Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank – High Quality at a Low Price


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: August 31, 2021

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger desktop

Review Score: 86/100

78.3 g
Thread type:
4 ml
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Great flavor
  • Powerful hit
  • Replaceable coil


  • Non-Variable Air Flow

Starting Price: $ 34.95

The Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank is a brand new vaporizer tank on the market. It is a concentrates vaping tank. Despite the size of the tank, the coil manages to work with the concentrates well. As a result, depending on the concentrate, it produces a decent cloud and flavor. With its Reverse Stacked Coil design, concentrates are melted on an upper coil and then flow to the lower coil for vaporization. This stacked coil is composed of an innovative Stacked doughnut coil and ‘B’ box coil, which are both releases unique to MigVapor.

The ease of use of Brain Fogger Vape Tank device makes it the perfect choice for vapers of any experience level. In fact, new users would be pleasantly surprised by the density of the vapor, and will definitely enjoy the flavor it delivers. A key factor working in this device’s favor is the low price. The Brain Fogger is easy on the pocket, making it the perfect entry-level device for beginners, who want to try vaping but without compromising on quality.

Box contents:

  • Brain Fogger Vape Pen Atomizer
  • Dab Tool
  • New Heat Sensitive Airflow Base
  • Rubber Tank Protector
  • User Manual
  • Gift Box
  • Warranty

Design, Look and Feel of the Brain Fogger

The design

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger desktop

It is clear that Brain Fogger Tanks have a great looking design. It is evident that MigVapor does not cut corners in terms of quality. They often use the best materials like stainless steel and Pyrex for their devices, and the Brain Fogger Vape Tank is no exception.
As it is designed in a top-notch Pyrex case, it gives users the feel and experience of new and contemporary glass vapes.

Size and weight

The Brain Fogger by Mig Vapor comes in at about 18.58 mm (0.73 inches) and has an aggregate weight of about 78.3 g. Keep in mind that these measurements and specs are for the vape tank alone. This makes the product quite heavy and sizable. In addition to the battery of choice, the well-built design has a very strong and break-resistant size. The product is ideal for people who are new to vaping.

Dab Pen Atomizer Brain Fogger SUB-40 Mini image


Here’s a list of the features that the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Tank has to offer:

  • Replaceable Coil – The users will have access to the coil, allowing to replace it whenever it best suits them. This fixes a common problem with tanks having static coils on concentrate vapes. As a result, it affects the lifetime of the device and will certainly make it last a lot longer than usual.
  • 15W to 25W – It is advised to pull on this tank at around 15 – 25 watts. This is quite a low wattage when compared to some other devices. This will give a user a more stealthy feel to the device, resulting in better battery life and better clouds.
  • Full Pyrex Tank – They basically, made the tank out of Pyrex glass, with a stainless steel center. If one is prone to dropping any device, then there is a high chance of it breaking. Therefore, it is recommended to get some sort of protective cover or even a spare Pyrex Tube. However, it sure does look good.

coil brain fogger mig vap

Using the Brain Fogger Tank

The vaporizer tank of the Brain Fogger is designed to be used with concentrates from dry herb flowers. It is compatible with sub-ohm devices and utilizes True Dual Thermal Technology. The heating process is efficient and involves absolutely no combustion. The heating is also maintained in a controlled environment and works even with low wattage ranges, like in some TC mods


The process of the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Tank itself is impressive. Taking a wax concentrate into the tank, it will melt down the concentrate into a liquid. Then, it will swiftly vaporize it completely and leave next to no residue behind. It is advised to pull at around 20W from this tank to get a really great hit. However, this will be dependent on the type of concentrate in use.
Although the Airflow is not variable, there is still a decent amount going into the device. The balance when you pull on the tank is pretty perfect.

The quality of the flavor

Usually, concentrates vapers do not really care about the size of the cloud too much. If anything, a smaller cloud is better for them. This tank handles that well, ensuring the cloud is a decent size but not too small or not too large. The most impressive thing about this tank has to be the flavor of the pull. When users hit this device for the first time, it will shock them with the intense and dense vapor. Consequently, it will leave them a really satisfying taste on the tongue.
Brain Fogget Tank Kit

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank: Assembling & Maintenance

Assembly intructions

The Mig Vapor Brain Fogger will simply fit straight onto a standard sub ohm mod. Set the wattage and press to pull. There is no need to assemble anything. Therefore, it should all be ready to “plug and play”.

Maintenance instructions

It is important to clean the device after use. Due to the high power coils, if using wax, there should not be too much residue left over. However, using older concentrates could leave some residues. Use the appropriate equipment to clean the device regularly.

Similar Brain Fogger Competitors

KandyPens K-Box Atomizer Tank

The KandyPens K-Box is a beautiful glass wax atomizer tank that comes at a slightly lower price than the Brain Fogger. In addition to the cheaper price, another benefit of this tank is that it is a bit lighter than the Brain Fogger. However, the design of its mouthpiece does not feature the same curve as the Brain Fogger and sits less comfortable in the mouth.

Pulsar APX W Atomizer Tank

The Pulsar APX W comes at a lower price than both the K-Box and the Brain Fogger. Similarly, it has an elegant glass design and vaporizes wax mediums. It also utilizes a 510 connection, although it is not solid gold like the Brain Fogger. While it is, again, a bit lighter than the Brain Fogger, it does not come with the same extras, such as a rubber protector or a user manual.

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank Specifications

Chamber: 4mL
Diameter: 22 mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
Thread type: 510 Gold plated



  • Great flavor
  • High-quality construction
  • Powerful hit
  • Replaceable coil
  • Very affordable


  • Non-Variable Air Flow
  • Full Pyrex Tank

The Last Word About Brain Fogger Vape Tank

Mig Vapor, with its Brain Fogger created a unique and high performing atomizer for concentrates. The vaping quality is excellent, as it delivers an ideal hit of pure and rich flavor. The vapor produced by the product is much tastier and smoother than some of the other coil-based atomizers, especially those made with substandard and questionable materials. The clear design is sure to fit any of your batteries that you have laying around as well!

Published: May 30, 2017Updated: August 31, 2021

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