The Ignite V40 Vape: A Sturdy and Dependable Build


by Christina Matthews

Updated: November 13, 2022

ignite v40 vape review

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
$24.99 - $200.00
Juice Capacity:
Battery Capacity:
Nicotine Strength:
5 percent
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Good build quality
  • Nice mouthpiece
  • Good flavors


  • Flavors are very generic
  • No tobacco flavor

It is tough to make a disposable vape stand out because so many of them are out there. To make them unique, manufacturers have to create some exciting flavors.

But did Ignite Vape do this with their disposable devices?

Read and learn what they did.

First Impressions of the Ignite V40 and the Vaping Experience

ignite v40 vape review

But by all appearances, it is a solid-looking vape. Good feel to it, sort of like a box mod, and it looks good. There is not a lot of branding, and the black facing looks good with the different colors indicating the flavor.

It vapes as well as it looks. Nice tight airflow and excellent flavor coming off the coils. The vapor production is not that bad either.

Build Quality and Design

The quality of the build seems pretty good. At the top is a narrow mouthpiece perfectly suited for vaping salt nicotine vaping liquids. The only thing about the outer design is that the corners are a little bit sharp, and there is no grip.

Internally, there do not seem to be any problems. No rattling, loose parts, or issues with vaporization like spit back and burn hits. Maybe the high price is worth it after all?

Ignite Vape Flavors

The flavors are all excellent, but nothing about this category makes Ignite stand out. Flavors like blue razz ice, strawberry watermelon, and peach ice are prevalent. Vape manufacturers should not make flavors that everyone already has. Instead, they should market ones that stand out.

Also, they have no tobacco flavors, which is a gross and negligent oversight on their part. Most vapers are ex-smokers who enjoy a good tobacco vape, so all disposables should include one tobacco flavor, if not more.

Even though these flavors can be found everywhere else, Ignite still did a good job making them. The ice flavors like peach ice, grape ice, and the others are very accurate and have that chilly undertone such flavors should have.

The other non-ice flavors are delicious, too. The best is arguably strawberry banana, which is very hard to beat. Other good ones are mixed berries, pineapple peach lemonade (the one flavor that stands out), and strawberry watermelon.

Ignite has ten flavors overall, and they should think about expanding their menu.

Battery Performance

The battery is excellent, which is this product’s best aspect. It lasts around 4,000 puffs, give or take a few, and each vape contains 10 ml of salt nicotine liquid.

In addition, the battery provides steady output for as long as it has power. There is no power fall-off as the disposable device reaches its maximum puff count.

LED Indicator Lights

A small LED light turns on whenever the vape is puffed. When the light no longer glows, that means the vape is dead.

How to Use the Ignite Vape

Disposables are easy to use, so they are popular with novice vapers. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Tear open the package and remove the vape
  2. Inhale on the mouthpiece to turn it on
  3. Continue puffing on the mouthpiece whenever nicotine cravings hit
  4. When the vape no longer works, throw it out and get a new one

The reason why there are so few steps is that it is draw activated. That means the vape turns on whenever the user takes a pull on the mouthpiece.

Ignite Vape vs. Hyde Retro Recharge Disposable

hyde retro recharge disposable

The Retro Recharge from Hyde has a few features that put it over the Ignite V40. For one, it has several more flavor options. And not just more flavors, but some creative ones like bananas and cream, strawberries and cream, and energize. They do not have a tobacco-flavored vape, but they still have more flavor options than Ignite.

But the feature that makes the Hyde vape stand out the most is its rechargeable battery. That way, the user can be sure of getting every single drop of nicotine juice out of the vape.

The final advantage of the Hyde vape is that it has a more ergonomic body. Instead of being shaped like a box, it has a tubular design that makes it more comfortable to hold and transport.

Ignite Vape vs. Elf Bar BC5000

elf bar bc5000

The Elf Bar has the same shape as the Ignite V40, but without sharp edges, making it more convenient and comfortable to hold and transport.

Another advantage of the Elf Bar is that they have more interesting flavors, just like the Hyde rechargeable vape mentioned above. These flavors include rainbow candy, sweet menthol, and watermelon bubble gum.

Again, there is no tobacco flavor, but there are still way more flavor options than what Ignite offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Hits Are in an Ignite Vape?

    Each Ignite V40 is good for 4,000 puffs. It is an excellent option for people who do not want to go through one disposable device every few days.

  • How Much Do Ignites Cost?

    Each disposable device costs $24.99 and over $200 for a pack of ten.

  • Is Ignite a Good Vape Brand?

    Yes, they are a good brand that makes solid devices. However, they need to add more flavors to their menu.

  • Is Ignite Vape FDA Approved?

    Vapes are not FDA-approved smoking cessation aids.

  • Is Ignite Vape Safe?

    Yes, these devices are safe. The only thing novice users need to know is vaping them too much. Too much nicotine can make a person sick. Not dangerously ill, but uncomfortable for an hour or two.

  • Can You Refill Ignite Vape Pods?

    Ignite V40s are not pods, and they cannot be refilled.

  • Can You Charge an Ignite Vape?

    Ignite V40s cannot be recharged.

Ignite V40 Specifications

Type: Disposable
Battery Capacity: 4,000 mAh
Juice Capacity: 10 mL
Nicotine Strength: 5 percent (50 mg/ml)
4,000 puffs: per vape


The Positives

  • Good build quality
  • Tight draw
  • Good flavors
  • Nice mouthpiece

The Negatives

  • Expensive
  • Flavors are very generic
  • No tobacco flavor

Final Thoughts About This Ignite Vape Pen Review

First, there are quite a few cons to address. The biggest problem with these disposable vapes is the limited number of flavor options. Having only ten flavors would not be a big deal if they were all unique, but the only flavor they have that stands out is pineapple peach lemonade. So again, it is not that their flavors are bad, but they are too generic.

However, the Ignite V40 has a lot of outstanding characteristics, too. It has a good mouthpiece that tightens up the airflow, and the flavors are delicious, even though they are common. Additionally, the battery life is excellent and lasts as long as there is nicotine juice in the well.

But the only thing that needs to be improved is the flavor menu. Add some more exotic flavors and a tobacco vape.

If you have tried these vapes and want to chime in, please do so by commenting below.

Published: November 11, 2022Updated: November 13, 2022

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