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Vapetasia NTN Pango E-Liquid
NTN Pango E-liquid by Vapetasia Killer Fruits
10/10 icon-question
  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • 100 ml per bottle
  • 3 and 6 mg nicotine

There is nothing like biting into a refreshing mango or pineapple. The only thing better is when the flavors are combined.

That i...

Keep It 100 OG Blue
Keep It 100 Synthetic Nic Salt
  • 50/50 VG/PG
  • 30 mg of salt nicotine
  • Raspberry and strawberry flavor
Chocolate Delight Vape Juice
Chocolate Delight Vape Juice
  • Rich chocolate flavor
  • Two options of nicotine level
  • Outstanding cloud production

Types of E-Juice Flavors

There are four general categories of vape juices:

  • Tobacco
  • Almost every e-liquid manufacturer has a tobacco flavored juice in their line-up of tastes. Since ex-smokers are looking to replicate the taste and experience of smoking a cigarette, it makes sense that this would be a prominent taste. Some e-juices use the essence of real tobacco as a flavoring, while others use a flavorist to blend natural and synthetic tastes to get the taste of tobacco. This taste can be blended with others to make a unique concoction or on their own replicating a specific strain of tobacco.

  • Single Flavor Juices
  • These can range from fruity tastes to cookies to coffee. The one consistent is that there is a single taste profile. These can be vaped on their own or mixed with other vape juice flavors to create a more customized taste for the user.

  • Multiple Flavor E-juices
  • Things can get very interesting when there is a mix of different tastes that recreate some type of food or beverage or something completely out of the blue. Strawberry milkshake with vanilla. Cinnamon Buns. Cotton Candy. The sky’s the limit for the many variations that can be achieved by blending different types of flavors. No matter the type of taste or the quality of the ingredients, the tastes that people are looking for vary, and one may not suit everybody.

Best Fruit Flavored E-Juice

#1 Vapetasia NTN Pango E-Liquid

Mango and Pineapple Flavor

10/10 icon-question Review score

There is nothing like biting into a refreshing mango or pineapple. The only thing better is when the flavors are combined.

That is what this e-juice from Vapetasia achieves.

This pineapple and mango combination is an excellent treat any time of day. Inhale a lungful of its succulent flavor night or day, and your taste buds will appreciate it.

This citrusy and sweet e-juice also is excellent for low-resistance coils, making it the ideal companion for cloud chasers.


  • Great flavor, hands down
  • Decent price
  • High cloud production


  • No 50/50 VG/PG

Best Menthol E-Juice

#1 Air Factory

A Cool Mint E-Juice for Pods

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Air Factory e-juice features a subtle and refreshing take on the cool menthol flavor we all know and love. The Air Factory e-juice revisits all those times we chewed on a piece of gum and felt the incredible sensation of menthol on our taste buds. The Air Factory e-juice is made with nic salt, perfect for pod and small-ohm devices.


  • The simple, refreshing flavor
  • Good throat hit
  • The flavor lasts a long time
  • Good for an all-day vape


  • No other flavors

Best Tobacco E-Juice

#1 Naked Vape Juice 100 Cuban Blend

Cigar Flavored

9/10 icon-question Review score

This vape juice tastes just like a fresh Cuban cigar straight out of Havana. The liquid is blended with bold flavors to make it super satisfying. Some of the premier flavor artists in the vaping industry were involved in this project, too.

Also, since it is loaded with vegetable glycerin, it will work great with rebuildable atomizers with low resistance coils.


  • Authentic and robust flavor
  • Great cloud production
  • Different nicotine levels


  • No zero-nicotine option is available

Best Nicotine Salt E-Juice

#1 Keep It 100 OG Blue

Synthetic Nic Juice

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Try this sweet and fruity salt nic e-liquid on for size.

It combines the tastes of raspberries and strawberries into a single delicious salt nicotine e-juice. Even better is that it is a 50/50 VG/PG blend. That mix is best for vapes that provide tight cig-a-like draws

Not only are the draw and flavor highly satisfying, but the price is more than reasonable.

Another significant advantage is that it uses synthetic nicotine, not nicotine derived from tobacco.


  • Outstanding flavor
  • Great value
  • Conducive to MTL vaping


  • No 50 mg option is available

Best High-VG E-Juice

#1 Bam’s Captain Cannoli

Italian Dessert E-Juice

9/10 icon-question Review score

This e-liquid is one of the most revolutionary desert liquids available.

It combines the taste of cannoli and creamy vanilla with a hint of crunchy cereal. One drag off this will make vapers think they are biting into a freshly baked cannoli straight out of an Italian bakery.

It is a great e-juice for those who want to try something radically different.

Plus, this e-juice really produces clouds with its 80 percent vegetable glycerin composition. But it does not sacrifice flavor to achieve cloudy exhales.


  • Unique
  • Tasty
  • High cloud production


  • No 50/50 VG/PG

Best Diacetyl-Free E-Juice

#1 Caspian Blue

Naturally Extracted Pipe Tobacco E-Juice

9/10 icon-question Review score

Caspian Blue makes some of the finest e-liquids from natural vape juice ingredients. Their secret is allowing each batch to mature for half a year before letting it hit the market. The result is a medium-bodied and pure tobacco taste.

Also, since this is a high propylene glycol liquid, it perfectly mimics a cigarette or a pipe’s tight draw.


  • Ideally suited for MTL vaping
  • Great flavor
  • Naturally extracted


  • Expensive

Best Candy-Flavored E-Juice

#1 Candy King Strawberry Watermelon

Big Clouds, Big Summer

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Candy King Strawberry Watermelon takes you back to those clear summer days full of sunshine and candy. The e-juice goes big at the beginning with a blast of sugary bubblegum. But right before overload, the strawberries start bouncing around to cool things down until that watermelon rain starts.


  • Excellent vapor production
  • Good for sub-ohm vaping
  • Strong flavor profile
  • Long-lasting taste


  • Too few nic options

Best Coffee-Flavored E-Liquid

#1 Double Espresso

Coffee Flavored E-Juice

9/10 icon-question Review score

Good coffee-flavored e-liquids can be challenging to find, but everyone can stop looking because this flavor is top-notch. It is espresso flavored and has the rich and aromatic taste and scent that coffee lovers enjoy.

This e-juice will make any vape a traveling coffee shop.

Plus, it comes in 50/50 VG/PG and max VG. So enjoy warm and flavorful MTL hits or get cloudy and hot DTL drags.


  • Highly accurate coffee flavor
  • Options for MTL and DTL vapers
  • 30 and 60 ml options


  • The flavor may be too intense for some

Best Milk-Flavored E-Juice

#1 Condensed Milk Vape Juice

Holy Cow

9/10 icon-question Review score

Here is another unique dessert flavor: condensed milk. There are other condensed milk e-liquids, but this one stands apart from the pack. It has hints of caramel that add extra sweetness to the smooth milky taste. The result is savory and milky draws with every drag.


  • Sweet taste
  • Good for MTL and DTL vapes
  • Good price


  • The price is a little high

Best Donut-Flavored E-Juice

#1 Ruthless Loaded Glazed Donuts

Bite Into the Morning

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Ruthless Loaded Glazed Donuts is a complete breakfast in vape juice since it has what every breakfast needs, donuts. The Glazed Donuts e-juice is biting into a fresh doughnut from the morning box to get your day started. The taste profile changes to include a slight hint of vanilla cream at the end to sweeten the deal.


  • Delicious flavor
  • Real donut taste
  • Subtle throat hit
  • Great for all-day-vape


  • Too sweet for some

Best CBD Vape Juice

#1 Blue Koi CBD

Premium, THC-Free CBD

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Blue Koi flavor from Koi CBD features a unique taste profile that comes in four different CBD strengths. The e-juice contains no traces of THC and is made using supercritical C02-extraction. The CBD isolate has no other cannabinoids, not even THC. The flavor profile features a blend of island berries and dragon fruits.


  • Soothing taste
  • Four different CBD strengths
  • Blend of natural and artificial flavors
  • Good cloud production


  • Short-lasting flavor

Best Herbal E-Juice

#1 Valerian Root E-Juice

A Nature-Based Remedy

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Valerian Root e-liquid from ePuffer features valerian root as its main ingredient, an ancient herb used for centuries by people to treat everything from upset stomachs to insomnia. The e-juice features no other elements and comes in a single VG/PG ratio.


  • Robust flavor profile
  • Strong throat hit
  • Good aftertaste
  • Good cloud production


  • Weak flavor

Top-Rated E-Juice Brands

Competition is fierce as vape manufacturers try to take a portion of the vape juice market. It is a good thing for customers as it means more thought is put into the taste and quality of juices. We tested premium juices from brands we believe in to create this list of top vape juices. We only picked juices that lived up to the high standards that we know our readers are looking for. If life’s too short to vape bad juice, these juices should find a place in every vapers juice tank!

#1 The VaporFi Collection

A Huge Assortment of E-Liquids

/10 icon-question Review score

VaporFi’s entire collection has something for everyone, from salt nic vape juice to 70 percent VG and dessert to fruit liquids. Additionally, they have a wide range of cheap vape juice. They also have menthol vape juice.

It would be nice if they had some max VG liquids and some more dessert options, but the overall quality of the flavor and the various nicotine concentrations more than makeup for those small cons.


  • Dozens of different flavors
  • Flexible prices
  • Different VG/PG liquids
  • Various nicotine concentrations


  • Need more dessert flavors
  • Max VG would be nice

#2 NicTech

Make Your Own Juice

/10 icon-question Review score

Are you unable to find a flavor that suits you? Then, why not make your own?!

VaporFi’s DIY E-Juice gives users that option. Start by selecting the base flavor, the nicotine strength, and the VG/PG ratio. After that, buy the juice and wait for it to arrive.

VaporFi has nearly every flavor category imaginable, making this option one of the best on this list. Choose between tobacco, desserts, beverages, and several other flavor bases to achieve the perfect blend.


  • Five flavor bases and even more blends
  • Choose desired VG/PG
  • Choose the nicotine strength


  • Pricey but worth it

#3 Pachamama Vape Juice

Fruity Salt Nic E-Liquids

/10 icon-question Review score

Pachamama is a salt lover’s dream come true. Buyers can choose between a dozen fruit flavors of various types, like Fuji apple, sorbet, and honeydew melon.

But Pachamama’s crowning achievement is their apple tobacco e-juice. It has a bold tobacco base with hints of sweet apple. It is best compared to cigarettes and small cigars with a flavored filter tip.

All of their liquids come in 25 or 50 mg concentrations, and all their liquids contain synthetic nicotine.


  • High-quality flavor
  • Apple tobacco is outstanding
  • Different concentrations available
  • Lots of flavor options


  • No dessert flavors

10 Best Vape Juice: Readers' Choice

Category Name Price Rating
Best Vape Juice of 2022 Vapetasia NTN Pango E-Liquid $17,95 10/10
Best fruity salt nivotine e-liquid Keep It 100 OG Blue $14,95 9.5/10
Best Menthol Vape Juice Air Factory $15.99 9.5/10
Best Tobacco E-Juice Flavor American Red Tobacco Vape Juice $19.99 9/10
Best Milk Vape Juice Condensed Milk Vape Juice $19,99 9/10
Best Dessert Vape Juice Ruthless Loaded Glazed Donuts $12.99 9/10
Best Coffee Vape Juice Double Espresso $19,99 9/10
Nicotine-Free Vape Juice Bam’s Captain Cannoli $26,99 9/10
The Healthiest Vape Juice Caspian Blue $25,95 9/10
Best Tobacco-flavored e-liquid Naked Vape Juice 100 Cuban Blend $17,95 9/10

Complete Guide to Vape Juice

If this is your first search for the best vape juice, we want to help you. We have recommended the best e-liquids based on testing, reviews, and feedback. Now, let’s cover some of the details and nuances of e-liquids. First, we will start with a few of the common terms and definitions:

  • Vape juice, e-liquid, and e-juice – all of these are the same thing. Just different names. It’s the liquid that is converted into vapor by an e-cig device.
  • VG – vegetable glycerin is a food-grade additive usually extracted from palm plants. VG is a thick liquid that makes a lot of vapor and a mild vapor.
  • PG – propylene glycol, an additive used in everyday products like toothpaste, medications, cosmetics, etc. People have used PG for about a century. Stronger vapor than VG, although not as much vapor. Carries more flavor.
  • VG / PG ratio – the overwhelming majority of the best vape juice blends contain a portion of VG and a portion of PG. The amount of each is indicated by the PG / VG ratio.
  • PG e-liquid – an e-liquid that is more than 50% PG. This type of vaping juice is used in standard vaping devices with atomizers above 1.0 ohms of resistance. PG vape juices do not make as much vapor as VG juice, but the vapor is stronger because of the higher nic content.
  • VG e-liquid – an e-liquid that is between 60% VG and 85% VG. This type of juice is used for sub-ohm or temperature control vaping with atomizers below 1.0 ohms of resistance. VG juices make a lot of vapor and have a lower nicotine content than PG vape juice blends.
  • 50 / 50 vape juice – a half PG and half VG blend. Many consider this to be the best vape juice ratio for standard vaping with atomizers over 1.0 ohms.
  • Max VG – a Max VG vape juice blend with at least 85% VG. Some Max VG blends maybe 90% plus. The idea is maximum vapor! Designed for high-performance vaping devices. There will still be some small amount of PG to carry the taste.
  • Nicotine – the amount of it vape juice is expressed in one of two ways. You may see the nic content represented as a percentage by volume or in milligrams or mg. A 12 mg e-liquid is the same as a 1.2% e-liquid. A 6 mg blend is the same as 0.6% and so on.

All of this VG, PG stuff can be confusing at first. Don’t worry; you will get it all down pat in no time. With that out of the way, let’s get back to the fun part of how to find the best vape juice. The vapor and satisfaction are important, but the enjoyment is all about the flavor.

One of the first things to consider when buying e-liquid is taste. Naturally, the best vape juices deliver the best flavor. However, even if all the other variables – nic strength, PG, VG, and vapor production – are perfect, you won’t enjoy the vapor if you don’t like the flavor. Fortunately, e-liquids come in almost any taste you could think of: fruity, food, cocktails, and of course, tobacco blends.

Some of the companies will even allow you to mix your vape juice using their easy-to-use web applications.

Vape Juice Ingredients

What goes in is what comes out. The best e-liquids are made with high-quality ingredients for maximum taste and quality vaping.
Here is what vape juice is made out of:

  • Vegetable Glycerin – Commonly called VG, vegetable glycerin is a non-toxic colorless liquid made from vegetables and sugar. It is a thick, viscous liquid. Besides e-juices, VG is found in various food products and is safe to consume.
  • Propylene glycol – Commonly called PG, it is a type of alcohol found in many foods and medicines, mainly to keep them moist. Also safe to consume.
  • Flavorings – About 10% of the volume of an e-juice is made up of food-grade additives that give e-liquids their flavor. Since VG and PG are odorless and flavorless, the flavoring agents make the e-juice taste the way it does.
  • Nicotine – Not all e-liquids contain it, but people that are trying to quit smoking like having nicotine in their e-juice to satisfy the craving. Generally, they try to wean off it, which is why there are 0 mg nic juices also available.

90% of the liquid is either PG or VG or a blend of the two. Then the rest is made up of the flavorings and nicotine if it is an ingredient.

This blending is where the quality comes into play, as not all e-juices are made with the same level of care. There can be many synthetic ingredients and even preservatives that affect flavor. What taste is best is completely subjective, and some may prefer blending own e-juice, but what is a constant across all the best e-juices is that the ingredients are blended with flavor in mind. Mass-produced vape juices are generally not as good in the flavor department.

What About Nicotine in an E-Juice?

Though nicotine does not have a flavor of its own, it does impact the taste of e-juice. A 0% nicotine-free vape juice will have a more accurate and bright flavor than higher nicotine strength juices. However, adding nicotine can dull the juice flavors or dilute them. A good brand understands this and can balance the need for nicotine with accurate flavors.

An ex-smoker does need to consider nicotine content and maybe put off vaping if the taste is not what they imagine it should be.
Finding the right strength and the best-tasting juice may take trial and error, but the idea is not to give up. If a juice with high nicotine does not taste right, it is not the right juice. So keep trying different juices to find the right balance of taste and nicotine.

Steeped E-Juices

Steeping a vape juice is essential in allowing all the flavors to settle in and find a way to work together. Many of the newest generation e-juices are allowed to steep before being marketed. These will be labeled as steeped and ready to vape right away.

Others may indicate on the label when they will be ready and mature enough to vape. While labeling a vape juice as fresh sounds like a good thing, it generally will mean it is not ready to be vaped immediately. Instead, it may need to breathe in an opened bottle somewhere dark and cool for up to a few weeks. There are other faster ways to steep the juice, like placing a closed bottle in a ziplock bag and dunking it in hot water for 15 minutes or so. Either approach will work.

How to Choose Vape Juice?

There are many things to consider when choosing vape juice.

  1. First, what flavor should you buy?
  2. There are all sorts of flavors, the most common being tobacco, candy, fruit, and dessert. Tobacco is very popular among former smokers, but many fantastic fruit and dessert flavors exist. Make a list of flavors you like and search for them in vape stores.

  3. The next thing to choose is the nicotine concentration.
  4. People who just quit cigarettes should choose 25 to 50 mg concentrations. But those not dependent on nicotine can get concentrations as low as 3 mg. There is also non-nicotine vape juice for those who never smoked or want to kick their nicotine addiction.

  5. Throat his is another thing to consider.
  6. It shows nicotine’s throat irritation, but smokers find it satisfying. The best throat hit is to choose a mouth-to-lung vape and a 50 mg 50/50 VG/PG salt nicotine juice. Those who do not want a throat hit should buy a direct-to-lung box mod and tank with a low concentration juice with 70/30 or high VG/PG.

  7. Another consideration is the vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol ratio (VG/PG).
  8. 50/50 liquids are sweeter, are suitable for tight cig-a-like draws, and provide better throat hits. 60/40 liquids and higher are for vapes with open airflow and high resistance coils that produce immense clouds.

  9. Finally, there is the size of the bottle.
  10. Get a giant bottle because it has more value. High VG liquids come in large bottles that hold 100 ml or more. Salt nic bottles come in 30 or 60 ml bottles.

Choosing Nicotine Strength of Your Vape Juice

Once you’ve picked out the flavor of your perfect vape juice, the next step is to determine your ideal nicotine strength. Nicotine is the substance found in tobacco that makes cigarettes addictive. E-liquids come in varying nic strengths. The average ranges vary between 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.6% nicotine by volume. In other words, if you choose 1.2% nic strength, 1.2% is actual nicotine, and the remaining 98.8% is water, PG, or VG, and food-grade flavoring.

Some companies prefer to list nic strength in milligrams. Instead of listing the nicotine value at 1.2%, they will list it at 12 mg. These are the same levels, just labeled differently. The higher the nicotine value, the more nicotine you will receive in each puff.

To choose the right nicotine level, consider your current level of tobacco use. The average daily use of adult tobacco consumers varies. A typical tobacco consumer, for example, one at a pack per day, might find an 18 mg or 24 mg nic level satisfying. That could serve as a general baseline to compare relative to your current level of tobacco consumption.

Below is a comprehensive list of vape juice nicotine levels:

  • 0% – Nicotine-free e-liquid for non-nicotine vaping is for vapers who enjoy the flavor and sensation but do not want the nicotine. This liquid is appropriate for vapers that strategically and gradually reduce nicotine intake.
  • 0.15% (1.5 mg) – The 0.15% nicotine level, or 1.5 mg, is a new option designed for serious cloud chasers. Some new vape tanks and powerful mods can be vaped at over 200 watts. That equates to massive vapor production. Because so much vapor is being inhaled, less nic is needed for satisfaction. You will find this nic level in VG and Max VG vape juice.
  • 0.3% (3 mg) – A 0.3% or 3 mg nicotine level is the most popular choice for vapers using sub-ohm or temperature control mods with atomizers less than 0.5 ohms and vaping at about 75 to 150 watts. The 3 mg option is typical for VG and Max VG options.
  • 0.6% (6 mg) – Vaping a 0.6% or 6 mg vape juice is about as high a nicotine content that you will need for any sub-ohm or temp control vape setup. That is why most VG and Max VG e-liquids do not offer anything about 0.6% nic. Commonly used with mods vaped at 30 watts to 75 watts with atomizer resistances of 0.8 ohms to 0.5 ohms.

You will also find a 6% nicotine level in PG and 50/50 vape juice blends. The PG and 50/50 blends are designed for standard vaping with atomizers above 1.0 ohms of resistance. While 6% is a high nicotine content for a VG e-liquid, it is a mild level for a standard PG vape liquid.
All of the following nicotine levels apply to PG and 50/50 e-liquids:

  • 1.2% (12 mg) – This liquid is commonly used by light to moderate tobacco consumers. This level is available in 50 / 50 and PG e-liquids. In addition, cosmic Fog offers a 1.2% nicotine level in a 70 / 30 VG / PG blend.
  • 1.8% (18 mg) – This is a medium-strength e-liquid that typical adult tobacco users use. Probably the most common e-liquid nic level for first-time vapers. Available in 50 / 50 and PG blends.
  • 2.4% (24 mg) – This is one of the stronger e-liquids available. It is recommended for heavy, daily nicotine users. Best to use in PG blends.
  • 3.6% (36 mg) – This liquid nic level is for the heaviest tobacco users. Not meant for lighter users. The 36 mg e-liquids should only be vaped in PG e-liquids with standard mods or cig-a-likes. You don’t want to overdo it!
  • 5% (50 mg) – A very strong nicotine content with an intense hit. This level of nic is found in the JUUL vapor device. Designed to be occasionally puffed and not for chain vaping.

Finding the nic strength that best suits your preference may take trial and error. It is also important to consider how you vape. If you like to vape continuously during the day, it’s best to choose a weaker nicotine level to avoid ingesting too much and make yourself sick or worsening your nicotine addiction. If you prefer to take only a couple of puffs a day, you can consider a stronger e-liquid that will quickly satisfy your nicotine craving.

Getting the right nic strength is integral to finding your best vape juice. Too little nicotine might make you vape more to compensate, while too much may give you headaches. A good rule is to start with medium strength, then adjust accordingly.

PG and VG: Which is the Best?

The primary base solution in e-liquid is either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). PG provides more taste but produces less vapor. VG is more viscous and has a slightly sweet taste – thus muting the flavor somewhat – but produces massive vapor clouds.

We have prepared a guide to PG vs. VG for those who want to dig deeper into the topic. Check out this page to learn more. A common VG to PG ratio is 70:30, and many users are satisfied with the flavor and the amount of vapor this mix produces. However, some people may be allergic to PG. If you find yourself itching, getting hives, or having difficulty breathing after vaping on a PG e-juice, you might need to acquire a VG blend or at least e-liquid with a mix ratio of 80% VG and 20% PG. Here’s a brief comparison of the benefits of each type of e-liquids:

Vegetable-Glycerin vs Propylene-Glycol Which is the Best? Info

The sheer number of e-liquid mixing options can be overwhelming for any vaper, new or experienced. You may try a few different vape ratios and flavors to find your go-to vape.

Finding the flavors, nic strength, and PG/VG ratio that works best for you may take some time. Don’t just settle for what’s immediately available. Part of the fun is trying new things. Don’t be afraid to check out other brands. The best vape juice you ever had might be the next one you try! Just be sure to buy high-quality e-liquid from established and trusted manufacturers. The money you save on the cheap e-juice will cost you a lot more in the long run.
All it takes is a little experimentation. Once you find a rhythm, you’ll be an experienced e-liquid consumer.

What Is the Average Cost of Vape Juice?

Some e-juices geared towards connoisseurs can also come with a hefty price tag. That does mean that all the best vape juices need to be expensive. Whatever the budget, a premium-quality vape juice will always be available that tastes great and vapes well. Cheap vape juice reveal a variety of affordable vape flavors.

Quality assurance and using the best ingredients do not always cost more money. However, using high-tech laboratories or employing flavorists adds to the expense of producing the juice, which gets passed on to the customer. Always try to find the best brands that work within a given budget, and the chances are that there will be a feeling that value was provided and worth the cost.

Does Vape Juice Have Side Effects?

It has side effects, but none are serious. The side effects are primarily dry throat and coughing.

Vaping too much can cause nicotine poisoning, the symptoms of which are nausea, sweating, and vomiting. But these symptoms are not life-threatening and go away in a few hours.

Do not get nicotine liquids on your skin or drink them to avoid serious health risks. Also, keep them away from children or pets. Nicotine poisoning can kill pets and children.

Vape Juice FAQ

Vape Juices and E-Liquids FAQ - Infographic

What is the most popular vape juice?

There are too many different brands, and vape juice makers are popular, so there is more than one. Some, of the top of the head, Black Note, Beard. Co., VaporFi. But there are so many different makers that you should try as many new flavors as possible to know what to look for, which makes things easier.

What is the best vape juice 2022?

Some of the best vape juices of 2022 were donut-based, like Glazed Donuts from Ruthless Loaded, which had many intense flavors. Dazed from Mondaze went in the same direction, but it had more subtle flavors and focused more on the tangy blend of citrus and berries. A lot went in a completely different direction, the Zeus from the Black that introduced the world to anise, berries, and other creamy delights.

Which vape juice is healthiest?

Vape juice is not a product to promote healthy living and should not be used in any capacity. Vape juice is for recreational purposes and should not be consumed to gain any health benefits.

What is the safest vaping liquid?

The safest vaping liquid has lab-certified test results for all consumers to review online or otherwise. Users should check if retailers have lab results on their website, but e-juice should not be bought from disreputable distributors and manufacturers. If you cannot find any lab results, you should always check ingredients labels and research online if the company has any violations against it.

What Is the Strongest Vape Juice?

The strongest vaping liquids are the ones that contain the highest amount of nicotine. People who like strong vape juices should choose 50 mg salt nicotine.

What Is the Sweetest Vape Juice?

The sweetest vape juices will be fruit, dessert, or candy-flavored e-liquids. Anyone with a sweet tooth should choose between those three base flavors.

What Is the Most Popular Brand?

The most popular vape brand is Juul. They command the majority of the market share. However, their devices do not have a high puff count and only have a few flavors. There are better options available.

Can you still buy vape juice online?

Yes and no. Many major online vape retailers must adjust their operations to accommodate the new PACT Act Mailing rules regarding vape juice products. As a result, the USPS is no longer delivering flavored vape products, although some jurisdictions may still be open to delivery via private carriers or other routes.

Best Vape Juices of 2022: Last Words

Since it is clear that the best flavors of e-juice are subjective, part of the fun of vaping is finding the right one. Even e-liquid flavors on this list might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Vaping different tastes from different brands before settling on some favorites is part of the appeal rather than trying different cigarettes. As long as the company is doing the right thing by offering high standards and sourcing the best ingredients, then it goes without saying that the resulting flavors will speak for themselves!

Published: November 1, 2018 Updated: January 13, 2023

Vape Juice Reviews

With an embarrassment of riches, vapers are treated to a wide variety of premium juices these days. Many brands are starting to take the idea of craft vape juices seriously and exploring how to make the vape experience better. Anyone of these juices should hit the spot in terms of flavor and quality of vapor.



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  • Sunshine

    February 27, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    What e-juice is best for you? Finding the right vape juice is important. If you don’t like the e-juice you’re vaping, why would you use it? Although any e-juice will work to make vapor and provide the user with nicotine, the taste and quality of the vape juice is what really matters!

  • James

    November 4, 2018 at 3:09 am

    Good list but you left off the number one fruit flavored ejuice. I would assume you’ve never tried Alt Zero (paradox, tropical mango, pink lemonade, hamurabi, just blues, x-rated…) my shop doesn’t put it on the shelf because my customers won’t buy the other brands if I display it. It’s in a class of its own.

  • LK

    April 6, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    I use e-cigs original tobacco vape juice 1.8 strength. Would like to find something like it from another vendor. Any ideas? E-cigs and Smoke steady have really lousy customer service and delivery is always a crap shoot.

  • charlie

    March 4, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    hello I am interested in selling your product and have a wholesale price really here in Mexico many people ask me for the product for steam cigarettes and I am interested in selling them in my store to start I wanted at least 6 of each I am interested in strawberry flavors raspberry cajeta vanilla or flavors that are fashionable I would be interested to know the prices payment methods delivery method and also know how many sell vaporizers and electronic cigarettes since I am also interested in selling them in my store without adding anything I hope your response

  • Kevin

    January 3, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    How is Five Pawns not in this?

    • Dave

      July 19, 2018 at 2:02 pm

      Right!!! I can’t seem to find them in any vape store I go to in any city anymore and nobody knows who they are when I ask…it’s kind of depressing really that they don’t get the business they deserve like they once did. Not to mention they are still on the pricey side but give 60ml for the same price of what a 30 ml used to cost.

  • Lewis ford

    December 3, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Will vaping hurt your lungs like cigs I’ve been smoking for 35yrs1 1/2 pack a day vaping burns my throat more than cigs is there a smooth cape juice

    • Lewis ford

      December 3, 2017 at 2:51 pm

      Is anyone there on Sunday?

    • Carl

      April 25, 2018 at 5:08 pm

      I was a three pack a day smoker and switched to vaping 8 years ago. The equipment back then wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as today’s mods so we used 18 and 24mg liquids. Today’s equipment produces such a dense vapor you can easily use 6mg and ultimately 3mg liquids and be very satisfied.

      When I stopped smoking (but vaped constantly) I went through all the things that a smoker deals with when they quit (except for the nicotine jones). My cough got worse for a while and I hacked up a ton of crap for about four months. This was not due to vaping but to cigarette cessation and the fact that it happens even when switching to vape should tell you something.

      There are many additives in cigarettes that are not in e liquids. On top of this there are compounds formed from combustion (smoking) that don’t occur when vaping.

      When you smoke a cigarette the additives put your lungs cilia to sleep. These are the tiny hairs in your lungs that work to remove debris from your lungs buy dumping it in your throat along with mucus/phlem. Putting those hairs to sleep is also why smoking a cigarette can “help” with coughing. Unfortunately this is also what leads to COPD. Now that you’ve stopped your lungs from expelling any crap that may be in them the next thing that happens is you coat them with tar. So this is a double whammy. No expulsion of crap while inhaling a bunch of crap. This lead to chronic irritation that can ultimately become COPD for many people.

      The next insult is that the combustion process in smoking produces carbon monoxide. This is toxic to the body which is why we buy carbon monoxide detectors for our homes. Carbon monoxide binds to the oxygen carrying red blood cells(rbc) in your body better than oxygen does. This forces your body to produce more rbc/hemoglobin to compensate which thickens your blood in turn increasing your blood pressure and chances of stroke. Nicotine, being a vasoconstrictor and stimulant also increases BP so anything add to the equation just compounds the problem. However, thickening you blood makes increased BP and heart rate a more serious issue and can damage small blood vessels through out the body.

      Nicotine is not good for you but it is not the nicotine that makes smoking so devastating. Nicotine can cause cardiovascular disease. Just compare people who dip/chew to those who smoke. The share issues are generally associated with nicotine.

      The jury is out on the safety of PG/VG as an inhalant but these are the primary components of fog machines and PG is used in medical asthma inhalars. If you ask me base on my knowledge and first hand experience whether a smoker should switch to vaping the answer is an emphatic yes. I you can out right quit you should but most cant or don’t succeed for several attempts. In the mean time vape and avoid any cigarette at all costs.

      COPD is no joke. Your feeling a flight of stairs? In seven more years you’ll struggle with sex because you’ll start running out of breath. Your partner won’t appreciate it and you’ll have to live with the fact you did it to yourself.

      Vaping is different from smoking. The tar in cigarettes is soothing. Vaping can seem harsh and some liquids irritate my lungs. It usually takes 24 hours after trying a new liquid to determine it’s a problem. Such is life, toss and buy different.

      Try different flavors as the flavorings can be the issue. Try different PG/VG ratios as this can also make the difference. Finally, if your vape tastes burnt you’re no longer vaping, you’re smoking. Change out your cart and adjust your wattage so you’re not burning your gear.

      I hope that helped. When you make the switch and begin feeling better be passionate about and educate other smokers. You may be saving their lives.

    • Michael

      May 27, 2018 at 9:03 pm

      Your throat needs to adjust to vaping, takes about 1-3 weeks. After that you will hate smoking cigs.

    • Ian

      August 3, 2018 at 5:25 am

      It just takes time to get used to, I had that problem for the first month too. Try a lower nicotine juice like a 6mg. Stick with it, it changed my life. Also- get a quality vape.

    • Rich Martin

      April 3, 2020 at 9:34 pm

      I really like that flavor.

  • Walter Dorsey

    September 11, 2017 at 6:48 am

    I am also using these e juices as they helped me a lot to quit smoking. Premium e liquid zero-nicotine formulas are designed for smokers who are looking to get rid of the addictive substance but don’t want to give up the ritual. When the e-liquid becomes too thick for vaping, additives such as distilled water, vodka or pure grain alcohol are used to dilute the solution.