Best E Cigarettes – Choosing the Best E-Cig Brands and Products

We believe in the potential of e-cigarettes. Choosing the right product that you will truly enjoy can make all of the difference. Vaping Daily’s reviews of the best e-cigs will help you to find the right one. This list of top-rated devices has been tested and vetted in real-world conditions.

Disclosure: The e-cigarettes which we review on this website are tested by our trained, paid staff. As part of the review, links directly to the product or brands so that you may purchase directly from the provider. We receive commissions from these providers, however, this does not affect the price you pay, and the commissions we earn help us pay for the costs of running this website. Click here to learn more. Thank you.

Check out the best e-cigs of 2018 below and or scroll down and learn more about the top-rated e-cigarette brands and about vaping:

Best E Cigarettes in 2018:

Below is our list of the best e-cigarettes for 2018. Like any product, different types of e-cigarettes are suited to different styles of vapers. In other words, the best e-cig for beginners might be a lot different than the best vape for the experienced aficionado. For the most part, our list is geared toward reliable, easy to use devices. Even then the diversity of choice can be a lot to try and sort through. That’s why we have categorized the best e-cigarettes by type, so you can easily find the best option according to your individual vaping needs.
10 /10 VALUE

#1. EX Series E-Cig

#1 E-Cig Overall

No need to worry about complicated settings. You don’t need a big and complex device to enjoy total on vaping pleasure. The EX Series from V2 is designed to deliver vapor satisfaction in a hassle-free form. Easy to use and an excellent value.

The small e-cigs work with both pre-filled and refillable cartridges. You get the best of both worlds. Pre-filled EX cartridges are the next generation of e-cig cartridge. They deliver dense vapor and full flavor. The EX Blank refillable cartridges can be refilled 8 to 10 times using your favorite e-liquid flavors. The EX battery is good for all-day use, and it’s one of the easiest-to-use e-cigs on the market today.

The V2 Cigs EX Series starter kit is suitable for new vapers and experienced vapers alike. EX batteries are amazingly long-lasting and consistent. Consistent is the word here. Consistent vapor and flavor. Compact, convenient, and fantastic vaping.

This year, the EX series e-cig starter kit is the #1 rated e-cig.


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9 /10 VALUE

#2. JUUL


JUUL is a unique e-cig, there is nothing else like it available on the market today. It’s probably the most beginner-friendly device on the market, too. Developed by a Silicon Valley technology company, JUUL comes with pre-filled cartridges or pods. Each pod contains 0.7ml of e-juice. To use the JUUL electronic cigarette, simply pop in a pod and start vaping.

Easy to use and easy to vape. The magnetic USB battery charger recharges the battery in about an hour. JUUL is small and thin easily carried in a pocket. There are five different flavors to choose from, and you can save money on JUUL pods when you sign up for the auto-ship program.

The JUUL e-cigarette produces strong vapor. You will notice the throat hit. The nicotine content is 5% or 0.5 mg. The nicotine is derived from nicotine salts. Don’t let the small size fool you; this is a hard-hitting vape! The vapor production and flavors are excellent. Easily one of the best e-cigs of 2018.

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8.5 /10 OVERALL
8 /10 VALUE

#3. XEO Void

Best All-in-One E-Cig

Designed and created in Germany, the XEO Void comes with interchangeable coils that allow you to use any e-liquid you like (High VG or PG). The V2 Void is a two in one e-cig that accommodates both standard and sub-ohm vaping. Use the 1.0-ohm coils for standard vaping with PG e-liquids. Use the 0.6-ohm coils for sub ohm clouds with VG e-liquids.

The V2 Cigs XEO Void comes in three different colors. You can choose from black, silver, or gunmetal. Comfortable to hold and use, the Void makes advanced vaping easy. The device will detect the atomizer resistance and operate accordingly. You do not have to adjust any power settings. This e-cig does all of that work for you! You just enjoy the vapor.

The tank can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. The XEO Void is small e-cig that is convenient and portable. Despite the size, it has a powerful, long-lasting 1500mAh battery. We also love the variable airflow settings to adjust draw resistance. The one-piece body is not only elegant but is also a lot less prone to breakage or leaking.


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9 /10 VALUE

#4. Halo Tracer Twist

For More Vapor

The Tracer Twist is one of the latest advanced sub-ohm e-cigs from Halo. With its 2300 mAh battery, 4ml glass vape tank and  .5 ohm coils, this advanced e-cig offers an amazing vapor production at an affordable price.


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10 /10 QUALITY
8 /10 VALUE

#5. Vapor 2 Trinity

Best Advanced E-Cig

V2’s TRINITY Vaporizer Kit is the new vape of choice for advanced users everywhere. The vape doesn’t hold back with its customization options, offering adjustable temperature, airflow, and wattage settings as well as two atomizers. These options, paired with V2’s commitment to power, quality, and ease-of-use, make the TRINITY an authoritative choice for users looking to perfect their vaping experience. The kit includes the vaporizer, two atomizers (1.2 ohm and 0.8 ohm), tank, and USB charger.


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Best E-Cigarette Brands

#1: V2 E Cigarettes

Best Choice for BeginnersGreat Value for Money
V2 Brand Rating: 9.5/10

V2 E-cigs logo

V2 E-Cigarettes has once again locked down the best e-cig brand ranking! Their fantastic and complete selection of highly reliable e-cigarettes has earned them plenty of loyal customers over the years. They are the largest online e-cig retailer to date and are famous for products that perform well and way above their competitors. Vaping customers are talking, and the market agrees with our evaluation.

We recommend that you check out their website (we even found a discount coupon for you below). We’re sure you’ll find something just right. And you’ll be buying directly from V2 so no middle man and no worries about being ripped off by some clone import. V2 products range from refillable cig-a-likes to advanced e-cigarettes and e-cig mods. They also carry a fantastic selection of vape juices. You’ll find everything you need to start vaping.

Go directly to their website to buy the best e-cigs on the market today!

They also have many great tasting vape juices to choose from including the most popular brands in the country. Quality, value, and variety are why V2 is our top-rated e-cig brand. Check out their selection and see it all for yourself.

 Curently V2 Offers Free Shipping on all domestic orders.  

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You can also save 10% OFF all e-cigs! Just click the Reveal Code button and apply the revealed code at the checkout to get 10% OFF sitewide at

#2: JUUL E-Cigs

Juul e-cigs logo

JUUL stunned everyone with their recently released e-cig. In fact, owing to their simple yet stylish design, they are called Apple of Vaping. But the design isn’t the only commendable thing about Juul, it’s incredibly easy to use, and outperforms some of the more expensive competitors.

The JUUL starter kit comes with four pods. Each pod contains 0.5 mg nicotine e-liquid. The vapor is flavorful, dense, and intense! To enjoy JUUL, all you have to do is pop in a pod and start vaping. It is very small and easy to take with you anywhere.

The pods, or cartridges, also make using the JUUL a breeze. All of these cool features and yet the JUUL is still an affordable option for any vaper. Though they only have a single e-cigarette product, JUUL’s high place on our list should make it clear what a standout product it is.

JUUL Brand Rating: 8.2/10
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#3: Mig Vapor

MigVapor electronic cigarettes logo

Mig Vapor has vaping covered from every angle. They have e-cigs, mods, vaporizers, tanks, almost limitless e-liquid flavors and the list goes on. This company is always developing new and better products. Mig Vapor has earned the number three spot on our best e-cigs list. With such a vast selection, you will find your perfect vapor cigarette with Mig Vapor!

Their Kits start from only $20 and go up to $59.95. While we believe that their starter kits are a little expensive, their powerful e-cigs are more affordable. The Neo, for example, costs only $59.95 which is one of the cheapest e-cig mods in its class.

We particularly recommend Mig 21, Bug Mini, or any of their advanced e-cigarettes.

MigVapor Brand Rating: 8.5/10

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#4: Halo E-Cigs

Halo E-cigs

Halo Cigs e-cigarettes are clearly a superior brand, managing to reach the 4th spot on our best e-cig brands list. Halo offers many high-quality e-cigarette options and e-juices for vapers of all experience levels.

Halo is best known for their flavorful USA-made e-juices. They just added a new line of fruit-flavored e-liquids called Evo. Although best know for e-juice, the Florida company also boasts excellent hardware. Halo offers the G6 Starter Kit for beginners, and the Triton II E-Cig Kit for beginners and experienced vapers alike, as well as some of the most advanced vape mods on the market.

Value, power, battery life, portability, durability, style, and usability are among the many positive features of their outstanding vape starter kits. Join the Halo Rewards program and use your points for free stuff.

Ultimate E-Cig Ranking SCORE: 8/10
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Why Choose E Cigarettes

Cost Savings

Electronic cigarettes can provide significant cost savings when compared to traditional tobacco. The average cost of a pack of traditional cigarettes is anywhere between $6 and $8, with states like New York having prices as high as $14 per pack. At the average cost of $7 per pack, someone smoking a pack a day will spend over $200 per month.

When choosing e-cigs, you’re best bet is to buy a complete starter kit. A typical starter kit will come with the electronic cigarette device, cartridges, and a battery charger. Most vape starter kits can be purchased for $30-$50. After the initial investment in an e-cigarette, most e-liquid or cartridges will cost about $60 per month. The math is pretty easy. Adult tobacco consumers can save by choosing vapor.

There are variables. E-cigs are a technology, and like any technology, the performance and costs can vary. For example, vapers who like the biggest vapor clouds possible, cloud chasers, will go through a lot more e-liquid than a typical vaper. More powerful devices vaporize more e-liquid.

Social Benefits

Over time, cigarette smoking has become less desirable and even outlawed in many public places. There may be places where although smoking is banned, vaping is allowed. The recent trend has been that vaping is being banned in the same places that smoking is banned. There is some pushback against this trend particularly in Britain where health agencies support allowing vaping on hospital grounds.

Vaping etiquette has been an evolving issue. While the vaping community disagrees with the idea of “bans,” there is agreement that responsible vaping is important. And always keep in mind that our kids are watching. Perhaps the biggest social benefit of e-cigs is the odor.

E-cigarettes don’t have any of the unpleasant odor that cigarettes emit that can cling to clothes, hair, and furniture. That’s a benefit in that it is not something that you are thinking about. You are not worried about needing a breath mint or Purel. Interactions with other people do not involve that voice in the back of your mind saying “do I smell like cigarettes?” Not smelling like an ashtray has its benefits.

A Guide To E-Cigarettes For Beginners

E-Cigarettes Guide

The best place to start off our e-cigarettes guide is to ask the most basic question. What is an electronic cigarette? In a nutshell, an e-cig is an electronic device that vaporizes e-liquid. The e-liquid contains food-grade ingredients and nicotine. Now, you have probably noticed that e-cigs come in all shapes and sizes. They do. But ultimately, all e-cigarettes break down into three basic parts:

  1. Battery
  2. Atomizer
  3. E-liquid

We’ll take a quick look at each of these three components. The battery may be either a rechargeable or disposable type. Most of the best e-cigs today rely on rechargeable batteries. The atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. An atomizer can be made of any of a number of metals including Kanthal, stainless steel, titanium, or nickel. Most atomizers are Kanthal, an alloy designed to withstand high temperatures.

The e-liquid reservoir is accomplished a number of ways. Some e-cigs use cartridges or pods, which are components that contain the atomizer and e-liquid in one. Some use a vape tank where you manually fill with e-juice as needed.

E-cigarette use is commonly called vaping, due to its vapor output. E-cigarette use has grown globally since its introduction to the market more than a decade ago. Though the first-ever electronic cigarette was patented in 1965, their use was not prominent until Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik’s re-invention in 2003.

How do e-cigs work?

In an e-cigarette, flavored e-liquid – which may or may not contain nicotine – is heated by the atomizer, which converts the liquid into a mist or a vapor the user can inhale. The heat is generated by the power the atomizer draws from the battery. The e-liquid is vaporized by the heat producing vapor.

  • Power from the battery heats atomizer
  • The atomizer heats and vaporizes e-liquid
  • The vapor produced is inhaled by user

A battery cell powers an e-cigarette. Not all batteries are the same! The quality of lithium-ion batteries varies based on the quality of components. The higher the purity of the lithium metal in a battery the smoother the flow of charged particles. A big part of Vaping Daily’s testing process to determine the list of the best electronic cigarettes is ensuring that the battery quality meets our standards.

The battery connects to the atomizer, cartridge, or tank. The electronic resistance of the atomizer determines how much power can be drawn from a battery. Some of the advanced vape mods allow the user to set the power output. The more power, the more vapor. But, more vapor does not necessarily mean more satisfaction. Finding the right e-cig should focus on satisfaction and enjoyment.

Finding the Right E-Cig

The e-cig industry has grown exponentially in a very short period. There are hundreds of companies making hardware and e-liquids. There are US companies and overseas companies. Like any industry, there are contenders and pretenders. Here are a few pointers to help you find the best electronic cigarette for you.

Product Design

The first factor to consider when deciding on buying an electronic cigarette is the design. How big is it? How does it work? Design includes functionality, size, shape, and the overall look and feel of the e-cig. Before making your choice, decide on the importance of convenience vs. performance.

  • Do you want a 2-piece cigalike design?
  • Do you want a mod that makes more vapor?

That’s the two basic questions, especially for newer vapers. Again, the big thing is satisfaction. An advanced e-cig can produce more vapor but keep in mind that today’s 2-piece cigalikes can still deliver a satisfying experience. You don’t need a complex device to enjoy vaping. But you do need good quality.

Performance Level

Performance is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the right e-cigarette. I can tell you right now that you can draw a straight line between quality and performance. That’s a given. What are some other factors that impact performance? Let’s take a look:

  • Battery capacity
  • Power output
  • Atomizer resistance
  • Quality of e-liquid

Batteries come in various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers describe their batteries by mAh rating. The mAh rating (or milliampere-hours) measures how much energy can be stored in a given battery. The higher the mAh, the longer it will last after a charge. Batteries with higher mAh tend to be bulkier, so the user will need to determine if they prefer a portable e-cigarette with shorter battery life or a larger e-cigarette with greater battery life.

The capacity of a battery is unrelated to the power output. The power output of an e-cigarette or vape mod depends on the device and the atomizer resistance. A quality device manages the battery well and carefully controls power output. The lower the atomizer resistance, the more power can be drawn from the battery. When you combine low resistance and high power, you get more vapor.

This is very important when looking for the best e-cigarette. The more vapor a device makes, the more e-liquid you use. When the atomizer resistance is less than 1.0 ohms, that is sub ohm vaping. Sub ohm vaping is a different style than you may be used to. Rather than draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale, instead you directly inhale the vapor into your lungs. This is MTL vs. DL vaping. While sub ohm DL vaping is higher performance, it may not be right for someone new to vaping.

Finally, the quality of the e-liquid is a huge factor. This is one of the reasons that Vaping Daily has found that the established, American vape companies like V2 and Halo perform so well. In fact, when it comes to e-liquid, you want to rely on established companies with professional lab facilities staffed by people who know what they are doing.

Product Quality

Consider the e-cig brand or the supplier’s reputation when choosing the product. There are a number of brands and manufacturers that have established reputations for excellence. By doing a little research, you can get an idea of what to expect from a company. Look closely at the product warranties. That’s a good sign that a company will stand behind its product.

If you are interested in an imported product, make sure to get an authentic version. Counterfeit products are a huge problem right now. That’s another reason to buy directly from a US brand. Finally, look for companies that make e-liquids in a professional lab, not the back room of a vape shop.

Options & Flexibility

Find out what your options are before you purchase an e-cig. What are the various upgrade options, parts, and accessories offered? If you are not completely satisfied with the device’s performance, then having options will ensure that you can change the setup to supply the best results for you.

Two of the obvious areas of options and flexibility are batteries and atomizer choices. Some of the top-rated e-cigarettes allow you to experience both standard and sub ohm vaping. Next, an e-cig with a built-in battery vs. a device with interchangeable batteries. There are pros and cons for all designs, it boils down to what works for you.

Long-Term Costs

The long-term costs of using electronic cigarettes are the biggest variable in the value equation. Look at how much replacement cartridges or pods cost. Factor in how much replacement coils cost.

A very large part of establishing Vaping Daily’s best e-cig ratings is the value factor. We consider the long-term value in our ranking system.

An e-cig that burns through e-juice might offer more vapor, but it can be a waste of money if you’re not into cloud chasing.

Common Types of E-Cigarettes

Mini E-Cigarettes

Mini e-cigarettes or cigalikes are the types of electronic cigarette that mimic the appearance of a tobacco cigarette. A cigalike is the most basic and easy to use type of vape device. It utilizes a two-piece design. You attach a cartridge to a battery and start vaping. The battery is typically rated at about 280 mAh. A cigalike refill cartridge usually has 0.7 ml to 1.0 ml of e-liquid and lasts for 150 to 200 puffs. Cartridges sell for about $2.00 to $2.50 each, and one cartridge lasts one day on average.  

Cigalikes come in both disposable and rechargeable formats. Due to their small size, rechargeable cigalikes have a shorter battery life. If you buy a cigalike starter kit, make sure to get one that comes with more than one battery.

Mid-Size E-Cigarettes

Mid-size e-cigarette mods can be either standard or sub ohm. Devices that would fall into this category will typically have larger batteries of 1500 mAh to 2500 mAh. And instead of a cartridge, they will use a vape tank. With a tank system, you manually swap atomizers and refill with e-liquid as needed.

An example would be the V2 XEO Void. The Void is still small enough to fit in a pocket, yet has enough battery capacity and power for either standard or sub ohm vaping. You can choose your either vaping style with the same device.

Customizable E-Cig Mods

Customizable e-cig mods are devices that allow the user to control the vaping mode and power output. These “vape mods” can range from 30 watts up to 350 watts. The most common type today are dual 18650 battery devices that are capable of about 200 watts of power.  These customizable options can enhance the vaping experience, but we recommend beginners to invest in a basic starter kit first.

List of Top Best Electronic Cigarettes of 2018

  • EX Series from V2
  • Juul
  • Xeo Void
  • Halo Tracer Twist
  • Vapor 2 Trinity


Using Your E-Cig

The first step to using your e-cig is charging the battery. Many companies send out their products with fully charged batteries, but it is always wise to charge your batteries as a first step. Different manufacturers and models employ several ways to charge them. Most vape pens are charged via a mini- or micro-USB port. Some vape devices have a removable battery that requires a separate charger.

That part was easy and obvious! But after you charge the battery, what next? That question depends on which type of e-cig you are using.

How To Use A Cigalike

There are two types of cigalike batteries, manual and automatic. The automatic battery will detect when you are taking a puff and automatically activate the atomizer. The manual battery has a small button that you press to fire the atomizer. Beyond that distinction, how to use a cigalike is easy.

  • Attach a cartridge to a charged battery
  • Start vaping
  • When vapor production ends, switch cartridges

How To Use A Mod

Before getting too far into how to use a mod, we want to express that these are general guidelines. Not all mods are the same. Learning how to vape depends on the device you are using. It is always advised to read the user manual that comes with your e-cig. A mod can have a range of functions from variable voltage, variable wattage, temperature control, and more. The same goes for vape tanks. So tanks have top-fill, some have adjustable airflow, and the list goes on. But here is the basic overview of how to use an e-cig mod:

  • Remove the base of the atomizer tank (sometimes called a clearomizer)
  • Insert a fresh atomizer coil into the base of the tank
  • Fill the tank with e-liquid
  • Reconnect the base of the tank
  • Attach the tank to the mod
  • Wait at least five minutes to allow the coil to saturate with e-liquid
  • Click the fire button five times to turn on the mod
  • Start vaping

This is how to use a basic mod. Some mods have variable power settings. If you are using a device with variable power, we recommend starting to vape at a low power setting and gradually increasing power. This way you break in a new coil without stressing it. Always vape within the manufacturer’s recommended power range.

E-cigarette Tips

  • Make sure you have an appropriate amount of e-liquid in your tank or clearomizer. If you don’t have enough e-liquid for the wick to absorb, you may get a burnt taste from the e-cigarette when you try to vape. Most clearomizers have a line designating how much e-liquid you can fill it with; don’t fill a clearomizer over this line, as it can cause the e-liquid to leak.
  • After the initial filling, leave your atomizer or clearomizer sitting for at least five minutes to allow the wick to get fully saturated with e-juice.
  • It is also advisable to clean your e-cigarette weekly. E-juice can drip into the area where the battery connects to the atomizer, also known as the 510 connection. When this happens, the e-juice can dry up and becomes gunk. This gunk can interfere with the power coursing through the battery to the atomizer. You don’t want a weak vape!
  • A weak flavor and or reduced vapor production is a sign that your coil needs to be replaced. Another sign of a worn coil is a burnt taste when vaping. Coils need to be replaced every one to three weeks on average.
  • Batteries can also weaken over time. If you are a heavy user, expect your batteries to lose capacity after six months or so. To prolong the life of your e-cigarette batteries, it’s recommended to have at least two in the rotation. Having two will give you something to vape with while the other is charging. It also shortens the charging cycles, which is the main reason why batteries weaken.
If you still have any questions about our guide to the best e-cigs, feel free to drop a line in the comment and rest assured, you’ll get a quick response from our team.



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    I’ve been using these things for years. Right now there are a bunch of really good devices, but the reviews never seem to address the issues I’ve had with devices before. The most important is atomizer life. I had a V2 device that I really liked, but at some point the manufacturing of the atomizers changed. What was a seven to ten day life became 24 hours. At that rate it became too expensive. Right now I have a pair of SMOK Stick TFV8 Big Baby Beasts. They were great until a couple of weeks ago when they started leaking like sieves. I’m guessing that has something to do with the atomizers because that is the only thing that changed. And that would be my second issue, leaking. Basically, I wouldn’t own the best unit on the planet if it costs $3 a day in atomizers and/or leaked. Thanks!!!

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