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Cheap E-Liquids and Vape Juices

For too many people, the price of vaping is an extremely daunting thing. Typically, you can expect a decent vaporizer to cost you anywhere from $50 to $200! Most people assume this is also the case with the e-liquids and juices that you use in the devices; well, this is not the case. The market variety of cheap vape juices and cheap e-liquids gives you that alternative without having to break the bank!

Affordable e-liquids come in many different shapes and sizes along with different ratios of PG/VG and Nicotine. Let’s face it though, these cheap e-juices are not going to be the same quality as the premium e-liquids, but are they that far off? The diversity these liquids have makes them pretty interesting to use, you never know what combination of flavors you will get next!

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Cheap E-Liquids

#1 V2 Platinum Peppermint Bark E-Liquid

A Relaxing, Dessert-Style E-Juice

V2 has blended after-dinner and holiday flavors into this rich, textured Peppermint bark e-liquid. The crisp, stinging power of peppermint combines with the soothing, mellowness of chocolate.

Nicotine strengths vary from 0% to 0.6%, to 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%. The first few draws will highlight the peppermint notes hidden in the vapor. The sweetness of the juice comes alive in the aftertaste. The frostiness of the entire juice is clear through the first to the last hit.

The tobacco feeling is not so strong, but the rest of the flavor profile makes up for it. The e-juice skews more toward the PG side, for pleasant, and scratchy throat hits.


  • An e-juice from V2’s premier Platinum series, highlighting the best flavor combinations
  • An exceptional dessert-flavored variety of e-juice with less tobacco flavor and more sweet tastes
  • Nicotine strengths range from 0% to 2.4%

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#2 Bravura by Black Note

A Classic, Tobacco-Tinged E-Juice

Bravura from Black Note is one of eight tobacco-only flavors of the fantastic Notebook collection. All the bold, earthy flavors of Bravura are noticeable from the first few pulls.

The red burley used in Bravura trades with the natural richness of perique tobacco. The perique tobacco notes mix strong aromas, with the fruity touches of Louisiana farmlands. Still a part of an all-tobacco line, there are strong hints of vanilla, caramel, and even some whiskey in Bravura.


  • The Bravura line has strong tobacco flavors with nicotine content available in different nicotine strength varying from 0% to 1.2% and 1.8%.
  • A robust and smoky blend of two classic tobacco flavors like perique and red burley
  • A fruity, almost-sweet aftertaste recalibrates the scratchy first notes of the tobacco flavors

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#3 Cosmic Fog Chill’d Tobacco E-Juice

A New, Refreshing Take on Tobacco Flavored E-Juice

Cosmic Fog has tempered the stinging bite of tobacco with smooth, chocolaty delight. The result is the Chilll’d Tobacco e-juice that wants to lighten the taste of tobacco with sweetness.

Company-tested and lab-produced on the sunny shores of Orange County, California, Cosmic Fog’s best e-juices combine many flavors.

The chill of the e-juice comes from the notes of peppermint, behind the robust chocolate and tobacco flavors. The e-juice comes in nicotine varieties of 0mg to 12mg. The high VG content (70% VG to 30% PG), makes this e-juice an ideal companion for sub-ohm tanks.


  • Mild tobacco flavors mix well with the sweetness and refreshing peppermint flavors underneath
  • Chill’d Tobacco introduces a new way to enjoy tobacco flavors, without making one long for a real cigarette
  • Goes easy on the throat, while the high VG content makes for superior cloud production

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#4 Jam Rock Candy E-Juice by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

The Sweet and Sour Vape Juice with Apple Flavors

The shock of the first bite of a sour, green apple is what hits the most with Jam Rock. This face-sucker of an e-juice from famed American blender Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a great, all-day e-juice.

It is as familiar and reassuring as eating a green apple every day. Jam Rock introduces the tart juiciness of granny apple to a sweet, lollipop in one juice.

For vapers who love tangy, aggressive tones and a touch of sugar on the top. Jam Rock can rock with high or no nicotine content and with different varieties of PG/VG combinations.


  • Tangy, bite with sour and juicy notes afterward
  • Full range of PG/VG combinations and nicotine content options
  • The recognizable apple flavor is excellent for all day vaping

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#5 VCT - Ripe Vapes

A Perfect, Aged Blend of New and Classic Flavors

VCT stands for “vanilla custard tobacco.” These three keywords reveal everything about the subtlety and strength of this unique blend.

The vape starts strong from the outset overwhelming the taste buds with creamy, delicate vanilla. A full-mouth of vapor reminds of the same weightless aroma of a fresh-baked custard.

The flavor profiles follow one after the other. There are strung along this experience little gems of flavors like roasted almonds and bourbon. Throughout the whole process, an air haunted by tobacco and rich, black earth lingers. In the end, all the flavors unite to express the deep character behind this vape juice. Character steeped in tradition and commitment to quality.


  • Nicotine content ranges from 0mg of nicotine to 18mg
  • Aged for almost ninety days in French oak barrels
  • A luxury blend that combines elegant flavors, and earthy goodness

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#6 Ice E-Liquid by Brewell

A Taste of Mint and Ice

The Ice E-Liquid freezes everything it touches. A mouth-to-lung hit off of this high VG content juice feels like icicles down your throat. Ice E-Liquid attacks your mouth with its icy, menthol reach.

The natural tobacco flavors emerge soon after that initial arctic blast. Things cool down when the warm, smoky touch of Virginia tobacco settles on everything. When the ice and dust finally settle, all that remains is a monument to minty sweetness and full-bodied tobacco flavor.


  • A high VG content e-liquid perfect for dense, glorious clouds
  • A familiar twinning of classic menthol, and tobacco with a hint of fruitiness
  • Available in 60ml bottles with nicotine contents of 0mg to 12mg

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#7 V2 Four Seasons VG E-Liquid

A Vape Juice Flavored by Natural Tobacco

Four Seasons approaches the Zen-like purity of unflavored vape juice, as it harbors no added flavors. The Four Seasons vape juice retains its natural sweetness because of flue-cured tobacco. The process of curing tobacco leaves through heat application extracts a high amount of sugar and nicotine. The two flavors are so clear on the palette from the very first inhale.

The high VG content of this juice makes it ideal for the cloud-chasing set. The fact that this e-juice relies only on the tobacco inside to flavor the vape means the quality is the purest.


  • No added flavorings or preservatives to the entire composition of the e-juice
  • A pure, refined vape juice consisting of natural tobacco and nicotine extracts
  • A generally flavorless and low-nicotine vape juice perfect for unflavored e-juice lover

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Cheap Vape Juice Pros and Cons

Cheap-E-Juices Pros and Cons

While a perfectly suitable vape device can be a once-in-a-while investment, vape juice is a product that you have to reorder on a regular basis. Also, you never know which flavor you will like the best, so it’s more of a constant process of mixing and matching different taste variations. That’s why most vapers are looking for cheap e-juice options that would be easy on the wallet, even when buying fifteen alternatives of fruity cereal, for instance. The low price, however, has its upsides and downsides. Let’s look at them more closely so that you can decide whether a cheap e-liquid is the right choice for you.


  • Quantity: a huge bottle of your favorite juice is easy to buy without breaking the bank.
  • Bulk Shopping: pick bundles of flavors for a discounted price.
  • Feedback: it’s easy to find the best cheap vape juice because lots of vapers leave comments with their scores.
  • Bestsellers: cheap vape brands have all the most popular flavors.
  • No compromise: don’t torture yourself choosing between the cheesecake and orange popsicle – pick both!


  • Non-traceable: there’s no information of which aromatic ingredients are used in cheap e-liquids. Hence, their chemical compounds might be questionable regarding their safety for health.
  • Cheap vape juices may contain less flavor and taste very far from what they should.
  • The recipe might appear quite basic and not be delivering the rich flavor. While using the pre-steeped flavor base, mixing high-quality ingredients under specific conditions is an advantage of premium e-juices.
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Top 5 Cheap Vape Juice Brands

In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the best cheap e-juice brands available on the market, and focusing on looking at the customizability, pricing, and quality of their cheap vape juices.

The Sauce LA

The Sauce LA E-juice imageResponsible for some of the highest quality yet most affordable e-juices. The Sauce LA focuses on providing an extremely high standard of liquids while still maintaining a competitive price. It Manages to obtain incredible reviews from some of the toughest critics in the vaping industry, and it is clear that The Sauce LA have mastered the art of cheap e-liquids.

Most Popular Flavors:

Open Road: Listed as one of the best rice Krispy treat vape juices on the market. The open road has a perfect combination of sweet caramel with a subtle hint of marshmallow.

Vanilla Bean Cream: One of the most popular coffee e-juices. Vanilla Bean Cream has a smooth vanilla taste with small hints of coffee and cream, making a perfect early morning liquid.

Capone: Famous for being one of the best cereal vape juices. It is thought that Capone is the closest thing to a bowl of Froot Loops cereal. A strong crispy cereal flavor mixed with sweet, creamy milk. The Sauce LA have many cheap vape juices, along with a fair share of discounts and bundles available there’s no doubt The Sauce LA is one of the most affordable brands for vape liquids. The majority of their liquids work extremely well with any coil.

Vape Wild

Vape Wild E-Juice imageHosting one of the biggest social followings and loyal customer base, Vape Wild is one of the leading affordable vape juice brands online. It is clear that vape wild have gone about business in the right way, their e-juices are also extremely well made and tasty! Vape Wild has some of the most competitive pricing, offering many of their liquids in is with bundle discounts.

Most Popular Flavors:

S+C2: One of the most popular cheap e-juices that Vape Wild offers, S+C2 or Strawberries, and Cream have a perfect blend of strawberry and cream with a lush, rich vapor flavor.

Smurf Cake: One of the nicest cheesecake and blueberries blends on the market. Smurf Cake has an extremely strong flavor, hinting blueberry, cream and a little savory taste.

Cinnamon Toast Cereal: A recreation of cinnamon toast cereal, this e-juice gives you a perfectly sweet and creamy cinnamon taste. This juice is a great choice for any cereal lover.

Vape Wild offers a wide range of products. They have an excellent selection of affordable e-juices that still manage to provide an extremely high quality of vapor and flavor.

Vanval Vapor

Vanval Vapor E-Juice imageOne of the more recent competitors in the cheap liquid industry, Vanval Vapor have the opportunity to go about things in the right way and make a name for themselves; and that is exactly what they are doing! Vanval Vapor has extremely premium e-juices, offering them at competitive and affordable prices. Alongside their best cheap liquids, they have an outstanding customer support team that’s always willing to help.

Most Popular Flavors:

Father’s Load: This e-liquid has quite a weird combination of flavors, yet it works extremely well together. The mixture of hazelnut, tobacco, vanilla and a couple of different creams. It may not sound it, but it is quite a great tasting cheap vape juice!

Albino Rhino: Another creamy combination, Albino Rhino plays with many different hints of cream and berries to bring an extremely satisfying flavor. You will have a mixture of rich cream, vanilla, and fresh berries.

I’m Not Crazy: This affordable e-juice goes straight towards the sweeter spectrum of flavors, then suddenly swings a left into creamy. The combination of strawberries, maple, and cream, make for an interesting taste.

Vanval Vapor has some crazy choices for names, but it suits the personality and design of the flavors. You will think you have the final taste of the juice and it will randomly change to something completely different, the element of surprise keeps you on your toes. I am sure as they progress further into the vaping industry they will have plenty more surprises on the way.

Vista Vapors

Vista Vapors E-Juice imageKnown for their huge range of cheap e-juices. Vista Vapors know exactly how to get their product onto the market. Offering a wide range of nicotine choices and different VG/PG blends you have a huge amount of choice when vaping Vista Vapor juices. These guys are probably one of the only brands that offer this much diversity.

Most Popular Flavors:

Mix Your Own: This is exactly what the names says. Choose between 2 different flavors to make your own blend. You have the ability to choose your own PG/VG ratios and pick between 6 different nicotine options.

Cotton Candy: If you are looking for a cheap vape juice that will take you back to your childhood summer days, this is the one for you. A sweet sugary flavor is almost identical to cotton candy.

Wild Berry: A combination of all the different berries, this fruity blend will play on your sweet side. You will find strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries in this incredibly satisfying vape juice.

Vista Vapors know how to put the perfect blend together, you’ll never be tied up for different combinations when browsing through their selection. All their juices are extremely affordable and come in many different sizes.

Vape Craft

Vape Craft E-Juice imageThis brand aims to promote itself as one of the leading best cheap e-liquid providers, with their large bottles and low prices this is 100% true! The main juice line from Vape Craft come in 120ML bottles starting at $15, or smaller 15ML bottles for about $3. Although they do not have the most premium tasting liquids, they are not far off, but the prices are spot on.

Most Popular Flavors:

Teddy Pear: A perfect combination of pear with a hint of vanilla and sweet cream, this cheap vape juice is a great option for anyone with a sweet tooth. This juice is available in 60ML bottles.

Pretzel Drip & Drops: If you are looking for a cheap e-juice that taste exactly like M&M’s then this is the one for you. A perfect blend of chocolate, pretzel and a crispy, savory aftertaste.

Pucker Up: Another recipe that tastes like your favorite tasty treat. This one reaches out to all the PB&J lovers, a satisfying blend of peanut butter and jam, giving you a sweet but delicate taste.

Vape Craft is without a doubt one of the leading affordable vape juice brands. You can be sure to get some great deals in larger quantities from their website. The juices have a decent quality with some tasting exclusively premium.

Learn how to DIY

DIY Cheap E-Juice Components image

Depending on how confident you are in your ability to learn and understand how to correctly work with chemicals, learning how to make your own e-juices could be the best option for you. This method is by far the cheapest way to get vape juices; you will also get a huge amount of control over your flavors and mixtures.

There are plenty of guides available online, many of which give you detailed information on the ratios you will want to be adding to perfect your own cheap e-liquids. If you are looking to create your own e-juices, you should always ensure you are confident in doing so, always use the correct protective equipment.

Sale and Discount offers

Many best cheap e-juice brands offer discounts on either bundles or clearance sales. Taking full advantage of these is a great way to ensure you are cutting down on your e-liquid bill. Looking for discounts and sales may not be the best option for you if you like a choice in flavor, but at the same time trying something new you could find something you like!

Experiment with different VG/PG/NIC levels

There are many different variations of VG/PG and nicotine levels, especially with cheap e-juices. Testing out different combinations is a great way to find cheaper vape juices. Typically, cheap e-juices without nicotine will be a lot cheaper resulting in a lot less throat hit and vice versa.


There are many different brands popping up online offering best cheap vape juices, just because they are cheap does not mean they lack in premium quality at all! Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of the vape juices available to you and where to get the best deals! The vaping industry and market are always changing, so I can be sure these brands will change with it. Always ensure you fully research the product you are buying and always purchase from legitimate markets.

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