Sub-Ohm Tanks – The Top Vape Tanks You Will Love

Sub-ohm tanks have become an integral part of the modern vaping experience. However, there are so many brands and so many products, that choosing the best sub-ohm tank is a sheer pain. This ABC simple guide can solve your problem. You can let our experts help you pick one of the best tanks from their list. On the other hand, maybe you just want to gain basic knowledge. Either way, we have got your covered. This is our list of the best sub-ohm tanks.

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The Best Sub-Ohm Tanks

Kanger Toptank Mini

Kanger Toptank MiniIf you are a new vaper, you’ll love the Kanger Toptank mini that costs $30. It offers an ideal experience for those who have never had vapor down their throat. It’s not too overwhelming, nor lacking.

The good thing is that this is not a beginner only tank, as it can grow as you get more experienced. You can choose any of the three different coils, one of which is RBA. This opens new horizons for you to experiment with.

Although there is nothing special about the overall design, it’s available in four very beautiful colors. It includes black, silver, white, and red. The top-fill design makes life easy, and the 4ml capacity makes it even easier.

The most notable thing about the performance of the vape is the excellent flavor it produces. Don’t get me wrong, the vapor production is pretty great also, but the flavor really stands out. Something that you don’t want to experience as a new vaper is tasting the e-liquid. And you will thank the Kanger Toptank for its anti-spitback design.

Therefore, if you want a versatile sub-ohm tank that won’t overwhelm you. However, it will also grow with you as you go and will offer more features. The Kanger Toptank Mini is worth a look.

Aspire Cleito

Aspire CleitoIf you want a top-quality sub-ohm tank but can’t afford to spend a lot, consider the Aspire Cleito. At $18, it offers a decent vapor and hit, which is comparable to some of the more expensive tanks.

Aspire has built this sub-ohm tank on their experience with the two previous models i.e. Atlantis and Triton. They were fairly successful. However, Aspire seems to have learned from their mistakes. They improved the design by doing away with the separate chimney section, a necessary evil with the two previous tanks.

Some of the commendable things about the Cleito are a user-friendly Top-filling design, high-quality materials (Pyrex glass, Delrin tip). It offers great performance at an extremely affordable price.

The flavor and vapor are decent, obviously not as good as the tanks that will cost you twice as much. However, you can rest assured that it will satisfy you. One particular thing that we loved about it is the great airflow. If you’re a direct lung hitter, you’ll share our opinion on this. Another thing that we noticed was the amazing wicking. It worked well even when the sub-ohm tank is about to run out of juice. Something, not most tanks can do.

The only issue we could note was that without the cuff, the cap could get a little hot. Other than that, no complaints. The experience might not be great if you prefer mouth to lung hits. Then again, sub-ohm vaping is for direct lung inhalation. All in all, the Aspire Cleito does an amazing job at a ridiculously low price.

Sense Tech Herakles

Sense Tech HeraklesThe Herakles sub-ohm tank by Sense Tech produces an amazingly rich flavor and costs $30. This is pretty much in the middle of the market. The secret behind the flavor is the unique design. It features 100% cotton coil heads, and dual parallel wrapped vertical coils.

Another notable feature of the tank is that it can perform very well at high wattages. Although in our experience, it offered the best experience when we use it at 40-75W. In addition, the flavor was decent even when we went as high as 100W. However, the flavor starts to diminish when you go beyond that threshold. Also, if you have a mod that fires only 30W or less, the Herakles isn’t a good choice. The coils simply won’t work well.

The stainless-steel body of the sub-ohm tank looks neat and sturdy, and the mouthpiece isn’t wobbly at all. The bottom of the drip tip is made of Delrin. This is a thermos-plastic famous for having the ability to withstand high temperatures and still stay cool. This feature comes in handy at high temperatures.

The airflow on this tank isn’t great. It has four settings that you can adjust by moving the ring. All the four settings offer a pretty loose draw, so no luck for the mouth to lung hitters. One big plus of the Herakles is that you can get a five pack replacement coils for only $14. This is half the price most other spare coils cost.

In short, other than the slightly loose air draw, there is nothing to complain about. This is especially considering the amazing flavor you’ll get and long-term savings on coils.

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast

Smok TFV8There is a reason the Smok TFV8 gets the nickname cloud beast. And there is also a reason why it is on our best sub-ohm tanks list.

This is a great looking sub-ohm tank that performs exceedingly well when it comes to vapor production. The prices from different online stores for the tank range between $26 and $40. Most low-end prices are from the Chinese websites and high end from the American online retail stores.

TFTV8 is simply a whimsical, almost unreal tank when it comes to producing big plumes. And there is a reason. The biggest moan against the TFTV4 was that although it produced massive plumes. It chugged onto the e-liquid like there’s no tomorrow. TFTV8 not only produces even bigger clouds but has a little better e-liquid economy compared to its predecessor. Remember, it might still consume more e-juice than most regular tanks.

Needless to say, they designed it for cloud chasers, and those who vape at high wattages. However, it can perform fairly well at very low wattages as well. Though, we won’t recommend using it if you vape at anything under 40W.

You’ll not only get the room-filling clouds, but the flavor is also pretty decent. This is especially if you vape at 70+watts. Otherwise, the flavor is on a par with most other sub-ohm tanks, but it’s the vapor where TFTV8 excels.

The tank comes with a turbo RBA deck, which is pretty large and easy to build. In fact, with the dual Clapton coils and more moderate 0.28-ohm resistance, this is one of the very best. it might even be the best, RBA decks I’ve seen. If you’re a cloud chaser, we don’t think that recommending this beast is necessary. Chances are you already know how powerful it is, if not, then you’re missing out big time.

Uwell Crown

Uwell CrownThe Uwell Crown is a sub-ohm tank that gets good marks in many ways. It has a great build quality, features a 4ml decent sized tank. Additionally, it has a great airflow, produces big plumes of vapor, and gives a rich flavor. However, what helped it make to our list is its ability to work at very high wattages. This is where most other tanks will give up the ghost.

The tank can work with different resistance single as well as dual coils, which helps you customize your vaping. The top filling design makes refilling very easy. The tank can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid so you can enjoy vaping for extended sessions.

Most other tanks that we have discussed can only offer good vaping experience at 100 Watts or lower. You can bump the wattage to a whopping 150 Watts, and the Uwell will still go strong. You won’t experience any burnt or even no taste at all. It’s made of stainless steel and premium organic cotton to ensure durability and top notch performance.

Unlike most other tanks, using different coils with the Uwell Crown will offer diversely different experience.

For instance, when we used the 0.5-ohm dual coil, it didn’t offer any vapor below 30 Watts. However, it produced cool, vapors with decent flavors at 30-70 Watts. Even at 80, it offered decent vapor. As soon as we bumped the wattage over 90 watts, the vapor got unbearably hot.

On the flip, the 0.25-ohm dual coil didn’t come to life until the wattage was set to 60 Watts. But the vapor didn’t get uncomfortably hot until we hit the 150 Watts mark. In fact, it offered the best experience at 100-120 Watts.

So, that was a list of the definitive top five sub-ohm tanks. Choose any of those, and you won’t be disappointed. But if you want to do your research, the rest of the guide will show you the ropes. After, you can go from there.

Smok TFV4 Mini Tank

Smok TFV4 Mini TankFrom one of the top manufacturers in the industry today, the Smok TFV4 Mini may be small in stature but is monstrous in performance.

Made out of stainless steel, the TFV4 Mini is solidly built and is similar to the larger, original TFV4 in performance and features. It has the same top fill design, air flow control, and a hinged top cap. The only difference is the 3.5ml capacity, which is not bad at all. We were able to make a filled tank last a day. Though for high wattage vapers, this may not be the case.

The TFV4 Mini comes with two prebuilt coils and an RBA base (with a prebuilt coil installed). We were pleased with the TFV4 Mini because of its high customization options. Depending on our moods, we can have a single coil installed, or a six coil head. Whether you want to go flavor over clouds, or vice versa, you can easily swap out the heads with the TFV4 Mini in no time.

Herakles Plus Tank by Sense

Herakles Plus Tank by SenseThe successor to the hugely popular Herakles Tank, the Plus improves on the original by adding three features that make it even better. The first is the airflow, which now goes straight to the coil. The second feature is the ability to fill from the top. The third is a new coil system that improves both flavor and vapor production.

We found the new features to be well worth the upgrade. The airflow gives greater flavor than before while the top fill design makes filling easier than ever. As for the coils, not much can be said except that it is an amazing upgrade. Vapor production is even better, but without sacrificing flavor, which has also been improved over the old version.

The Herakles Plus is made of stainless steel with Pyrex glass tube, which makes the tank very durable. For advanced vapers looking to better their current tank setup, the Herakles Plus is worth a look-see.

Cyclone TC Sub-Ohm Tank by Sense

Cyclone TC Sub-Ohm Tank by SenseSense claims that the Cyclone TC Sub-Ohm Tank is the best performing to date. Looking at the specs and how it performs in-hand, it is hard to argue otherwise.

The Cyclone has a top-fill design, and its atomizer head can be rebuilt. While some tanks offer this feature as well, not all can boast of being able to handle up to 150 watts of power. We were also surprised by the inclusion of multiple cooling systems which reduces the issue of accidentally burnt lips. We were also particularly fond of the tank’s splash proof system which significantly reduces spit back.

The tank itself is made of high-quality stainless steel making it hardy and durable. One of the largest on this list, the Cyclone can accommodate up to 5ml of e-liquid. Unless you are a heavy vaper that takes puffs every second, it is highly unlikely you’d need a refill before the day ends.

Performance-wise, the Cyclone delivers as promised, putting out clean and massive clouds. While the amount and density depend on one’s settings, coil resistance, and airflow, the Cyclone performs consistently and arguably better than most similarly specced tanks.

Tesla Tornado Sub Tank

Tesla Tornado Sub TankOne of the more visually appealing tanks on this list, we find that when it comes to sleek design, few can match the Tesla Tornado Sub Tank. But beauty is worth nothing if it does not perform. Good thing the Tesla Tornado’s features and overall performance matches its sleek exterior.

The Tornado features a top-fill design and has adjustable air holes on both the top and bottom, giving users a wide range of airflow options. Despite its smallish size, the Tornado can hold up to 4ml of e-juice, which is not bad at all.

Vapor comes in clean and tasty, and we rarely experienced burnt tastes. This is due in large part to the eight liquid holes within that ensure your wick stays saturated. The drip tip itself has an extra function in that it prevents leaks and spills when the tank is not upright.

Do You Really Need a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Ask yourself this question.

Are you unsure, whether the best sub-ohm tank will be the best choice for you or not? Let’s weigh their pros against their cons and see whether sub-ohm vaping is the right choice for you.

Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping

Vaping Style

If you vape direct to the lung, you’ll simply love the sub-ohm vaping experience. In fact, once you sub-ohm, you won’t go back. On the flip, if you prefer mouth to the lung, above ohm vaping gear is the way to go. Although not written in stone, it’s the easiest way to gauge whether sub-ohm vaping is ideal for you.

Great Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, normal vaping doesn’t even come close to sub-ohming. The vapor production is considerably high. In fact, this is the biggest charm behind sub-ohm vaping. It has become a competitive sport. People compete against each other to see who blows the biggest, thickest plumes of vapor.

This also means that it delivers a much higher strength of nicotine to your lungs, which can be more satisfying. Though it could be a little overwhelming for some vapers, especially the beginners.

Intense Flavor

This is where things get a little crazy. Mostly, the flavor intensifies because you’re inhaling more vapor, and if you love a rich flavor, it’s good news. However, sub-ohm vaping also requires higher airflow, which in some cases can be counterproductive. On top of that, sub-ohm vaping is for the mouth to lung hit. As a result, it leaves little time for your taste buds to extract the taste.

More Excitement, More Innovation, More Fun

When you compare it to standard cartomizers, sub-ohming opens a new world of innovation. From temperature ranges to coil materials to top filling designs to RBA heads, there is just so much to experiment. You’ll never get enough of it.

Disadvantages of Sub-Ohm Vaping

Big Dent to Battery Life

Sub-ohm tanks need a lot of power and wattage to offer optimal performance. What this means for you is that you’ll be charging your battery more frequently. Since the resistance of the coil is very low, more current flows through it, and the battery gets some beating. It’s akin to water flowing through a pipe: the wider the pipe is, the more water will flow. However, it will drain the sub-ohm tanks faster.

Heavy on Your Pocket

Not only sub-ohm vaping consumes more battery power but also consumes more e-juice. Those big clouds come at the cost of excessive e-juice. And if you use a high-quality, expensive e-liquid, it can impact your budget.

Stealth vaping Is Out of Question

This is a no brainer. If you want to vape around people but don’t want others to notice, you have to choose above-ohm vaping.

No Mouth to Lung Vaping

Sub-ohm tanks usually have a loose airflow so you can take the draw easily. It’s pretty much like drinking soda through a straw. Therefore, you won’t be able to do mouth to lung hits. As a result, the vapor won’t stay in your mouth for long enough for you to savor the taste.

It Can Be Risky

Sub-ohm vaping has become much safer than it used to be a few years ago. This is thanks to powerful vape mods, better tanks, and better batteries. However, since you virtually stretch the batteries to their maximum capacity, it can be comparatively riskier. But again, the stats show that probability of a vape battery explosion is one in a million. This isn’t even close to what we saw in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Sub-Ohm vs. Above-Ohm Vaping

Apparently, there are more downsides than advantages of sub-ohming. However, the vapor production and the excitement simply outweigh all the cons. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preferences. If you sub-ohm for a while, chances are you’ll get hooked to it and will never go back.

What Makes a Good Sub-Ohm Tank?

Let’s see what are the few qualities of a good sub-ohm tank.

The Bigger, the Better

That’s a rule of thumb. But then, it all depends on your vaping style. Having a 5ml or even bigger sub-ohm tank is great as you don’t have to refill very often. This can be a plus depending on how often you vape. Ideally speaking, you should go for a big tank size. On the flip, it can increase the overall size of the mod.

Also, are you one of those souls who always want to try new things? You might want to try new flavors as well, and bigger might not be better. Trying to switch to a different flavor can be a problem if you already have a full 5ml tank.

Type of Coil

This didn’t use to be a big factor until lately. However, with so many different options available, you might be missing out if you continuously use the same coils. For example, a canthal coil is ideal for use with ordinary variable wattage vaping. On the other hand, you can also use nickel, stainless steel, and titanium on a mod with temperature control.

Your mod will pretty much dictate what type of coil you ought to choose. Different e-liquids will have a slightly varying taste with a different type of coils. It is something that experience will teach you. Try out different types of coils and the settle down with the one that floats your boat.

Another factor that can impact your vaping experience is the style of the coil. For instance, some modern tanks come with Clapton-style coils, which somewhat look like guitar strings. You should also consider the number of coils (some have up to 4 coils) and their alignment (vertical vs. horizontal). Vertical coils usually outperform the horizontal ones and are more common.


Most sub-ohm tanks allow customization regarding air flow control. For direct lung inhalers, a wider airflow is better and vice versa. A tank with wider airflow options is obviously a better choice.

There is a whole line of RTAs that come with a rebuildable atomizer(RBA). However, there are a few sub-ohm tanks that include an RBA in addition to the built-in options. This is a great feature for rebuilders who want to try sub-ohming.

Top-Filling Design vs. Bottom-Fill Design

The top-filling design is extremely easy to fill and is becoming increasingly popular. Rather than having to take apart the sub-ohm tank, simply uncap the top and refill.

Wicking Material

Another important factor is the wicking material. The two most common materials are Japanese organic cotton and ceramic that have coil inbuilt. The latter offers the advantage of additional heat resistance. This means you can fire the mod with an empty tank and there won’t be any damage to the wick. On the flip, a cotton wick will burn pretty quickly. This little feature not only improves the flavor but also prolongs the lifespan of your coils. But this doesn’t mean that we can rule out cotton. In fact, comparing apples to apples, cotton will offer a better taste and is more common.

Other features

Some other features that you may consider including liquid flow control and anti-spit back system. Liquid flow control allows you to regulate the speed at which your juice reaches the coil. As a result, it gives you a lot more control on the overall performance. Anti-spit back is an innovative design mouthpiece that stops the hot juice from going into your mouth. Moreover, certain sub-ohm tanks will have a cooling system for those who don’t like the hot vapor.


Sub-ohm tanks are pretty much like supercars. They are dope, but they are not for everyone. And if you think you’re cut for sub-ohming, make sure to consider all the things we have discussed above. Although it’s best to do some research and then use it along with your personal preferences to choose a tank. Maybe you don’t have time for that or you don’t want the hassle. In that case, feel free to choose any of the sub-ohm tanks we’ve mentioned above. Either way, it will not disappoint you.

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