The Story Behind Broke Dick

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There is a Broke Dick, its founder Richard Broke. On their website Broke comes clean about how his money troubles got him to start his vape juice company.

He had made the switch from regular cigarettes but was finding that buying e-juice all the time was eating into his beer budget. Vaping was making him broke. He started the company then, as a way to make excellent e-juice that didn’t cost a lot.

Determined to keep costs low, Broke rents (he does not own) a manufacturing facility every time they want to make a particular batch of e-juices. They buy ingredients in bulk and also deliver straight to their customers, so there is no price mark-up.

The Broke Dick philosophy of keeping costs down also figures in his blog, titled Vaping For Cheap, which is centered around keeping vaping affordable. Vapers can learn how to make their e-juices, wrap and re-wrap batteries, so you don’t have to buy new ones, as well as posts on picking the best vape juice.

Broke Dick vs. VapeWild vs. Fuggin Vapor

Vape Wild

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Vape Wild is more than just e-juices. Their website carries over 150 different e-juices, divided into regular and nicotine salt concoctions, not to mention the 25 other e-juice brands that they also have. Vape Wild also sells a massive amount of vaping gear like pod mods, box mods, and tanks. They have a customer loyalty program and even have a clothing line.

Fuggin Vapor

fuggin Vapor review

This online vape store is also larger in size and scope than Broke Dick. Fuggin Vapor sells e-juice, vape mods, vape accessories, as well as clothes. They are also located in sunny Florida, like Vape Wild and Broke Dick, and have regular sales as well as a customer loyalty program.

No More Broke Dick Juice

The brand, Broke Dick, operated for several years as a proudly, independent fly-by-night operation that prized quality over quantity. Founder Richard Broke did not spend money on advertising, marketing or any other business expense other than quality ingredients for all its e-juices, made in small batches.

The brand prided itself on letting users know that quality came first and it was appreciated by many. The philosophy behind the brand was to make it easy for vapers to find and buy quality e-juice without having to spend a lot of money. The company delivered time and time again, but the brand is no longer in operation. The FDA sent a violation notice to the brand and it has ceased all operations.

Broke Dick Brand Review: The Final Word

Broke Dick grabs your attention. They also, proudly, do not spend money on advertising or marketing, relying instead on word-of-mouth to attract business. But, still, naming your company Broke Dick is a sure way to get people to notice you.

The entire philosophy behind it is not spending a lot of money if you don’t have to on quality vape juice. You can see this no-frills approach in their small product line, their bare-bones website (not even a Facebook or Instagram account, OMG), and their blog.

And if their sole mission is to make amazing vape juice, then they have succeeded. Despite not having a 100+ product line or a flashy website, Broke Dick pours all of that money into making superior products, that cost much less than other brands and sites.

What do they do now?

Visitors to the Broke Dick website, which apparently Richard Broke still owns, show the company has shifted to selling and distributing high-quality coffee beans, mugs and other coffee accessories. Not sure how he made the switch so fast, but we hope that Broke Dick does for coffee what he was able to do for vape juice all this time. Good for them and thanks for all the memories, Broke Dick.

Published: April 26, 2019 Updated: December 9, 2021



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