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Squonk Mods And Bottom Feeding RDA Squonking Guide

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Squonk mods, or bottom feeder mods, are starting to take off. For several years now vaping has been trending away from coil building and dripping. The pendulum is now swinging back toward dripping and coil building in no small part due to squonking.

The best squonk mods and bottom feeding RDAs that have been coming out have been making dripping fun again. With a squonker set-up, you don’t have to manually drip vape juice onto the atomizer. Instead, you just squeeze your squonker and voila, ready to vape again!

What Is A Squonk Mod?

A squonk mod, or squonker, is a device that contains both a battery or batteries, as well as a reservoir of e-liquid called a squonk bottle. It is also called a bottom feeder mod. The e-liquid reservoir is a pliable plastic or silicon that can be squeezed to pump the liquid up into the base of the atomizer to saturate the wick. Squonk mods are designed for drippers. Dripping is a vaping style for people who enjoy building their own DIY atomizer coils.

What problem does a squonk mod solve? Simply put, squonking makes dripping easier. Drippers have to manually drip e-liquid onto their atomizer coils in order to vape. Every Time a dripper wants to add e-juice they have to remove the top cap of their RDA, pull out their vape juice bottle, and manually place a few drops onto the wick and coils, replace the cap, and then vape. This process goes on often and endlessly.

With a squonk bottom feeding mod, you do not have to constantly manually drip e-juice onto the atomizer and wick. Instead, you can just give the squonk bottle a squeeze and e-liquid will flood into the base of the RDA from the squonk bottle and instantly saturate the wick and coil. The excess liquid is then drawn back into the bottle when the pressure is released.

Best Squonk Mods

Vaping Daily has compiled a list of the best squonk mods. With potential new squonkers in mind, the first two that we have listed are complete kits that come with a compatible, excellent quality bottom-feeding RDA. The complete squonk kits allow vapers with interest in trying squonking to get everything in one shot.

In addition to squonking kits, we have also listed the top bottom feeder mods to use with your favorite, squonk compatible RDA.

GeekVape Athena Squonk Mod Kit


eekVape Athena Squonk Mod KitThe GeekVape Athena squonk mod kit is a complete kit that comes with a bottom-feeding RDA. The mod itself is a single 18650 powered unregulated mech mod. The Athena, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and victory, is a very good looking device that has a wise lock feature for safety. It is comfortable to hold and use. The holes in the side panels make it easy to squeeze the squonk bottle and send up some fresh-squeezed vape juice!


The RDA is top airflow atomizer compatible with both 510 and 810 drip tips. The dual coil build deck is fun to build on, even for novice coil builders. This is a dripper RDA, but silicon seals at the base allow a small e-liquid reservoir at the base keep the coil saturated longer. All in all, a great way to start squonking. The sealed base also protects against leaks when squonking. An overall great kit and one of the best squonk mods and exceptional value.

The GeekVape Athena Squonking kit comes with:

  • Athena Squonk Mod
  • Athena Bottom Feeder RDA
  • Two 6.5 ml Squonk Bottles
  • Tools and Accessories

  • Complete kit comes with mod and compatible RDA
  • Excellent, durable construction
  • Made stainless steel and aluminum
  • Big, clicky fire button
  • Attractive
  • Easy to squeeze the squonk bottle
  • Safety lock feature
  • Very good flavor and vapor
  • User-friendly build deck
  • Mod is compatible with other RDAs up to 24 mm diameter

  • Single 18650 battery drains quickly with low resistance builds
  • Airflow can be noisy

Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 Kit

Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 KitThe next complete squonking kit to make our list of the best squonk mods is the Sigelei Fuchai 213 squonk kit. Many of the compact squonk mods work with a single 18650 vape battery, and as a result, you might drain batteries quickly. The Sigelei squonk mod will work with an 18650, but you can also use a larger capacity 20700 and 21700 vape batteries. That brings a little versatility to the table.

The Fuchai Squonk 213 mod is a regulated mod with a capacity of up to 150 watts with a 21700 battery. With one 18650 battery, output tops out at about 90 watts max. There is also temperature control mode for Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel (304, 316, and 316) coil wire. The OLED screen is colorful and easy to read. Sigelei mods are proven performers. The kit is very affordable, and you can order one online for about $60.

You will also get the Fuchai RDA. The Fuchai is a basic bottom feeding RDA designed to be easy to build on. The RDA cap seals very well to prevent leakage. Very good flavor and vapor.


  • Complete kit with mod and BF RDA
  • Solid aluminum, zinc alloy construction
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Can use larger capacity batteries
  • Regulated mod with temp control
  • Fuchai 213 mods have an excellent track record

  • Smallish 5 ml squonk bottles
  • Can’t use atomizers less than 0.1 ohms
  • Base of squonk bottle exposed can accidentally squeeze

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA 75C Squonker TC

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA 75C Squonker TCYes, there is a DNA squonk mod. The Lost Vape Therion BF DNA 75C squonker operates with a single 18650 and is complete with the DNA board with precision accuracy. For those of you unfamiliar with DNA chips, they are made by Evolv in the USA and are the gold standard. The BF DNA 75C carries the same look and design as the popular Lost Vape Therion DNA 75 mods. Likewise, the Therion squonk is a 75-watt device.

The Therion BF DNA 75C squonker does not come with an RDA, but it will get the best out of your RDAs with a diameter of up to 25mm. The 75C is the latest and most up to date chipset from Evolv with efficiency ratings measured at 85%. That is impressive. The color OLED screen is attractive and easy to read.

The accuracy and smoothness of vaping a DNA device are simply outstanding. You will get the maximum mileage out of your batteries and coils. The consistency of the power output can extend coil life compared to other devices. The large capacity 8ml squonk bottle is another plus. Simply one of the best squonk mods and the best-regulated squonk mod.


  • DNA chip-set
  • Accurate, reliable power output
  • Accurate, stable temperature control
  • Very smooth vaping
  • Large 8ml silicon squonk bottle
  • Available in a range of styles
  • Firmware upgrades and customization
  • Compatible with atomizers up to 25mm diameter

  • Tricky to remove squonk bottle
  • Gets warm when vaping heavily
  • Hard to remove and replace battery

Vandy Vape Pulse BF Bottom Feeder Mod

Vandy Vape Pulse BF Bottom Feeder Mod The Vandy Vape Pulse BF bottom feeder mod is a good quality unregulated squonker available at a very affordable price. It has a very basic, boxy design but is surprisingly loaded with features considering the low price. For example, you can use either 18650 batteries or 20700 batteries. It is lightweight and very responsive. As soon as you hit the fire button, the atomizer fires hard. No lag. Vandy calls it the “Intelligent Fire Button.”

There is a locking feature for safety. A couple of other plus points include the 8 ml capacity silicon squonk bottle and the large, perfectly located square opening so you can easily squeeze the squonk bottle. The exterior edge of the mod is closed to prevent accidentally squeezing the bottle.

This is the perfect budget choice for squonk enthusiasts. The nylon construction makes it lightweight. We also want to mention the big and clicky fire button. Compatible with all 510 bottom feeding RDAs.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with 18650 and 20700 batteries
  • 8ml silicon squonk bottle
  • Big square holes for squonking
  • Fits any 510 BF RDAs
  • Intelligent fire button for responsive vaping

  • Unknown long-term durability of nylon construction
  • Boxy edges, not the most comfortable

iJoy Capo Squonk Mod

iJoy Capo Squonk ModThe iJoy Capo squonk mod is a regulated mod that will work with 18650, 20700, or 21700 batteries. With the 21700 batteries, the Capo can generate 100 watts of power. The Capo is compact with rounded corners and a textured feel. Overall it is very comfortable to hold and use. The textured features help keep a steady grip. It has a very nice feel to it.

It is easy to adjust your settings with the large dial that sits on the top of the mod. The colorful screen is easy to read and adds to the attractive appearance of the device. The chip is an IWEPAL and offers a very responsive vaping experience. Another plus is the extra large 9ml e-juice capacity food-grade silicon squonk bottle.

The fire button on the Capo bottom feeder mod is nice and big but does not protrude. It is easy to access both the battery and the squonk bottle. The Capo squonker is user-friendly, and you can use atomizers up to 25mm in diameter with no overhang. Very deserving of a spot on the best squonk mods list!


  • Three battery options
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Can fire up to 100 watts with a 21700 battery
  • IWEPAL chip
  • Portable and compact
  • Large 9ml capacity squonk bottle
  • Can use with large diameter RDAs with no overhang

  • Heavy
  • Tricky to get used to wattage setting at first

Squonk Terminology

Learn how to speak squonk! Here are some of the common terms and phrases used by squonkers.


Squonker – a person or device that uses a squonk mod and atomizer for vaping.

Squonking – the practice of vaping with a squonking device

Squonk Mod – a vaping device with a built-in squonk bottle that feeds e-juice to an atomizer.

Bottom Feeder Mod – another name for a squonking mod.

RDA – rebuildable drip atomizer. Used by drippers.

Bottom Feeding RDA – an RDA modified to allow the base to be flooded by vape juice pumped in by squonking.

BF RDA – short for bottom feeding RDA.

Squonk Pin – a hollow 510 pin on an RDA allowing e-juice to flood into the base and saturate the wick and coil.

Squonk Bottle – the squeezable bottle contained inside the body of a squonk mod that contains the e-juice that is pumped up into the RDA.

Origins And Trends In Squonking

The first squonk mod made its appearance in 2009. It was not commercially successful, but it did spur subsequent designs that did gain some traction. Squonking has never been a mainstream vaping style. As vaping technology advanced, vapers found that the new high tech vape tanks and advanced mods enabled massive vapor production without the hassle of dripping.

GeekVape Athena Squonk Mod

With the new vaping technologies in the last three years, the industry and vaping community moved away from dripping and squonk mods faded from consciousness. Coil building and dripping became styles practiced by only the most devout vaping enthusiasts. That changed in 2017.

With the development of new and efficient squonk mods, dripping and coil building is making a comeback. We have seen the development of excellent quality squonking devices. RDA manufacturers are now including squonk pins so that their products will be compatible with bottom feeding mods.

Squonking is on an upward trend right now. Thanks to the best squonk mods, vapers are falling in love with coil building again. For the first time, squonking is on the verge of going mainstream.

Bottom Feeding RDAs

If you are using a squonk mod, you need a compatible bottom feeding RDA. It is called a bottom feeder because a vape juice is pumped into the RDA from the bottom to saturate the wick. Again the idea is to be able to keep your wick wet without having to manually drip e-juice onto your atomizer coil.

The good news is that most of the best RDAs on the market today are pre-modified so that they will work with squonk mods. A bottom-feeding RDA will typically have a hollow 510 connection to allow e-liquid to be pumped up into the RDA to saturate the wick. The air pressure in the pump will then retract any excess vape juice back into the reservoir.

When you are considering a bottom-feeding RDA, or BF RDA, we recommend that you opt for products that offer a stainless steel hollow 510 pin. Other metals may allow trace metal particles to leach into the e-liquid. Stainless steel will not.

You can buy a conversion kit to make any RDA into a bottom feeder. If you go this route, make sure you modify with a stainless steel 510 pin. Bottom feeding squonks should have top airflow and not bottom airflow because bottom airflow RDAs will leak if converted to a squonker.

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