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Best Fruity E-Juices

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Choosing the right e-liquid is important because a pleasant vape will curb cravings for cigarettes while tasting good. Fruit-flavored e-juices are one of the more popular blends, and so, to help users who love fruity e-juices, we list down the top flavors that will surely satisfy even the most jaded vaper.

Fruity Favorites:

VaporFi’s Tropical Cherry

Price: $15.99/30ml

VaporFi’s Tropical Cherry E-juice imageA new blend by the expert flavorists of VaporFi, Tropical Cherry is a blend of coconut and cherry that may seem incompatible but makes for a surprisingly delicious combo.

Arguably the best e-liquid company today, VaporFi has its own FDA-registered lab and manufacturing facility in the US and offers a staggering selection of flavors. Tropical Cherry is a unique blend that fans of fruit flavors will find both intriguing and addicting.

Vista Vapors’ Crazy Berry

Price: $4.99/17ml


An e-juice that’s sweet, fruity, with a hint of tart, Crazy Berry is a combination of various berry flavors that tastes like a berry smoothie. Strawberry is the focus here, with hints of blackberry and blueberries. A satisfying vape for all berry enthusiasts.

Aside from its full flavored e-juice, what pushes Vista Vapors to the top is their aggressive pricing. A 17ml bottle for $4.99 is a crazy deal for anyone. The fact that all the company’s e-liquids are made in the USA and crafted from the finest ingredients only make its value even better.

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Mt. Baker’s Maui Sunrise

Price: $4.99/15ml


A tropical fruit blend that’s sweet enough for users to want more, yet light enough to make it a great all-day vape. The Maui Sunrise has strong citrusy flavors with other fruity undertones that will remind users of their favorite childhood candies.

Another USA-based e-liquid manufacturer that offers fantastic value, Mt. Baker Vapor’s Maui Sunrise has been considered by many as its best flavor. Founded in March 2011, the company owes its success by following its three core tenets: efficient shipping, astounding quality service, and affordable juices. They make no mention of the high quality of its e-liquids, but when one tastes it, users will know.

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MFS’ Fruit Punch

Price: $4.99/10ml bottle


Mixed and developed in-house, Fruit Punch is not your usual fruit punch flavor. Users might expect it to taste like regular fruit punch, but this version has an unusual fruity flavor that’s not too sweet, but sweet enough. It has a much more dominant tart flavor to it than sweet fruits.

One of the first US-based manufacturers of e-liquids, My Freedom Smokes continue to thrive because of its dedication to quality. With its use of both US- and European-made ingredients, the company is not shy to source out quality materials to ensure an end product that’s superior.

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Vapor Chef’s Funky Monkey

$3.88/6ml bottle

funky-monkyOne of Vapor Chef’s top flavors, the Funky Monkey is described as a mixture of banana, chocolate, nuts, and vanilla. The banana, chocolate, and nut flavors jump at you, jostling for position as you taste the three in a wonderfully complex blend. There is a hint of vanilla to make things even more interesting. Funky Monkey is tasty enough to curb, not just your smoking habit, but your sweet tooth as well.

The priciest on this list, Vapor Chef’s cost is justified once one takes a puff of their famous Funky Monkey flavor. Mixed by a certified chef, one will understand how someone can create a unique blend where there is a complex interplay of flavors not usually found in e-liquid. Also made in the US using the finest ingredients, Vapor Chef’s Funky Monkey is one e-juice flavor everyone should try.

Spoilt for Choice

There was a time when good, let alone great, e-juice brands were few and far between. Today, vapers are lucky to have a plethora of brands to choose from. The list above is in no way the last word in fruit-flavored e-juice, but rather a list of suggestions. Narrowing them down to five is tough, since that meant leaving out other flavors and brands such as Halo, Feghali, and Seduce, to name a few.

Vapers today are spoilt for choice, and that is great for the industry and users alike. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. However, in this case, it is a bowl of cherries.

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