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Best Vape Juice Kits of 2018

Gone are the days you had to stick to the same flavors. Now, DIY e-liquid suppliers have spiced up your vape life by making DIY vape juice kits you can use to make our own e-liquid. Experiment with different flavors and make unique e-liquid batches.

There is nothing difficult in making your own vape juice by telling you what you need and where to get the best DIY e-liquid supplies and how to use them. Having a make your own vape juice starter kit is the first thing you need to know and where to get the cheapest DIY e-liquid supplies.

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To make e-juice, you need to know where you can get the right supplies. The first step is to know the best place to buy DIY e-liquid supplies. There are several DIY e-juice suppliers available in the market including wax e-juice kit suppliers. Our site cooperates with DIY e-juice suppliers.

Top E-Juice Kits


#1 E-Liquid Adventure Kit

If you have no idea how to make your vape juice starter kit, no problem. NicVape is known for providing customers with what they want and need and is committed to keep you satisfied. When you buy the e-juice starter kit, you get everything you need to improve your vaping experience. There are 10 flavor concentrates that you can use for your first trial.

The e-juice making kit is affordable and goes for $69.99. Once you purchase the kit, you get ten flavors, syringes, pipettes, blunt tip needles, beakers, a graduated cylinder, plastic bottles with child-resistant caps, gloves and blank labels among others. When it comes to E-liquids, NicVape is one of the best DIY e-liquid suppliers and their kit is suitable for newbies and experienced vapers as well.


  • A broad selection of flavor concentrates
  • Has many components
  • Fast Shipping


  • No gloves
  • Costly
  • No nicotine
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#2 Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers DIY

This DIY e-juice kit comes with the basic supplies needed to make e-juice. This e-liquid DIY kit is not complete making it unsuitable for use by inexperienced vapers. You will need additional supplies since it only comes with nicotine, PG, VG, bottles, syringes, and gloves. However, you can buy all other things from the site. You will also enjoy the broad flavor selection you can get at $2.59. Experienced vapers can use this kit to replace the things that are missing from your DIY kits as well as make your own vape juice starter kit with other things.

The kit goes for $49.99.


  • Affordable


  • Misses several elements
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#3 VapeWild Advanced DIY Kit

The VapeWild DIY e-liquid kit is an all-rounded kit that can help you get started on the journey of making your own e-juice. Once purchased, you will receive diluted nicotine, PG, VG, sweetener, beaker, six flavors, syringes, gloves, bottles and pipettes. This is the complete DIY e-liquid making kit that you can get for the price of $39.99.

The packaging is excellent and discreet and delivery is fast overseas. If you are looking for a DIY vape juice kit in the UK, you can order this and have it delivered to you in days. This also applies to those looking for a DIY vape juice kit in Canada, Australia and other regions.


  • You get a complete set for an affordable $39.99
  • The kit is complete
  • Fast delivery


  • Few flavors in the kit
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#4 Nicotine River DIY E-liquid Kit

Nicotine River have proved to be one of the best e-juice DIY supplies by creating a starter kit that is ideal for all those who are starting out at making their vape juice. It is one of the best DIY e-liquid starter kits since you get everything you need at one place. Getting the kit will help you experiment using different flavors and varying PG and VG levels. This DIY e-juice starter kit is perfect for newbies who want to make their own juices.

The kit comes complete with the following: PG, VG, flavors, bottles, gloves, cylinder, syringes and needles, beakers, diluted nicotine.

The kit goes for $24.99.


  • The kit is complete
  • Affordable
  • Fast delivery
  • Lots of flavors to choose from


  • The price is a bit high
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What you need to get started

When it comes to making e-liquids, there are several things that you need. You need to get a DIY e-juice starter kit. You need a complete kit and know how to use it so you can make your own vape juice. Here are the things that make the e-juice starter kit.

What you need to get started vape juices

How to make your own vape juice with DIY Kits

In addition to the DIY e-juice kit, you will need some ingredients for you to make your e-juice. They are PG or VG, Flavors and nicotine. Once you have all of these in your possession, you can follow this step by step DIY process to making your vape juice and tweak it as you improve.

  1. Determine the strength of the nicotine

The amount of nicotine can be measured using the formula below.

(strength in ml/mg) (volume in ml) = nicotine amount in mg

For instance, 50ml of 8mg/ml e-liquid will need 400mgs of nicotine.

(amount needed) / (strength of diluted nicotine) = Volume to use

Using the same example: With 100mg/ml of diluted nicotine and needing 400mg

400/100 = 4ml

  1. Extract nicotine from the container

Put on your gloves to avoid any accidental spills on your skin and to avoid contaminating the nicotine.

Since you are making a 100ml of 8ml/mg e-liquid, you will need to extract 4ml from your nicotine bottle.

Drawing the right amount can be tedious. The easiest way you can do this is by drawing up slightly more than 4ml then carefully remove the excess until you reach the 4ml mark. To prevent wastage, keep the syringe pointed into the nicotine container. While drawing the nicotine, beware of air bubbles that can throw off your measurements.

  1. Transfer the nicotine to the bottle

Once you have obtained the right amount, transfer it to the 100ml plastic bottle.

  1. Measure and add your flavors

Choose your preferred flavor combination. The recommended dilution is 10% of the entire volume. Since you are making 100ml, you will need 10% which is 10ml. If this is your first time, you can try one flavor then gradually mix it with other flavors.

  1. Measure and add your PG /VG

PG and VG is the base used for the e-liquid. The E-liquid already has a lot of PG from the nicotine and flavoring so in this case, it’s best to use VG. Deduct the nicotine and flavor volume from 100ml and add the VG. Use a clean syringe to transfer the VG to the bottle. However, you should not have a bottle that fills to the brim to allow for additional space for mixing.

If you want a PG and VG ratio that has more PG, you can use diluted nicotine of a higher strength.

  1. Secure the bottle

Secure the bottle with a drip tip and a child-resistant cap.

  1. Shake the bottle well

Shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure everything spreads out evenly. You can use an e-juice mixing kit to make things easier for you. Over time, the components might separate so you will need to shake the bottle regularly. If you find your arm getting tired, you can get yourself DIY e-liquid mixing kits.

  1. Steep for a while then enjoy

Steeping involves giving the e-juice time to rest and air. During this process, the chemicals mix and react with each other in the presence of air. Giving the e-juice time to breathe can make a big difference in the taste of different flavors.

Steeping for a few days is advised for vanillas, creams, custards and fruit flavors.

Name Price
E-Liquid Adventure Kit $69.99
Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers DIY E-juice kit $49.99
VapeWild Advanced DIY Kit $39.99
Nicotine River DIY E-liquid Kit $24.99

Possible side effects of DIY vape juice

The possible side effect of making your vape juice is exposing your skin to nicotine that can be absorbed and cause nicotine poisoning. If you start experiencing symptoms of poisoning, visit your physician immediately.

Now you know how you can get your own DIY e-liquid starter kit and begin the journey to making your own vape juice. You can get your DIY vape juice kit in UK and DIY vape juice kit in Canada and join everyone else in making your e-juice. If you know some great DIY e-liquid making kits, tell us about it and your experience. If you want to put a mark on your vaping life, get one of these kits and get started.


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