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Weed Grinders Review

Weed grinders are often considered “just a nice to have” piece of equipment. However, many people don’t realize that a good grinder can exponentially improve your vaping experience.

Best Weed Grinders Review

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Without enough information on this topic, choosing the right grinder can be hard. This guide has all the information to help you find the ideal grinder for your needs.

The best weed grinder needs to have three main qualities:

  • Portability
  • Functionality
  • User friendliness

However, making a small yet powerful and easy to clean weed grinder is a challenge. In fact, only very few manufacturers have been able to meet it. Some brands do succeeded in making highly portable, good performing grinders. Furthermore, they also went the extra mile to fulfill the needs of vaping fans around the globe. Out of many dozens, three brands have managed to secure the three best weed grinders spots on our 2017 list. But before we talk about the best weed grinders, let me answer the question that I know you have in the back of your mind.

Do You Really Need a Weed Grinder?

In other words, is a weed grinder even worth the money?

Well, the short answer is an absolute yes. If you want to know the long answer, here it is.

Grinding increase the overall surface area of herbs. That way, more weed gets in contact with the heating element. It not only ensures a smooth flavor but also guarantees that you get more out of your herbs. Also, there are barely any leftovers or un-vaped herbs in the chamber. High-quality weed grinders cost a fair bit of money. However, you’ll be saving a lot more in terms of getting more vapor and more satisfaction out of the same amount of herb.

A good grinder will yield very finely ground herb. It will be small enough to offer a maximum surface area for vaping. On the other hand, it will be large enough to avoid passing through the screen of the vape.

You need to keep in mind some of the common problem with most weed grinders. First, they tend to accumulate the flowers on the blades as well as inside the grinder itself. As a result, this can be counterproductive. It can result in herbs going to waste. Moreover, it makes cleanup a tedious process.

3 Best Weed Grinders

SLX Weed Grinder

SLX Weed Grinder

It is available in four sleek finishes including charcoal, black, gold, and silver. They base this newfangled grinder on the latest technology for the best results. The minute you hold the package, you feel an air of sophistication and sturdiness.

The design is not only elegant but also very convenient to hold and use. You can use it even if your hands are sweaty or moist, thanks to the grip points on the upper lid. It features neodymium magnets. This ensure the lid doesn’t pop open accidentally while you’re working on your herbs.

The 7 Series aluminum is sturdier. Also, it is a more expensive machine as compared to the more commonly used 6 Series. However, this means that your SLX will serve you for a long time to come.

It comes in two different variants. The standard grinder is 2.4 inches in diameter, has 55 razor sharp teeth, and costs $59.99. The smaller version is 2 inches in diameter, has 27 teeth, and costs $49.99. For serious vapers, I recommend the standard version. With it, you get twice the performance for just $10 extra. However, you may vape cannabis once in a while. Therefore, you may want a more portable option, the pocket size version can be a decent choice.

All in all, the SLX grinder excels in every aspect. Therefore, it deserves to be the best weed grinder of the year. This is despite the comparatively high price tag.

Space Case Weed Grinder

Space Case Weed Grinder

Are you looking for the best weed grinder made inside the United States? You might want to take a look at the Space Case grinder. What sets this grinder apart is the high-quality materials they use.

The Space Case grinder is available in two different sizes, the two piece, and four piece grinders. Each of them comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. Their prices vary between $24.00 and $44.95, depending on the model and the retailer you buy from.

While both weed grinders do the job fairly well, we recommend the four piece in either medium or large size. There is a major difference between the two-piece and four-piece. It is that the four-piece also features a compartment for collecting kief. Also, it has sturdier crystal collecting screens.

The Space Case features unique, diamond-shaped teeth. This will ensure faster, smoother grinding, with zero unground material left. The build quality on this grinder is also amazing. In fact, this means that this can be your lifetime companion proper care. The Space grinder is comparatively more cost-efficient than the SLX. However, it offers nearly the same performance and pretty much the same build quality.

Santa Cruz Weed Shredder

Santa Cruz Weed Shredder

The Santa Cruz Shredder uses aluminum finish. This makes it more resilient against scratches, and tooth and thread damage. It is available in four sizes. This grinder is your life long partner in grinding your favorite herbs. Also, it is a highly durable grinder that lasts for a lifetime.

Costing $21.95 and up, the Santa Cruz is one of the more affordable weed grinders. The ground material might not look different than in the case of any other grinder. However, you’ll feel the difference when you vape it. The taste will be rich yet smooth, and there’s a secret behind it. The Santa Cruz has a unique mechanism to fluff up your flowers. How does it do it? We couldn’t figure out. But the fluffed-up herbs offer a peerless vaping experience.

Being a small to medium sized 4-piece grinder, it fits well in hand and also has a fairly sturdy build. It’s made of aluminum and the anodized finish gives it a sleek, modern look. Moreover, this makes the body scratch resistant.

There is another unique thing about the Santa Cruz. It has a three-chamber design interconnected through a series of openings. Therefore, it lets the ground herb to fall through. There is a fine, stainless steel mesh screen. As a result, even the finest ground particles will get through. What this means for you is more vapor and better taste.

A magnet and a unique threaded pattern joins the four pieces. This combination does a great job at keeping the lid secure during operation. In fact, when we first got the Santa Cruz, because of its teeth design, we feared a devastating malfunction. We’ve seen in many other weed grinders before. And that was grinding teeth getting damaged by cross-threading. But we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t the case. We have been using it for several weeks. So far, we haven’t yet heard the grudging sound produced by cross-threading.

The grinder is available in four different sizes: mini – 1⅝”, small – 2⅛”, large – 2¾” and jumbo 4″. My personal favorite is the large one. Jumbo might sound tempting. However, for me, it was a little too big to keep in a pocket, and it’s only available in the two-piece design.

There is only one reason that the Santa Cruz is third on our list. It is the comparatively harder cleaning process. You’ll have to use a cotton swab or brush to get the herbs stuck in the nooks of the teeth. In my opinion, the smaller ones will be harder to clean. However, they’re also the most affordable weed grinders available on the market.

Weed Grinders: Conclusion

If you’re a serious herb vaper, you should already have a grinder. And by any chance, if you haven’t, choose any of the top three weed grinders we’ve discussed above. You can thank us later. You’ll get an exponentially better taste from the same vape and the same herb. You’ll never want to go back to scissors or a generic cheap grinder again. Maybe you’re worried about the initial investment. Don’t worry. You’ll be saving a lot more in the long run in terms of better taste, more vapor, and more satisfaction.

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