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Wotofo Vape Tool Kit
Wotofo Vape Tool Kit
10/10 icon-question
  • High-quality build materials
  • Comes in a waterproof case
  • Seven tools in total

The Wotofo Vape Tool kit is a well-stocked tool kit for DIY vapers that covers you from wrapping to mounting your coils. The kit comes in...

Coiland RBA Build Tool Kit
Coiland RBA Build Tool Kit
  • More accessories than other kits
  • Padded zip-up case
  • Cleaning implements
Wotofo Building Mat
Wotofo Building Mat
  • Rubber backing
  • Anti-fraying edges
  • Waterproof material

The Best Vape Coil Building Kits

The selection of best vape accessories for building coils here ranges from tricked out to bare bones, and everything in between. Depending on what they contain and how much they have, these kits will be ideal for starters (if it has everything) or experienced builders who need a backup or travel kit (if they have only a few items).

#1 Wotofo Vape Tool Kit

A Tool Kit for Expert Hands

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Wotofo Vape Tool kit is a well-stocked tool kit for DIY vapers that covers you from wrapping to mounting your coils. The kit comes in a waterproof protective casing and is made to be taken on the go with its hard-shell exterior. The complete kit includes a 4-in-1 screwdriver compatible with four screw heads, along with two types of tweezers and two coil jigs to test out your newly-wrapped coils.


  • Covers all your building needs (cutting, snips, tweezers, jigs)
  • Conveniently packaged
  • Well-made tools from high-quality materials
  • Elastic straps secure all your tools in place


  • No cleaning tools or materials

#2 Coiland RBA Build Tool Kit

An Everything-You-Need Kit For Rebuildables

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Coiland RBA Build Tool Kit is a go-to kit for beginners and veteran builders who want standard tools, and cleaning materials complement. The Coiland hits all the marks with its kit that includes almost two of everything, such as tweezers, jigs, and cutters. You will also find a few cleaning materials, such as cleaning cloths and a brass brush. There is also a small bottle opener included in a zip-up case.


  • Includes more than just building tools
  • Tools hand-crafted from well-made materials
  • The eight-tipped screwdriver has more options than others
  • Two jigs to measure all coil types


  • No build accessories (cotton, wire)

#3 Wotofo Building Mat

A Clean, Soft Surface to Build

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Wotofo Building mat is made of super-fine fibers weaved together to create a clean, non-slip multi-purpose mat. The rug measures about 350mm in width and is almost 3mm thick, providing a good balance between softness and portability. The backside of the mat has a non-slip texture that ensures it will stay in place wherever you lay it down. The mat has such a fine texture that you can use it as a mouse pad for PC gaming.


  • Good surface area for all different types of actions
  • Soft, padded texture
  • 3-inch thickness, perfect for holding everything
  • Durable, long-lasting material


  • Non-washable

#4 Coiland 3-in-1 Bottle Cap Opening Tool

The Tool You Always Wish You Had

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Coiland 3-in-1 Bottle Cap Opening Tool answers the question of what tool you want most that you don’t have yet since a bottle opening tool is one thing you do not always think about. You think opening vape juice bottles is easy, but the caps can become challenging to open after multiple uses with sticky fingers. Throw in the child-proof designs, and it becomes impossible with your bare hands. That’s why the Coiland tool is precisely what you need since it can help open all three types of vape juice bottles 10ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles.


  • Helps you open all types of bottles
  • Made from durable material
  • Simple slide-n-pull action
  • The versatility of the tool


  • Texture can get sticky

#5 Vapor Tech Kanthal Wire

High-Quality Wire in Six Gauges

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Vapor Tech Kanthal Wire comes in a 30 ft. spool available in several gauges for vapers to use with several types of builds. The wire works best for high-wattage and mechanical mods and works well with RBAs and RDAs. The available gauges for the wire include 22G, 24G, 26G, 28G, 30G, and 32G.


  • Available in six gauges for different resistances
  • Good length for the price
  • Versatile and long-lasting
  • Accurate readings from every build


  • 30 ft. length could be longer

#6 Cotton Bacon

Refined Wicking Material

8/10 icon-question Review score

Cotton Bacon is one of the best wicking materials for your rebuildable atomizer, as it uses a refined cotton blend that is more absorbent than standard cotton. The Cotton Bacon formulation also lasts longer than regular cotton blends so that you can keep enjoying the quick-acting absorption of their favorite e-juices.


  • Best for low sub-ohm resistances
  • Best for high-wattage devices
  • Great for high-VG-juices
  • Also works well for MTL juices


  • A bit more expensive than regular cotton

#7 Plato Model 170 Flush Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters that will Last a Lifetime

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Plato Model 170 Flush Wire Cutters are a lifetime-guaranteed product with bright, blue cushioned handles for maximum comfort. The wire cutters have a Plato blade shear design that cuts precisely and with little effort. If you need an extra push, a spring is hidden in the handles that can add extra pressure when needed.

Best Coil Building Kits of 2022

Category Coil Building Kit Price
Best Vape Coil Kit on the Market Coil Master DIY Kit V3 $48.95
Best All in One Coil Building Kit The Wotofo Vape Tool Kit $29.99
Best Mini Coil Building Kit Coil Master Build Kit DIY Mini $ 19.99
Best Vape Tool Kit with Free Shipping VaporFi Coil Kit $36.99
Best Kit for Different Levels of Users Vandy Vape Fundamental Tool Kit Pro $18.00

What is coil building?

Coil building is what some vaping hobbyists do to vape rather than using pre-made, pre-wrapped coils for high-wattage, sub-ohm devices. Coil building involves using a specific coil wire (nickel, kanthal, titanium) of a particular gauge (or diameter) wrapped around a certain amount of times to reach a preferred resistance. This resistance is often sub-ohm since DIY coil builders usually make their own coils to reach resistances lower than those available commercially-made coils for sub-ohm devices.

Coil builders wrapped their coils according to their preferences and then use a wicking material to thread through the openings to complete the coil. The wicking material is to soak up the e-juice, which is then heated by the coils to create sub-ohm vapor. Coil builders experiment in many different ways, so they need various materials.

Coil Building Kits, Explained

Coil building kits include essential tools like

  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Flush-cutters
  • Coil jigs (to wrap coils)

Vapers who want to make their coils and wick them with their preferred material most need a building kit.

Vapers who use sub-ohm tanks with stock coils need not bother. If sub-ohm vapers or vapers with a few years of experience vaping want to make the jump to wrapping and mounting their coil builds, they’ll need one of these kits.

The tools mentioned above are essentials, as vapers need them to

  • Wrap their coils
  • Trim the leads
  • Cut the wicking material
  • Strum their built coils to find hotspots

Coil building kits can also include nonessential or supplementary things like

  • Cotton pads
  • Tabs to measure ohms and dry-fire
  • Wire spools

A well-stocked and generous kit may include the above, but they are also available on their own, so they are not often found in some packages.

How to Use a Vape Coil Kit

All the tools in a coil-building kit have a specific function. There is a consensus on what role each device has, but builders have particular views about what is right and wrong.

A quick breakdown:

  • Pliers: Pliers are just a useful tool to have, but many vapers find they work well to clamp down wires, thread coils, and cut wires as well
  • Tweezers: All-metal tweezers are standard, but coil building kits include ceramic-tipped tweezers as ceramic does not conduct electricity, thereby making them safer when working with live wires, or when trying to find hotspots
  • Flush cutters: A favorite tool among builders, flush cutters are perfect for trimming leads that are too long and are often too hard to get to with other tools
  • Screwdrivers: Again, screwdrivers are typical households tools, but for vapers, screwdrivers are essential in securing leads and clamps
    Scissors: another essential item, scissors, especially smaller, and foldable ones, are crucial for snipping wick ends, and sizing up the length of wick material

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best coil material?

The best coil material depends on what kind of vaping you prefer. Many people who vape in high wattages use Kanthal wire since it is safe and dependable. Still, it only works for temperature control, so kanthal is not a favorite. But nickel, titanium, and stainless steel all work for temperature control but have a different experience when vaped with wattage control. It all depends on what kind of vape you are looking for since there are many combinations and materials.

What is the best coil build for flavor?

If you want a coil build that pushes flavor, you can try a high-grade metal like titanium or fused Clapton made of stainless steel that can give you a cleaner, more even heating surface. These metals also fire instantly, so it burns fast but not so fast that you can’t savor all the flavor.

What coil build is best for big clouds?

The best coil build for clouds is anything sub-ohm, and you can go as low as 0.6 or 0.7 on some self-made coils.

Which is better: ceramic or quartz coil?

Ceramic and quartz are used as heating elements for concentrates pens, but they are heat-resistant and absorb heat well. As for the best material to vape, it depends more on the heating style and coil build. Ceramics is better if the coil is a flat disc and heats up slowly. But if the heating element consists of quartz rods with metal wire, then quartz is the best material.

What is the best TPP coil?

The best TPP coils have the lowest resistance, such as the DM1 and DM2 coils, which have two vaping ranges from 65-75 and 45-55W.

What coil is best for salt Nic?

The best coil for salt nic e-juices is above ohm, which ranks above 1.0 ohms. The wire is often made from kanthal or stainless steel, but anything 1.0ohm or higher is suitable for nicotine salts.

Do lower ohms give bigger clouds?

Yes, lower ohms or lower resistances create more clouds because they cannot resist the electric current the battery sends through the coils, hence low resistance. This principle of electricity is why many DIY vapers started to build their coils because commercially-made coils did not go low enough.

What's the difference between 0.6 and 0.8 coils?

The difference between these two coils is that the 0.6-ohm coil is more compatible with freebase and high-VG e-juices, while the 0.8-ohm coil works better with nicotine salts and low-wattage devices.

Vape Coil Kits: Where Have You Been All My Life?

A coil-building kit is an integral part of becoming a coil builder. The DIY elements of vaping are a considerable draw for tinkerers, gear-heads, and anyone who likes working with their hands. Coil-building kits make it possible for them to customize their vape down to the wire and wick material, as well as how many wraps to give it and how much resistance to give it.

The kits here are a mixed bag of well-supplied mega-kits with everything a person needs in one case, to the bare bones packages that have only the basics, but still, there are kits here for every skill and experience level.

Published: July 22, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2023



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