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Pownergy 18650 Battery
Pownergy 18650
10/10 icon-question
  • 3000mAh capacity
  • 3.7V Voltage
  • 30A Continuous Discharge

The Pownergy 18650 battery has an internal capacity of 3000mAh. And it has a continuous discharge rate of 30A, making it perfect for sing...

Imren 30Q Battery
Imren 30Q Battery
  • 3000mAh capacity
  • Standard charging current: 1.25A
  • 40A continuous discharge rate
MXJO 18650 Battery
MXJO 18650
  • 3000mAh capacity
  • Flat-top for added protection
  • 35 amperage rate

#1 Pownergy 18650 Battery

Ideal for High-Wattage Devices

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Pownergy 18650 battery has an internal capacity of 3000mAh. And it has a continuous discharge rate of 30A, making it perfect for single or dual-cell high-wattage vaping devices. Besides, the cell has a maximum nominal voltage of 3.7V. So it can work with direct current devices that do not have variable voltage settings.

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want a high-capacity battery
  • You want a 18650 from a trusted manufacturer
  • You want a spare 18650 for your collection


  • Long-lasting
  • Wrapped and protected
  • From a trusted brand
  • High-power output


  • Only comes as a single cell

#2 Imren 30Q Battery

A Quality Cell from a Reliable Brand

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Imren 30Q battery is a popular cell for its large 3000mAh capacity and accurate voltage output readings. The cell can accurately output up to 15A and has a maximum continuous discharge rate of 40A. As a result, users often install the cell into high-wattage devices that can output anywhere from 100 to 220W.

Reasons to Get This:

  • You are a habitual vaper and need high-drain batteries
  • You want a high-quality cell for your high-wattage devices
  • You want a wrapped and protected cell


  • High amperage rate
  • Faster than average recharge time
  • Long-lasting


  • Only one wrap is available

#3 MXJO 18650 Battery

A Flat-Top Cell for All Mods

9/10 icon-question Review score

The MXJO 18650 battery is a flat-top cell with an internal 3000mAh capacity paired with a maximum discharge rate of 35A. The cell is wrapped and comes with an authenticator code so vapers can verify its authenticity. The MXJO also has a continuous discharge current of 20A, giving it at least 200 recharge cycles.

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want a high-quality spare battery as a backup
  • You want a flat-top battery with added protection
  • You want a cell that is wrapped


  • Wrapped and protected
  • Holds an accurate charge
  • Long-lasting
  • Good amperage rate


  • Drain very fast

#4 Blackcell IMR18650 Battery

A Super High Capacity Cell

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Blackcell IMR18650 battery is a super high-capacity cell. Its features with 3100mAh rating and a maximum continuous discharge current of 40A. The cell comes in a pack of two, and both cells are wrapped and protected. The batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.7V. So they are suitable for high-drain devices like a box or mechanical mods.

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want a higher-than-average-capacity cell
  • You want a pair of spare cells to keep around
  • You want a high-output battery

Kit Contents

  • 2 x Blackcell IMR18650 Batteries


  • Versatile and compatible with many devices
  • Long-lasting
  • Good value for two batteries
  • Wrapped and protected


  • Inaccurate ratings and capacities

#5 Sony VTC6 18650

The Premier Battery for All Vapes

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Sony VTC6 18650 is a well-known battery used in many different types of vapes for its long-lasting capacity. The VTC6 features a 3000mAh capacity that can last up to three hours on a single charge. The cell also has a nominal voltage of 3.6V and a continuous discharge rate of 15A, different from other batteries’ typical 30 or 40A currents. Also, the cell is wrapped and features specifications on the wrapping.

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want a backup cell for your high-wattage mods
  • You want a battery that is wrapped and protected
  • You want a battery that is good for mechanical mods


  • Long-lasting
  • Wrapped and protected
  • Suitable for mech mods
  • Good for high-drain devices


  • Sometimes inauthentic

3 Best 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

Category Product Price Rating
Best 18650 battery Pownergy 18650 Battery $7.95 10
Best 18650 lithium battery Blackcell IMR18650 Battery $4.99 8.5
Best 18650 Battery for Vaping Imren 30Q Battery $7.95 9.5

What is 18650 Vape Battery?

18650 batteries are different from most other types of batteries or vape batteries.

First, the 18650s are commonly used in other applications and products like power tools, laptops, and e-bikes. Second, they require much more care and knowledge to operate safely than most other types of batteries for vaping or otherwise.

This care and safety are necessary since an unwrapped battery, especially a 18650. It can become a danger to yourself and others if mishandled. It is also important to always buy high-quality batteries from trusted brands. It can be brands like Samsung, NiteCore, LG, or other big electronics makers.

Users often wrap or rewrap 18650 vape batteries for a variety of reasons. However, the wrapping can tear and expose the internal components of the cell, which are volatile if they come in contact with any other type of metal, from coins and keys to other batteries and vape accessories. Vapers often wrap the cells in new material to prevent thermal leaking and battery explosions.

How to Choose 18650 Vape Batteries

Choosing the right 18650 battery depends on the specific application and requirements. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a 18650 battery:

  • Capacity: refers to how much energy the battery can store and is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). Higher capacity batteries generally provide longer run times between charges but may have a lower maximum discharge rate.
  • Max Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR): The battery’s maximum current can safely discharge continuously without causing damage or risking safety hazards. It’s important to choose a battery with a CDR that can handle the demands of your device, such as high-drain devices like vaping mods or flashlights.
  • Brand and Quality: Look for reputable brands with a history of producing high-quality, safe batteries. Low-quality batteries can be dangerous and may not provide the expected performance.
  • Voltage: Ensure the battery’s voltage matches your device’s voltage requirements. Most 18650 batteries are rated at 3.6-3.7 volts.
  • Size and Shape: 18650 batteries come in different sizes and shapes, so choosing one that fits your device and application is important.
  • Price: Consider your budget, but be wary of very low-priced batteries as they may be low quality or counterfeit.

Where to Buy a 18650 Battery?

You can buy a 18650 rechargeable battery from dozens of places, from online shops to IRL stores. A Samsung 18650 battery is a common power source for many portable and stationary electronics, so they are always available. In addition, you can try everything from hardware stores or major electronics retailers, even Wal-Mart, to find a wide variety of 18650 vape batteries and more.

Online retailers are also an excellent place to look. Giant e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay also regularly sell 18650 lithium batteries. Still, every buyer should ensure they buy from a reputable retailer, no matter who it is. Off-brand batteries are dangerous and can seriously harm anyone who uses them, especially in vapes.

Rewrapped batteries are often mislabeled with the wrong voltage range or capacity. A vaper using this false battery could push it beyond its limits without knowing it, leading to disastrous consequences. You can double-check with the retailer to see if they have a good reputation and test your batteries before you use them to confirm they are authentic.

18650 vs. 21700 Battery

21700 batteries are new cells that are longer and contain more capacity and output range than the smaller 18650 lithium battery. Like the 18650, the 21700 also gets its name from its measurements – 21mm in diameter and 70mm in length. However, the extra size means the cell can outperform the shorter battery.

It can output more power and last longer with only a single cell, unlike the typical dual-18650 configuration. These features are fueling the popularity of the 21700. They are making waves in the vaping world and are also found in everything from e-bikes and scooters to EVs, laptops, and power tools.


How to charge a 18650 battery?

You can recharge a 18650 battery using any compatible lithium-ion battery charger. There are several chargers with two or more battery slots, retractable contacts to fit all battery types, and safety features like overcharge protection.

How to charge a 18650 battery without a charger?

There are ways you can charge a 18650 rechargeable battery without a regular charger. Instead, you can use something like a standard phone charger by using a battery holder, a few wires, and an altimeter to measure the proper discharge and recharge rate.

How long does it take to charge a 18650 battery?

It takes a typical 18650 battery between three to four hours to fully charge.

What is a 18650 battery size?

The battery size of a 18650 is in its name. It measures 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length.

How to tell if a 18650 battery is protected?

You can tell if a 18650 battery is protected if you see a few of the following things:

  • A capped or button top
  • A circuit board on the bottom
  • An added metal plate on the bottom
  • Information about the battery’s chemical composition and capacity

What is a 18650 lithium battery?

A lithium 18650 battery is a rechargeable cell that can output anywhere from 3.7 to 4.2V.

What is the highest current 18650?

The highest current 18650 battery available in the market was the Sony VTC5A with a maximum continuous discharge current of 25 amps.

What is the best 18650 for Mech Mod?

Choosing a high-quality battery for mech mods with a high continuous discharge rating (CDR) is important to ensure safe and reliable performance. Look for batteries with a CDR of at least 20 amps, and consider purchasing from reputable brands that have a proven track record of producing reliable and safe batteries.


This review has intentionally included batteries from across the spectrum so every reader can find one that fits their needs– they have different prices and various capabilities. These are the best 18650 batteries on the market. By paying attention to the information given in this review, vapers will ensure they never buy a low-quality or underperforming battery. By purchasing one of the mentioned batteries, vapers know they will get the most out of the power supplier of their choice. They will also protect themselves from knock-off fake batteries that ruin their vapes and vaping experiences.

Published: August 25, 2017 Updated: March 6, 2023



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