SMOK Nord Review – Pod Starter Kit with a True Strong Hit


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: August 9, 2021

SMOK Nord Review

Review Score: 97/100

Price Range:
Liquid Capacity:
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Output Range:
Resistance Range:
Voltage Output Range:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Safety features
  • Portable and stylish design
  • The side-fill feature is very easy to use


  • Vape airflow is not adjustable
  • More expensive than other pod mods

Starting Price: $ 27.95

The SMOK Nord is a stylishly designed, compact, and well-performing pod vape system that would most likely check off everything on mods’ wish list. It stands out from its competitors as it takes the path less traveled.

This pod mod is much smaller than most sub-ohm tanks kit. With its small size (its dimensions measure 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm), the mod is easy to slip in a pocket and comfortably fits a p hand as well for all-day use.

Being a new toy on the vape products market, Nord attracts and challenges vapers, The growing popularity of device reviews confirms this.

SMOK Nord Kit Components

Featuring an elegant and almost futuristic appearance, the SMOK Nord has a simple shape with curved edges that perfectly complements its unique crosshatched design – taking its overall look from classic to next level. There are also several color options to choose from, including black, black and white, green, red, prismatic gold, and prismatic rainbow – making sure that there is a vape to fit whatever personality and taste a person has.

VD Smok Nord Starter Kit

The SMOK Nord kit is an ultra-portable pod system that comes in a simple box. The mods’ starter kit contains:

  • Nord vape
  • a 0.6 ohm mesh coil for sub-ohm vaping
  • a 1.4 ohm regular coil for MTL vaping
  • a USB charging cable
  • a user manual

The manual contains all that the vaper needs to know about the pod system.

SMOK Nord — Pod Vape Review

The SMOK Nord is a button-triggered pod system device with a built-in 1100mAh battery that is rather large among pod systems, making it a powerful one. Its finish is a lot more consistent – making it a lot more appealing.

VD Smok Nord Colors

The pod mod also features an improved widow design that lets you view the remaining e-liquid level in its pod, which, by the way, has a 3mL e-liquid capacity. Its fill port, which is covered with a rubber bung, is placed at the side of the pod under the mouthpiece section.

The SMOK Nord opts for a classic approach in the form of a single firing button rather than the traditional draw-activated firing mechanism. Its button has a firm tactile response whenever pressed and feels responsive enough, it also doesn’t rattle when touched.

Another thing that makes the button stand out is its LED battery life indicator – a red light indicates low power, an orange light indicates 30 to 70% power, and a green light indicates 70 to 100% power.

About the battery life, using the MTL coil will give you about 8 full hours of vape time while using the DTL coil will give you about 4 hours – which is still very good considering its battery size. Recharging it takes around 2 hours. The Nord vape can also be used as a pass-through, which is a nice touch.

Power Inside the SMOK Nord

An input voltage range of 3.3 volts to 4.2 volts and an output wattage range of 10 watts to 15 watts. It has an improved mouthpiece that feels super comfortable and much more durable than the rest of the tanks – continuing the duck-billed design with a lip curve on it, designed to perfectly fit your mouth and offer a better user experience.

VD Smok Nord USB

This pod mod relies on the coil’s resistance to determine the final vaping output wattage, which caps out at 15 watts. While it lacks the ability to vape with variable wattage, the SMOK Nord still manages to deliver enough oomph, especially when used with nicotine salts.

In addition, It gives you a bountiful throat hit which is a satisfying feeling like that of traditional tobacco cigarettes (which is even more noticeable when using the MTL coil.

All these make the Nord pod vape an ultimate choice for vapers who want the SMOK experience in a pod system. The device raised the bar among pod systems – incorporating jaw-dropping decent performance and new features that have been dreaming of for quite some time.

How to Use the SMOK Nord

  • To use the SMOK Nord, you only have to press its button 5 times to power it on and off.
  • Holding the power button activates the device and lets you inhale from the drip tip to start vaping. It is as easy and simple as that.
  • Setting it up is also a breeze. You only have to charge it up with the integrated micro USB port until the LED light stops flashing.

SMOK Nord Coils

The vape is compatible with three coil types – two of which come with the kit while the other one is available for purchase. These 3 coils are a 0.6 ohm mesh coil, a 1.4 ohm MTL coil, and the aftermarket ceramic coils. The versatility with three different coils is really great.
The 0.6 ohm mesh coil produces quality and killer flavor for its size and while it is never going to be a major cloud chucker, it delivers a nice vapor production. It delivers a true DTL vaping experience, although the airflow was a little on the loose side. Using the mesh coil is like ripping on a small box mod.

VD Smok Nord Coils

The 1.4 ohm MTL coil is very impressive – delivering the true and tried pod-style experience that vapers would expect from pod systems of this form factor. It delivers an extremely good flavor and although the vapor it produces is a bit on the smaller side, it is still pretty decent – making vaping more discreet.

The ceramic coils, which are rated at a flat 1 ohm, are designed to provide a nice in-between regarding the flavor and vapor it produces. It has great stability and strong high-temperature resistance, making the coil extremely durable.

How Long do SMOK Nord Coils Last

Mods’ coils last for about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how often you use it, how well you treat your coils, and how you vape. There is no difference in the juice impacts (nicotine salt or e-juice).

Practicing good care and maintenance procedures during and between usages could extend the coils’ lifespan – saving money over time while delivering a more desirable and fresher flavor all throughout.

How to Change the Coil in a SMOK Nord

Changing the coil is fairly easy since SMOK implemented a user-friendly plug-and-play coil connection – making switching out or replacing the coils easy whenever you need it or feel like it.

When changing the coil, you should always make sure to let the cotton wicks be fully saturated before use to prevent the potential for burnt or dry hits.

SMOK Nord Pods

Each of the Nord pod cartridges holds 3mL of e-liquid, which is 33% more than most pod systems out there. These pod tanks feature a well-designed mouthpiece and are expertly built with a simple filling method to house a wide range of palatable nicotine salt e-liquid.

A replacement pod comes with no juice and with two coils in a mods’ kit, the 0.6-ohm mesh coil, and the 1.4-ohm regular coil. What makes Nord pods differ from most prefilled pod tanks is that vapers can use almost any juice. Now users are not obliged to consume nicotine and can choose 0 nicotine juice as daily vaping products.

VD Smok Nord Pod


SMOK Nord vs SMOK Novo

The SMOK Nord and the SMOK Novo performs exceptionally well, with each one specifically designed differently to attract different types of vaper. Some similarities of the new Nord and the Novo is their wide black mouthpiece and SMOK’s cobra skin-patterned livery.

VD Smok Novo Black

  • First vape comes with replaceable coils and a single firing button, while the Novo utilizes an integrated coil in its pod and draw-activated firing mechanism.
  • The Nord has a larger battery capacity of 1100mAh, while the Novo only has 450mAh.
  • The Nord pod has a slightly larger e-liquid capacity of 3mL compared to the Novo’s 2mL.
  • Size-wise, the Nord is bigger than the Novo – it is taller, thicker, and wider, while the Novo is sleek, compact, and slim.

What could be considered as the Nord’s biggest advantage is that it is compatible with a sub-ohm coil – allowing it to be used with high VG e-liquids while providing a great DTL vaping experience.

However, if you aren’t interested in sub-ohm vaping and prefer a tighter draw, the Novo will serve you well (if you don’t mind its smaller batteries).

SMOK Nord vs. Juul

Without further ado, let us tell you that the Nord is just an improved version of a pod vape compared to the Juul vape. From overall performance to battery life, the SMOK Nord just easily beats the Juul in pretty much every conceivable way.

VD juul kit

  • The Nord offers more versatility, too, as it comes with three different coil head options that allow you to alter the way it vapes by simply changing the coil head it runs – this is not possible for the Juul.
  • The SMOK’s new pod vape also is refillable and costs less to own and run, as the Juul’s official Juul pods are costly, and a pack will only last you a few days to a week tops.
  • Compared to the Juul, the Nord pod has a lot more power – having a 1100mAh internal battery. Its battery is around 4 times as large as the one found inside the Juul. This alone makes it superior to the Juul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SMOK Nord a good vape?

The device is a good vape for many reasons including its vapor and flavor productions, as well as its simple, easy-to-use design. There are several versions of the Nord that come with different features so users can choose from among the four different styles to find something that suits their needs.

Which Nord coil is best?

While there are various different coils available for all the Nord devices, the consensus among users is that the 0.6ohm Mesh coil strikes the perfect balance between flavor, durability, and vapor production.

Can Smok Nord explode?

The pod exploding is a rare occurrence that will never likely happen. With that said, there is a risk with any battery-powered device (from smartphones to power tools) of explosion if it is not properly used.

Users should always make sure to follow the instructions that come with a vaping device to prevent any serious accidents from occurring.

Is it okay to charge SMOK Nord overnight?

It is okay to charge the device overnight, but ideally, it should not be left to charge unattended or for long periods of time. The battery takes anywhere from two to four hours to charge and users should unplug it after it is fully charged.

Smok Nord Kit Specifications

Size: 94 by 30 by 18.8mm
Pods Capacity: 3mL
Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
Output Wattage Range: of 10 watts to 15 watts
Charging current: 370mA
Charging voltage: 5 volts

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Kit completed with 2 replaceable atomizer coils (supports both sub-ohm vaping and MTL vaping)
  • The battery is quite powerful with a 1100mAh capacity
  • The LED batteries’ life indicator makes it simple to see the mods’ battery life at just a glance
  • Vape pod holds up to 3mL of e-juice (last most vapers a day)
  • Safety features
  • Portable and stylish design
  • The side-fill feature is very easy to use
  • The pod vape wicks with both nicotine salt and standard e-juice

The Negatives

  • Vape airflow is not adjustable
  • More expensive than other pod mods
  • The black pod window prevents the remaining e-liquid estimation
  • Charging time is quite long (hour and a half to fully charge the vape)
  • Although not in the conventional sense, there is a slight leakage from the pod itself
  • Juice is not included in the kit


The SMOK Nord kit is one of the best pod-style vapes that can be found on the market today, thanks to its ease of use and versatility. Being an all-in-one device, you can enjoy both sub-ohm style and MTL vaping in one lightweight and portable kit with plenty of flavor and vapor.

With its large pod capacity and high capacity batteries, vape offers everything you could want or need from a pod system at an affordable price. With this, it is recommended for anyone looking for a versatile and well-performing pod mods system.

The fact that it includes two coil heads in the kit is great, too – giving a choice to vape MTL or DTL. This kit has overall a great design, awesome build quality, and simple features. Its battery life also gives you more time to enjoy vaping. High-performing, stylish, convenient, and attractive, the Nord vape is worth a try.

As Nord vape is a newbie on the mods market, most vapers are curious to try it out. So please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, let us know whom you’d recommend the Nord Pod Vape: to your enemy or lover.

Published: April 5, 2019Updated: August 9, 2021

Thanush Poulsen

Being a regular Sweden student, I discovered innovative ways of living healthier. And with my very first e-cigarette, I’ve got obsessed with all things digital. So vaping collided my interests in electronics, science, and health. I enjoy bringing people into the world of vaping through my reviews, guides, and best-of lists.


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5 comments on “SMOK Nord Review – Pod Starter Kit with a True Strong Hit

  • Mary

    September 8, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    Just started vaping and my guy recommended the Nord. I have been thrilled with it! It’s easy to use and holds a lot of fluid. The draw is smooth and easy. I have acquired quite a collection of tanks and fluids for easy switching! I like that the pod comes in so many colors–I picked a pretty electric blue with a swirl of colors. The 1.4 coil is best for me. No heavy throat hit. The .6 hurts my throat and makes me cough. The whole system is affordable and a great choice!

  • zach

    December 5, 2019 at 9:18 am

    I bought one of these months ago, and I can attest to the durability of this item. I am remodeling a house and my pod fell out of my pocket in my yard as I was moving some stuff. I couldn’t find it for over two weeks, and it sat in the grass that whole time taking on frost, rain, sun, wind and general late fall weather in Ohio. I then randomly found it, and not only does it still work, it worked from the moment I picked it up!

    To sum up, in my experience the battery held a charge for over two weeks, and the pod and mouthpiece withstood some of the worst weather it could possibly handle. It clearly must be somewhat moisture proof as well. AMAZING DURABILITY FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE!

  • Nicoolo

    October 19, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Why does my pod keep on cracking? Please help. Thank you

  • Noriaki

    July 20, 2019 at 5:05 am

    I am interested in Nord.Your review was really easy to understand for me.thank you .

  • J

    June 28, 2019 at 9:45 am

    Vaping is “illegal” where I live (Thailand) so I left it at home when flying to USA for holiday. Guy at the smoke shop in US recommended the Smok Nord straight away and I’ve been pleased using it the past 3 weeks. The 1.4 coil (included in the box kit) was ok. Then the .6, which I like a bit better. Overall, pretty happy with it. It’s a lot more comfortable and convenient to carry around in my hand or pocket than my clunky mod at home, as well as charging in the car or connected to USB port on laptop at the house. Love to take an extra back to Thailand but don’t want to get any shit from Customs at the airport….. but I might try anyway. 🙂