Vape Tanks Review – The Best for Different Vaping Needs

The vaping world is a very diverse and different community. Every vaper has different expectations and different needs. There are novice vapers, ex-smokers, amateurs, expert/advanced vapers, cloud chasers, and then there are pro vapers. Each group has their unique expectations, and need a certain type of vaping gear, and more particularly vape tanks. It’s because they play a key role in determining the overall experience. In other words, the best vape tanks for flavor might not be the best vape tanks for vapor.

The Best Vape Tanks

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This comprehensive guide explores the best vape tanks available out there. Which one should you choose depending on your particular needs?

Vape Tank Ideal for Capacity Price
Aspire Nautilus Mini Quitting Smoking
2ml $29.99
GeekVape Avocado Flavor 3ml $29.99
Eleaf iJust 2 TC Vaping on a Budget 5.5ml $14.99
Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Cloud Chasing 6ml $38.95
SvoëMesto Kayfun V5 High-end 4ml $119.95
Joyetech CUBIS Sub Ohm Mouth to Lung 3.5ml $24.99
Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA 3ml $41.95
Uwell Crown 2 Sub-ohm Tank Sub Ohm 4ml $29.95
VaporFi Rebel Tank Sub Ohm 4ml $49.99
Kanger EMOW Tank Huge Clouds 1.8ml $19.95
EVOD 2 1.5ml OCC Tank Beginners 1.5ml $5.95

Aspire Nautilus Mini – A Strong Start for Beginners

Aspire Nautilus MiniThe Aspire Nautilus Mini is a more cost-effective version of its brother the Aspire Nautilus. Its 2ml size is a little small, but it’s good for beginners, so they don’t overdo it too quickly. The Nautilus Mini features two 1.8 ohm coils which are much better than the original Nautilus’ coils. Their tendency isn’t to last very long. The new coils give a better flavor and more vapor which is nice.

The build quality on the Nautilus Mini is awesome and doesn’t look or feel like a $29.99 tank. The metal is durable and will last you quite a long time. The stainless steel makes it much better than other vape tanks at this price point. There were no leaking issues with my model. The tank was very easy to take apart which is great compared to most others.

The air flow on the Nautilus Mini is amazing. Additionally, there are four different settings which allow you to find the perfect draw. The widest setting is 1.8mm, followed by 1.4mm, 1.1mm and lastly .9mm. It makes the mouth to lung draw much better. I would recommend that beginners start with something a bit tighter so it restricts the draw. As a result, you don’t end up choking on the vapor.

There are a few things I don’t like about the Nautilus Mini Tank and they are mostly aesthetic choices. The overall look on the tank isn’t very nice looking. It’s a personal choice. However, the shape of the tank doesn’t look very nice when pairing it with the main body. The Pyrex tank is also a problem for me. The Tank itself is sturdy, but if you drop it, the glass is almost guaranteed to crack or smash.

GeekVape Avocado – The Best Vape Tank for Flavor

GeekVape AvocadoThe GeekVape Avocado is a rebuildable tank that sits below a deck. Most vape tanks have a building deck on the inner chamber with the tank around it, though. The design of this tank is unique as it looks very Steampunk. That sets it apart from most of the Chinese made vape tanks. The build for the price ($29.99) is great. If you want a nice-looking tank, I would also recommend this one.

The air flow setting on this tank will change your experience completely depending on the setting. With dual coils, you have two air holes, one 7mm by 2mm and two 2mm air holes. When you have a single coil, you get an air flow that hits the coil from behind. There are also options for side airflow coupled with front airflow from the 2mm holes. You can close off the airflow in all settings.

The flavor of the single coil build is great. If you’re more into great vapor production, you can use the dual coil build. You can use this tank on almost anything. It’s very versatile and looks great on mod because of how short and stocky it is. As it’s only $29.99, you’re getting a great value for what you pay for. You also get a good chunk of spares when you buy it.

There are some setbacks for it, but they are very minor. The filling with the dual coil build seems to have been an afterthought because it’s not very good. The O-ring tolerances are also pretty below average, and they could be better. If you leave the tank on its side for too long, it has a tendency to leak. However, that shouldn’t be much of a problem because it shouldn’t be left on its side.

Eleaf iJust 2TC – The Best Affordable Vape Tank

Eleaf iJust 2 TCThe Eleaf iJust 2TC is a budget tank ($14.99). It has a rather remarkable tank capacity coming in at 5.5ml. This is much more than even most higher priced vape tanks which are nice. There are multiple options for wattage, so I’ll just highlight some of the better ones. 40W is what you should start with when you first use the tank. It’s a good starter wattage and has some amazing flavor accompanied with some great clouds.

50W is great and also allows for some great flavor. I have to say, I am very impressed with this sub ohm tank especially considering it is sub $20. I tested every wattage so that I could make sure. If you are willing to have rather hot vapor in your mouth 70W has an amazing flavor. I choose to stay between 45W and 55W because the vapor isn’t too hot and the flavor is still great.

There are multiple great things about the iJust 2TC. However, I will highlight a couple of them now. As I talked about earlier the price is great. Additionally, when paired with the vaporizer of the same name the whole package is about $35. That is great for a full, well working vaporizer. The coils on the iJust 2TC are also great. For example, you can also switch between .5 ohm and .15 ohm coils if you want to.

There are a couple of problems with the tank too. They are mostly to do with the air flow. You aren’t allowed to adjust the airflow on the tank. It is a bit of a pain. However, if you know what you like on a vape and like to be able to change it. The re-filling of the tank is also a bit tedious. As a result, I ended up spilling a good amount of liquid everywhere.

Smoke TFV8 Cloud Beast – Go Up in the Clouds

Smok TFV8 Cloud BeastCloud Chasing has quickly become a favorite thing to do in certain groups in the vaping community. There are even competitions that determine the winner based on who can do the best cloud tricks and other things. The Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast is just what it says in its name, a Cloud Beast. Coming in at $38.95 it is a great price and has some extra features that will make it worthwhile.

You have to keep in mind that this tank was made for cloud chasers. Therefore, you probably shouldn’t use this as your daily driver. It runs through liquid like a monster truck. Furthermore, you’re not going to be able to be very discreet when using it in public. With that said, it is great and it blows clouds that would put chimneys to shame.

The clouds are great, but there is something else that is important about vape tanks. How does it taste? The Flavor is really good. Usually, the chimneys that are cloud chasers skimp on the flavor. That is not the case with the TFV8. The flavor is very saturated and rich, but you’re going to need at least 80 watts to get that really good flavor.

The flavor isn’t remarkably better than most sub ohm vaporizers. However, considering what the tank is meant for it’s probably one of the better flavor producers for cloud chasing. This tank is meant for a crazy vapor production. It also delivers in most other areas which are why I like it, even if I don’t cloud chase.

SvoeMesto Kayfun V5 – The High-End Vape for Posh People

SvoëMesto Kayfun V5The Kayfun V5 is certainly not something for most people. Its main selling point is its price, and the luxury you get from using it. Coming in at $119.95 the Kayfun is certainly a beautiful looking tank The quartz tank not only allows for form but function as well. The stainless steel also allows for a very durable tank, and the Peek insulation is a very efficient.

The air flow system on the Kayfun V5 is very nice. All you have to do is move the ring between one of 4 positions to choose which one you want. They made the Kayfun V5 with tasting flavors in mind. However, it’s also quite remarkable when it comes to its vapor production. It’s certainly not a Cloud Beast, but it is pretty powerful.

Overall it is pretty great, and there are some highlights that I would like to point out. It allows for you to do the top filling. I think it is great if you don’t want to remove the tank every time. It doesn’t overheat which is nice considering that metal vape tanks could get very hot if there was a design flaw.

There are some minor grievances when it comes to the Kayfun V5. However, they aren’t things that would make me not want to buy it. First off, when you’re adjusting your liquid, there can be some small leakage. Otherwise, it isn’t enough to where you feel like you’re losing money. Also, it doesn’t come with a spare quartz tank. This means if you drop or break yours you might have to shell out another $120 for the tank again. Overall I like this tank. They market it for a specific type of person so you have to think about what they would like.

Joyetech Cubis – The Best Vape Tank for MTL

Joyetech CUBIS Sub OhmMouth to lung (aka MTL) vaping is usually for people who quit smoking but still want that cigarette smoke feeling. Priced at $24.99, it is certainly one of the vape tanks closer to the budget realm. You’re also getting a lot for what you pay for. Most of the vape tanks in this price range come with just the tank and nothing else. You’re getting the tank, two drip tips and three separate atomizer heads. They are .5 ohm, 1.0 ohm and 1.5 ohms. That is a lot for the $24.99 you’re paying. Furthermore, because of the value alone these vape tanks are worth it.

There is a lot to love about this tank, and it’s many features. It’s extremely easy to fill because of its top fill and “innovative cup design.” You can just pour the liquid into it, and that’s it. It is also a very interesting looking tank, in a good way. The tank is also leak free. You will not get any leaks from the tank like many others on this list. It’s refreshing to see something marketed as leak proof and being leak proof.

There is also caged glass. It is to make sure that if you drop the tank, the chances of it breaking are low. This is significantly less than most other glass vape tanks. The air flow control being hidden and easy to use is also a very nice touch. There are also some setbacks for these vape tanks. I will also highlight those. If you don’t already know how to use the air flow settings you’ll have trouble knowing what setting it’s on. The coils also have a tendency to be rather spotty.

Overall the Cubis isn’t great when it comes to performance. When it comes to the design and features, it is a great tank. It could be a good tank for you. That’s if you’re willing to shell out $24.99 for a tank that is a low to mid-range tank. There are probably better vape tanks out there for the price. However, not many can boast that they are leak free.

Sigelei Moonshot RTA – The RTA Savant

Sigelei Moonshot 24RTA vape tanks have one main selling point. That’s the fact that you can rebuild it. It has a chamber cap that connects directly to the tip of the tank. The Moonshot comes in at $41.95. For that price, I would have to say it is a pretty good value despite its rather small tank capacity.

The build of the Moonshot is very impressive. The design is very unusual and shows that they wanted to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. As a result, they certainly did that. There is a major gripe I have with this product. Unfortunately, It’s the fact that I could probably fly around the world twice before I could coil this tank.

The air flow for this tank is great. Additionally, its wide hole is perfect for sucking in a good amount of vapor. It’s direct to the lung. It will not disappoint you, and you will feel that punch. The Moonshot is a very short and stout tank. Therefore, it will look nice with almost any vape that you use. I would also describe it as “cute” especially when you see the tiny puffs it puts out.

Filling the Moonshot is a very easy task, and it has two top fill slots. It is a very small tank you don’t have to worry about flow control. When you use a certain amount of wattage, you’ll be sucking up juice like SpongeBob when he has suds. Overall, the tank is fine, and its airflow is great. Sadly, I think the juice and the power you need makes it more expensive than it needs to.

Uwell Crown 2 – Sub Ohm Superiority

Uwell Crown 2 Sub-ohm TankThe Uwelll Crown 2 is a sub ohm tank that is priced at $29.95. It’s meant for people who want that feel warm vapor along with a high flavor and vapor production. Its essentially the vape you want if you like vaping and like warm vapor. The Crown 2 is possibly one of the better sub ohm vaporizers. At its price point, it is surely worth getting.

The looks of this take are very sleek and can go with a number of mods that allow it to blend in seamlessly. The air flow control on this is very easy to learn. It has clear indicators of where the fully open and closed positions are. The new coils on the Crown 2 are also very durable, following in the footsteps of the original Crown tank.

The smoothness of the vapor with the Crown 2 is very good, if not great. You need 80 watts or higher to get that great experience, and it provides a very silky, great feel. You can also get a good amount of vapor at the lower wattages (50-70). However, it won’t provide the silkiness that you get above that scale.

Overall, if you like sub ohm vaping the Uwell Crown 2 is a very good tank. You could also use it if you’re looking for a good mid-range priced tank. That’s because it has some very nice features that will allow for you to get a good vaping experience.

VaporFi Rebel Tank

A tank that employs a dual coil, it does not matter if the atomizer head included measures at 2.6 ohms. The Rebel Tank’s two coils give it an effective 1.3-ohm atomizer giving users the ability to produce massive clouds of vapor. With the high ohms, this also means a more flavorful vape as well. Simply put, we find the Rebel Tank’s performance as giving the best of two worlds.

The tank has an adjustable juice flow as well, which we found rather useful. Especially when a more viscous e-juice is used, we loosen the flow to give more flavor. When a more watery e-liquid is used, we tighten the flow to avoid flooding of the coil.

Since the tank employs a 510 connection, this means it can be used in most mods available today. The tank itself can hold about 4mls of e-liquid, which is enough to last us a while day. It depends on your mileage, though, if you are a heavy vaper, you might need to refill at least once a day.

In all, the VaporFi Rebel Tank is a great starter tank for those who has not used a tank before. It has replaceable heads for when the coil wears out, and the adjustable juice flow is an excellent way to ensure you get the flavor you need all the time.

Kanger EMOW Tank

The Kanger EMOW Tank may be regarded as a standard tank, but its effective ohms when in use gives it sub-ohm performance. The coil of the EMOW is rated at 1.5 ohms, but since it is dual coil, this gives it an equivalent of a single 0.75-ohm coil.

It is a small tank, compared to other similarly-priced tanks, having a capacity of about 1.8mls. However, despite its compact design, the EMOW can produce huge clouds of vapor. Even if the capacity is not on par with other tanks, we easily were able to make it last about a day, having to refill in the evening.

The EMOW Tanks is perfect for users who want the convenience of a tank but want something a bit more compact. The capacity may not seem much, but unless you are a heavy vaper, 1.8mls is just right for a day’s use. When we go out and about and want a stealthy setup, we find ourselves grabbing the EMOW Tank. Atomizers are smaller, of course, but you’d have to bring along a separate bottle of e-juice as well. The EMOW Tank is the perfect compromise for portability and convenience.

EVOD 2 1.5ml OCC Tank

Despite its “mini” monicker, the IPV Mini 2 is sized more like a regular box mod, however, with its size comes loads of power. Capable of pushing up to 70-watts, the IPV Mini 2 is the upgraded version of the original IPV Mini, which can “only” output up to 30-watts. The atomizer connection utilizes a floating pin, which adjusts automatically according to the length of the screw of the atomizer, giving a flush connection. The device can fire sub-ohm builds and is a great choice for more experienced vapors.

Final Words

In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of mod you use or if you prefer hot or cool vapes. All that matters is getting a tank that suits your vaping habits.

The choice is ultimately yours. As long as you know what you are getting into and know how to handle the type of tank you choose, no one should dictate your decision.

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