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Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules High Potency
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  • Three separate strengths and two different quantities
  • Lab-tested to ensure no-THC content

Hemp Bombs could be a cute name for these CBD soft-gel tablets from Hemp Bombs, the company. The tablets contain 25mg of CBD. Hemp Bombs ...

CBDFx Gel Capsules
  • Ingredients: MCT oil, full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Blended with MCT oil to make it more bioavailable
Cycling Frog CBD
  • Choice of 4 or 20 tablets
  • No GMOs and made in the USA

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The Best CBD Capsules

CBD capsules offer users a familiar way to take the hemp without vaping it or measuring out drops to get the right dosage. These gel products contain only the essential ingredient (no THC) and other oils to make the substance more bioavailable (more of the compound enters the body).

Our reviews will discuss some drawbacks to taking CBD products in tablet form over vaping it or taking drops. But, for now, the following are the best CBD pills that we have tried and tested.

#1 Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules High Potency

Perfect for Focus and Sleeping

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Hemp Bombs could be a cute name for these CBD soft-gel tablets from Hemp Bombs, the company. The tablets contain 25mg of CBD. Hemp Bombs uses a proprietary blend for these capsules. In addition, they provide other minerals that increase the bioavailability of the compound. These additional minerals include calcium and magnesium.

Hemp Bombs uses a high-grade isolate that is 100% THC-free. There are 60 capsules per bottle, putting the CBD content of the entire jar at 1500mg. The cannabidiol comes from farms in Europe that use no pesticides on their plants. The solution also features natural plant extracts to add to the flavor and potency of hemp.

#2 CBDFx Gel Capsules

High in Bioavailability

9/10 icon-question Review score

CBDFx offers its proprietary cannabidiol formula in these soft-gel tablets. Each capsule delivers a dose of 25mg of CBD oil and MCT oil, making the compound more bioavailable. CBDFx takes hemp plants from farms in Kentucky that only use organic farming practices. The blend inside the capsules is a full-spectrum so that users can expect the benefits of many cannabinoids.

The company guarantees its products are 100% free of the intoxicating element for users concerned about THC levels. There are 30 capsules per jar, bringing the total CBD content to 750g/bottle, which is a month’s supply.

#3 Lazarus Naturals CBD Softgels

Full-Spectrum CBD Capsule

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

These CBD soft gels from Lazarus Naturals are a safe and quick way to dose up on CBD.

They contain 25 mg of CBD and are made from oils sourced from whole cannabis plants, making them full-spectrum. Full-spectrum means they have all of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes to cause the entourage effect.

Additionally, these capsules contain essential ingredients like flaxseed oil, myrcene, and d-Limonene.

Finally, they are easy to take. Just swallow one with a glass of water.

#4 Cycling Frog CBD

High-Potency, Great Quality

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Cycling Frog offers these high-potency gel tablets for users who want a higher, single dose of CBD. The tablets contain full-spectrum cannabidiol from plants grown on their farms. The liquid inside does not contain any artificial elements, such as flavors or preservatives. Cycling Frog is a rare producer that uses ethanol to extract its CBD. The process is safe and can yield high concentrations of hemp.

These CBD pills each contain 100 mg of all-natural hemp. The oil also features terpenes and other natural ingredients. Users can choose from two quantities. Cycling Frog offers four x 100 mg capsules in one glass jar or 20 x 100 mg tablets in one container. Cycling Frog recommends that users take one pill a day, whose effects can last for up to two hours.

#5 Lazarus Naturals Relaxation

Easy-to-Take with Long-Lasting Effects

8/10 icon-question Review score

Lazarus Naturals offers pills made with CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum hemp. Isolate is pure cannabidiol that excludes all other cannabinoids and all traces of THC. Therefore, the presence of an isolate guarantees no THC levels whatsoever. As these capsules promote restfulness and relaxation, the solution in the product is not only a CBD isolate. It also contains natural ingredients such as chamomile extract and vitamin B6. Users can choose from two different counts, either ten gel capsules or 40 capsules, with 25 mg per tablet.

The hemp extract comes from plants grown organically in the United States. Rather than the common practice of C02-extraction, Lazarus uses all-natural alcohol to extract CBD. After they get the isolate, they distill it even further. When the process is complete, they combine it with organic rice flour to create this variety.

#6 First and Free 25 mg CBD Softgels

Scientifically Formulated CBD Pills

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

First and Free CBD soft gels are convenient and affordable capsules that contain 99 percent pure CBD isolate so that there are no psychoactive effects.

Each batch is thoroughly tested to ensure it is pure and safe for use. Users will not find solvents, metals, or THC in these pills.

Furthermore, these capsules and their oils are scientifically formulated by the cannabis industry’s foremost experts using cannabis from American farms.

#7 Martha Stewart CBD Isolate Softgel

Flavorless CBD Capsules

8/10 icon-question Review score

Martha Stewart is well-known for her tasty recipes and excellent lifestyle advice, but she also sells CBD capsules. These capsules are all-natural and GMO-free, and they contain coconut-derived MCT oil and pure hemp isolate.

Additionally, they are easy to use. Just swallow one with a glass of water and wait for the effects.

#8 CBD Oil Liquid Capsules

All-Natural CBD Supplements

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

Charlotte’s Web’s CBD oil liquid capsules contain all-natural ingredients. It also including full-spectrum CBD oil and olive oil. The pills use vegan-friendly ingredients that are also 100% Gluten-free. In addition, the capsules contain 25mg of high-quality hemp extract in each serving. Users can take the capsules at any time of the day to help with everything from exercise-related strains and aches to helping regulate sleeping patterns.


  • Many different quantities available (30pcs, 60pcs, 90pcs)
  • Only two ingredients (CBD oil, olive oil)
  • Good for many different ailments and conditions
  • Convenient and easy-to-take


  • Unpleasant taste

#9 Select CBD Gel Capsules Rest

For a Good Night's Rest

7/10 icon-question Review score

Select CBD offers these capsules to help users get a good night’s sleep. The tablets feature powdered CBD in a gel cap mixed in with other natural ingredients to promote a night of restful, tranquil sleep. The elements include passionflower and valerian root as well as full-spectrum CBD and coconut oil to increase bioavailability. This particular formulation comes in a 30-count bottle with over 30 mg of CBD per capsule.

One bottle should contain about 1000mg of hemp, which should be good enough for a month. Select suggests taking the supplement an hour before bedtime. Select only organic hemp plants to extract essential oils and phytocannabinoids inside the stalks and stems.

#10 Original Hemp Stress Capsule

Stress-Relief Throughout the Day

7/10 icon-question Review score

Original Hemp brings to market its unique formulation to combat stress and anxiety. These tablets feature pharmaceutical-grade ingredients like Sensoril, as well as natural terpenes such as Limonene and Linalool. Sensoril is a natural extract taken from ashwagandha, aka the Indian ginseng, which has stress-relieving properties. The hemp in these capsules is a full-spectrum with about 12g of CBD in every capsule. Every bottle contains 60 tablets with over 25 mg of CBD per serving – a serving being two capsules.

The total CBD product content for each bottle comes to 750g. On top of the hemp and other extracts, this proprietary formula comprises vitamins B6 and B5 and minerals like magnesium.

Category Name Rating Price
Editor's Pick Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules High Potency 9.5 $14.99 – $149.99
Runner-Up CBDFx Gel Capsules 9 $49.99
Best 100mg CBD capsules Cycling Frog CBD 8.5 $14.99 – $55.99
Best CBD Pills For Pain Lazarus Naturals CBD Softgels 8.5 $9,99
Best Pure CBD Softgels First and Free 25 mg CBD Softgels 8,5 $14,99
Best Oil CBD Capsules Martha Stewart CBD Isolate Softgel 8 $44,99
Best Isolate CBD Pills Lazarus Naturals Relaxation 8 $9.99 – $119.99
Best CBD Capsules for Pain CBD Oil Liquid Capsules 7.5 $74.99
CBD Pills for Arthritis Select CBD Gel Capsules Rest 7 $48.74
CBD Pills for Anxiety Original Hemp Stress Capsule 7 $69.99

CBD Capsules: Definition

CBD pills contain concentrated cannabidiol in either powder or liquid form. Tablets offer people an alternative to vaping or ingesting CBD via oil drops or an edible. They most appeal to users who have taken other supplements or vitamins in capsule form.

The shell of the tablets is made from the same edible material as other supplements such as gelatin or vegetable glucose. The tablets contain an accurate dosage of hemp, making it easier for users to measure their intake.

There are many varieties of CBD tablets. Producers often create unique formulas to treat particular ailments like anxiety or insomnia. To create these proprietary blends, Makers often mix the substance with other compounds like coconut oil or other natural ingredients to better achieve the desired results. They also do it to activate the potency of the CBD and make it bioavailable so that more extract enters the user’s body.

Producers may also use different forms of the hemp extract, such as:

  • isolate (powder)
  • a full-spectrum variety that comes in a liquid form

There is a near-zero concentration of THC with isolate, as only CBD remains after the extraction process. Liquid or oil forms of cannabinoid can contain trace amounts of THC, but according to law, they must be under 0.3%.

How to Choose CBD Pills?

There are several things to take into consideration when buying CBD.

First, from where was it sourced? Cannabis oil from outside the US and Europe is typically contaminated with pesticides, metals, solvents, and other unwanted materials.

To ensure CBD oils do not contain any of the above materials, they must be thoroughly lab tested. Check to make sure the oils have lab tests conducted by independent laboratories.

Finally, oils are made using different extraction methods. The CO2 extraction method does the best job of filtering out unwanted contaminants.

What to Know About CBD Pills Before Buying?

CBD pills are intended to be as pure as possible, so any manufacturer that includes other ingredients aside from pure hemp extract and another carrier oil should be avoided. Users should also stay away from products that have not been third-party tested and certified safe and free from other harmful ingredients. Every manufacturer uses its extraction method or a proprietary method. But C02-extraction is the most common and most trusted method. But users should not avoid companies that use ethanol or other extraction methods as those are also considered safe.

Where to Buy CBD Pills

CBD pills, along with other CBD products, are not hard to find. Many major retailers like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, etc., now feature CBD products. But users can also buy directly from CBD makers from either their online stores or specialty health-food and supplements stores. Users can also find CBD products in marijuana dispensaries or retail stores for those who live in states where marijuana is legal.

CBD Pill Safety and Side Effects

The best way to stay safe when using CBD is to make sure the oils are lab tested and grown in the United States for the reasons stated above.

Secondly, be aware of the potential side effects. CBD is well-tolerated, but some people can become ill if they use too much. This is especially true for new users.

Side effects are typically fatigue, nausea, and indigestion.

New users should take only a small amount and gradually increase it over several weeks under a doctor’s supervision.


First, people should know that cannabidiol is not a cure-all. Neither is it an FDA-approved treatment for anything other than one CBD-based medicine, Epidolex. It is used to treat childhood epilepsy. So if people are curious about the hemp extract, they should always first consult a physician to ensure the compound is safe.

Users should also consult a doctor if they want to treat a specific ailment, like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Arthritis

And they should never stop taking prescribed medication to replace it with cannabidiol. With that said, there are so many types of CBD gel pills that choosing one depends on a lot.

People have many questions surrounding the hemp extract, so the following list of questions in our reviews should cover the essential things that people want to know about the effects, safety, efficacy, and quality of CBD pills.

Which are the best CBD capsules for me?

The best CBD capsules or CBD pills depend on many factors. People can take cannabidiol for many reasons. But they should first figure out what they want to achieve with the hemp extract. Manufacturers avoid recommending the supplement for a specific ailment because it would be a false claim and get them in trouble with the authorities.

A few makers include specific ingredients in their products to promote a particular effect like sleepiness or calmness. Sensoril in Original Hemp capsules or the passionflower extract in the Select CBD supplements is two examples.

There is also a distinction between makers that use a full-spectrum or CBD isolate. The latter contains no THC traces, which is important for people subject to regular drug testing.

Makers are also conscious about appealing to vegans or people who have organic, gluten-free diets. They make their capsules without GMOs or animal by-products, like gelatin.

The vegan option of vegetable glucose is something that vegan users of CBD should watch out for when choosing their preferred CBD products.

Users who want to try CBD should make a checklist of what they wish to regard:

  • Potency (high concentration or low concentration)
  • Desired effects
  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Isolate or full-spectrum

CBD Oil or Capsules:Which Is Best?

Oil and capsules are not so different, as CBD oil often comes in capsules. However, powdered forms of isolate also come in tablets, so they do not contain oil. The difference between ingesting oil drops and taking them in a capsule is that the latter takes longer to digest, so the effects are not felt for a few hours.

Users also have to ingest oil drops, but absorption time is much faster. With drops, the substance enters glands in the mouth without passing through the liver and other organs. In addition, oil is much more versatile than tablets, as people can take it directly under their tongues or mix it into foods or beverages.

One advantage of capsules over oil is that they have no flavor or taste, so users can swallow them without contending with the strong, earthy taste of natural cannabidiol oil. One more advantage that tablets have is their specific dosage.

  • Users can measure out specific doses of oil, but with capsules, they do not need to as a single capsule has a stated dosage
  • Oils are a better fit for some over pills, while tablets are attractive to others

What is the best way to take CBD pills?

Taking a CBD supplement in a capsule is for oral ingestion. Users take it the same way as any other nutritional supplement in a soft-gel capsule by swallowing it with a glass of water.

What is the best time to take a CBD pills?

CBD pills take longer to take effect than other forms of cannabidiol, so many manufacturers recommend that users take one in the morning and one in the evening. This method allows users to feel the effects during the day when they need them most. Taking another capsule in the evening also lets users get the benefits of cannabidiol’s calming and stress-relieving properties to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Who makes the best CBD pills and capsules?

The market for CBD pills, or anything CBD, has grown astronomically in the last few years. Consumers have many choices and many brands to choose from. It is hard to say which is the best. A lot also depends on what consumers want to gain from using hemp extract.

Each user has their criteria for what they want to get out of a regular CBD regimen. The good thing about having so many products is finding one that meets their expectations and standards. Vegans or people with a gluten allergy, for example, can find a capsule for them.

  • People who want to use only locally-sourced, organically-grown hemp can find those kinds of capsules
  • Users who only want to use hemp extract taken from the plant via CO2 extraction can find the right supplement for them
  • Of course, all users should look for the best CBD pills or capsules if the manufacturer makes all this information.

    A company is up-front about things like:

    It is a good sign of the company’s transparency and trustworthiness. The question of who makes the best CBD pills or capsules, though, is one that ultimately comes down to personal choice.

Conclusion: The Best CBD Pills and Capsules: Not So Hard to Swallow

CBD pills and capsules are one more way that users can feel the potential health benefits of hemp. The tablets are familiar to anyone who takes or has taken other health supplements that also come in soft-gel tablets. The dosages are measured out precisely so users know how much cannabidiol they are taking so they can take as little or as much as they want.

As the capsules are digested, the effects will take longer to take hold than other products, but they will also last longer once they do. Tablets are also a discreet and convenient way to take the supplement if vaping or to measure out individual drops of a CBD tincture is not an option.

Have you taken CBD pills or capsules? Do they have different effects than vaping oil or using drops? Are the results longer-lasting and stronger than other methods of ingestion? Let us know in our reviews our experiences with either form of cannabidiol in the comments section below.

Published: October 22, 2019 Updated: August 1, 2022



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      Hi Wendy, CBD pills, like CBD oil, come with recommended usage and dosage instructions. If you are taking other medications, CBD could make them less effective, while your medication could also make CBD less effective. Best ask your doctor when and how much CBD you should take along with your normal medications.

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