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Best Cinnamon Flavored Vape Juices of 2019

Best Cinnamon Flavored Vape Juices Cover

Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, cinnamon is one of those spices that can satisfy many different tastes. The best cinnamon vape juice can come in many forms from something like a dessert to something bolder.

The question of what is the best cinnamon e-juice then depends on what kind of a mood the vaper is in. Looking for something to wake up the senses? Then a red hot cinnamon vape juice is ideal. How about a sweet breakfast sensation with a hint of aroma? Then a cinnamon roll e-juice is the obvious choice.

A wonderful aspect of vaping is how much choice there is for delicious vape liquids. All this choice can also make it difficult to choose. This information on the best cinnamon e-liquid should help everybody looking for just the right vape juice land on a possible new favorite.

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Cinnamon Danish E-liq

#1 Mig Vapor Cinnamon Danish

Similar to a cinnamon roll is this swirl Danish vape liquid.

This e-juice has a sweet upfront flavor, followed by the buttery, flaky pastry flavor that makes Danishes so popular. It is nicely balanced out by the flavor of sweet frosting at the end.

The cinnamon notes are mild and sweet, not the spicy heat you can get from some concentrated vape juice.

As delicious as this cinnamon based e-liquid is, it still has to vape well. With a 50/50 PG to VG ratio, this means that there is some throat hit with big plumes still possible. All the flavors come through, as well.

There is also a Max VG level available.

There are four sizes of bottles available. 15ml, perfect to satisfy a curiosity to see if it will be enjoyed before committing to a larger size. 30ml, 60ml and lastly, 120ml for those that know they love it and can’t get enough.

Nicotine strengths vary depending on the VG level. The 50/50 ratio offers up 0mg nicotine strength up to 24mg.

The Max VG level includes 0mg to 6mg nicotine strength.

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Sinfully Cinnamon Vape Juice E-liq

#2 Sinfully Cinnamon Vape Juice

For just a straight up flavor, this Sinfully Cinnamon vape juice will satisfy.

It is just sweet enough to keep the cinnamon from being spicy, while still allowing the boldness to come through. Since there is just just one component and no other flavors, it makes an ideal e-juice for mixing to create a customized.

Because it also vapes with a slight throat hit, it is popular as an ADV e-juice.

Though cinnamon is a flavor associated with fall, it can be enjoyed any time of year.

The PG/VG ratios available are 70/30, 50/50 and Max VG for sub-Ohm vaping. These are all non-nicotine juices. Depending on how much aroma is enough, there are three different strengths available. Single shot, double shot and triple shot. The triple shot being slightly spicy as it has a more concentrated cinnamon flavor.

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Red Hot Cinnamon Vape Juice E-liq

#3 Red Hot Cinnamon Vape Juice

This vape juice is like the kid’s candy, but for adults!

Some like it hot, so the spicy, intense blast is ideal for the lover of bold flavor. That is not to say that this will burn, it is more like a slight tingle on the tongue. After all, it is a candy flavored cinnamon e-liquid.

To make sure that the juice works for every palate, there are three strengths of flavor. A single shot for that sweet hint of what the red hot candy tastes like up to the spicier triple shot. For fans of a cinnamon fireball, the triple shot is recommended.

To get everybody in the same room reminiscing about their favorite childhood cinnamon candy, try chasing some big clouds with the Max VG juice for sub-Ohm vaping.

For a cig-alike experience with all the same flavor, there is a 70/30 PG to VG ratio blend, and for everyone else there is a 50/50 blend.

All the versions are nicotine free, and the bottle comes as a 30ml size.

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Cinna-Fun E-liquid Image

#4 Cinna-Fun E-liquid by Vaper Treats

The best cinnamon roll vape juice can be used as a breakfast vape, a dessert vape, or for the truly decadent and All Day Vape!

This cinnamon bun e-juice hits all the right notes that are to be expected from a freshly baked bun.

From the just right amount of Flavor to the finish of the sweet vanilla frosting, this juice ticks all the boxes. They even seem to have found a way to make it taste gooey like an actual bun, especially when sub-Ohm vaping.

The bottle comes in a 60ml size with three nicotine strengths available. 0mg, light drip 2mg and ultralight 6mg of nicotine.

The PG/VG ratio is a 30/70 blend.

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Where to buy Cinnamon Flavored E-Juice

Each of the cinnamon flavored vape juices reviewed here all are linked to the manufacturer where the juices can be bought directly.

This is the easiest and, sometimes, cheapest way to get some e-juices that may or may not be available at a brick and mortar vape shop.

These days shipping is quick and, in some cases, can also be free when placing orders over a certain amount.

Is vaping cinnamon bad for you?

There are some people asking, is cinnamon vape juice toxic?

This is not easy to answer, but suffice it to say, there have been some studies done that single out the cinnamon and also vanilla flavored vape juices as potentially problematic.

It has been suggested that these flavors contain chemicals that react with the white blood cells and cause inflammation in lung cells.

There still is nothing definitive as to bakery flavored e-juices should be avoided.

With the popularity of such flavors as cinnamon toast crunch e-juice, there have been some flags raised to make people aware of some of the potential risks.

We like to stress that though we believe that vaping can be possibly healthier than smoking cigarettes, that doesn’t mean that vaping is without any health issues.

It pays to do due diligence before starting to vape and to carefully weigh the risks.

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