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KandyPens Crystal Black
KandyPens Crystal Black
10/10 icon-question
  • Compatible with concentrates
  • One day battery life
  • 3-second heat up time

The KandyPens Crystal is a sturdy, well-made concentrates pen that features an all-stainless steel build with an all-quartz crystal atomi...

RadioShack INR 18650
18650 battery- 300mah-image_by-vapingdaily
  • Long-lasting on a single charge
  • 3000mAh capacity
  • The maximum discharge rate of 30A
PANASONIC 21700 5000mAh
panasonic 21700 vape battery image
  • Nominal Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Continuous Discharge Rating: 30A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7v

Here are the Best Vape Batteries

Higher capacity, higher-drain cells require some basic knowledge about Ohm’s law and battery safety. Remember that high-capacity, lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if misused.

Besides that, there are other things to remember, like their continuous discharge rate, voltage, and amperage.

What are the differences between 18650, 20700,21700 and 510 threaded batteries? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about battery safety.

#1 KandyPens Crystal Black

An Adjustable Wattage, The #1 510 Battery

Battery Capacity:
900 mAh
Chamber Type:
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 8 h.
Heat-up time
icon-battery 3 s.


  • Stylish, good-looking design
  • One button-controls and LED indicator lights
  • Good vapor quality
  • Fast charging time


  • Low battery life

The KandyPens Crystal is a sturdy, well-made concentrates pen that features an all-stainless steel build with an all-quartz crystal atomizer. The atomizer is removable from the device’s 510-threaded connection that lets users attach various atomizers to it. The unit has an internal 900mAh battery that offers users four different voltage settings for ultimate flexibility. There are also filters underneath the all-glass mouthpiece that provide enhanced vapor quality.

Reasons to Get This Device:

  • You are looking for a variable voltage concentrates pen
  • You want the security of having a lifetime warranty
  • You want a easy-to-use device with one-button controls
  • You want a well-made device with quality materials

Kit Contents

  • 1x Crystal vape pen battery
  • 1x Quartz atomizer
  • 2x Mouthpiece caps with glass tips
  • 1x Keychain dab tool
  • 1x Black velvet pouch
  • 1x Micro USB charge cable
  • 1x Instruction manual

#2 RadioShack INR 18650

Two-Pack of The #1 18650 Long-Lasting Batteries

Nominal capacity:
3000 mAh
Nominal voltage:
3.7 V
Discharge end voltage :
2.5 V
Standard charging current:
4 A
Charging voltage:
4.2 V
Maximum continuous discharge current :
15 A


  • Long-lasting on a single charge
  • 3000mAh capacity
  • The maximum discharge rate of 30A

These are two 18650 cells that have a continuous discharge rate of 15A. There are re-wrapped cells bearing the Radioshack logo but are most likely Sony or Samsung cells. The two cells can support high-wattage vaping and are perfect for high-drain devices. Each cell has a capacity of 3000mAh. The standard charging current is 4V, and they each have a nominal voltage of 3.7V with their lowest voltage output rated at 2.7V.

#3 PANASONIC 21700 5000mAh

A Top-Rated Cell for High-Performance Mods

Nominal Capacity:
5000 mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating:
30 A
Nominal Voltage:
3.7 V


  • Nominal Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Continuous Discharge Rating: 30A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7v

The PANASONIC 21700 5000mAh is a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery with a continuous discharge rating of 30A. It has an astounding 5.000mAh internal capacity and can provide long-lasting power to many high-drain devices, mods, or other electronic devices like laptops and cordless power tools.

This is an authentic, non-re-wrapped cell from a trusted battery maker Panasonic. It has a flat-top positive contact and weighs approximately 67g, so it does not add too much weight to any accompanying device.

#4 IJoy Battery

The #1 Standard for 20700 Cells

Rated Capacity:
3000 mAh
Nominal Voltage:
3.7 V
Peak Voltage:
4.2 V
Cut-off Voltage:
2.5 V


  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Peak Voltage: 4.2V
  • Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V

The iJoy 20700 is a lithium-ion cell that has a 3000mAh capacity. It has a maximum pulse discharging current of 85A with a max discharge level of 40A. The dimensions of the cell reflect its class, as it measures 20mm in diameter and 70mm in length. Vapers can use this class of cells in their high-performing, single, dual, or triple-cell devices. The cells can run either in a series or parallel, and they both provide great battery life.

#5 MXJO IMR 26650

The #1 26650 Cloud-Blowing Cell

Nominal Capacity:
3500 mAh
Nominal Voltage:
3.7 V
Maximum Voltage:
4.2 V
25A Max Continuous


  • Flat-top design
  • Maximum voltage: 4.7V
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7V

The MXJO IMR is a lithium-ion cell with a continuous discharge rate of 25A. Its highest maximum pulse current is 35A, which makes it perfect for use with low-resistance builds along with high-performing devices. The 26650 cell has a wider, shorter frame than others in its class, and this cell weighs close to 86g. It also has a flat-top design for its positive contact. The battery has an internal capacity of 3500mAh and a high voltage output of 3.7V.

#6 Efest LUC V4

A Versatile and Dependable Charger

Number of charging channels:
Charging mode:
AC input power:
AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
DC output power:
12V 2A


  • Activates voltage function
  • Monitors battery power
  • Uses a safety alarm

The Efest LUC V4 charger features four battery bays for several types of cells. It features an intuitive LCD so users can monitor the charge levels of all four, independent cells. The device can accept several classes of lithium-ion as well as lithium-ion manganese batteries. The charger also comes with a slew of safety features like reverse polarity and short-circuit protection. The unit also comes with an exterior USB port for external charging.

Getting to Know Your Batteries

⭐️Battery Type 💨Brand 💰 Price
510 Threaded KandyPens Crystal Black $59.95
18650 RadioShack INR 2-Pack $18.95
20700 iJoy 20700 $11.79
21700 Samsung 40T $11.95
26550 MXJO IMR 26650 $8.79

Choosing the Best Batteries

The above table is a good guide to how much batteries cost. But there are other factors to consider. Again, a lot depends on what kind of vaping you do. The Mig Vapor Pro 50, for example, works best with dry herb and concentrates atomizers. It has a high-power output of 50W, which is the appropriate level for that material.

That example also charges on its own, so it does not need an external charger. E-juice vapers usually want higher outputs, which means they need higher capacity cells to power their mods to those levels.

The chemistry of batteries, however, does not mean that a high-capacity cell delivers more energy; it can just last longer than other cells.

The Secret Behind Battery Specs

A 3000mAh battery can discharge 3 Amps in one hour before, or, if you do the math, around 54W, which is a typical figure for most stock coils in sub-ohm tanks. The most important specs to look for when choosing a vape battery are:

  • mAh (milliamps per hour)
  • Amp rating/continuous discharge rating

Vapers who vape at high-wattages (anything above 100W) cannot expect long battery life with a single 18650, as the highest output of a typical 18650 is somewhere around 30A. That’s why many box mods are dual-18650 devices, which not only prolongs battery life but gives vapers more room to experiment with current discharge.

How To Charge or Recharge

All vape batteries are rechargeable. That goes without saying. The vape cells that are not rechargeable are those found in disposable vapes, which carry a charge that only lasts for around 200-300 puffs. Some batteries are not rechargeable like store-bought alkaline ones, but those are never used in vaping devices.

The Most FAQ About Batteries

How Long Does a Vape Battery Last?

The typical 18650 cells with a capacity between 2500 or 3000mAh can last for a long time if a high-wattage device does not drain it. If it is a dual-18650 device, then that power source can last one or two full days, only if the discharge rate is less than the maximum allowed by the battery.

Conversely, using a single-18650 at high-wattage outputs will drain the cell very quickly. Regarding the entire life of the unit, 18650 cells usually have charge cycles anywhere between 500-1000 charges.

Although different batteries have different lifespans, one way to prolong the life of any battery is not to let them fully drain. If you always drain a cell to the lowest possible voltage, it will tax the cell’s charging rate and deplete its capacity sooner rather than later.

When Do I Throw Away My Battery?

When the cell no longer charges, that means it is depleted. Old cells should always be disposed of properly. Batteries are filled with dangerous chemicals and should not be thrown away like regular garbage. If your battery has reached the end of its cycle after a certain period, the only way to throw it away is through a battery disposable or a battery exchange service.

What Went Into Choosing These Cells?

The most trust-worthy brands to buy are either:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony

These companies make cells that other brands buy and then re-wrap with their proprietary label. Not all the cells listed here are from those companies, though. The criteria for choosing these included:

  • Reviewing their ratings (amps and mAh)
  • User experience
  • Independent testing
  • Consulting with experts (online and in-person)

The most reputable source for battery ratings is the Battery Mooch, who regularly provides ratings, reviews, and does testing to see whether a battery’s wrap is true or not.

Where can I buy cells?

There are many reputable online vendors, as well as brick-and-mortar shops that sell vape accessories. Users can also shop on retail vape websites to find authentic, non-re-wrapped cells that have real ratings and are not fakes.

How do I charge batteries?

Use an appropriate charger like the one listed here, the Efest LUC V4, or any similar type of charger to recharge your lithium-ion cells.

It is essential to get a charger with safety features as well, so the power units do not overcharge or discharge. Getting a charger with several bays is also essential so that you can charge several at once.

How do I re-wrap batteries?

Wraps protect the battery and users from each other. A torn or damaged wrapping can expose the internal parts of a cell, which can short if they come in contact with something metallic.

Re-wrapping a battery is a prevalent practice. Vapers wrap them in various colors and personalize them to reflect their tastes.

To re-wrap a damaged wrap, you will need the following:

  • PVC sheets or pre-rolled tubes
  • Ceramic-tipped tweezers
  • A hairdryer, heat lamp, heat gun or some other heat source
  • Insulators

Use the tweezers to remove the damaged wrap first. After it is off, take a pre-rolled tube (or a measured out sheet) and place it around the cell. Use the heat source and wave it around – not too close or too long because it can melt – until it is securely fastened to the body. If you have insulators – they are recommended as an extra layer of security – place them at either end, BEFORE you apply heat.

How to Install Batteries in a SMOK Device?

SMOK and all dual-18650 box mods use two battery installation methods:

  • Bottom loading
  • Backloading

Depending on the device, a mod will have a hinged, bottom door, which users can open, or it will have a side panel or removable section that protects the battery bay, and that needs to be removed to install the devices.

How Do I Dispose of Vape Batteries?

There are many ways to dispose of a depleted cell. Users can either:

  • Find a retail electronics store that recycles old cells
  • Check with your local waste collection program to see if they accept old batteries
  • Find a waste management company that specializes in cell disposal

Vape Batteries: The First Step to Safe Vaping

Was our information useful? Did you know a lot about batteries? Is there anything else that you’d like to know? Let us know in the comments section below.

There is no vaping without batteries. They provide the necessary electrical current to heat coils and vaporize e-liquid. With that said, there is more to them than that basic fact. Users should be aware of how a battery reacts to individual circumstances and always be mindful that they have limits. They can only do so much, and vapers need to know and respect those limits if they want to keep vaping and stay safe.

Published: March 19, 2020 Updated: July 7, 2021



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