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Best Desktop Vaporizers: Ultimate Table Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide

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Best Desktop Vaporizers: Ultimate Table Vaporizer Buyer's Guide

If you have been using pens and portables but can’t get enough satisfaction, you should consider any of the best desktop vaporizers reviewed below. The desktop vapes have several other names such as table vaporizer, table top vaporizer, home vaporizer, and we will use them interchangeably throughout the guide. They are bigger, more powerful, and more expensive as compared to the portable ones. Their prices can range from $100 to $700, but the quality of vapor and the vaporizer itself are normally worth the price tag.

You cannot carry these units around because of their size, though some do come with special adapters and can be used in your car while some others come with carrying cases. However, their main purpose is to offer better performance and rich flavor instead of portability. While portable vapes might be more popular among recreational users, desktop vaporizers are the first choice of people who vape for medical reasons or even the serious vapers who just want a little more.

Top 10 Desktop Vaporizers on the Market

If you are having a hard time choosing one of the best desktop vaporizers, here’s a top-ten list based on performance, design, vapor quality, and value for money.

Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q is an improved, redesigned, and re-engineered version of the successful Arizer Extreme. It is a dual-action desktop vaporizer that comes with precision temperature control, three-speed fan, and a whip system made from medical grade silicone tube and boro-silicate glass.

The design of the vape is pretty amazing. With a flat base plate and a cylindrical body, it looks like a coffee maker. The shiny, sleek finish sets it apart from most other desktop vaporizers. The build quality is great, although it does have fragile glass parts, they are a necessary evil to improve the vapor quality. The vape comes with a remote control, which IMO is superfluous. It is supposed to start the vaporizer from across the room or maybe when you are in bed, but you have put the herbs in the bowl, insert it into the heating element, and turn the unit on – which kills the purpose of the remote.

Although Arizer Extreme Q comes with a balloon, which is detachable and can ensure potent vapor deliver, however, there is no valve on it. Let’s be realistic; the fragile and hard to disassemble/assemble glass parts and no valve on the balloon are minor hassles that many of you might not even notice. However, the vaporizer only allows you to vape herbs, unlike some other units that even allow you to vape waxes and oils, which can be a deal breaker for those who want to vape multiple mediums.

On the other hand, if you do not vape waxes or oils, the Extreme Q does not have any competition for several reasons. It is extremely silent, comes with a ton of accessories, offers precise temperature controls, and with ceramic heating element coupled with glass tube ensure the best possible vapor quality. However, what seals the deal is the extremely affordable price; which is as low as some of the portable vaporizers. In other words, if you want to get the best vapor quality and extreme performance of a desktop vape at the price of a portable unit, the Arizer Extreme Q is the way to go.

  • Price: $199.99
  • Works with: Dry Herb
  • Key Features: dual-action herbal vape, big LED screen, temperature control, remote control

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty is a whip-style table top vape made by Sortz and Bickel – the folk behind the well-known Volcano desktop vaporizer. Unlike most other companies that just throw in two products that are nearly the same with barely noticeable variations, Plenty is different from Volcano. It is so small that it can almost be considered a portable vape – but it has to be plugged in, so portability goes out the window right up top.

The outside looks a little weird and anything but a vape, however, Plenty offered performance that virtually mimics cumbusting your cannabis: strong, smooth, and rich flavor – without any combustion at all. In fact, IMO the flavor and satisfaction was better.

Despite being a whip-style desktop vape, it is very easy to pull from. The herb chamber is massive, but the best thing is that you will get the same great performance no matter you pack the chamber or put just a pinch of herbs in it. In other words, the vaped herbs will be uniform in color, no hotspots whatsoever. The cooling coil between the chamber and mouthpiece ensure a cool and flavorful vapor is icing on the cake.

In short, the Plenty can rival most other expensive units in performance and can beat some of them hands down.

Although the vape heats up as soon as you turn it on and set your temperature, it can take up to three minutes to reach the set heat level – and you have to hold it all this time. Also, it is not as customizable as some other vapes, and you can only choose out of the seven preset levels, that let you vape at as high as 395°F. Now that is seriously hot, and the unit itself can get hot at the top temperature level.

Another minor hassle attached to the unit is that it does not sustain the heat level, so you will have to pull the trigger to heat it up again.

All in all, despite the couple minor drawbacks, Plenty offers the best bang for your buck and is a close second behind the Arizer Extreme Q, mainly because of the little extra dough you have to shell out.

  • Price: $249.99
  • Works with: Dry Herb
  • Key Features: Powerful heating, efficient cooling, 3.4 cm³ capacity, bimetallic regulator for temperature control and auto shutoff

Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Considered by some as the world’s first home vaporizer, Volcano is arguably the most unit for vaping both concentrates and herbs by Sortz and Bickel, launched in the early 2000s. You might still see some of those old units kicking around. In 2007, they released the digital version that replaced the rotary dial with a big LED screen and two buttons. This vaporizer is as sturdy as a tank (because of the stainless steel and very high-quality plastic construction) and is ideal for medicinal use, let’s see how well built it is and how it performs.

While the major difference between the analog and digital version is the different interface, but the Volcano Digit also has an automatic shut-off feature as well as lets you vape as low as 104°F while the older one will not let you go below 266°F. Although this might not be a big deal for cannabis users, those who vape other herbs or essential oils such as BHO or Bubble Hash You can go as high as 446°F, but in my personal experience, you get the best vapor between 350°F and 380°F.

We love the versatility of the Volcano Digit as you can either use a solid valve or easy valve. Solid valve is made of stainless steel, is more expensive, needs more maintenance, but doesn’t need frequent replacements. On the flip, the easy valve is a maintenance free, one size balloon design but can cost you anywhere from $25 to $60 every year, depending on your use.

When it comes to performance, the desktop vape is solid as a brick and works like a horse. You can get huge plumes of vapor, the flavor is extremely smooth, and the flavor is also decent. Because of the terpenes – chemicals released by plants that cause smell and flavor – can condense in the bag if the vapor sights there for a while, the overall flavor can diminish as the time passes. However, we have never seen smoother flavor as produced by Volcano Digit. Therefore, it is ideal for people who use cannabis for medicinal use, as they do not get the harsh taste and yet get all the benefits.

The device is so amazing that we can write a book-long review on it. To sum it up, it offers immense reliability, great durability, fantastic vapor quality at little to no maintenance. The vape can be a great device for vaping in groups, despite the comparatively higher price tag, longer heat up time and the somewhat noisy air pump.

  • Price: $599.99
  • Works with: Dry Herb and concentrates
  • Key Features: Powerful heating, Supreme vapor quality, two different valves to choose from, sturdy build, great design

Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer claims to be the world’s most technologically advanced table top vaporizer, and their claim makes a lot of sense when you look at the unit. It’ easy to use, versatile and very fast. The vape has been designed by ex-NASA engineers and manufactured inside the US. That ensures not only high-quality but also a high price tag.

The performance of Herbalizer is on a par with Volcano although smoothness of the flavor is not as great. However, despite being immensely powerful, it is a lot quieter and comes with a “2-year bumper-to-bumper” warranty. The vape can be used for herbs, oils, and waxes and works equally well in all mediums. We loved the fast heat up, intuitive controls, nice LED screen, and stable design. You can precisely customize the device from 290 to 445F using the temperature control.

The only issue with the unit is its plastic body, which is pretty flimsy. The badge on the lid did not sit flush, and the top cover seems pretty fragile. Although the fan and heating element are of premium quality, the rest of the body rattles if the body were even slightly better, this table vaporizer would have been around the top of our list.

  • Price: $599.99
  • Works with: Dry Herb and concentrates
  • Key Features: Powerful heating, CoolGrips™ Insulated Bowl, 290-445F temperature range, SqueezeValve™ Balloon System, 2-year Limited Warranty

Vapor Cup Vaporizer

Vapor Cup Vaporizer

Vapor Cup Vaporizer is not a plugin desktop vaporizer, but its massive size brings it to the category of the table top vaporizer. It looks just like a coffee mug and can be used anywhere without fear of being castigated. Yes, there is an OLED display and three buttons, but you can cover it with a protective sleeve for the complete incognito mode. Made of metal and having a decent-sized footprint, the device is heavy and feels sturdy.

Vapor Cup Vaporizer comes with one plastic stem, one glass stem, one flexible rubber tube, and one traditional looking mouthpiece. We found that the glass stem produced the cleanest and coolest flavor. Depending on the straw you use, the mechanism to pack the herbs is slightly different. Also, using different temperature levels require a little know-how of vaporizers. So, there is a slight learning curve. Moreover, that is the only little moan we have against the Vapor Cup. Other than that, everything from vapor quality to build quality to fast heat-up time to 2-hour battery is commendable.

  • Price: $199.00
  • Works with: Dry Herb
  • Key Features: Discrete design, 2-hour battery life, metal body with multiple stems, easy to use and easy to clean

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Once the best desktop vaporizer, Silver Surfer has fallen down the list by the new entrants, but it still can be the best pick depending on your vaping needs – especially if you are not a big fan of bag vaporizers. It is a whip-style desktop vape with a pretty ordinary design, but its performance is fairly commendable. It gets extra points for being a multi-purpose vape, as you can vape oils as well as waxes in addition to dry herbs.

Advertised as the only table vaporizer with all ceramic heating chamber, the Silver Surfer ensures the cleanest flavor from your herbs. Not to mention, the ceramic chamber is also comparatively easier to clean. It takes just under five minutes to heat up, which is slightly longer than most other vaporizers in the same class.

We also like that it’s replaceable parts are very affordable, and warranty covers electronic components for up to three years. Although the device is not the sturdiest unit and can build gunk in certain parts, the mid-range price point makes it worth a look.

  • Price: $270.00
  • Works with: Dry Herb, oils, and waxes
  • Key Features: multi-purpose, high-quality craftsmanship, great temperature range, all ceramic heating chamber

Vapolution 3 Vaporizer

Vapolution 3 Vaporizer

Because of some of its unique features, the Vapolution 3 Vaporizer is one of my favorite home vaporizers. First and foremost, it is the only desktop vaporizer that features a 100% glass air path – no other materials will come in contact with your vapor at all. What this means for you is clean, crisp, and smooth flavor. However, the list of unique features goes on, and it is one of the very few if not the only desktop vape that can accept herbs in bud form. Yes, you read that right, you do not have to grind the herbs at all and still can expect the same great flavor. This is an amazing feature that I have never seen elsewhere and – being a lazy soul – this is what seals the deal for me.

The vape only works with dry herbs and costs around $299. The design is humble and simple, nothing flashy about it. The vapor quality is well above average, and the flavor is out of this world. It is a draw activated vaporizer and can be good to go in just two minutes.

  • Price: $299.00
  • Works with: Dry Herb
  • Key Features: great flavor, all glass vapor path, allows you to vape herbs without grinding

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Made by 7th Floor, the company also makes Silver Surfer; this is one of the best desktop vaporizers when considering value for money. Costing around $200.00 it offers amazing performance and can last for many years to come. Yes, you might be able to find even cheaper desktop vaporizers which offer good vaping experience, but almost all of them are flimsy and cheap and give up the ghost very quickly.

The design of Da Buddha is simple yet elegant. It can be the ideal starting device, especially if you are switching from portables and buying your first desktop vape. Although offering intense heat of up to 380°F within no time, the aluminum coating keeps the outer body cold – though be careful touching the glass which can get hot as it is touching the heating element.

The only issue with Da Buddha is that you have to grind the herbs very fine, pack the wand with about quarter inch weed to get the best experience. Cleaning the vape is very easy, especially if you do it regularly. The overall unit is ideal in size and isn’t too heavy. All in all, the cons of the vape outweigh its pros, and it deserves a firm thumbs up.

  • Price: $190.00
  • Works with: Dry Herb
  • Key Features: great design, easy to clean, fast heat up

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

The Arizer V Tower is an ideal device for people who are on a budget but want to get a table top vaporizer. This is a simpler version of the Arizer Extreme Q, without a balloon bag option. It is a standard whip-style desktop vape that is based on 100% convection mechanism. The vapor quality is amazing, and the build of the unit is impressive.

The unit has the Arizer’s trademark vertical glass heating chamber, which not only gives it an elegant look but also offers better quality vapor. The nice big digital display gives you the temperature selection and lets you regulate it. A unique feature of the V tower is the potpourri bowl that can be used as an air freshener and eliminate any smell caused by your herbs. The stainless-steel body with some high-quality plastic parts is pretty study and is scratch resistant.

The secret behind the quality vapor is an innovative ceramic heating element and mostly glass component that the vapor travels through. Also, the V Tower has top notch internal semiconductors. However, it can take up to seven minutes to reach the higher temperature level. When we compare the Arizer V tower with another desktop vaporizer on the list, it seems to be lagging behind in terms of vapor quality. Also, it’s not the easiest vape to clean as you have to take the whole unit apart and then clean different parts separately. However, this is also the most reasonably priced vaporizer, costing the same as some of the high-end portable units. In other words, if you want to get desktop vaping experience at the cost of a portable vape, the Arizer V Tower is the way to go.

  • Price: $139.99
  • Works with: Dry Herb
  • Key Features: extremely economical, big digital display, easy to use, elegant

Life Saber Vaporizer

Life Saber Vaporizer

Another masterpiece by 7th floor, the Light Saber Vaporizer (LSV) is an interesting model. Just like the Plenty vaporizer, it is a handheld table top vaporizer that offers an insane amount of vapor and flavor from your botanicals.

The LSV has an all glass vapor path and ceramic heating chamber for crisp, clean vapor. Most other handheld desktop vaporizers have a small cord, which can be a pain in the neck, but the LSV’s 10 feet power cable lets you roam around the room freely with your vape.

One of the very few downsides to the LSV is that it offers a little too much heat, plus there is no digital display. There is just an analog knob that lets you control the temperature and setting it too high can result in combustion of the herbs. The device is very simple, easy to use, and easy to clean, and also the price is not that bad. The vapor quality is good, and the device is virtually unbreakable.

  • Price: $190.00
  • Works with: Dry Herb
  • Key Features: 10-feet long cord, Ceramic heating element, handmade all glass vapor path, sturdy build

How to Pick the Best Desktop Vaporizer?

You can pick any of the above units and rest assured that you will not be disappointed. However, if you want to learn more about the qualities of the best desktop vaporizer to make a knowledgeable decision, the rest of the guide has got you covered.

Types of Desktop Vaporizers

There are two major types of desktop vaporizers: whip-style desktop vaporizers and forced air desktop vaporizers aka balloon or bag vaporizers. Both of these have their particular pros and cons, so the first thing when you are buying a desktop vaporizer is to consider the type. Then there is a newly emerging type, known as the dual-action vaporizers, which is a hybrid of the two types.

Whip-Style Vaporizers

Ideal for people who are looking for a hassle-free, less technical, and comparatively affordable way of vaping their herbs, whip-style vaporizers use a piece of medical grade tube which we commonly referred to as whip. For better understanding, you can loosely correlate it to shisha or hookah regarding design the working of whip-style vaporizers is completely different.

The build of these vaporizers is pretty simple. It has two major parts, a heating element, and a whip. Furthermore, the whip has three key parts: the first one is the mouthpiece, they usually make it from glass, the second one is the tubing which they normally make from medical grade silicone, and the third is a wand that is usually a glass piece serving as a chamber to store the herbs.

An ideal whip vaporizer should have two major qualities. Firstly, it should allow hands-free vaping experience which you can achieve by using a ground glass wand. Secondly, it must have airtight seals to improve the overall vapor production and flavor.

Although many people think that whip vapes are the old-fashioned approach of vaping however many new models come with high-tech LCDs, cutting-edge technology, and precise temperature controls - improving performance and giving a modern look.

Forced Air Vaporizers or Balloon Vaporizers

These are the more common, more expensive, and more advanced type of desktop vaporizers. They utilize a fan that propels extremely hot air through the herbs. A balloon bag then collects vaporized herb vapor.

Some new desktop vaporizers below air directly into a whip attachment instead of the balloon bag, and let you inhale the vapor directly. These are called dual-function forced air vaporizers as they also contain a balloon bag. These vaporizers result in a perfect vapor stream which can be either inhaled directly through the whip or collected in a balloon bag.

Despite being the more expensive type, the balloon desktop vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular because of their vapor quality and ease of use. While most whip vaporizers offer a quick and simple way of vaping your herbs, however, they cannot match the vapor quality or quantity produced by their more advanced and Powerful counterparts i.e. forced air vapes.

Analog vs. Digital Desktop Vaporizers

We can also divide desktop vaporizers into two categories depending on the type of the mechanism they allow you to adjust and regulate the temperature.

Although several desktop vaporizers (such as the Volcano), have an analog temperature control system, these vaporizers are quickly becoming obsolete and replaced by the digital desktop vaporizers (such as the Volcano Digit). Likewise, most desktop vaporizers (again, such as Volcano) had markings on the analog dial that would tell you what temperature level you are choosing, some (like Baker Brothers and Silver Surfer) don't even have the markings, so you had to guess the temperature level. The digital desktop vaporizers take the guesswork out of the equation and allow you to precisely choose the exact temperature level you want to vape on.

Some of the latest digital desktop vaporizers show two different levels of temperature, one is the current temperature, and the other is set temperature. This gives you a clear idea of what temperature level you have set your vaporizer to and where it is currently at right now. So, you can have an idea when it will be ready for use.


If you have read out portable vaporizer guide, you might be wondering why we did not discuss the vapor quality, build quality, ease-of-use, and other such features of the desktop vaporizers? The answer is simple. Desktop vapes are a different kettle of fish. They all have nearly the same great vapor quality, build quality is also almost always great, and they are not portable of course. In short, while some units are better than others, but they all get full marks for all these features so discussing them would be a waste of time. In other words, you can choose any of the desktop vaporizers and rest assured to get the best of everything a vape can offer.

To get the best bang for your buck, keep three things in mind, your vaping needs/style, they type of vaporizer and cost effectiveness. We might not consider price as a huge factor when talking about other types, desktop units vary greatly in price and if you can get the same vaping experience from a $200 vape, spending an extra $300 isn’t wise unless you have a very good.

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    November 18, 2017 at 8:28 pm Reply

    “Although many people think that whip vapes are the old-fashioned approach of vaping however many new models come with high-tech LCDs, cutting-edge technology, and precise temperature controls – improving performance and giving a modern look.”

    Although many people think that whip vapes are the old-fashioned approach of vaping, many new models come with high-tech LCDs, cutting-edge technology, and precise controls improving performance and giving it a modern look.

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    February 25, 2018 at 8:47 am Reply

    I’ve had the Herbalizer for almost 4 years now and (with very minimal maintenance) this amazing device has worked flawlessly day in and day out. Without out a doubt, this was one of the best purchases I’ve made in my entire life.

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