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Vape Wild E-Juice Review – The Vaping Gone Wild

Firstly, Vape Wild is a budding e-juice manufacturer from Dallas, Texas known for their unique flavors and incredible customer service. They offer a huge array of e-juices and claim that they don’t cut any corners for their products. However, they want to provide a great, low-cost options.
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Vape Wild E-Juice Review

The company is unique in many ways. Additionally, they even feature a category on their website labeled “Pretentious.” It features two items, one entitled “The most expensive E-Juice of all time”. (which is $500) Strangely enough, they also have something called “Space Pawn” E-Juice which is always sold out for some reason.

One of the big things that Vape Wild is known for is its vast catalog of flavors. Presently, they range from Foods to Drinks to Menthols and Tobaccos. If you’re unsure, you can order small amounts of different flavors you want to try. As a result, you will know what they taste like without paying the full price for them.

Vape Wild Pricing

In any case, Vape Wild has some of the lowest prices. Paradoxically, the word cheap isn’t a good word as it usually implies to something low in quality, but not in this case. Currently, the 10 ml for $2.99 is their biggest deal and is one of their top sellers. To put that into perspective, most companies offer sizes like 15 millimeters for $12 or more.

Packing and Design

At any rate, Vape Wild’s packaging is pretty much the same as every other e-juice manufacturer. They mostly offer transparent bottles made of plastic. They have labeled the name of flavor, the logo, nicotine strength, and PG/VG ratio. Amazingly, the unique thing about their packaging is the variety in sizes available i.e. 10,30,60,120,240 and a whopping 480ml.

Mixing Options

Just like the variety of sizes, they offer several mixing options. For instance, you can choose from six different levels of nicotine strengths i.e. 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, and 12 mg/ml. Moreover, you can choose three different PG/VG ratios. These include 20/80 aka Max VG, 35/65 aka High VG, and 50/50 aka half and a half.

The variation in nicotine level can be helpful if you are trying to wean off of nicotine. For example, you can start at a high level and gradually lower it until you can enjoy your vape with 0mg nicotine. Remember, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances under the sun, and can be habit forming.

PG is for a better flavor and a stronger throat feeling, while VG is for producing more vapor. Having too much of either can ruin the flavor. Therefore, they allow you to choose what ratio you want.

What We Loved About Vape Wild

  • Huge variety of flavors
  • Many mixing options to customize your e-juice
  • Childproof packaging
  • Free samples for orders over $15 and often will send their top flavors.
  • Priority shipping on orders over $30
  • A handwritten thank you note with every order. It doesn’t improve the product but makes you feel that they care about you as a customer
  • Choice of having on-demand custom artwork on your e-juices
  • First-class customer service

Things We Didn’t Like About Vape Wild

  • It seems that Vape Wild’s products have varying steep times which can alter the flavor
  • With the free samples, you can only choose some of their flavors. In addition, they don’t allow you to choose the premium tobacco flavors
  • The biggest moan we have about Vape Wild is that they don’t label their ingredients clearly. When we contacted their customer support, they told us that most of their flavors were tested in the lab. Additionally, testing for the remaining flavors is underway.

Vape Wild Flavors

In the meantime, Vape Wild has a huge range of flavors. They go from fruity flavors to candy flavors to beverage flavors to old-fashioned tobacco flavors and so on. However, we could only vape some of them, and here’s our experience.

Vape Wild – Flavor Boost

Don’t mistake the Flavor Boost for a flavor. It’s just a booster available in 10ml bottles that can be added to other flavors to intensify them. Incidentally, Vaping Flavor Boost alone not only gives a harsh, crude taste but also clogs up the atomizer. We found that it boost some flavors better than others. For instance, when added to Peanut Butter Jelly Time, it totally changed the flavor, and not in a good way. On the flip, it went well with most of the fruity flavors.


Sweet Complexity

Rating: 3/5
One of their big sellers “Sweet Complexity” is for those who have a sweet tooth. Even so, it is often hard to encapsulate flavors in vapor. Sweet Complexity manages to make it seem like you’re almost drinking sugar. Additionally, it also features a hint of cinnamon which adds a lot of complexity to the flavor, pun intended. While the flavor is amazing, it can be too sweet for some.Sweet Complexity

Root Beer Float

Rating: 5/5
I chose to talk about Root Beer Float because I have a personal affinity for root beer. For this reason, it is easier for me to tell if it is truly accurate to actual root beer. Safe to say, Vape Wild must have some kind of magic that allows them to capture flavors and put them into liquid vapor form. Amazingly, when you take a hit of Root Beer Float, you’d swear that someone swapped out an actual root beer without you knowing.Root Beer Float

(M+C)2 e-Juice

Rating: 3/5
What was supposed to be a mango flavor, turns out to be a cake-cream, sweet flavor. Even so, not bad, though, but I was rather disappointed because I love mangoes. We also tried this flavor with a higher nicotine strength; maybe a lower strength would have been better. Just maybe.(M+C)2 e-Juice

Fruit Hoops

Rating: 2/5
Fruit Hoops is easily the most accurate flavor that I’ve ever tried. First, try pouring yourself a bowl of fruit loops and then take a hit. You wouldn’t be able to tell which is which. The flavor is so crazily accurate I’m surprised legal action hasn’t be taken for stealing Fruit Loop’s “secret flavor.” But hey, what tastes good in eating, doesn’t necessarily have to taste equally good when vaped. The same is the case with this flavor. Furthermore, I think this flavor was their least impressive one out of the ones we tried.Fruit Hoops

Goblin Energy

Rating: 4/5
Goblin Energy is a replica of the popular Monster Energy drink. When I tried it, I purposely compared them. Although the two offered different sensation to my taste buds, I enjoyed them equally. All in all, the Goblin Energy has a unique tinge to it that makes it pretty satisfying.Goblin Energy

Kickstart My Tart e-Juice

Rating: 5/5
This was my personal favorite by some margin. The limited-edition flavor was unlike I’ve vaped anything so far. First, it’s not too sweet, yet is extremely tasty and satisfying. Then, this fruity flavor has a hint of cream in it and gives a warm sensation. Finally, if you were only to try one flavor by Vape Wild, I would recommend Kickstart My Tart.Kickstart My Tart e-Juice


Other Vape Wild Products

They also provide great customer service and have a variety of other products. They include chambers, starter kits, mods, atomizers, and a range of other products. Additionally, I also found out that they offer a DIY juice kit. This kit allows you to create something that suits your needs if they don’t have it, which is highly unlikely.

Vape Wild e-Juice Advantages

While Vape Wild might not be the best e-liquid manufacturer, but there is a reason their popularity has gone through the roof. They offer some of the most delicious e-juices at ridiculously low prices. On top of that, there are plenty of options to customize and mix your e-juice. In conclusion, if you haven’t ordered from Vape Wild before, I strongly suggest that you do and you won’t be disappointed.

Vape Wild E-Juice
Vape Rating: 90/100 by