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Best Drip Tips for Vapes: Ranking and Buyer’s Guides

When progressing towards the more professional and competitive side of vaping you’ll start coming across something called a “drip tip”. This allows a user to directly and quickly drip vape juice into their device creating much easier access to huge plumes of vapor. Drip tips are extremely common amongst cloud chasers, or users that prefer a much larger vapor density, with the quicker vaporizing of the liquid the drip tip makes it easy to refill and go again without having to take your device apart, of course.

Best Drip Tips for Vapes - Ranking and Buyer's Guides

What is a drip tip

As explained briefly above, drip tips allow much easier and quicker re-priming of an atomizer for vaporizing. Acting as a gateway to the core of the atomizer, drip tips allow you to drip liquids directly onto the coils without pulling your device apart. Once you’ve progressed towards a higher level of vaping, you’ll notice your liquids are vaping a lot quicker. Constantly having to re-fill and re-prime your device, this is what a drip tip stops.

Types of drip tips

There are many different types of drip tips, changing depending on color, size, material and much more. Typically drip tips are crafted using: plastic, metal, glass, acrylic, stone, wood or a hybrid collection. Each of these materials has its own specialties and provides different experience to the world of drip tip vaping.

Choosing the right drip tip

The most important part about finding the best drip tip for you is experience and knowing what you need. Understandably, this could be the first time you’re buying a drip tip, so don’t be afraid to shop around and get a taste of what all the different materials and designs are like. When looking for a drip tip, typically you want to go for stainless steel or metal materials; they are a lot stronger and provide a much cleaner taste when vaping. Hybrids between metal and glass are also quite common.

Here are some of the most important things you’ll ask yourself when getting a drip tip:


How often will you be vaping? If you need a device that will last a long time through long sessions, then go for a strong material, such as metal, glass, acrylic or stone. I’d advise staying away from plastic, but more on this will come later.


This is probably the most important part of your drip tip. Having a wider drip tip will allow more vapor to come through, but it shouldn’t be too wide. Find the balance and get a drip tip that’s of the perfect size for you. You’ll want to consider that you’ll be placing your lips on the drip tip, but also dripping liquid through it.


Drip tips, much the same as atomizers have a pretty universal connection at the base, this is known as the 510 connectors; sharing the same name as the atomizer connection also. Although this is pretty much the normal connection for all drip tips now, you’ll want to double check and make sure your drip tip is 510.

Top Vaping Drip Tips

1. Mig Vapor Acrylic and Stainless Steel

Mig Vapor Acrylic and Stainless Steel

One of the most popular drip tips on the market; Mig Vapor stand firmly on the top with their collection of acrylic and stainless-steel drip tips. These affordable drip tips will leave you extremely satisfied, with the visually appealing designs and strong construct there’s not much left out. The drip tip comes with 7 color variations and fits 510 connectors easily. Altogether, this is a pretty standard drip tip, perfect for any device.

Price $7.99
Material Hybrid (Acrylic/Stainless steel)
Connection 510

2. Wide Bore Tophus Stone

Wide Bore Tophus Stone

Another simple, yet effective drip tip from MigVapor, the Tophus Stone Wide Bore drip tip provides a much larger drip tip alternative for those heavy plume enthusiasts. One of the best 510 drip tips on the market, the Wide Bore tip is ready to go, straight out of the box. The wide neck allows easy dripping, whilst still keeping it small enough for a natural pull feeling from your vape. Made of stone, with the base of stainless steel, the tip is strong and secure. Additionally, you have a choice of 5 color variations.

Price $12.99
Material Stone
Connection 510

3. Sub-Herb Large Glass

Sub Herb Large Glass

The Sub-herb large glass is an artistic and extremely functional drip tip. Hosting a large glass body, this is a great attachment to make your device feel completely different. You can expect huge changes to the airflow of your vape, along with a much cooler and cleaner vape clouds. Coming in 2 variations, you can select either an elbow tip which leans slightly to the side or the straight tip. The Sub-Herb uses a 510 connection and is compatible with all 510 devices.

Price $12.99
Material Glass
Connection 510

4. 2 Puffs Flow

2 Puffs Flow

One of the premium drip tips on this list, the 2 Puffs Flow provides an extremely high quality of performance along with some pretty cool features. The stainless-steel construction gives this drip tip a great feel when on your lips. Additionally, the design is visually quite appealing with some small groves in the middle of the drip tip to allow easier handling when removing the tip. You’ll also find 2 air holes on either side that give a nice balance between airflow and vapor density.

Price $30.00
Material Stainless Steel
Connection 510

5. Copa Tip Trinity Glass Tanks

Copa Tip Trinity Glass Tanks

One of the most affordable drip tips on this list, the Copa tip, provides many different material combinations, all at an affordable price. The Copa tip uses the 510 connections as well as a much wider entry to the tip, making it slightly easier to pull from but obviously a much larger gap to cover with your lips. The material combinations typically include pyrex glass along with stainless steel or brass. They also offer many different color variations along with some replacement glass for the tip.

Price $15.00
Material Hybrid (Pyrex/Stainless Steel/Brass)
Connection 510

Safety and Maintenance

Plastic Tips

Towards the first sightings of drip tips it was common to see plastic tips, it’s advised to stay away from them. As you can assume, plastic doesn’t really work too well around high temperatures, although not as common for smaller devices you can find your tips heating up quite considerably when using other prolonged durations of time. Having a plastic tip could result in it becoming disfigured or begin to melt.

Clean your tip

As an experienced vapor, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of spitting juices. Other time, the liquid that spits into your tip will gather on the sides, it’s advised to clean it off and keep your tip well maintained as much as possible. Keeping a clean and well-maintained tip will ultimately make a much better vaping experience.


Now you’ve got a nice list of drip tips, along with some pretty handy information to help you get started, or upgrade you to the next drip tip level. As with anything, practice and experience are the best answers. Make sure you try a few different tips, the vaping industry is constantly changing with new devices being released every day. So the best drip tip today may not be the best one tomorrow.

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