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Hohm Tech Sherlock 20700
Hohm Tech Sherlock 20700
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  • 3,116 mah
  • 30.7 amp discharge rate
  • 40.6 amp max discharge rate

These flat-top cells from Hohm Tech are the perfect companions for a vaper.

They have over 3,000 mah per cell and are made to pow...

Golisi S32 IMR 20700 Battery
Golisi S32 IMR 2070
  • 800 charge cycles
  • 30 amp discharge current
  • 40 amp max discharge current
Vapcell NCR 20700
Vapcell NCR 20700 battery
  • 3,200 mah
  • 3.7 volts
  • Protected by warranty

#1 Hohm Tech Sherlock 20700

Flat Top Batteries

Max Discharge:


  • 3,116 mah
  • 30.7 amp discharge rate
  • 40.6 amp max discharge rate
  • Flat-top

These flat-top cells from Hohm Tech are the perfect companions for a vaper.

They have over 3,000 mah per cell and are made to power devices that consume a lot of power. These include high-wattage vapes.

Vapers who buy these batteries will get very dependable and long-lasting cells.

#2 Golisi S32 IMR 20700 Battery

Long Use Batteries

Max. voltage:


  • 800 charge cycles
  • 30 amp discharge current
  • 40 amp max discharge current

Do you need some batteries that can be recharged hundreds of times?

These batteries can be charged up to 800 times before they can no longer hold a charge. So with a pair of these in a vape, users can be entirely sure they will get plenty of vaping time and prolonged use from their batteries.

Also, these batteries are tested to ensure they will not leak or explode under extreme conditions.

#3 Vapcell NCR 20700

Warranty Protected Batteries



  • 3,200 mah
  • 3.7 volts
  • Protected by warranty

These 3,600 mah batteries are proven to last several hours, making them perfect for people who like using high-wattage vapes with super-low resistance coils.

Additionally, these batteries are covered by a warranty. They are valid for refund up to 45 days after being purchased. They can also be replaced within six months.

#4 The AWT IMR 20700

High-Capacity for High-Draining Devices

Maximum pulse discharge:
40 A
Nominal Voltage:
Weight :
50 g
70 mm
20 mm


  • 4200mAh capacity
  • Supports high-drainage devices
  • Comes in 2-pack

The AWT IMR is a flat-top cell that has a continuous discharge rate of 40A.

The Li-Ion battery has a low-voltage output of 3.7V, and it has an internal capacity of 4200mAh, which is a little larger than the typical 3000mAh.

The AWT IMR also has a continuous discharge rate of 35A and works well with high-wattage devices, both regulated and unregulated devices.

These cells (they come in a pack of two) are compatible with high-draining devices.

#5 40A Flat Top 3.7V Vape Battery

For High Wattage Vaping

Nominal Voltage:


  • 3,000 mah
  • 3.7 volts
  • 4.2 max voltage
  • 2.5 volt cut off

These are batteries well worth everyone’s attention.

They are 40 amp flat-top 3.7-volt batteries that last for an extensive period. They are best suited for box mods paired with high wattage and low resistance pre-made coils or custom-built wires. Depending on the device, these batteries can last well over a day.

Battery Capacity Price
#Hohm Tech Sherlock 20700 3,116 mAh $9,99
#2 Golisi S32 IMR 20700 Battery 3200mAh $29,50
#3 Vapcell NCR 20700 3200mAh $11,35
#4 The AWT IMR 20700 4200mAh $11.99
#5 40A Flat Top 3.7V Vape Battery 3000mAh $9,99

Everything You Should Know About 20700 Batteries

Batteries are essential elements for the smooth and safe operation of any vape mod.

  • The 18650 battery was the most common cell on the market at the time vapes started emerging.
  • Single-cell devices were the norm, but vapers wanted more power, so vape makers started making dual, triple, and even quad 18650 battery devices.
  • With 20700 and 21700 cells, though, a single battery is enough to power a high-wattage, high-drain device, be it regulated or unregulated.

Of course, these new battery types won’t work in those 18650 devices. Still, manufacturers have started to build mods around the parameters of the original cell type, while also including adapters so users can install their 18650 batteries as well.

How To Choose the Best 20700 Battery

Choosing the right battery for your rig is something only sub-ohm or mech mod vapers need to worry about. These are the only devices that have removable cells, and that require a lot of juice to work. Other vapes like pod mods or AIOs do not have those concerns as the battery you get in the device is the only one you get.

Important specifications to check:

  • Discharge rate
  • Voltage rate
  • Battery capacity
  • Peak voltage

The manufacturer is another important consideration. While a majority of brands make safe, reliable cells, the fact that a battery can be wrapped, or re-wrapped, means that some vendors can take low-quality, malfunctioning cells and cover them, so they look like new. Always buy from trusted vendors that have a good reputation.

What is the difference between 18650 and 20700?

18650s vs. 20700s

18650 batteries – “18650” refers to its dimensions 18mm x 65mm – were and still are the go-to cell for modern-day vape mods.

The capacity of each cell can vary, but the typical range is 2500mAh and 3000mAh. Because of their limited capabilities, high-drain, high-wattage devices typically require more than one cell to perform at an optimal level.

18650 batteries are also found in many everyday electronic devices like laptops, flashlights, power tools, and e-bikes.

21700s vs. 20700s

21700 batteries benefit from a larger size, which means that they have a higher power capacity for high-drain, heavy-duty electronics from power tools to electric cars, and even e-cigarettes.

The other benefit of a 21700 is that it can power smaller, more portable vape mods, so users are not burdened with heavy, ungainly vape mods that take two or three regular 18650 cells.

Are 20700 Batteries Safe?

Yes, these batteries are safe. However, there are precautions to take when using any battery. Do not use batteries with damaged wraps or that are warped or discolored. If they show these signs, throw them away in a designated place for discarded batteries and get a new one.

FAQ about 20700s

How long to charge 20700 battery?

Charging time for a cell like this depends on a lot of factors, like the battery’s capacity and the amperage of the charger you are using.

For a cell that has a capacity of 2500mAh and a charger that charges at 500mA/hour, charging time can take about three hours.

How long does a 20700 battery last?

A fully-charged 20700 cell can have various durations depending on usage. A single-cell in an unregulated mech mod can last for a few hours with heavy use, or last all day with light to moderate use.

How do you rewrap a vape battery?

A cell may need a new wrap if the original covering has a tear or other damage. This is dangerous given that the battery body may come in contact with a metal object that can lead to a short.

Re-wrapping a cell is not complicated and requires the following:

  • New battery wraps (PVC in sheet form or pre-rolled)
  • Ceramic-tipped tweezers
  • A heat source (usually a hairdryer will suffice)
  • Insulators


  1. First remove the original wrapping with their tweezers, and if they have pre-rolled tubes, they can slip it onto the cell.
  2. Once it is in place, users can blow hot air over the entirety of the battery, so it sticks to the body.
  3. Only apply as much heat as you need.

Using too much heat can melt the wrap. Before you meld the cover to the battery body, you can place an insulator on one end to keep the battery from leaking.

How many amps does a 20700 vape battery have?

Calculating the amperage of a battery can take many forms. You can use Ohm’s Law to determine the amperage you are drawing from a cell by using a formula with variables like:

  • Resistance
  • Voltage

To get the amperage of the cell, plug in the resistance of your coil and the voltage coming off of the battery, which will then give you the amperage.

Every 20700 battery has the nominal voltage written on the wrap. An IJoy battery, for example, can put out 40Amps.

For a sub-ohm coil build of around 0.5ohms, you can use the formula:

I = V/R

To find out the amps that the cell is outputting, by inputting both the resistance and the voltage you are vaping at, which, for this example, can be 10.5V, which would give you 10.5/0.5=21A.

Where can I get a battery charger that works with IJoy 20700?

You can buy a charger for your IJoy 20700 batteries directly from IJoy, as well as any reputable vape supply store or online retailer.

How low can you build with a 20700 battery?

The lowest resistance possible to use in conjunction with a 21700 battery depends on what Ohm’s law has to say for unregulated mods.

Regulated mods use a different formula. Watts’ law determines how low a build can be in terms of wattage.

If you have variables like the amperage and voltage, then you can also use Ohms law to calculate the appropriate resistance for your builds.

What is the continuous output on an Ijoy 20700 battery?

For an IJoy battery that has a max discharge current of 20A and a low-voltage output of 3.7V, the cell can match the high-wattage output of the attached mod. A 220W mod, for example, can output 3.7V but not for long as the battery will lose power immediately, even after only a few puffs.

When using a high-wattage, high-drain device, it is best to vape at lower wattages to conserve battery power and to not overtax the battery.

A 20700 battery with a continuous discharge of 40A can output for an extended period, even within the 65-80W range.

How many volts does a 20700 battery put on mech mod?

A 20700 cell has a working voltage range between 2.75V and 4.2V, which lowers after the device is in use.

A typical 20700 battery has a nominal or average voltage output of 3.7V, much like the cells listed here.

What is the best 20700 battery?

There are many variations of battery brand but the most trusted brands – that is, the brands that manufacture their proprietary batteries rather than re-wrap cells from battery makers – are LG, Samsung, and Sony.

Other brands take these batteries and wrap them in their label, which is a common practice, but just make sure that they come from a reputable site that sells authentic batteries, not knock-offs.

Can I Use 20700 Vape Batteries Instead of 18650s?

It depends on the device. For example, some vapes that use the 18650s are compatible with 20700 and 21700s. Read the specifications to make sure the device is compatible with both batteries.

Final Words

Have you used a 20700 mod, regulated or unregulated? Have you noticed a difference between using dual or triple 18650 devices and a single 20700 mod? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

20700 batteries are relatively new in the vaping field, but they seem to be the way of the future. The simple reason is that you can get more – power, performance, battery life – from a single 20700 cell than two or three, or four 18650 cells. This energy efficiency also means that users can vape on high-powered mods that are smaller and more portable in size than the traditional and hefty triple-18650 device.

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