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Robusto E Puffer D1500 E-Cigar
10/10 icon-question
  • Gives up to 1500 puffs or 180 minutes of battery time
  • Authentic feel and look
  • Thick ring gauge is 50

Nothing beats the effect of chomping on a cigar while puffing away. The makers of the Robusto D1500 electronic cigar disposable realize t...

Slim EPuffer D500 Disposable E-Cigar
  • Slim mini e-cigar profile with 32 ring gauge
  • Four nicotine levels
  • Lightweight at only 25mg
E-Puffer 1800 Churchill Disposable
  • Lasts 1800 puffs or the equivalent of 10 to 12 cigars
  • Comes in 1.2mg, 0.6mg or 0mg nicotine levels
  • Ring gauge is 48

Top 5 electronic cigar in 2023

1. Robusto E Puffer D1500 E-Cigar

Even better than the real thing

10/10 icon-question Review score

Nothing beats the effect of chomping on a cigar while puffing away. The makers of the Robusto D1500 electronic cigar disposable realize this. The cork tip of the product is soft enough to bite down on. It is also sturdy enough to last.
It has a very authentic Cuban tobacco taste with a slight sweetness to smooth it out. The authentic feel of the paper wrapper, the original band, and the red LED ash simulation all add to the realism. Even a few primer puffs are required to get the vapor going to feel real.
The D1500 name means that it can give up to 1500 puffs on average. That is the equivalent of 8 to 10 cigars in real-time that equals around 180 minutes.

Battery Life = 1500 puffs or 180 minutes


  • It is tobacco-free and has no harmful carcinogenic ingredients
  • It gives such a vaping experience, like you smoke a real Cuban cigar
  • Longest e-cigar on the market
  • Available in 24mg, 12mg or 0mg for nicotine-free e-cigar


  • Only comes in one flavor juice
  • No return policy

2. Slim EPuffer D500 Disposable E-Cigar

A mini e-cigar for those that like a slim Cuban

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

This D500 mini e-cigar is there to replace the-cigarillo. Just like the other EPuffer electronic cigars, the D500 looks and feels like the real thing. A 32 ring gauge is just about the same as other regular mini cigars.
With the option for an electronic cigar no nicotine, this is an excellent option for those that are not looking for a hard nicotine hit. Just as most cigarillo smokers are, it does also come in 24mg, 20mg, and 12mg nicotine levels for those that want some throat hit.
It is a smaller Cubana electronic product, so it does not get as many puffs as the other versions from EPuffer. This one maxes out at 500 puffs. That is the equivalent of 5 or 6 traditional cigars.

Battery Life = 500 puffs


  • It lasts for 1200 puffs or 180 minutes of vaping
  • It gives very strong hits and thick vapor
  • Nice variety of nicotine levels
  • Realistic feel and look


  • Only comes in one tobacco flavor

3. E-Puffer 1800 Churchill Disposable

Look like a statesman with this premium e-cigar

10/10 icon-question Review score

The paper wrapping gives the electronic cigar a traditional look. With the band closely resembling the-cigars that Winston Churchill used to smoke, it provides an air of respectability and class. Even the tip glows like the ash from a traditional cigar.
It looks authentic to a casual observer. The lack of smell would be the only thing to give it away.
The flavor of the products is highly reminiscent of a premium Cuban cigar.
At 1800 puffs, it is the equivalent of ten regular cigars. It is very economical compared to a real Cuban that costs as much for one as the entire e-cigar kit.
Even the most ardent cigar aficionado must admit that this disposable e-cigar is a great deal.
Battery Life = 1800 puffs


  • Very long-lasting
  • Great affordable price
  • Looks like a real cigar
  • Comes fully charged


  • Only comes in one flavor

E-cigar vs. Traditional Cigars: Benefits and Drawbacks

Switching from a traditional to a premium e-cigar will take some time. The experience will not be the same. With an open mind, vaping an electronic cigar can be enjoyable.
Here are some reasons to switch to an e-cigar:

Less expensive

The initial outlay of cash for an e-cigar is about what one might pay for a premium cigar from a smoke shop. After that, there is only the cost of the vape juice.
Switching to an e-cigar is much less expensive over the long term.

Less offensive

Many non-cigar smokers dislike the smell of the smoke. An e-cigar has far less of an odor. The odor also dissipates quickly.
Even cigar lovers do not love the lingering smell of smoke in their hair and clothes. Vaping an e-cigar will not leave the smoker or the bystander with offensive odors.

Great for a quick puff

Smoking a traditional cigar can sometimes take hours. For just a few puffs, it is hardly worth it to light one up. Electronic cigarettes are ready at a moment’s notice. Puff a couple of vapes and put them away, or puff away for the entire evening. There is more flexibility when vaping an e-cigar refillable.

No nicotine

There are nicotine-free e-cigarettes which are not a possibility with cigars. Those looking to cut back on nicotine can wean off it by switching to a refillable e-cigar.

No need for an electronic cigar humidifier

Keeping cigars fresh has always been a challenge. With an e-cigar, there is no need to make sure you are storing it in specific conditions. An electronic cigar humidor cabinet can be quite expensive, which can also fit under the less expensive category.

There are also drawbacks:

No ritual

Searching through an electronic cigar humidifier is part of the appeal. People like the act from start to finish.
The ritual aspect is missing when vaping a refillable e-cigar. It is quite a bit different and requires an adjustment period.

Battery life

Battery life in rechargeable e-cigars is usually quite good. If recharging gets forgotten, then that means it is not vapable. That is not the case with real cigars. All that is needed to indulge is a match.
If the e-cigar is kept charged, then this is not an issue.

Tips on How to Pick the Best E-cigar

Choosing an e-cigar is not as complicated as an electronic cigar. There are not as many brands to choose from. There are some things to look for to help determine, however.
Here is a short guide to help evaluate a good e-cigar:

  • The Draw – Look for a thick, milky vape to replace the same effect as smoking a rich cigar. The mouthfeel should feel the same when puffing, or it will not help to make the switch.
  • Flavor – Whether an e-cigar has good flavor is very subjective. It should taste authentic, however. Even the flavored ones, like a swisher e-cigar, should taste as faithful to the original as possible. Other flavors can be had that would not typically be found in traditional cigars.
  • Puff Potential – Enjoying a cigar usually means puffing away for a long time. An electronic cigar should be no different. Look for how many puffs to expect. This is often clearly labeled.
  • Electronic cigar disposable or rechargeable – As a matter of convenience, it is possible to buy electronic cigars that have a set amount of puffs and then are thrown away after. The battery version can be recharged and used for years.

How to Use E-Cigar

    Vaping an e-cigar is a similar experience to smoking a cigar. Typically, a cigar is puffed, and the smoke is drawn only into the mouth. Very little smoke is inhaled.

  • Mouth-to-lung vaping is similar. The difference is that the vapor is inhaled after drawing it into the mouth. Most cigar smokers would not do that.
  • With the right e-liquid and device, the draw should feel vibrant and full, like a traditional cigar. Depending on the nicotine strength, it can feel just as harsh when inhaling as with a conventional.
  • Nicotine strength is something to consider when purchasing an initial e-cigar. More nicotine is inhaled through vapor when doing mouth-to-lung. Some nicotine is absorbed through the mouth when smoking a traditional cigar. This is far less than through vaping, however.
  • Many electronic cigars do not have any buttons, such as the Apollo. Puffing activates the battery by detecting negative airflow.
  • Filling them with e-liquid usually involves detaching the battery by pulling it off the cartomizer. The process is the same as filling an e-cigarette.
  • Many e-cigarettes do not have LED lights to alert the user that a battery is low. Charging once per day is usually enough to keep it fully charged.


E-cigars are not just for traditional aficionados. Using any juice will personalize the e-cigar. Flavored electronic cigarette flavors work equally well.
The design and feel of smoking a fat stogie are enough to appeal for some. With the right e-liquid, it can be very similar to the experience of a real cigarette. It can now be brought to places where a traditional one would not be appropriate.
For it to be the best e-cigar may not blow huge clouds. It should, however, be easy to use and satisfy the most ardent vaper, such as the premium e-cigars in the list above.
Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Published: September 22, 2017 Updated: May 15, 2023



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