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Best Tobacco Flavored Vape Juices

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Top Tobacco Blends

Black Note: Prelude, Sonata, Bravura


Black Note is one of the most popular high-end e-liquid brands with top-notch tobacco and menthol blends. Their Prelude, Sonata, and Bravura are among the best on the market, with a 50/50 VG/PG blend and six nicotine levels available for choosing. The Black Note is famous for their pure tobacco extract e-liquids that are free of any artificial additive, flavors, and coloring.

The taste is clean and pure, more on the rich and earthy flavors of different types of tobacco that are meticulously cured to bring out their natural sweetness. Black Note uses top quality ingredients that are USP grade and kosher and presents their products in a stylish, unsurpassed, elegant manner. Prices are not cheap, but each drop is worth every penny.

Mount Baker Vapor: USA blend


With an 80/20 PG/VG blend the Mount Baker Vapor USA Blend ensures excellent flavor and throat hit, just like what you usually get from regular cigarettes.

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Halo: Longhorn, Tribeca, Tiki Juice


Halo has some tobacco based e-liquid flavors that range from earthy rich tobacco taste to subtle sweet and light tobacco based blends. Whether you want it strong and pure, or mild and tasty, Halo tobacco e-liquids are remarkable all-day vapes.

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Vapor Chef: VC tobacco #42


Vapor Chef is famous for crafting gourmet blends that are complex and delectable, but their VC tobacco #42 is a premium choice for tobacco lovers. Although no e-liquid has yet perfected the art of imitating the exact taste that you get from tobacco cigarette smoking, this blend is, without a doubt, one of the closest that you can find on the market.

Heather’s Heavenly Vapes: Dragon’s Fire

dragons-fire-e-juiceHeather’s Heavenly Vapes offers e-liquids that are available in different PG-VG blends. They have 80-20, 70-30, 60-40, 50-50, 40-60, 30-70, 20-80, and 100% VG. This sets them apart from other e-liquid brands, since vapers are not only able to assess the taste of their e-juice, but can also choose the right strength, smoothness, and quantity of vapor produced.

They also have eight nicotine levels for each flavor, as well as the option to add menthol at varying intensities.

Dragon Fire is their pure tobacco flavor, which is apparently extracted from pure and real tobacco. The flavor is rich and full and gets even better after steeping. There’s a hint of chocolate and caramel that makes it similar to a tootsie roll, without the candy sweetness.

Best Tobacco-Like Vape Juices
Vape Juice is an essential and decisive factor that convinces new vapers to either stick or abhor vaping. It plays an important role for people who want to quit smoking, as it is where most beginners base their first vaping experience evaluation. Vapers are turned off by awful, artificial tasting, chemical smelling e-liquids.

To stick with vaping, one must find the most suitable all-day vape juice that will match his or her taste. Otherwise, there is a great chance of simply going back to the cancerous sticks that are packed with hazardous chemicals and free radicals. For the sake of satisfying cravings for the traditional tobacco flavor and combustion-produced throat hit, one may opt to return to the habit rather than ‘smoke’ ill-flavored vapor.

No matter how advanced or entry-level the vaping kit is, a beginner always wants to vape something familiar to the taste. Tobacco is on top of the charts here. This is exactly why most e-liquid brands spend a substantial amount of time and effort in producing tobacco blends that try to mimic real cigarettes. After all, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are vital nicotine substitute devices that help in the successful completion of smoking cessation.

While vape juice evaluation can be subjective since everyone has different tastes and predilection, we have tried to review different vape juice brands and his or her most popular flavors. It is quite difficult to pinpoint the best e-liquids since the most distinguishable aspect is the taste. Whether something tastes good or not, that differs from one vaper to another. Also, there are other factors to consider when trying to find the right e-liquid. The VG-PG ratio is one thing, which also depends on the vaper’s preference and vaping hardware.

On the contrary, we are assuming that those who are accustomed to real tobacco cigarettes are more of the high-PG blends since these e-liquids deliver stronger flavor and throat hit, just like pure and analog tobaccos.

We assessed each one’s quality, strength, smoothness, VG-PG blends, packaging, taste, and selection, and we have arrived at a list of the best tobacco-like vape juices today. Consider this our genuine assistance to those who want to quit smoking and switch to vaping, without letting go of that familiar tobacco taste.

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    The best I ever had was called Ghost Cloud premium light. I can’t find it anywhere. I bought some mount Baker vapor USA tobacco blend and it taste like formaldehyde. Ghost Cloud taste smooth, sweet, very light vanilla tea taste, like a fresh hit of Marlboro every time!

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