • No mid-range nicotine options
  • One bottle size

#2 VaporFi Smooth Tobacco Nic Salt

Smooth Tobacco Nic Salt

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The VaporFi Smooth Tobacco Nic Salt has a smooth and satisfying feel. It’ll make every puff tasty and satisfactory. This is a tobacco-flavored vape juice with nicotine. It is ideal for vape lovers who enjoy combustible cigarettes.

A splash of nicotine salts enhances the smooth velvety feel. The manufacturers of this tobacco vape juice paid attention to details. It’s for those looking for a classic tobacco flavor without traces of roughness. This tobacco vape juice has a bold, well-balanced taste that would satisfy anyone. It’s neither overpowering nor weak.


  • Well-balanced taste
  • Smooth feel


  • It does not taste like real tobacco

#3 I Love Salts Tobacco by Mad Hatter

Sweet Tobacco Salt E-liquid

9/10 icon-question Review score

As the name suggests, this tobacco vape juice is for sweet salt lovers. But you’ll still get a rich tobacco feel. When many people think of tobacco, they think of a rough, prominent flavor. But tobacco doesn’t always have to be rough. I Love Sweet Salts will offer users a sweet and full tobacco blend. This bottle should be in the collection of any vaper – newbie or experienced.


  • Sweet, long-lasting taste
  • Soft tobacco blend


  • May not suit those interested in a bitter taste

#4 American Red Tobacco

Nitech American Red Tobacco

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

This is an American-made e-juice that boasts quality ingredients and outstanding flavor. The flavoring gives it the taste of authentic American tobacco. So it is an ideal juice for tobacco lovers and former cigarette and cigar users. Customers can get this juice in three flavor profiles. It ranges from single to triple shot, and they are available in max VG and 50/50 blends. These blends allow for maximum cloud production or strong throat hits. Vapers can also differentiate the nicotine concentration by choosing 30 or 50 mg per bottle. There are also options of salt and regular nicotine.


  • Max VG blend has outstanding cloud production
  • 50/50 blend produces a solid throat hit
  • Salt and freebase nicotine available
  • Three flavor profiles


  • Expensive
  • The triple shot blend is a bit strong

#5 Coastal Clouds Tobacco

Island Tobacco Flavor

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Coastal Clouds tobacco e-juice takes its inspiration from the one-of-a-kind tobacco flavors in Cuba and its rich tradition of making high-quality tobacco products. The e-juice features no other profiles, but the complexity of the authentic flavor direct from the blackened earth of the island needs no complement. Users will feel transported to the island on the first inhale, while the exhale gives them the satisfaction they’ve been looking for.


  • Strong, robust flavor
  • Good cloud production
  • Suitable for the evening, after-dinner vape
  • Great throat hit


  • No other flavors

#6 Central Vapor E-Juice Sample Pack

A Medley of New Flavors

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Central Vapor e-juice sample pack offers users an excellent entry into the world of vaping with a choice of five bottles of e-juice chosen from dozens of possible flavors. In addition, users can choose from the many flavors offered by Central Vapors. It ranges from fruit-based, dessert-based, and tobacco-based. The site also offers users their choice of bottle size, nicotine strength, and VG/PG ratio.


  • Dozens of different flavors to choose from
  • Great value for the price
  • Excellent flavor quality
  • Great variety (nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio)


  • No specific flavors

#7 Tobacco Gold No.1

Tobacco With a Sweet Tooth

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Tobacco Gold No.1 e-juice from Twist features an authentic tobacco flavor that comes with a touch of sweetness. The e-juice starts with the undeniable tobacco taste on the inhale. At the same time, users will be greeted with a sugary surprise on the exhale that gives the vape an enjoyable aftertaste.


  • Good throat hit
  • Good cloud production
  • Great nicotine buzz
  • Excellent flavor profile


  • Not suitable for pod mods

Best Tobacco-Flavored Nicotine Salt

#1 American Patriots by NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid


10/10 icon-question Review score

The NKD 100 American Patriots nic salt e-juice is a celebration of rich tobacco flavor. The high nicotine content does not overpower but delivers subtle tobacco notes. The unique nicotine salt formula of this e-juice offers a more nuanced character than freebase nicotine. It mimics the bold, full-bodied taste of real smoke but in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio that barely scratches the throat.

The mouth-to-lung experience of this e-juice, especially when vaped in a pod mod device, is second to none. American Patriots comes in single bottle size, 30ml. Vapers can choose between two nicotine strengths, 35mg, and 50mg.


  • Smooth tobacco flavor
  • Mellow throat hit
  • Good for mouth-to-lung vaping
  • Pod mods compatible


  • No other flavor profiles
  • Only one bottle size

Best Tobacco E-Juice of 2022: Winners and Prices

Category Name Rating Price
Best natural tobacco e-juice ePuffer LUX Tobacco Vape Juice 10 $25.95
Best Tobacco-Flavored E-Liquid VaporFi Gold Tobacco Vape Juice 9,5 $19,99
Best Tobacco Nic Salt American Patriots by NKD 100 10 $19.99

Types of Tobacco Flavored Vape Juice

Straight Tobacco Flavors

This category of tobacco flavors has a single mix of flavors. Also, these juices help a transition from vaping to smoking. They include flavors like Perique, Habano, Virginia, etc.

Mixed Tobacco Variants

This category of tobacco vape juice is a mixture of several flavors. RY4 (vanilla, tobacco, and caramel) is a renowned mixed tobacco variant. They are a slight upgrade from straight tobacco flavors.

Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NETs)

These are e-liquids made from natural tobacco extracts. These flavors are the closest to regular tobacco any vaper can get. There are only a few available NETs. And they are best for rebuildable atomizers.

How To Choose Tobacco E-Liquid

Vape Juice is an essential and decisive factor that convinces new vapers to either stick to or abhor vaping. It is important for people who want to quit smoking, as it is where most beginners base their first vaping experience evaluation. Vapers are turned off by awful, artificial-tasting, chemical-smelling e-liquids.

To stick with vaping, one must find the most suitable all-day vape juice that will match his or her taste. Otherwise, there is a great chance of simply going back to the cancerous sticks packed with hazardous chemicals and free radicals. To satisfy cravings for the traditional tobacco flavor and combustion-produced throat hit, one may opt to return to the habit rather than ‘smoke’ ill-flavored vapor.

No matter how advanced or entry-level the vaping kit is, a beginner always wants to vape something familiar to the taste. Tobacco is on top of the charts here. This is exactly why most e-liquid brands spend substantial time and effort producing tobacco blends that try to mimic real cigarettes. After all, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are vital nicotine substitute devices that help successfully complete smoking cessation.

While vape juice evaluation can be subjective since everyone has different tastes and predilections, we have reviewed different vape juice brands and their most popular flavors. It is difficult to pinpoint the best e-liquids since taste is the most distinguishable aspect. Whether something tastes good or not differs from one vaper to another. Also, there are other factors to consider when finding the right e-liquid. The VG-PG ratio is one thing that depends on the vaper’s preference and vaping hardware.

Tobacco E-juice vs. Smoking Tobacco

When you’re about to start vaping, you may think it is like smoking cigarettes. But this is far from reality. Tobacco e-juice is different from the real deal. There are some tobacco-flavored vape juices with nicotine. They can offer you a realistic tobacco taste. While tobacco-flavored vape juice without nicotine will have a fruity burst.

The only upside to using tobacco e-juice is that it takes away combustion smoke. This will keep your taste buds fresh. It’ll also eliminate smoke from your breath, clothes, and home.


Is tobacco-flavored vape juice bad for you?

Tobacco flavored vape juice is not bad for you insofar as any vape juice can be bad for a person’s health. It has no special or dangerous additives that make it more harmful to you than any other vape juice. Tobacco flavored e-juice contains no actual tobacco products, and it is not smoked. Any vape juice can carry risks for a person’s health, and it is not recommended for people who have never vaped or smoked.

What vape tastes most like cigarettes?

Vapers need to decide which vape juice tastes most like cigarettes since many different varieties. E-juice makers do not copy the manufacturing standards of cigarette makers as the two processes are very different. One e-juice may taste nothing like cigarettes even though it is a tobacco-flavored e-juice. No e-juice maker markets their tobacco e-juice as a particular brand to avoid fines and punishment from the FDA.

What kind of tobacco seeds are used for making vape juice?

Most e-juice makers use a variety of tobacco flavors when making their products, and they do not always use natural products like seeds. A few makers extract their tobacco flavor from organically grown tobacco leaves. But they are unique, and it is not an industry-wide practice. Most e-juice makers rely on synthetic tobacco flavors to put into the e-juice. And they do not involve any natural, organic product.

How to get rid of the sweetness of tobacco vape juice?

Getting rid of the sweetness of a tobacco vape juice is not always necessary unless the flavor profile includes sweet flavors like chocolate, caramel, etc. Vapers can try steeping their e-juice with another flavor to try and reduce the sweetness. But that runs the risk of changing the flavor profile entirely, and the result may not be so appealing. They can also add distilled water to bring down the sweetness profile.


We assume that those accustomed to real tobacco cigarettes are more high-PG blends. Since these e-liquids deliver stronger flavor and throat hit, just like pure and analog tobaccos.

We assessed each one’s quality, strength, smoothness, VG-PG blends, packaging, taste, and selection. And we have arrived at a list of the best tobacco-like vape juices today. So consider this our genuine assistance to those who want to quit smoking and switch to vaping without letting go of that familiar tobacco taste.

Published: August 31, 2015 Updated: October 6, 2022



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