CBD Oil Near Me Locator: Find a CBD Oil Store

Finding where to buy cannabidiol oil is no easy task. Hundreds of brands and manufacturers have different standards, quality assurance controls, and extraction methods. No two CBD products or brands are the same. The following is the full CBD oil near me locator and a quick guide for new users to find out where to buy CBD oil near them and the different qualities and ingredients they should look for or avoid.

There are so many product categories and uses that it can become overwhelming for someone to choose CBD oil near me for sale. With such a large market, users should arm themselves with the proper knowledge to find the best CBD oil for pain and other uses. The following is a quick guide for new users to find where to buy CBD oil near them and the different qualities and ingredients they should look for or avoid.

What Is CBD Good For?

The phytocannabinoid known as CBD (short for cannabidiol) has many uses and applications that range from being an:

  • Anti-oxylitic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant

These are also the three main conditions that users of CBD want to treat or alleviate with hemp extract. Although derived from hemp plants, cannabidiol has no intoxicating properties. Cannabidiol is not like THC, which is another type of cannabidiol found in the marijuana plant. Users of CBD do not feel “high,” nor do they experience any other kind of feeling using all-natural.
Because it has no intoxicating properties, cannabidiol is legal throughout the US. No CBD product, like CBD oil, can have more than trace amounts of THC – the legal limit is 0.3% – in its composition. To guarantee that goods meet legal requirements and contain accurate amounts of the labeled concentration, many manufacturers perform third-party testing on their products to verify their quality and safety.

What Will I Feel When I Take CBD?

The effects of CBD vary from user to user. Effects also depend on whether a person takes cannabidiol, like inflammation, pain relief, or muscle or joint issues. However, they could also be using it to improve their overall health and well-being. Concentration, purity, and ingredients also play a factor in what users experience with hemp extract.

What users will not experience is a “high”. All legal CBD goods must have no more than 0.3% THC in their composition, which makers take pains to share with consumers (third-party testing). Manufacturers also post lab results that show accurate readings of CBD concentrations and the absence of other harmful chemicals, bacteria, or pesticides.

The Differences Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

One common ingredient you’ll find on most ingredients lists is hemp seed oil. Although hemp extract may sound like it is CBD, it is not. CBD oil is taken from the hemp plant’s raw plant material (stalks, leaves, flowers). The material is subjected to various forms of extraction, which can include:

  • C02-extraction (the most common industry practice)
  • Ethanol or alcohol extraction (also commonly used, but less so)
  • Cold-pressed (how hemp seed oil is obtained)

Cannabis seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is processed to produce oil, like any other seed, from grape seeds to sunflower oil. The chemical composition of cannabidiol makes it difficult to ingest alone. Therefore, manufacturers often add a fatty substance, like oil. It makes hemp extract more bioavailable, so it does not degrade when being ingested.

Even though hemp seed extract is not CBD, it does have its benefits. For example, it contains portions of so-called good cholesterol – HDL (High-Density-Lipoproteins). So it can also improve cardiovascular health. CBD, of course, has its own set of benefits, but they are much more far-reaching than hemp seed extract alone.

So Where to Buy CBD Oil?

They are numerous retail outlets that sell CBD spread throughout the US. If you are looking for high-quality CBD in your area, you should first understand what the laws and regulations in your state say. After, you can browse the online websites of CBD brands. They often include a Store Locator feature to find a retailer near you that carries that specific brand.

When you have checked several sites, you can get an idea of where to get them. It is often best to get high-quality CBD from retailers who only sell CBD or other natural products. Getting CBD at big-box stores or non-CBD-related outlets is alright if you know what you are getting. But if you are a first-time buyer, try going with a place that can help you make the right decision.

Buying CBD Locally vs. Online

Users can buy CBD locally at various locations. Whether health-food stores, big-box retailers, or even certain drug stores. They can also buy their goods online directly from the manufacturer if they want to choose from a specific brand or company. The advantages to buying online versus buying at a brick-and-mortar operation are many.

Users have a much more comprehensive range of products to choose from when buying online instead of the limited selection some retailers might carry. Buying online also means that users have access to more information about the product. It is info about lab tests, ingredients lists, and usage instructions. A retail store may not have as much information for each product in its inventory. And also not have any knowledgeable staff on hand to help customers choose a specific product.

However, if buying from a dedicated CBD retailer, there could be an advantage in giving customers a more personalized experience and having more knowledge about a particular brand or company. Customers could also save on shipping and delivery costs. By buying from a local retailer, users also have an easier time returning or exchanging items.

Choosing the Best Online Store to Buy CBD Oil

There’s a difference between buying cannabidiol online directly and buying from a CBD retailer with many different products. Buying from a particular brand limits options, while buying from a general retailer gives customers more variety when choosing a specific brand or company.

A couple of things to look out for when buying hemp extract online:

  • Dedicated CBD Company – a company that offers other types of supplements or goods may not pay attention to quality or safety and not guarantee its customers things like lab results or all-natural ingredients.
  • Transparency and information – any cannabidiol brand that is unwilling to disclose how it makes its products and ingredients should not be trusted, especially since companies have misled consumers about their goods.
  • Wide Product Range – cannabidiol is a versatile substance and can be added to almost any product, including edibles, vape pens, oils, tinctures, and even sprays. A company that gives its customers a lot of products to experiment with is aware that people are more comfortable with certain products (capsules, tinctures) than others (vape pens, CBD-dominant dry herb).

Well-Reviewed and Highly Praised – testimonials are a powerful way to create brand awareness and build trust with new customers. Any company with the most positive reviews from previous customers knows how to treat its customers.

The Most Trustworthy CBD Oil Brands

CBD oil brands need to gain the trust of their customers since cannabidiol is a new product and unfamiliar to many. In addition, the fact that it is associated with cannabis and marijuana can be off-putting to some. So cannabidiol companies work hard to assure their customers that the compound is non-toxic, non-addicting, and has many potential benefits.


CBDFx is a California-based cannabis company that has been in business for over ten years. It has been a leader in creating high-quality CBD products. The company uses C02- extraction to produce its wide range of cannabidiol goods. It spans different product categories, from oils and tinctures to edibles, creams, and other topicals.

The brand also ensures the quality and safety of its products with third-party lab testing. It screens for harmful chemicals and whether there is an accurate amount of cannabidiol in each product. In addition, customers can browse the company’s online store. They can find many CBDFx goods in dispensaries and other CBD-based stores or retailers.

Gold Bee

Gold Bee is a CBD company that recognizes the benefits inherent in the cannabis compound. It works to provide its customers with those benefits via various products. The company was founded to offer a natural, health-promoting product that is organic and non-toxic with no synthetic ingredients.

The company has a wide range of products. It runs the gamut, from oils and edibles to capsules and even goods for dogs and cats. The brand guarantees they are free of THC. Also, it has all been lab-tested and certified by third-party laboratories. Gold Bee also uses organically grown hemp sourced from the US.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is another California-based company. The brand sees its mission as providing the highest-quality CBD to its customers through a select line of premium goods. The company begins every item within its wide range of products with organically grown hemp plants sourced from California.

All its products are made with full-spectrum cannabidiol. It has been extracted using C02-extraction. Every Royal CBD product also guarantees that it has been lab-tested and certified to contain the stated amount of hemp extract. It also contains no other artificial ingredients like sweeteners or non-organic chemicals.

Legality of CBD

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized cannabidiol and other hemp extract products. In addition, it decriminalized the production and cultivation of hemp. However, a crucial section of the Farm Bill states that all hemp goods sold in the US must contain less than 0.3% of detectable THC, the intoxicating chemical found in marijuana.

Other restrictions vary from state to state, but CBD is legal at the federal level. Some states outright ban any hemp-derived product from being made or sold in the state. Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas are among them. But there are many more states to add to this list.

Some other states have very particular laws about hemp extract. For example, some states do not allow edible hemp-derived products or prohibit the sale of any cannabidiol product to anyone under the age of 18. Still, other states do not let all retailers carry CBD goods. Only registered and approved retailers must sell it.

What Should I Look For When Buying CBD?

There are many things users should be aware of when buying CBD. First, not every CBD product is made alike. Differences in cultivation, sourcing, processing and extraction methods among all the CBD companies out there mean that every CBD product is unique and of varying quality. One key distinction that all first-time buyers should know about is the differences between all the cannabinoids.

Over 100 different cannabinoids are present in hemp plants, even without counting the other substances in hemp like terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural elements. CBD is only one of them. But there are others, and their presence (or absence) means different things for a CBD product. CBD divide into two categories:

  1. Full-spectrum is a product primarily CBD but contains other substances common to hemp like terpenes. It may contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids, including THC.
  2. Broad-spectrum – a product that contains primarily CBD, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes, but with a marked absence of THC.

Even though it may not seem like there is much difference between the two, knowing the difference between CBD can be crucial. So you know what to expect. If you are someone who needs to be drug-tested regularly, knowing that there are trace elements of THC in your CBD product is important. This is why you would choose broad-spectrum over full-spectrum.

How Do I Avoid THC When Using CBD

Another way to avoid the possibility of introducing THC into your body when taking CBD is to use CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a different type of product. It is not an oil but often comes in either powder or crystalline form. CBD isolate is cannabidiol that has been chemically separated from all other hemp extracts, which means it has no traces of THC.

But that means it also has no other beneficial cannabinoids or terpenes. This could matter to some or not. It depends on the user. Having a full-spectrum CBD product is beneficial for some, and having CBD isolate is preferred by others. There are some who argue that having a full-spectrum product offers more advantages. But CBD by itself can also be helpful.

Another Important Place to Look

Apart from telling what type of CBD you are buying, you should also pay close attention to the product’s ingredient list. For basic products like CBD oil, ingredients lists should have less than three products (the CBD, the carrier oil, and flavorings, if applicable). Other goods may have more ingredients based on their format.

CBD gummies will have ingredients found in all gummies like sugars, flavorings, and extracts. However, some brands eschew using artificial ingredients and promote themselves as having gluten-free or vegan-friendly options.

Again, there are so many different companies and options that you can choose what’s best for you based on your preferences. If you want to try vegan products, then try them. If you’re going to use more standard products with artificial ingredients and flavorings, that is your choice.

Using CBD Products

Every CBD product will have its usage instructions. But they all typically vary across different product categories. Some are versatile – like oil or tinctures – while others are more specific – edibles or beauty products. The way you use your products depends on what format they come in. If you have an oil, for example, you can take it:

  • Sublingually (under the tongue) or orally (swallowing a few drops)
  • With food or drinks
  • During food preparation

Other CBD products have their specific ingestion methods. For example, users must eat gummies or other edibles. The same goes for drinkable products like water, coffee, or juice mixes. Other goods like creams and salves are used topically (rubbed on the skin) but on many different parts of the body (joints, back, neck, knees).

Sourcing and Third-Party Testing of CBD oils

Transparency is an important part of the CBD industry. Since it is a novel product and has associations with something illegal, people are justifiably worried and interested in the provenance of their CBD. They want to know where it comes from, what’s in it, and what effects it will have.

For transparency, many companies disclose where they source their hemp plants, but not all do. The most popular places where hemp is grown include states like Colorado and Kentucky, where the cultivation of hemp has a long history. Other popular places include European farms. They have much higher standards than some farms stateside.

Testing is another important aspect of the CBD industry. Manufacturers want to assure their customers that their goods are safe and legal. This is why many of them invest heavily in testing. However, not standard industry practice, including crucial information about a CBD product is common.

Third-party testing by independent labs look for many things like:

  • The correct concentration of the product
  • The accurate concentration of the CBD
  • The presence of any harmful chemicals
  • The presence of things like mould, bacteria or pesticides

FAQ about CBD

Does CBD have health risks?

There are no known risks to using CBD, but you should still ask your doctor or healthcare professional if you have a serious condition. CBD is not a medication unless it is one of only a few hemp-derived medications available for specific conditions. In addition, CBD is safe as it is non-toxic and non-habit-forming. So there is little chance of getting hurt from using it.

Is there CBD oil delivery near me?

To check if there is a CBD oil delivery service near you, check to make sure there are CBD retailers nearby. If there are, they may offer delivery of CBD goods. You can also have CBD delivered to you if you order it online, but it may take time to reach you.

Can you get a prescription for CBD oil from your doctor?

No doctors will prescribe CBD as it is not a medication requiring a doctor’s prescription. You can and should consult with your doctor before taking CBD. It is important if you plan to use it to treat specific conditions like arthritis or back pain. You should never replace a prescribed medicine with CBD unless your doctor has permitted you to do so.

Does Walmart carry CBD oil near me?

You should check with the Walmart nearest you to see if they carry CBD products. In addition, many big-box retailers carry hemp goods, although their selection and quality vary.


After CBD became legal at the federal level, many businesses entered the market offering unique takes on hemp extract. Because of its versatility and abundance, producers have introduced various hemp-derived goods that appeal to many consumers. As a result, hemp extract has become so widely available that even big-box retailers and other stores carry several product types.

In states where all cannabis products are legal, including recreational marijuana, there is also the possibility to buy CBD goods at local dispensaries and other cannabis-based businesses. People interested in hemp extract have various options to find a suitable product for their needs and many different locations to buy from.


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