Chain Vaping – All Your Need to Know About It and Its Potential Dangers

If you check the popular vaping keywords on your website analytics, there are a set of unique questions that will pop up numerous times. Some of the most frequently asked questions incidentally are “Am I a chain smoker?” “Am I vaping too much” “How much is too much?” It’s understandable for someone who has just started vaping to seek answers to these questions, and quite frankly, we all do. So, back to the question, how can you tell if you are a chain vaper? How do you quantify it? By how much juice you go through? Let’s take a deeper analysis.

Chain Vaping – All Your Need to Know About It and Its Potential Dangers

What is Chain Vaping?

If you were a chain smoker, you probably know what it’s like to be a chain vaper. For those who aren’t familiar with the habit, you’ve probably come across those smokers who’d light one cigarette right after another—in a chain-like manner. In fact, classic chain smokers light a cigarette right from the first one without leaving a second between them. The core appeal of vaping is that it’s very, very similar to smoking. Pretty much all you do in this safer alternative is vape when you’d have smoked. Thus, the most fitting definition of chain vaping would be “hitting the vape regularly, almost constantly without putting your device down.”

Do you find yourself vaping almost ceaselessly throughout the day? You may be a chain vaper. However, a person who has their e-cigarette all the time, but never constantly lights them up wouldn’t be considered a chain vaper. Such fellas are comparable to those that light a cigarette and put it down in an ashtray, then it burns out and they would have to light another one. Such guys end up taking about 10% of the cigarette and therefore wouldn’t be chaining.

Dangers of Chain Vaping

The topic on the danger of vaping has been beaten to death since 2008, and every article, discussion, forum, and advice on vendor websites have exhausted on the same potential side effects. However, what most of these platforms don’t mention is that the potential dangers of severe vaping are specifically caused by either nicotine or dehydration. All the other side effects may be symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, myths, and nothing to do with chain vaping. We are also going to run through some of the dangers associated with chaining, but we’ve also dug up some additional information on side effects that you might find interesting.

Nicotine Poisoning

Can you really vape yourself to a nicotine overdose? Many people still ask. The answer to this is YES and NO at the same time! Yes, you can overdose nicotine when you go over the set threshold, but the chances that you might do this are very trifling. Why? The estimated lower dose to constitute a nicotine overdose are between 500 and 1000 milligrams what would be a tall order when it comes to vaping. To overdose, one would need to vape about 40 milliliters of an e-liquid containing nicotine from a standard 12mg/ml individual vaping e-liquid device. Even if you are to use a higher device with 18mg/ml concentration, you’d require approximately 28 milliliters to reach an overdose. Your body also processes nicotine very quickly, so you’d need to consume the whole 40 ml or 28 ml basically at one go—which makes it quite a big ask even for chain vapers.

What Are the Symptoms of Nicotine Overdose?

If you continue to vape beyond your threshold or come into direct contact with a significant amount of nicotine, you may experience a degree of nicotine poisoning. Symptoms of nicotine poisoning may include agitation, confusion, headache, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and increased salivation. More serious symptoms of nicotine poisoning include slow heart rates, seizures, coma, and respiratory failure (in full worse scenario). For these reasons, nicotine should be handled with safety and kept away from children, pets, and food.


The main culprit that causes vaping-induced dehydration is found in the e-liquid itself—propylene glycol (PG). The name of this e-juice component isn’t all too important in this discussion, but what you need to know is that it is a hygroscopic substance. This means that it can bind with water molecules in your body, so when you vape PG will absorb water from your eyes, nose, and mouth. Not everyone will experience dehydration while vaping since the strength of the side effect has a lot to do with a person’s biological makeup and a natural sensitivity to the compound. However, chain vapers are more likely to experience dehydration due to the amount of PG intake as well as extended hours of vaping. Taking lots of fluids is the only way to hydrate your body and counteract the dehydration symptoms.

What Are the Common Signs of Vaping Dehydration?

The common symptoms of chain vaping dehydration include:

  • Fatigue
  • Constipation and brown (darker) urine
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Extreme thirst
  • Headache
  • Scratch or sore throat


Allergies and sensitivities to vaping flavors are common. One of the regular discussion regarding allergies among chain vapers is a supposed allergy to PG. While there is a possibility of severe PG, most vapers commonly experience mild sensitivity to this compound. The symptoms of PG sensitivity are like those of dehydration, and in most cases, the two are inseparable. Other vapers have also reported allergies to other e-liquid components such as vegetable glycerin (VG). Sensitivities and allergies to flavoring can be life-threatening since some have traces of food like peanuts. Therefore, if you have doubts over a certain e-liquid, you should contact the manufacturer, or move on to something else.

Vaper’s Tongue

This common vaping side effect is also related to dehydration, in which, the vaper’s mouth and tongue get extremely dry, and taste buds get dulled. This is the reason why most describe the feeling as “All liquids taste the same!” In most cases, vaper’s tongue is a result of too much vaping without fluid intake.

Why You Should Not Overuse Your Vape?

Although vaping has been evidenced as a safer alternative for smokers, we’ve seen that some side effects come with chain vaping. Fortunately, these side effects have been exhaustively studied, and most of them are regarded mild and temporary. But if you overuse your vape, you will often complain of issues such as stomach pains, weakness, nausea or vomiting, amplified heat-beat, or dizziness. Obviously, once you experience such symptoms, the solution is to stop vaping immediately and have a lie-down. As aforementioned, your body processes nicotine quickly so that the side effects won’t last long.


Chain vaping is indeed associated with several side effects owing to the intensity of the vapor and constant steadiness of the vaping process. Some of these side effects include dehydration, vaper’s tongue, flavoring allergies and sensitivities, and in extreme cases, nicotine poisoning. But as noted, most of these side effects are mild and temporary. If you notice that you recently started to chain vape, it is important to clean up your device. It is often believed that many people begin to chain vape when they feel they aren’t getting enough vapor from their clogged devices. You may also want to consider setting up certain times to vape—yes, like a vaping schedule. For instance, if you vape in the morning, lunch break, and after dinner, you may not even feel vaping in between those times. The lesser you overuse your vape, the lesser the chances of developing chain vaping and its potential dangers.

Published: October 11, 2017 Updated: September 8, 2021

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    Thanx this actually helped me, your spot on

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    JUUL life

  • Fred

    September 22, 2018 at 7:39 am

    Actually Mr David Johnson, your information is not accurate in regards to the amount of nicotine. The old out-dated and confirmed as incorrect numbers of 40-60 mg of nicotine is lethal are completely false. These numbers were based on an old study that has since been proven incorrect. The actual number is 500mg-1000mg. Just do the research. It’s not that easy to overdose on nicotine in ejuice.

  • David Johnson

    September 11, 2018 at 3:47 am

    No offense but your way off on your math. It only about 40 to 60mg of nicotine to kill half the population: ld50. It’s very dangerous to not know your numbers on this when trying to educate people on such a serious subject. Also there is a distinct difference between what type of nicotine your vaping. Nicotine salts have the carbon atoms stripped as apprised to standard e-liquid. This allows the nicotine to pass the blood brain barrier just like nicotine in a cigarette. I vape about 24mg/mL of nicotine salt. We still only absorb about 10% of that. Some people hold their hits and larger hits depending on the resistance of the coil/wattage/voltage. So, we want to assume we could be consuming the full amount of nicotine to account for worse case scenario. That’s not likely but it’s reasonable smart to assume. You could have the perfect pen and conditions to take in most of that nicotine, especially if you do a full inhale or if you hold in your mouth you actually get more into your bloodstream. It’s possible to go through one mL in about 150 puffs. So if you vape 24mg/mL salt, that is: vaping two mL is possible lethal. The half life is two hours. So; it’s dangerous to try to vape 2 mL in under an hour or 1mL of 48mg/mL. I can do that. I average a six second hit. So… 150 puffs x 6 seconds = 900 seconds /60sec = 15minutes to die. So yeah… don’t do that. Now if you reall only absorb that one percent it could be lethal to vape a mL of 100mg nicotine/mL of salt fluid. That would be like smoking ten cigarettes at one time. That could kill a person for sure or make you deathly ill at least. All I’m saying is that your math is off by 90%. That’s fairly significant. You can check me on it if you’d like; it’s a subject that has personally concerned me because I buy and vape salts and people leave this around their children sometimes. A parent should know that all it would take to be lethal would be a small sip for a child. That’s two mL of what I vape. So what’s posted here above me could lead a person to believe these products are not as harmful – especially if a parent believed that instead of a two mL dose being lethal – that an oral dose of 20mL would be. This is far from the truth. So please be more careful and precise about your research; maybe include some resources and reference of the things your saying here. Thanks.

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    August 30, 2018 at 2:17 am

    I chain vape for the nicotine rush, fun as hell and all my friends think so too, its basically drunk-lite

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    Still found the article interesting & informative. Thank you to the Author & those who put it together!..

    I never chain smoked exactly, but I chain Vape & wouldn’t exactly wish that on anyone else…

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