VUSE E-Cig Review – Great Throat Hit, Short Lifespan

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Overall Performance: 38%

User Experience: 22%

Value for Money: 30%

Price: $10.00

Our Verdict: As far as cig-a-likes are concerned, Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarettes are admirable in terms of vapor production and flavor. However, Vuse Vapor e-cigarettes offer too high a nicotine level and short-lived disposables that were probably intended for reasons of profit and protecting the owner’s billion dollar tobacco business. Given these, we deem the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarettes are only for beginners who want to ditch the smoke and replace it with some high-nicotine vaping.

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What the Kit Looks Like


Design: The design on this e-cigarette is remarkably premium, as it is made of metal. This gives a first-class feel compared to other e-cigs you can buy at a convenience store. While trying to mimic the looks of a real cigarette, the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette holds an elegant look with a black cartridge and a stainless steel battery. Depending on the flavor that you choose, the ring in the middle comes in red or green. When put together, everything constructs a modern cigarette design as RJ Reynolds’ alternative to analog cigarette looks. It is comfortable to hold, discreet in size, but solid in weight.

Build Quality: Unlike other rechargeable cig-a-likes, the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarettes are durable and sturdy. Apart from the resilient material that is metal instead of plastic, these e-cigarettes do not suffer from poor engineering that usually manifests itself in loose or wiggly connections between the battery and the cartridge. With the Vuse, one easily and securely locks onto the other.

Vuse e-cigs, in general, are not designed to last as long as more advanced units from reputable e-cigarette brands. They do, however, function well within their intended lifetime. Particularly, the Vuse lasts for around three hours of continuous, heavy vaping before you will have to recharge the unit.

What’s in the Box: Inside the box of the Vuse Systems is a battery, a cartridge, and a USB charger. It is a simple kit that includes only the basic things to get you started.

Vaping Session with VUSE E-Cigs

Usability: Setting up the Vuse takes no more than attaching the cartridge easily onto the battery and vaping your way until the battery runs out. It has a white LED light at the tip of the battery that glows each time you take drag out of the device. It works exactly the same as other cig-a-like units, only with a more gadgety look.

As you vape, you will easily know when the battery is running low on power since the LED light flashes in red for two seconds. When the red light blinks continuously, you must charge the battery to be able to reuse the unit. Also, the white LED light blinks to let you know that the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production is amazingly on the upper side of the gauge when compared to other cig-a-like units. Of course, if you compare it with an Ego kit or a mod, you will be disappointed. A normal 3-5 second inhale on the Vuse gives a great amount of vapor that takes this e-cig apart from others within the same price range. The thickness and consistency of the vapor are astounding, as well, turning the usual ‘moderate’ feedback that cig-a-likes receive around.

There is remarkable throat hit in every drag, with an intense flavor that is quite stronger than other pre-filled cartridges on the market. On the downside, the intense flavor and strong throat hit may be attributed to the high nicotine content, which is at 48mg or 4.8%. That is around four times more than what you get out of a real cigarette. This may be a good thing for heavy and chain smokers who need such high nicotine content on their vape for them to get by. On the contrary, that may lead to worse nicotine addiction instead of gradually liberating yourself from the habit.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The battery life of the Vuse is superior to other cig-a-likes today. For light and intermittent vapers, the device lasts for 8 hours or so. This is good enough for a $10 kit that is small and handy, although that is considered a bit high compared to other brands. The cartridges are designed to last for a few rounds of vaping, depending on how much and how heavy you vape.

Additional Details

Vuse digital vapor cigarettes are manufactured and sold by RJ Reynolds Vapor Company. The latter is owned by Reynolds American Inc., which also owns the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Santa Fe Tobacco Company, and American Snuff Company. Ironically, before Vuse Vapor was founded in 2012, the owner actively participated in anti-e-cig campaigns.

There are two versions of the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette: the Solo, and the System.

Cartridges are available in tobacco and menthol, with 48 mg nicotine content. Their refill cartridges are pretty expensive at $5.99/2 piece-pack, probably due to the amount of nicotine they put in. It is important to note, as well, that the maker does not explicitly tell on the packaging of the Vuse that the nicotine content is too high.

The Solo is sold at $10 per pack, while the System is out at approximately $30, with the same level of usability, vapor production, flavor, quality, and battery life.

As of present time, these e-cigs are only available in Colorado and NC. Online purchasing of this e-cig is unavailable since the manufacturer ‘disagrees’ to online e-cig shopping. On their site, their reason for this is their sincerity in keeping tobacco products away from minors. As a matter of fact, the maker is one of the lobbyists who asked the federal government to ban online sales of e-cigarettes.

It may not be very simple to access even their website due to the stringent process of requiring every visitor to register. They also visitors to include the last four digits of their SSN for age verification purposes.

The Result

The Vuse is not a revolution in the industry. That much is apparent. Its advertising heralds that it is as much better than the competition, and if that competition is just considering the products in the same price bracket, then that is true. If it takes in the larger market, then you do have a lot of better options. The Vuse is great for its price point; there is no denying that. But it can’t really compare to a lot of better options out there.

Still, if you just want something cheap and of decent quality, then you can’t really go wrong with the Vuse. It is well made and inexpensive, so it will do in a pinch. But if you plan to vape for years to come, then you probably want something better.

While the Vuse seems cheap on first glance, buying refills at $3 a pop and replacing the battery every so often adds up. You will probably need to replace the eCig itself after a short while as well. All of that means that it can be troublesome and may not be as cheap as it initially seems.

  • Great price point
  • Excellent throat hit
  • Lasting taste, all the way through the cartridge
  • Good battery life
  • Batteries tend to malfunction
  • Only available in retail stores

As a conclusion, the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette is better when compared to other cig-a-likes when it comes to vapor quality. The flavor and throat hit may be satisfying for a few. However, the nicotine level in this e-cigarette makes it a heavy smoker’s vape, and is not advisable for those who intend to use the device for quitting smoking and nicotine at the soonest possible time.

Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette
Vape Rating: 28/100 by


  1. Very frequent bad cartridges. Occasionally, I can shake a bad cartridge to get the fluid down to the heater end and start working, but not always. The battery and charger fails a bit too frequently, also. After a while, the fit becomes too loose to hold the battery in, and sometimes, a part of the charger comes off and gets stuck in the charger, preventing a cartridge from being attached. I’ve been through 5 batteries / chargers in less than a year. These are also very strong. It took me months to not gag on the first draw.

  2. I’m searching online for a ecig that offers lower and lower nicotine levels, I have used the Vuse for a year at a steady pace and never knew the amount of nicotine…No wonder I can’t quite the damn things!! Will find something else so I can taper off, I have spent enough on these things!

    • Try the Blu System. The nicotine cartridges are offered in different nicotine levels. You must buy the System. NOT individual e-cigs.

  3. I was a pack a day smoker for 25 years. I quit smoking analog cigarettes almost 3 years ago and switched to Vuse e-cigarettes. I tried several other brands before deciding on the Vuse. I use the Solo, I have tried the Vibe but the Vibe unit is bulky, heavy, and doesn’t have the same taste, my preference is the Solo. I love the flavor of the Vuse original, in my opinion, it is the closest taste to an analog. Over the course of the 3 years with the Vuse Solo, I’ve noticed that the cartridges don’t seem to last as long (or I’m vaping more) I don’t have scientific proof on the length of duration and I don’t count how many times I hit on it. I use 1 to 2 cartridges per day, so the cost is the equivalent to analogs. I do find that approximately 1 in 15 cartridges fail, but my local gas station I purchase then from allows me to exchange them. I like that they don’t stink, and I’m especially pleased that my smokers cough and wheezing have disappeared. I’m concerned about long term use, but overall I feel my health has improved significantly since I quit smoking analogs. I don’t seem to be out of breath as quickly and I feel like I have more stamina and endurance with physical activity. However, want I to know, is in 10 years, will I have popcorn lung or lung cancer? I’m sure I was on my way to lung cancer with the analogs. Overall, if you are desperate to quit the analogs, I’d recommend the Vuse. You are switching out one addiction for the other, but the benefits to me are clear. I wouldn’t plan on using the Vuse as a tool to quit, I’d plan on it as more of a replacement. With all that said, I like the Vuse, it’s my brand of choice. I love that I don’t stink, I hate the smell of analogs, and the Vuse is more discreet. I’ve found if I hit my Vuse and hold the hit in for 10 seconds, I don’t release a cloud of smoke, so it’s easier to be discreet. I was more of a closet smoker with my analogs, I didn’t wear the title smoker with any pride. I’d recommend the Vuse!

  4. I never smoked, or vaped, i just kind of started off with vuse cause i didn’t have alot of money. it’s been 3 weeks and i love my vuse. the original flavor reminds me of my grand father’s old pipe. I don’t really care about what level the nicotine is cause i can control some of that with how i inhale. I must say i was a nervous wreck cause i was having money problems and filing for bankruptsy. This thing has calmed me down so well. I am not nervous anymore, i feel great. I love my vuse, i don’t care what people tell me or say about it. I chose my poison and i’m happy with it.

  5. These suck, and not in a good way. I go through a two pack cartridge package a day. At $8 a pop I’m spending more $ on these than I did cigs. I’m looking for a good alternative that is like the vuse just not as expensive. Any suggestions?

  6. I hacked my vuse learning about it’s internal function and so far so good re using old cartridges my own vape liquid all off this because I am very poor currently not as cool as there original design but works. I definitely helped me quit smoking. On a side note there cartridges us a chip that is writable by it’s little processor similar tech that is used in ink cartridges for many printers. Also read the patent there not hack proof they just want you to buy more of there product cartridges

  7. I’m really concerned about this product. I started with Safe Cig roughly 5 years ago. Then V2. Slowly, V2’s became less available in the convenience stores near me.

    I switched to VUSE. WOW! Heavy stuff! Of course, I’m sucking down 2 of them a day, and finally am worried about what possible side effects could be (beyond a rapid heart rate, etc). I’ve had coughing fits that I can’t stop. My lungs feel wheezy, at times, and I’m a little concerned about the e-cigs, but too darn hooked to quit!

    While doing a personal search on benefits and risks to e-cigs, I learned about the Popcorn Lung study. Researchers from Harvard found that the flavoring chemical, diacetyl, when inhaled, was linked to irreversible scarring to their lungs.

    VUSE lists their ingredients, including “natural and artificial flavors.” What are the artificial flavors?

    I called them directly, and a man named Chris, put me on hold to ask his supervisor. He came back to me and stammered “they are…uh, I can’t say it.” He started to spell “proprietary.” Oh! So, they’re a secret for only Big Tobacco to know, right???

    I asked for his supervisor. He put me on hold, again (1-2 minutes). He then told me I had to give them all of my information (DOB, full name, address) BEFORE transferring me to a supervisor. It made me feel uncomfortable.

    Once John, the supervisor, answered the phone, he said he could not tell me the proprietary ingredients, but that he would forward the request to the appropriate parties.

    I also asked him to tell me how much nicotine was in each cartridge. He had to put me on hold again, and finally responded “4.8%.” That’s 48mg of nicotine per cartridge.

    I’m sharing my experience with others to see if anyone else has the same side effects (occasional uncontrollable coughing, wheezing) from using VUSE. Please share!

    And as they refused to tell me the “artificial” flavorings, I must go back to V2’s. If they’re still around. I’d love to quit, so…maybe this is a good time to start.

    I don’t trust R.J. Reynolds. I’m tempted to send my cartridges to a lab to have them tested.

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