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Menthol No.1 by Twist E-liquids
Menthol No.1 by Twist E-liquids
10/10 icon-question
  • 30 PG/ 70 VG Ratio
  • Nicotine Level – 3 mg to 18 mg
  • 60 ml bottle size

Menthol No. 1 delivers a smooth, delicious vape experience that won’t disappoint. It has four different nicotine levels (from 3mg t...

Menthol Nordic Mint
Menthol Nordic Mint
  • 50 PG/50 VG Ratio
  • 30 mL bottle size
  • Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP) & Vitamin E acetate Free
Dragon Fruit Menthol
Dragon Fruit Menthol by Solace Vapor
  • 30PG/ 70VG Ratio
  • Nicotine Level - 3mg to 6mg
  • 60ml bottle size

Top 11 Menthol Vape Juice

The menthol vape juices listed here have only one thing in common, which is a good thing, as they are not all alike. Rather than blasting away vapers with the most robust possible mint taste, these e-juices temper the freezing taste of menthol with fruit, candy, and even tobacco flavors. These picks also come in various nicotine strengths and different PG/VG ratios, so they appeal to as many vaping styles as possible.

#1 Menthol No.1 by Twist E-liquids

Best Menthol E-Liquid

10/10 icon-question Review score

Menthol No. 1 delivers a smooth, delicious vape experience that won’t disappoint. It has four different nicotine levels (from 3mg to 18mg), so every vaper can find a suitable one. Also, vape juice produces big clouds and is great for working with sub-ohm devices because Menthol No.1 is a high VG liquid. Plus, the e-juice tastes exactly how it sounds: minty and cool.


  • Works for sub-ohm devices, so if you a lucky owner of this type of vape then it's the best option for you
  • Smooth throat hit due to high VG content that is great choice for beginners


  • Costly, but you pay for a pack of 2 bottles, so it is more profitable.

#2 Menthol Nordic Mint

Classic Menthol Vape Juice

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Menthol Nordic Mint’s no-fuss flavor and absence of extra flavorings enhance its fresh, minty taste. The vape juice has three nicotine options: nicotine-free, 1%, and 2% of nicotine. Also, it has an equal amount of VG and PG that brings you a string throat hit with big clouds. The icy-fresh menthol packs a powerful pleasure punch that thrills taste buds and enhances the vaping experience.


  • Unique fresh, minty taste without flavorings
  • Long-lasting cooling effect on the mouth
  • Nicotine-free option for users who don't want to vape nicotine


  • It may not be a perfect choice for long-term vaping

#3 Dragon Fruit Menthol

Best Fruity Menthol Vape Juice

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Dragon Fruit Menthol is an exotic fruity e-liquid. Its primary flavor is dragon fruit infused with crisp, cool menthol undertones. The Dragon Fruit Menthol comes in two nicotine options. Also, the vape juice is high VG, producing a sweet flavor and great clouds. This e-liquid fills your taste buds with a mildly sweet taste and the freshness of menthol.


  • Immediate satisfaction with great flavor
  • High-quality e-liquid produces a great throat hit
  • High vapor production due to the high content of VG in the liquid


  • If your budget is limited, this juice isn't an option

#4 Menthol Freeze

Nitech Menthol Freeze

9/10 icon-question Review score

Menthol Freeze is a cool and icy e-juice flavor that is a real hit with vapers. Not only does it have good taste, but it also produces a strong throat hit and can produce high amounts of clouds. It depends on the VG/PG ratio you can choose before purchasing. Furthermore, it is available in small (30ml) and large (60 ml) bottles and customers can choose the flavor strength.


  • High-quality e-juice produces excellent clouds
  • Strong throat hit with max VG option
  • Two bottles are sized, so you can buy a small one to try it firs


  • Expensive, but it has a lot of options, so the price is fai

#5 Whatamelon Menthol by Innevape

Fruity fresh e-liquid

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Whatamelon Menthol flavor is the right blend of sweetness and coolness. The vape juice comes in a 75ml bottle with three nicotine strengths. Like real melon, this menthol vape juice is full of flavor and delivers an uplifting ice-cold sensation. Due to the high VG (70%), the flavor is strong and really sweet.


  • Perfect for clouds lovers
  • Great sweet flavor due to high VG content
  • Refreshing, sweet, easy to vape


  • It can be too sweet for some users

#6 Naked 100 Melon Menthol Synthetic Salt

Menthol Nic Salt

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

his comprises incredible flavor, no nic salt, giving an inspiring satisfaction. Every puff of this e-juice packs a refreshing fruitiness and nic salts for intense delight. The vape juice produces big clouds and smooth vaping. Also, it comes with four nicotine options, including a nicotine-free option, and in two bottles size (30ml and 60ml). You can be sure that you will find a suitable option for your needs.


  • Produce perfect clouds and sweet taste
  • Smooth throat hit cause of excellent VG/PG balance
  • Nicotine-free option for ex-smokers


  • A bit expensive, so if your budget limited-choose another from the list
  • Cloud is hard on some coils

#7 Air Factory Menthol E-liquid

Best Refreshing Mint Taste

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Air Factory Menthol by Twist is a great choice for cool mint flavor lovers. This e-liquid gives a chilly rendition of pure menthol. E-juice comes in two nicotine strengths. Unfortunately, it comes in one bottle size (60ml), but we assure you that you won’t regret purchasing it. Every hit will transport you into an icy winter wonderland from the first inhale to the final exhalation.


  • Long-lasting menthol taste impression
  • Great clouds with a cool mint smell
  • Strong and smooth throat hit due to perfect VG/PG ratio


  • Not for Sub-Ohm use, so if you own a sub-ohm device – keep scrolling.

#8 Tobacco Menthol Vape Juice

A Mighty Blend of Strong Flavors

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Tobacco Menthol vape juice from VaporFi blends two of the brand’s most popular flavors. The Tobacco Menthol combines the robustness of classic American tobacco with the icier notes of the brand’s mint and menthol-based flavors that all vapers will love and recognize. This blend is available in regular and nicotine salts varieties. The vape juice also comes with two VG/PG ratio options. So be sure that it’s an excellent choice for almost every user.


  • Smooth mint taste with a noticeable tobacco flavor
  • The powerful throat hit due to outstanding VG/PG balance
  • Two different bottle sizes


  • Too strong tobacco taste for some

#9 Coastal Clouds Menthol

Smooth, Crisp and Minty

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Coastal Clouds Menthol e-juice perfects a formula that many have tried to perfect but have fallen short. The Menthol from this e-juice is derived from natural mint leaves, giving it that unmistakable tinge of sweetness and crispness that only natural mint leaves can provide. As a result, the e-juice does not overpower the palate but gives a refreshing aftertaste every time.


  • Mellow, enjoyable flavor with a smooth inhale
  • Excellent VG/PG ratio produces a slight throat hit
  • Two nicotine strengths for beginners and advanced users


  • Only in small (30ml) bottle

#10 ICE Monster Melon Colada

A Fruity, Minty Medley

7/10 icon-question Review score

The ICE Monster Melon Colada hides many secrets in its title that vapers will have to discover on their own. But the rewards are many, as vapers will notice the melon of the title and mint, honeydew, and cantaloupe as the cloud covers their taste buds. The vape juice comes in one size and is available in three (0mg, 3mg, 6mg) nicotine strengths. There are also notes of coconut that finish strong when the icy menthol blast eventually turns up. Do you like some strange flavors? Then you should definitely try this one.


  • Several noticeable flavors
  • Good aftertaste with a strong menthol taste
  • Good quality vape juice that creates a strong throat hit


  • Mint pineapple flavors with a melon aroma are a bit inconsistent
  • Comes only in a big 100ml bottle

#11 I Love Salts Spearmint Gum

The Mint Everyone Recognizes

7/10 icon-question Review score

The I Love Salts Spearmint Gum e-juice recalls a flavor everyone, vaper or not, knows from everyday life. And we truly recommend the I Love salts cause their products are very high-quality, and lab-tested. In addition, you can choose between nicotine content.
The spearmint gum flavor in the e-juice makes you recall chewing a fresh piece of gum and enjoying the refreshing taste of mint anytime, anywhere. The e-juice gives vapers an extra, icy treat at the end that gum alone cannot match.


  • Authentic spearmint taste almost like the most popular mint gum
  • The mellow throat hit, so this e-juice is suitable for an all-day vape
  • If you don't like strong nicotine salt, then choose the juice with 25mg of nic


  • It can have too strong an aftertaste

The Best Menthol Vape Juice

Category Name Price Rating
Best Menthol Vape Juice 2022 Menthol No.1 by Twist E-liquids $22,95 10
Best Fruit Menhtol E-Juice Dragon Fruit Menthol $16,99 9
Best Mint Vape Juice Menthol Nordic Mint $14,95 9,5
Best Cheap Menthol E-Juice Whatamelon Menthol by Innevape $13,99 8,5
Best Menthol Nic Salt Naked 100 Melon Menthol Synthetic Salt $15,95 8

What is Menthol Vape Juice?

There are so many different varieties of menthol vape juice out there that users will have at least a dozen or more favorite menthol vape juices. The flavor came up with all the original e-juice flavors like tobacco. It is a foundational flavor that vapers all over the world crave and seek.

All e-juice brands make hundreds of menthol-based e-juice using different flavors, ingredients, blends, and nicotine varieties. As a result, there is no shortage of e-juices that users can try, and the flow of mint is inexhaustible. Luckily, menthol is also one of the flavors to escape the flavor ban, so it is even more popular and in demand. This means e-juice makers are falling over themselves to innovate and come out with the best, newest mint-based flavor.

Users can go for anything from classic peppermint flavors extracted from real leaves. Or try something akin to peppermint ice cream-based e-juices. The fact that mint itself is so popular in other consumable products means many infinite flavors are possible. Users can even blend their e-juices based on the herb so they can perfect their e-juice taste.

Menthol Vape Juice vs. Mint Vape Juice

While menthol comes from mint, they are quite different.

  • The main difference is that mint is a flavor, but menthol isn’t. Instead, it’s a chemical compound that gives your mouth a cooling sensation when you inhale it.
  • Also, not all mint-flavored vape juices are as cooling as menthol. Many mint vape juices have no menthol due to extraction processes and artificial flavoring.
  • Adding menthol to a vape juice can intensify the ‘throat hit’ effect and make it seem harsher. This is vital when choosing nic salt e-liquids as the menthol impact on throat hits might be stronger.

What to Know Before Choosing a Mint-Based Vape Juice

The sheer number of menthol vape juices out right now is proof of its unshakeable popularity. It could also be a sign that e-juice makers don’t always get the flavor right. A common complaint among vapers about mint-based e-juices is that the flavor can sometimes feel too synthetic, like medicine.

And they are not wrong to say that. The compound can be made synthetically. The e-juice makers might be tempted to use fake stuff instead of real mint extract. Or they could use too much of the extract, and the result is a vape juice that is more overpowering than enjoyable.

Whatever the case, when in the market for a menthol vape experience, try following these tips:

  • Check the ingredients label
  • Make sure the maker uses organic, all-natural ingredients
  • Choose blended flavors (like fruity menthol e-juice, or menthol tobacco e-juice, or coffee menthol e-juice


Why does menthol feel cold?

The cold feeling menthol and mint produces – whether it is in vape juice, or cigarettes or food products – is its trademark. But why does it cause that sensation? The reason has to do with sensory neurons that react to menthol by increasing calcium production at the site of application – skin, nasal passages, mouth. The increase in calcium production is what causes the cooling sensation.

Can you still buy menthol vape liquid?

Menthol vape liquid is still available in almost all markets except for individual laws or mandates that may ban all flavors, vape products, etc. Many jurisdictions could have prohibited all flavored vape products without exception, so tobacco or menthol could be available. The PACT Act may also make it challenging to order menthol flavors online. But users should know the laws in their individual states and cities to ensure they can still order them.

Is menthol dangerous?

Pure, undiluted menthol can be dangerous. When applied to the skin or ingested in large amounts, mint-extract can cause:

  • Skin irritation
  • Inflammation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Ulcers
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Death

The quantity of menthol a person would have to ingest orally for it to be deadly is between 50-150mg/kg. This figure only applies the substance in its purest form, which is not how it is added to many consumable products, like vape juice. Small amounts of the extract in vape juices, topical creams, candies, and lozenges do not harm. Menthol cigarettes though have a much more complicated story.

Tobacco companies began adding flavor to cigarettes as a ploy to make them “healthier,” which was and is untrue. Still, cigarette makers started to market these new, “safe” cigarettes disproportionately to African Americans. The result of this race-based marketing has been devastating.

88.5% of black smokers, according to the CDC, now prefer menthol-flavored cigarettes. This percentage has led to more smoking-related fatalities among African-Americans, despite whites and other ethnic groups having higher rates of smoking.

Is menthol vape juice bad for you?

Menthol vape juice is no better or worse than any other e-juice flavor. There are no unique properties that make it any worse or better than vaping tobacco or fruit-based e-juices. But, on the other hand, Menthol cigarettes are responsible for a lot of damage. So the federal government is proposing a total ban on flavored tobacco and menthol.

Menthol cigarettes have a long history of addicting many people to cigarettes for their supposed “clean” taste. It fooled many people into believing they were smoking less harmful cigarettes. As a result, they were pushed onto minority communities mainly and have caused higher cancer and lung disease rates in these communities.

What does menthol in vape juice do?

Menthol is a vape juice that does the same thing as any other consumable product featuring it. It has a unique taste that is refreshing and invigorating and has several other properties, depending on the product. For example, chewing spearmint gum is slightly different from eating peppermint ice cream or drinking mint ice tea. But the taste remains the same.

Many vapers enjoy feeling the sudden rush produced by mint and menthol-based products, as it gives an otherwise flat or one-note flavor an extra ting of savoriness. Mint and menthol are also famous in medicinal and therapeutic products like cough syrups, lozenges, and other over-the-counter medications.

What does menthol vape juice taste like?

Each menthol vape juice will have a different taste depending on the user, device, and maker. The wide variety of flavors out there means that every maker will add something different, or not, to its juice to make it stand out from the options in the market. Users who enjoy the particular mint flavor of one brand will not enjoy the similar taste of another brand.

The basic flavor profile of menthol is the strong, refreshing icy blast that the flavor is famous for, but some makers may make it stronger or not. In addition, some makers will use menthol or extract mint flavor from real leaves, affecting flavor quality and purity. Finally, there are also flavors that blend the taste with other sensations to produce something entirely new.

How to make menthol vape juice?

Every commercial e-juice maker has its particular method to make menthol e-juice. But for DIY e-juice makers, there are many different ways to make their e-juice at home. In addition, users can choose from several extracts to use at home in their home blends to make them stand out from other e-juices.

They can go with an all-natural mint taste derived from real leaves. They can also choose the more synthetic and widely available menthol used in a wide range of different products. The choice is up to them. They can also choose the strength or level of mint taste. So it is not as overpowering or strong as many commercially available e-juices.

Does Menthol Vape Juice Have Real Menthol?

Not all menthol-infused vape juices contain real menthol. Some products in the market are chemical extracts.

Does menthol vape juice have nicotine?

Not all e-juices have nicotine, and the same goes for mint-based vape juices. Users can choose their level of nicotine from among the many different strengths that manufacturers offer their customers. Someone who enjoys the taste can choose not to have any nicotine in their favorite e-juice.

Can You Vape Pure Menthol?

In its pure form, you can’t vape menthol. It’s harsh and burns your throat. But when diluted or mixed with other flavors, it becomes more palatable.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Menthol Vape Juice

Mint and menthol hold a particular appeal for people who enjoy bold, unmistakable taste experiences. The substance is known for its crisp, biting flavor – the polar opposite of hot and spicy flavors that burn with the same intensity. In addition, of course, it is unique as it is more versatile and blends well with other sensations.

Like spicy flavors, it can elevate or change other tastes, making them fuller and more nuanced. Menthol, when used without restraint, can also overpower different tastes. It is essential to find a vape juice that gets the balance right between savoriness and chill.

Are you a fan of menthol flavors, not only in e-juice but in general? Is there a particular flavor combination you enjoy or just straight menthol? Let us know in the comments section below where you stand on mint and menthol.

Published: October 2, 2017 Updated: October 20, 2022

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