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Fresh Vape Deals for 2018

Most people spend more money purchasing the latest vape pens and mods. But thanks to the power of the internet, we have a mélange of ways to save money when purchasing vape pen, mod, tanks, e-juices and other vaping accessories.

We provide the best offers and vape deals in the market and give tips on how to find them.

Best Vape Deals

Halo Cigs Coupon Code

Halo Cigs Coupon Code

June 4, 2018
Get 5% off on all Halo Cigs vape products with our Halo E-Cig discount code. This includes the famous Triton II vape, premium vape juices, and more!
V2 Coupon Code

V2 Coupon Code

May 29, 2018
V2 coupon code gives a massive discount on V2 Starter Kits with our 15% OFF. Extra 10% OFF promo code available for other products.
Mig Vapor Coupon

Mig Vapor Coupon

May 25, 2018
Use Vaping Daily's special discount code to save 10% from all Mig Vapor products. A simple link provides 10% of on every item in Mig Vapor’s inventory, usable in the same manner on PC and mobile devices.
KandyPens Discount Code

KandyPens Discount Code

May 24, 2018
Apply VapingDaily’s special code and get 20% discount on any item in official KandyPen store. Learn more on how to redeem your code and take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!
JUUL Coupon Code

JUUL Coupon Code

April 30, 2018
Use VapingDaily’s special JUUL discount code and walk out with a JUUL starter kit for just $29.99. Learn more and take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!


E-cigs are most popular vaping device to start with. People began vaping as they provide a similar feeling to that of inhaling tobacco, but without the smoke. Brands offer a range of deals for their e-cigs, just check the category and find the best offer. Such popular brands as Juul, Halo, Mig and V2 regularly provide special promo codes for vapingdaily.com that helps visitors save 5,10, 15% buying vaping products.

Brand Model Coupon Code
V2 Standard Starter Kit VD15
XEO Void VD15
V2 Pro Series 3x QUITDAY10
Aspire Gusto Mini QUITDAY
MigVapor 21 Clear Fusion Apply Coupon

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers use dry herbs plant extracts to provide a healthier experience. Avid vapers prefer using dry herb vaporizers as they do not need a combustion chamber. Studies show that vapes that do not use heating chamber have a lower number of carcinogens compared to other dry herb combustion techniques. The cost of these vaporizers range between $30-$300 but vapers can take advantage of the best vape deals to purchase a high-quality dry herb device at a subsidized price.

Brand Model Coupon Code
V2 V2 Pro Series 7 VD15
MigVapor Dry Herb Vaporizer Apply Coupon
V2 Series 3X VD15
MigVapor Torpedo Dry Herb Vaporizer Apply Coupon


Buying eliquids is the most expensive part of vaping. As such, vapers want to take advantage of vape juice deals on offer to save money. E-liquids are used in different vapes of sizes and shapes. The numerous vape deals allow vapers to try different e-liquid devices before settling for a particular brand. In fact, some people start off with cheaper versions before trying out expensive ones. Cosmic Fog Vapors, for example, provides a range of deals for its e-liquid vapes.

Brand Model Coupon Code
Cosmic Fog Vapors For all products QUITDAY10
Black Note E-Liquids For all products QUITDAY10
Halo E-Liquids For all products QUITDAY
Brewell Vapory MYLK Vape Juice QUITDAY10

Name of taste Vape juice Coupon Code
Best Tobacco Vape Juice Black Note Tobacco E-Juice QUITDAY10
Best Menthol Vape Juice Halo Menthol E-Liquid QUITDAY
Best Fruit Flavored E-Liquids Cosmic Fog Fruits QUITDAY10
Best Dessert Vapes Halo Dessert Flavors QUITDAY
Specialty E-Juice Flavors MYLK Vape Juice QUITDAY10

Vape Kits

They are ideal for people who are looking to transition from tobacco products. The kits come in different sizes and shapes and best kit depends on the vaper’s needs. Vapers who just stopped smoking tobacco may like vape pens like the V2 Standard Starter Kit. If you want a larger starting device, The Halo Reactor Mega vape starter kit makes an excellent stylish starter kit. It come t with an accessible top-filling tank compatible with different types of coils, and an 80W mod fitted with a temperature control system. 
It is much more than your average e cig starter kit as it features a 220 W/TC mod and an NRG tank. Electronic starter vapes are a little bulky hence the need to use vape pen kits. They are lightweight and more compact. Vapers looking to upgrade their e-cig kits should consider buying an advanced starter kit. Leading brands like the VaporFi, Mig Vapor, V2 and Halo make excellent advanced vape kits,
With these vaping deals vapers do not need to break the bank buying e-juices, e-liquids, tanks, mods and other accessories. Vapers only need to visit the respective sites to take advantage of the deals. They can also sign up to get exclusive deals about the ongoing promotions.

Brand Model Coupon Code
XEO Void Starter Kit QUITDAY10
V2 Pro Series 3 QUITDAY10
Halo Aspire Gusto QUITDAY
V2 Standard Starter Kit QUITDAY10
Halo Reactor Mega QUITDAY
Mig Vapor WTF Target Mini Mod Apply Coupon
V2 Pro Series 3x QUITDAY10
Mig Vapor Matrix Apply Coupon
Mig Vapor Dray Apply Coupon


Manufacturers and retailers use coupons as a form of advertisement to attracts certain customers, vapers can use them to make significant savings on their vaping gear.

Vape manufacturers offer coupons to promote the sales of a specific brand or to attract a certain group of customers.

Take Outs

It makes vaping all the more exciting. Designed to taste like a fortune cookie, the take outs come in a red glossy box. Take outs produce smooth clouds compared to other kinds of e-juices hence ideal for vapers transitioning from rather harsh liquids. They are packaged in 60ml bottles which is enough to last more than a week, and they come at subsidized prices.


Vapers can enjoy subsidized prices on juices, mods, starter kits, tanks and accessories during the festive season. The holiday deals come ahead of the festive season usually between the 15th and 24th of December some brands extend the offers to 1st of the following year. Some companies also offer Easter vape deals. Just do check what will be on offer.
Special Day Deals
Vape manufacturers and retailers are keen to offer cheap vape deals on special days of the year; Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday among others. Vapers can enjoy large discounts and free shipping for items purchased. The special deals also comprise daily vape deals which are short lived hence the need to keep up to tabs.

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