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GeekVape Aegis Nano
GeekVape Aegis Nano
9/10 icon-question
  • Waterproof, dust-resistant, and shockproof
  • Internal 800mAh battery
  • Adjustable airflow

The GeekVape Aegis Nano is a perfect choice for advanced vapers. It is the brand’s entry into the pod system with an internal 800mA...

KandyPens Special K
special k vape pen white
  • Slim, pocket-ready design
  • 650mAh battery
  • 1ml tank capacity
Smok Nord 4
Smok Nord 4
  • Integrated 2000 mah battery
  • 80-watt output
  • 0.16 and 0.4 ohm RPM coils

10 Best Vape Pods

The market for pod vapes has exploded in recent years and has produced a wide variety of different makes and models. The following list is only a small portion of the many kinds of best pod vapes users can choose from.

1. GeekVape Aegis Nano

A Solid Pod Vape

9/10 icon-question Review score

The GeekVape Aegis Nano is a perfect choice for advanced vapers. It is the brand’s entry into the pod system with an internal 800mAh battery. Also, The vape has a 0.69″ display and two different pods. The Aegis Nano carries on the tradition of the Aegis brand with a sturdy, waterproof, dust-and shockproof build but also has a smooth leather wrap to make it soft and comfortable to hold. In addition, the device has Type-C charging and features a 30W power output. So it will produce a smooth and pure flavor with great clouds.


  • Excellent build quality that produces great vapor production
  • Consistent vapor production with good airflow restriction
  • Fast charging time, so its short life won't be a big problem


  • Short battery life, so it can be uncomfortable to vape outside

2. KandyPens Special K

A Premium Pen-Vape for Oils

10/10 icon-question Review score

The KandyPens Special K is a slim, slender vape pen. It features an internal 650mAh battery with three different power settings. The device is made for oils and other liquid concentrates. And it uses a small, 510-threaded tank that can attach to the battery section. The Special K has a pen-like outer design. But still lets users choose from three variable voltage settings ranging from 3.2V, 3.7V, and 4.2V.

Reasons to Get This Device

  • You want a stylish, portable vape pen for oils
  • You want a vape that has variable voltage settings
  • You want a simple, easy-to-use vape
  • You want a device that comes with a lifetime warranty

Kit Contents

  • 1 x 1ML Refillable Glass Tank
  • 1 x 650mAh Battery
  • 1 x USB charger


  • Unique, stylish design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Suitable for oils and other liquid concentrate
  • Three variable voltage settings


  • Short-battery life

3. Smok Nord 4

Refillable DTL Vape Pod System

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Smok Nord 4 is an excellent choice if you want to get solid DTL hits cause it is capable of 80-watt output.
This pod mod provides the same draw as box mods but is more ergonomic and pocketable. What’s more, it also comes with an easy-to-use airflow adjustment dial. The result is deep drags and cloudy breaths after each draw.

The Smok Nord 4 also has two RPM coils that fit inside a spacious 4.5 ml pod. The coils are easy to insert and remove. Other features include a large, clicky firing button and a dozen color schemes.


  • High wattage output for great heat and vapor production
  • Excellent battery life for long vaping
  • Outstanding coils help to produce more pure flavor


  • MTL is too open that it can leak

4. VooPoo Vinci Kit

A Stylish, Intelligent Pod Device

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The VooPoo Vinci is an excellent, intelligent pod device that operates with the GENE.FIT chip. The Vinci has a 1500mAh capacity that can power several features. The 0.96″ TFT full-color display provides access to modes and settings. The vape has a power output range of 5-40W and has three different power levels – 3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.8V. These features are perfect for smooth vaping with pure flavor and excellent throat hit.

The Vinci is both draw-activated and manual drawing. The feature that users can select based on their preferences. In addition, there is a single firing button located on the durable aluminum alloy frame.

The pod vape stands at 104mm (4.04). It uses a refillable 5.5ml pod with removable atomizers. Both come in the kit. Choose from a pre-installed 0.3ohm mesh-style coil, rated for 32-40W, or the 0.8ohm, mesh-style coil, rated for 12-18W.


  • Intelligent GENE.FIT chip allows you to select between three different modes
  • Good size and portability is the perfect choice for vaping outside
  • Large e-juice capacity so you can enjoy your favorite flavor much longer


  • Pods are difficult to fill, especially if it's your first pod vape

5. Vaporesso Xros 2

New and Improved

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

If you are a fan of Original Xross, you should get the new version of Vaporesso vape. The original was quite a hit, so Vaporesso decided to build on its success by incorporating new features into the brand-new Xross 2. These features include adjustable airflow, faster charging, and clearer pods. In addition, the vape has a great 1000mAh battery with 2mL of e-juice and a pretty good wattage output (11-16W). That features help to produce greater clouds with the purest flavor.
But they did not throw out the features that made the Xross popular in the first place. It still has dual activation, two flavorful pods, and several vivid color options.


  • Pocketable design for vaping on a go
  • Long-lasting and flavorful pods
  • Easy-to-use that produces decent cloud production
  • Fast charging for faster vaping


  • Sometimes it can shut off for no reason

6. VooPoo Drag S Pro Starter Kit

A Well-Designed, Next-Level Pod

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The VooPoo Drag S Pro is your best choice if you are an advanced vaper. The device is a new pod vape with advanced features like a boost mode, an internal 3000mAh battery, and features a simple, one-touch control button. The VooPoo Drag S Pro features a 5,5 ml pod unlike any other as it resembles a traditional tank but features 360-degree airflow and a removable coil that users can interchange with other coil types. The unit also features a crystal-clear TFT screen for easier control over the device’s GENE.FAN chipset capabilities like Smart Mode, Boost mode, and full wattage control up to 80W.


  • Advanced design for such a small device for comfortable vaping
  • Excellent user control and interface, so it can be easier to figure out how to use it properly
  • A pod device with actual airflow control for perfect vapor production
  • Well-made from high-quality materials for perfect smooth vaping


  • Too many modes and features, so it can be hard for beginners


A High-Powered, Versatile Pod

8/10 icon-question Review score

The SMOK RPM is the first-of-its-kind melding of a pod device with box mod specs. The RPM uses a removable, refillable 4.3ml-capacity pod with an internal 1500mAh battery.
It also comes with the 4.5ml Nord pod. In addition, the RPM40 features the IQ-R chipset that can fire as high as 40W.
Select from the device’s many settings via the 0.96″ TFT full-color screen along the front.
This vape mod also features a USB port for fast 5V charging. The RPM coils are compatible with the Nord coils and vice-versa. There are two coils in the RPM kit. Install either the 0.4ohm RPM mesh coil or the 0.6ohm Nord coil.


  • Long-lasting battery for longer vaping
  • Excellent vapor production cause of great wattage output
  • Easy-to-use vape with a lightweight and portable design for taking it outside
  • Supports MTL and DL vaping, so you don't need to buy extra vape/tank


  • Long charging time

8. Uwell Popreel P1

The Most Portable Pod Vape

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Uwell Popreel P1 is the most hand and pocket-friendly device on this list. It is not as big as the Smok Nord 4, nor has sharp corners like the Vaporesso Xross 2. Instead, it has rounded corners and a rounded mouthpiece, making it more comfortable to hold and vape.
The pod and 400mAh battery are designed to accommodate a full range of liquids without any leaks. The fact the pods are top-filled helps to reduce leaking. Plus, each battery is available, and soft and warm color schemes. For better vaping and bigger clouds, the Uwell Popreel P1 has a 2ml pod and 13W output. So if you have a limited budget, be sure that this vape is a better choice for you.


  • Not noisy, so it is perfect if you don't want to disturb people around you or you like to vape at night
  • Long-lasting pods for long tasty vape sessions
  • Visible juice window, so you could actually know when it runs out before it happens


  • Battery life needs improvement because it's really annoying to recharge your vape so often
  • No charging cable is a big problem, especially when its have short battery life

9. Vaporesso ZERO 2

A Simple, Plug-n-Play Pod

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Vaporesso Zero 2 is far from what its name suggests, as it packs an internal 800mAh battery and a compatible 3ml pod. So you can be sure that your vaping will be long and smooth. The device has a simple but elegant design that gives it a futuristic but ergonomic look. The device has a magnetic connection to load quickly and securely, while the pod itself comes with a press-n-fill fill port for easy refilling. Two pods are included in the kit that supports MTL (1.3ohms) or DL (1.0ohms) vaping styles.


  • Very easy-to-use, cause its draw-activated
  • Stylish, unique design for comfortable using
  • Secure pod connection for safe vaping


  • Little difference between the two pods

10. Vaporesso Gen PT60

The Best Refillable Pod Vape of 2022

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

The PT60 is not like the other pod mods on this list. Instead, it uses a pod tank that makes it look more like a box mod than a pod mod. But do not be fooled. It still has all the essential features of a pod mod: portability, intuitiveness, and functionality. It also has an incredible 2500mAh battery and almost 7ml of e-juice. So be sure that the vape is worth buying.
It is similar to Vaporesso’s PT80S, except it is smaller and has 60-watt output instead of 80. But they mostly have the same features: drip-tip style mouthpiece, adjustable airflow, and both use GTX coils.
These features make it a candidate for our best pod mod list.


  • Solid build quality with high pod capacity gives you a perfect vaping
  • The pod is easy to refill
  • Solid GTX coils for excellent throat hit and good vapor production


  • Pods are too tinted, so it will be hard to know when your e-juice will run out.

Category Pod Vape Price Rating
Best Pod Vape of 2023 SMOK Nord 4 $31,99 10
Best Vape Pod System VooPoo Vinci Kit $27.99 9.5
Best Portable Pod Vape GeekVape AEGIS Nano $32.95 9
Best Mini Vape Pod Vaporesso Xros 2 $28,99 8.5
Best Refillable Pod Vape 2023 SMOK RPM40 $25.99 8,5
New Powerful Pod Vape Uwell Popreel P1 $16,99 8
Best Pod Vape Device Vaporesso ZERO 2 $14.95 7.5
Best Pod Vape With Airflow Control Vaporesso Gen PT60 $44,95 7,5
Best Pod Vape Kit VooPoo Drag S Pro Starter Kit $56.99 8.5

What is a Pod Vape?

Types of Pod Mods

Pod systems are e-cigarettes or mods that use a prefilled cartridge, called a pod, that holds the e-liquid.
The pod is self-contained and simply inserted into the device rather than refill tanks or change coils. Every other aspect of the pod mods is the same as a non-pod system. The atomizer heats the liquid and produces the vapor as another system would.

There are many different types of pod mods. Some of the best pod system vape are cig-a-likes, like the Juul, a small pen-style vaporizer that uses nicotine salt pods. Others are small mod boxes like the Aspire Gusto Mini that work like any other mod, except the pods are simply popped into the box.

The best pod vapes may be simple to use, but they are not relegated to just beginners. Veteran vapers love having a second vaporizer to use as an on-the-go system or backup in case their all-day vaporizer is out of commission.

With the popularity of vape pens surging, there is a style and type out there for everybody. Whatever the vaper needs are, they are sure to find the right fit these days.

There are two main types of systems:

  • Closed system
  • Open system

A closed system means that the pod is entirely self-contained and prefilled. More precisely, however, the mod can only use pods from the same manufacturer. A closed loop, as it were.

An open system means that pods can be used across different brands. They can be disposable or even refillable, but they all share the same thing. The cartridges contain the coil and wick, so everything is self-contained. The best refillable pod vapes are easy to fill and can be used multiple times while still having the benefits of being easy to use.

The most popular is the open system pod vape mods and pens. They offer more choices in flavors of e-juice and are generally more versatile.

Both systems have pros and cons, and it is a matter of personal opinion as to which system is best.

How do Pod Vapes Work?

Vape pods work by attaching an empty or pre-filled pod to a battery section. Once the connection is made between the pod and the battery, users can start inhaling from the pod to produce an aerosol. This is the basic way most pod vapes work. Some pod systems have buttons or controls that give users more control over their vaping experience.

Other pod mods have empty pods that give users the freedom to add whatever e-juice they want without relying on the pre-filled e-liquid. In addition, they can change the flavor, increase, or decrease, the nicotine content and even change the atomizer inside the pod or cartridge. Finally, the more advanced, best pod mods give users control over the power output and other features.

Types of Pod Vapes

There are three different types of pod vapes:

  • A disposable integrated device – pod and battery contained within a single unit
  • A pre-filled pod and buttonless battery design
  • A pod device with controls and increased e-juice and battery capacity

These are the three main types of pod devices available to vapers. There is a lot of variety among them, and e-cigarette makers are always looking to improve their products or make them more advanced or, on the contrary, easier to use. Disposable devices are the easiest to use and do not require maintenance, charging, or filling.

Users vape them until the e-juice or battery runs out and toss them. Pre-filled pods with compatible batteries have a longer lifetime, as users can simply replace the pods or recharge the batteries to keep using them indefinitely. They can also eventually run out of battery power, but they are not difficult to replace.

How to Use Pod Mod

Next to disposables, pod mods are the most straightforward devices to use. They have more features than disposables but are not as complicated as box mods and rebuildable atomizers.

Most pod mods work as follows:

  1. Prime the coil by dripping e-liquid onto the coil and pushing it into the bottom of the pod
  2. Fill the pod and allow five to ten minutes for the coil to absorb the e-liquid
  3. If the pod has an integrated coil, skip the first step, fill the pod, and allow five to ten minutes for the coil to absorb the e-liquid
  4. Push the firing button five times to turn it on or off. Some pod mods can also be activated by inhaling on the mouthpiece

These are the basic steps for using a pod mod. But every device is different, and some of these instructions may not apply. So be sure to read the manual before vaping a pod mod.

What E-Liquid Should You Use With Pod Vapes?

That answer depends on the wattage for which a device is designed. High wattage devices with low resistance coils are better used with high vegetable glycerin coils. 60 percent or higher vegetable glycerin content will work.

But low wattage devices with high resistance coils better tolerate 50/50 VG/PG liquids. 50/50 liquids tend to be vicious and burn and ruin coils if they get too hot.

Benefits of Using a Pod Vape

The main benefits of using a pod mod are that it is simple to use, ergonomic, and more functional than disposables.

Vape mods usually have multiple features, and it takes some time to master them. Pod mods have some features, too, but not nearly as many as high-wattage box mods.

Additionally, they are more portable than box mods because they are ergonomic. This does not mean they are better, but their smaller size and rounded corners make them more manageable and travel-friendly.

Finally, most pod mods have at least one adjustable feature for better functionality. These are usually wattage or airflow. Disposables usually do not have adjustable features. But their main advantage over disposables is that they are refillable.

Disadvantages of Using a Pod Vape

The only disadvantage of using a vape is that they do not have as high of output as box mods. This is true even with the best vape pod system. Also, most pod mods have integrated, while box mods compatible with replaceable batteries are more common.

Why Use a Pod Mod System?

Here is a list of the benefits of using a pod mod:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Inserting an e-juice cartridge into a vape pen and then puffing away is actually easier than lighting a cigarette. Then, pop the pod in and start vaping. There is also very little maintenance.

  3. Compact
  4. Most mods that use prefilled cartridges or pods are usually smaller than their refillable counterparts.

  5. Portable
  6. Since they don’t need to be refilled and are usually very small, they are easy to bring out and about or even on a trip. So take a few pods out and vape all day without fuss or mess.

  7. Affordable
  8. Usually, the pod system vape pens or mods are usually less expensive. Rebuildable mods can be costly upfront and continue to cost money in replacement parts. Buying pods are usually cheaper than buying new coils or other elements, saving money upfront and over time.

  9. Discreet
  10. Refilling a juice tank is not very discreet, but popping a pod into a vape pen or mod is quick and easy. Pod systems are ideal for stealth vaping.
    What are the different types of pod mods?
    There are two main types and sub-categories within both.

  11. Closed and open systems
  12. A closed system means that the pod is entirely self-contained and prefilled. More precisely, the pod vapes can only use pods from the same manufacturer. A closed-loop, as it were.

    An open system means that pods can be used across different brands. They can be disposable or even refillable, but they all share the same thing. The cartridges contain the coil and wick, so everything is self-contained. The best refillable pod vapes are easy to fill and can be used multiple times while still having the benefits of being easy to use.
    The most popular is the open system pod mods and pens. They offer more choices in flavors of e-juice and are generally more versatile.


Are pod mods safe to use?

Vape pod systems are as safe to use as any other vaporizer. The pods used don’t have any characteristics that make them more dangerous than a refillable tank.

Are pod cartridges leak proof?

One benefit to using pods instead of refilling tanks is that they are usually more leak-proof. In addition, since they are typically closed and sealed, no weak point could cause leaks.

Can vape mod pods be refilled?

Some of them can be refilled and used multiple times. Be sure to read the reviews to find the brand that can be refilled.

Are there nicotine free pod mods?

Yes, there are pod vape pens that sell pods filled with nicotine-free e-juice. These are meant for ex-smokers, however, who are trying to quit.

Which pod system is the best?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are so many different models and styles of pod mods that users can only try them out individually to find the best for them. In addition, many models, at least the ones with removable coils, can work with different coil types to provide a different vaping experience even in the same device. Users can also decide a disposable vape is the right one for them, while others choose a more advanced pod version with adjustable settings, power features, and intelligent chipsets inside.

What is the best pod 2023?

The pod market keeps getting bigger, and the winners are people who love the best pod mods. 2023 was a good year for the SMOK Nord series that saw the release of two new versions with interchangeable coils and new chipsets for even further customization. In addition, Uwell finally released a new version of the celebrated Caliburn that took it to another level with a larger battery and a new mesh-based coil.

What is a good vape pod?

The answer to that question is hard to say. There is no way for someone to know the best vape pod for them until they try it and several others to get a sense of their preferences. Users can even find another model or style that they prefer over what they think is their favorite one.

Which is better: pod or vape?

The answer is down to preference. Pod vapes are popular because they are easy to use and are more discreet than large box mods with huge tanks and even bigger clouds. But those vapers are happy with their devices precisely because of those qualities. That is not to say that they do not enjoy vaping a small, discreet pod device once in a while to change things up.

What is POD vaping?

Pod vaping is vaping through a vape pod that is either pre-filled or empty so users can fill it with their own e-liquid. Pod vaping became popular after the release of the Juul and other similar devices that made it easy for vapers to vape anywhere without having to fill a pod or recharge the battery.

How long does a pod vape last?

The duration depends on the device itself and its capabilities. The type of vape a user chooses can be anything from a disposable device that has a very short battery life to a vape with a long-lasting internal battery that can last for years.

Which pod coils last the longest?

The VooPoo PNP Coils are a top-rated option for long-lasting coils, and are available in multiple variations that can last between 1-3 weeks depending on usage. Additionally, the SMOK Nord Coils are known for their compatibility with a variety of pod systems and can last up to 2 weeks. Ultimately, the lifespan of a pod coil will depend on factors such as usage habits and the type of e-liquid being used.

Closing Thoughts

Pod vapes came out of nowhere and changed everything that vapers thought they knew about vaping. The devices introduced the idea that vaping did not have to be about blasting clouds and showing off triple-digit wattages to enjoy a good vape. A small, understated vape with air activation was all that some people needed to get what they wanted.

Now, the market is dominated by vape pods or disposables, and it keeps getting bigger. New models and advances are made every day, and the people who benefit the most from this innovation are those who love this simplicity of use.

Published: October 30, 2018 Updated: May 11, 2023



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    Where is STLTH Vape? The best pods system and it’s Canadian!

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    May 29, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    The Suorin Edge doesn’t have a proprietary charger. It uses USB-C which is the new standard for just about all new devices. It does have an issue with the port though. It only charges using a standard USB-A to USB-C cable and doesn’t work with a USB-C to USB-C charger. This means that it’s basically just an adapted micro USB port and doesn’t full follow the rules for the standard which means it has potential to fry the battery control if the didn’t implement overcurrent/overvoltage protection properly in the circuit. Incorrect implementation of USB-C should be the con instead of “proprietary charging port”

  • Matt

    March 25, 2019 at 11:03 pm

    You guys should check out the Ipha Asia. It’s refillable but can also fit juul pods and juul compatible pods. Very sturdy and the design is flawless in my opinion

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    This is a very good selection of pod vapes. Thank you guys for this selection. I’ve made my choise for this season ?

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    Missing the MARKTEN ELITE(Pod) and APEX(Tanks) reviews bud.

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    Would like to see you guys review the Kwit Stick. I’ve been through months of trial and error with different pod systems and came to love my KS.

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    This is missing the best pod system by far, the Lost Vape Orion.

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    the suorin vagon is the best pod system out there!!!

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      Yes they are

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    Your review of the Suorin drop is a bit contradictory. In the review, it states that the battery can last all day, but in the “cons,” you lust short battery life. Which is it?

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      ‘with normal vaping it can last up to a day’

      Depending on how much one vapes Suorin Drop can last as a few hours, so a day.
      Cause rare pod has really durable battery of about 700+mAh.

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