The HQD Disposable Vape: Intuitive and Highly Flavorful


by Christina Matthews

Updated: February 12, 2022

HQD Disposable Vape Review

Review Score: 86/100

Price Range:
$4.95 - $12.95
Battery Capacity:
Power Range:
7W to 12W
Nicotine Liquid Capacity:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Tight draw and puff activated`
  • Tobacco flavors available
  • Bargain price with three vapes per pack


  • No flavored coffee vapes

There are many ways to enjoy nicotine without having to resort to smoking cigarettes. Vapes allow people to get their nicotine fixes without inhaling smoke. Different kinds of vapes exist, and none are more convenient and easy to use than disposables.

HQD Cuvie disposable vapes are intuitive and ergonomic and available in a variety of fun and exciting flavors. They are ideal for people just getting into vaping or who want something fast and easy to use.

HQD Cuvie Disposable Vape Review

The HQD Cuvie is about everything one could ask for in a vape and more at that. They have more flavor options than Juuls, and they have a power range of 7 to 12 watts while having a juice capacity of 1.25 ml.

HDQ Disposable Vape Kit

Given the juice capacity, an HQD vape can last a bit longer than a Juul. They have an impressive line of flavors that accurately represent what is written on the label.

Another benefit of buying these vapes is that they have value. They come in packs of three for under $20.00, which is a very good deal than offers for other vapes.

Vapor Production

These disposables produce a fair amount of vapor but nothing over extravagant. It is just the right amount of vapor to be satisfying while not drawing unnecessary attention to the user. The amount of vapor produced makes these vapes ideal for those who want to be discreet.

Unboxing the Starter Kit

HDQ Disposable Vape Kit

Since these devices are disposable and draw-activated, they do not require any accessories, as is the case with a box or pod mod. The package comes only with the device and nothing else.

Internal Building Quality and Design

Most disposable vape pens are designed to be ergonomic and easy to handle, but this one is exceptionally well designed when it comes to those aspects.

The mouthpiece is duck-billed, allowing for a tight mouth-to-lung puff that almost perfectly mimics that of a cigarette, while the body is shaped so that it is comfortable to hold and easy to transport.

Additionally, there are no issues with the build quality. Each disposable vape functions as it should without any hiccups.

HQD Flavors

The best thing about these vapes is that they are available in over two dozen HQD flavors, including two outstanding tobacco flavors: orange and nuts tobacco.

Both are excellent, but nuts tobacco has a more full-bodied and hearty taste to it. On the other hand, the orange tobacco has a mildly sweet and citrusy flavor to it.

The other selections are fruit-flavored, and the best of those are strawberry watermelon, grape, and cantaloupe.

  • Strawberry watermelon and grape are very sweet and satisfying, while cantaloupe is milder.
  • Mixed fruits and pineapple are not bad choices either.
  • There are also several menthol-flavored vapes, including mint and many fruit ice flavors like peach, banana, and guava.

Battery Life

The battery life is not as high as other recently reviewed disposables; it is only 300 puffs. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Disposables capable of thousands of puffs get tiring after a while, and it is easy to imagine someone growing tired of it after only a few hundred puffs and throwing it out.

How to Use the HQD Cuvie Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are very easy to use. All the user has to do is open the package and puff on the mouthpiece. Those are the only steps to take to enjoy these vapes, making them ideal for people using them temporarily to quit smoking.

Competing Disposable Products

HQD Cuvie Disposable Vape vs. iGet Disposable Vape

iGet Disposable Vape

  • Like the Cuvie vapes, the iGets have an ergonomic form, are easy to use, and are disposable.
  • They also have more than two dozen flavors, including some tobacco flavor options.
  • Most importantly, their vapes last around 600 puffs.
  • However, each of their vapes costs $20 if the information on their site is up-to-date.
  • With HGD, shoppers can get three for less than $20.

HQD Cuvie Disposable Vape vs. Puff Bar

VD PuffBar Disposables image

  • Puff Bars have a few advantages over the HQD vape, and the HQD vape has a few pros of its own.
  • First, the Puff Bar lasts a hundred puffs longer than the HQD Cuvie, having a slightly larger battery and more nicotine liquid.
  • However, the disposable Cuvie vape is available in more flavors, they are more ergonomically designed, and they are cheaper.

HQD Disposable Vape Specifications

Puffs per device: 300
Battery Capacity : 280mAh
Volt input: 3.7
Nicotine concentration: 5% (12 mg)
Power Range: 7 to 12 Watt
Nicotine liquid capacity: 1.25mL


The Positives

  • Tight draw and puff activated
  • Tobacco flavors available
  • Bargain price with three vapes per pack
  • Ergonomic and portable device
  • Many flavors available

The Negatives

  • No flavored coffee vapes

Closing Thoughts About This Disposable Vape

The HQD Cuvie has all the features one expects to see in a disposable vape. It is small and portable, easy to handle and use, and has plenty of flavors from which to choose.

Quite a few disposables reviewed on this site do not have any tobacco flavors, but the HQD Cuvie does. It speaks well of this company that they did not leave any of these HQD flavors off the menu when considering that many vapers are former smokers. The only criticism is that there are no coffee flavors.

If you have used the HQD Cuvie or any of their other disposables, please let us know what you think about them by leaving a comment below.

Published: September 7, 2021Updated: February 12, 2022

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    April 17, 2022 at 11:18 am

    The exhale of vapor after each puff smells so chemically rancid. I’m left skeptical.