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Best Squonk Mods Of 2018

Squonk mods use a built-in, but removable plastic or silicone juice reservoir to feed e-juice to an attached RDA. Squonk, or bottom-feeder, mods are not a recent invention, but they have grown in popularity. They are similar to mech mods since they also have no regulation or adjustable features, but some do. Squonk mods also have safety features that mech mods do not.

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The Best Squonk Mods

Stentorian RAM BF Squonk Box MOD image

#1 Stentorian RAM BF Squonker Mod

Well, its name certainly holds true. It hits like a ram!

Before we get into the details about this squonker, let me say that this is mostly an unregulated mod. It has a safety switch to prevent random firings, but it is a mechanical mod and needs to be used by those that understand Ohm’s law.

For those that do understand, the reward is an excellent squonk box mod. In an elegant, yet understated wooden or resin box is a 7ml squonk bottle. The bottle could be a little bit softer to squeeze to make it easier to drip, but the beautiful thing is that the bottle retains its shape.

All of the metal is coated in 24K gold to keep the connections strong and offer good conductivity. The internals are all snugly fit inside, so no rattle and less possibility of shorts.

It supports an RDA in either 22 or 24mm with a spring loaded 510 threaded connection.

How does it vape?

Expect a hard-hitting vape that satisfies. It produces tons of clouds without sacrificing any flavor. That is rare these days as most times when sub-Ohm vaping the flavors can get lost.


  • 18650 cell battery (not included)
  • Roughly 4 hours of battery before needing to be recharged
  • 510 spring thread
  • 7ml PET Food Grade Bottle (includes 3)
  • Works with RDA od 22mm to 24mm
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iJoy CAPO Squonk 100W TC image

#2 iJoy CAPO Squonk 100W TC Vape Starter Kit

For the new entrant into the world of both squonking and building mods, this is a great way to get started.

The iJoy is regulated and has some excellent safety features as well as a reasonably easy to build RDA.

It is compatible with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries and handles a 9ml squonk bottle for long vape sessions. In fact, it has two different kinds of containers. A clear one that is somewhat soft and a dark one that is slightly harder.

The RDA itself is gold plated to resist corrosion and has two angled channels to direct air directly onto the coil. It also features an 810 full bore Ultem drip tip.

It has an easy to read LED screen that allows for control of the wattage. There is no temperature control, however. With the right build, it can reach 100W. Keep in mind, though that to get high wattage vaping, the coil should be kept under 0.15 Ohm. Over that will result in less power.

How does it vape?

Expect some seriously huge clouds, especially at higher wattage vaping. This is the perfect squonk mod for the cloud chaser that loves showing off their vast plumes. Note, though, that the higher wattage big clouds come at the price of flavor. The juice will still taste good, but lower wattage results in crisper and more accurate flavor.


  • Battery compatibility: 18650 / 20700 / 21700
  • 18650 Adapter
  • 9ml Squonk Bottle
  • Maximum output Wattage: 100W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
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Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk MOD image

#3 Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Vape MOD

Lightweight, compact and affordable, this squonk mod is gaining popularity for these reasons and more.

With a very simple, understated aesthetic, the Pulse BF is a mechanical mod. Though one should always have a full grasp of Ohm’s law before using this, it does feature a safety switch in case it gets too hot. A simple flick of the switch will stop the device from firing.

Also for safety, it sports copper connections to avoid any short circuits and a spring-loaded 510 RDA compatible pin.

How does it vape?

The fire button requires a light touch to start firing. It doesn’t have that satisfying click that other mods have, but it gets the job done. The silicone squonk e-juice bottle has just enough given to it to avoid over dripping, but still soft enough to not have to struggle to vape.

Clouds are thick, milky and full of flavor. It isn’t the hardest hitting draw out there, but the point is to taste the juice, and thanks to the airflow channels, it does so admirably.


  • Panels switch out for customized style
  • Large fire button
  • 20700 and 18650 battery compatible [adapter included]
  • Safety lock feature
  • Max current 40amp
  • 8ml capacity squonk bottle
  • Nylon & ABS Construction for heat resistance
  • Copper Battery Contacts
  • Spring Loaded 510 Pin
Innokin Liftbox Bastion Squonk-Vape-Mod image

#4 Innokin Liftbox Bastion Auto Squonk

A squonk mod without all that squonking. The Innokin Bastion features a built-in tank that automatically suctions the drips of juice as each draw is pulled.

In essence, it acts like a typical box mod but has all the benefits of dripping or squonking without all the fuss.

Refilling is easy as it only requires unscrewing the top cap, filling with the liquid into the fill holes of the tank and then rescrewing the top cap back on. No bottles to squeeze.

There is quite a bit of power out of this mod with given the full bypass mode to the 18650 battery. Many safety features are putting this unit squarely in regulated squonk box territory. Low voltage/resistance protection, reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection in case a battery is installed wrong or has damage.

With the right coils, this can be a real beast. It doesn’t come with its RDA, so it is up to the user to use a preferred one. Experienced vapers will get the most out of this mod by building their own rather than using a prebuilt coil.

How does it vape?

The full bypass mode helps to get a lot of vapor with full flavor from the e-juice. Lots of huge plumes can be vaped for those that love to fill a room.
Since the squonk tank automatically drips into the atomizer, the coil should always be wet and ready to go.


  • 18650 battery
  • Full Bypass mode available
  • Safety features
  • 8ml built in squonk tank
  • Available in 5 colors
Driptech DS Squonk MOD image

#5 Driptech DS Dual Squonker

Though not for beginners as this squonk mod is unregulated, experts will get a lot out of this impressive squonker.

For starters, it features parallel power with two 18650 batteries. Lower Ohm builds shine when being a representative of dual battery squonk mods type. Setting the batteries up parallel does offer some measure of safety, but never use an unregulated mod without the proper knowledge of Ohm’s law.
All contact points are coated in 24K gold for better conductivity. The 510 squonking pin fits RDAs up to 24mm.

The squonk bottle holds an impressive 10ml of juice and is easy to squeeze while still retaining its shape.

How does it vape?

Everything is smooth on this device from the firing button, to the easy to squeeze bottle to the dripping of the juice into the RDA.

It produces some impressive clouds, and all the crispness and nuances of the juice flavors are retained.


  • 2 18650 batteries
  • Powered by parallel batteries
  • 24K gold-plated connections
  • 10ml squonk bottle
  • 510 threaded squonking pin
Augvape Druga 22 Squonk-Kit image

#6 Augvape Druga 22 Squonk Starter Kit

An ideal squonk mod for the minimalist, this is a no-frills squonker that gets the job done. And does it well.

Coil builder will love the innovative way that the coils can be built thanks to the unique Clamp Snag System that lets you screw in the wire from the top down. The Druga RDA works as either a single or dual coil system for added versatility.

Connections are 24K gold plated and the 510 threaded pin included. The drip tip is an 810 Ultem with a 510 adapter.

The squonk bottle is on the smaller side, only handling 5ml of juice. That comes with the territory with such a low profile mod box, however. It is made of food grade silicone and is just soft enough to squeeze easily.

The kit is easy to set up and comes with a lot of extras, like O rings, a hex key, an Ultem divider block and an extra gold plated brass pin.

How does it vape?

As expected from an unregulated 18650 mod, it hits pretty hard. There is an adjustable airflow system to max out the vapor production for some insanely big clouds from such a small mod. The flavors are top notch with all the elements of the juice coming out.


  • Nylon and ABS Body Construction
  • 5ml Silicone Squonk Bottle
  • 24K Gold Plated Connections
  • Magnetized Battery Door
  • Bottom-Feeding Squonk Design
  • Requires one 18650 battery (not included)

What is Squonking?

Squonking is essentially dripping. And dripping is precisely what the name sounds like. With RDAs, juice needs to be dripped onto the coil by the vaper. Usually, just a couple of drops of e-juice is vaped at a time.

Some feel that the downsides to dripping outweigh the benefits.

Dripping can be messy and inconvenient. It has mainly been reserved for those that vape at home and not on the go. Carrying around a bottle is not always possible, it can spill and is not very discreet.

Squonk mods hold a bottle of e-juice, so they are very effective at bringing dripping on the go in a much more convenient and efficient way.

Squonk-Mods Specifications

Mod: For Batteries type: Bottle Capacity: Price:
Stentorian RAM BF Squonker Mod 18650 (not included) 7ml $52.95 (Includes Free Shipping)
iJoy CAPO Squonk 100W TC Vape Starter Kit 18650 / 20700 / 21700 9ml $39.95 (Includes Free Shipping)
Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Vape MOD 20700 and 18650 8ml $25.97 (Includes Free Shipping)
Innokin Liftbox Bastion Auto Squonk 18650 battery 8ml $89.95 (Includes Free Shipping)
Driptech DS Dual Squonker 2 18650 batteries 10ml $135.95 (Includes Free Shipping)
Augvape Druga 22 Squonk Starter Kit 18650 (not included) 5ml $44.95 (Includes Free Shipping)

What is a Squonk Mod?

Until recently the only squonk mods were unregulated mechanical mods. Those use RDAs which usually need to be built by the vaper.

Unregulated squonk mods are not for the beginner vaper as they need to be built and require some know how to be able to use. Understanding Ohm’s law is an absolute must.

These days there are regulated squonk mods on the market which require less knowledge about using a mechanical squonk mod and all that entails.

Squonk Mod Construction image

A regulated squonk mod has a chipset inside that helps keep things safe. Automatic shut off for when the battery gets too hot and a fire button that also shuts off after a specific amount of time are safety features that are not to be found with mechanical mods.

Advanced vapers look to regulated squonk mods for the control they get aside from any safety perks. With regulated squonk box mods, there also comes temperature control, wattage and voltage control and other customizations.

What is the Best Squonk Box Mod for Sale in 2018?

The answer, of course, depends on what the vaper’s needs are. But, according to our testing, any one of these squonkers we reviewed here are up to the task.

Now that squonking is mainstream, it may be time to start thinking about taking vaping up a notch. Instead of dripping, try squonking!

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