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Best Sub-Ohm Tanks – The Top Vape Tanks For Every Vaper

Sub-ohm tanks allow for sub-ohm vaping, which produces more massive, more voluminous clouds. A sub-ohm tank consists of stainless steel, and glass build.

The tanks use pre-made, disposable coils with low electrical resistance. Sub-ohm tanks are popular because they let beginners, who do not know how to build their coils, blow big clouds. They also create better-tasting clouds.

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8/10 overall
8/10 quality
8/10 value

The Mig Vapor WTF tank made by Tobeco checks the boxes for the basic things you want to see in the best sub ohm vape tanks. It has a top fill feature for convenience, it has big airflow, and it makes tons of vapor. Honestly, a surprising amount of vapor for such a compact, low profile tank. How do they do it? The secret is the oversized juice ports on the coils and the directed airflow.

Everything about vaping the WTF is smooth. The airflow is smooth, the vapor is smooth, and using the WTF is smooth. By that, we mean all of the connections from the drip cap to the base connect smoothly like butter. The WTF is manufactured to the highest standards. The top fill cap and drip tip are one-piece. You can't use a separate 510 drip tip.

Mig Vapor WTF Coils

There are two coil options for the Mig Vapor WTF sub ohm vape tank:

  • 0.2-ohm coils
  • 0.5-ohm coils

Another plus for the WTF is the leak-proof design features. The Mig Vapor WTF tank may look small, but the vapor is huge.

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Best Sub Ohm Vape Tank For Clouds

9/10 overall
9/10 quality
8/10 value

Now, if you are looking for maximum vapor and want to push your high powered mods to the hairy edges, then you want the TFV12 Cloud King. The new T12-V12 can be vaped at up to 350 watts. That is not a typo! If you have a quad mod capable of 350 watts, then you will be able to go to the extremes of vaping.

The TFV12 is 25 mm at the base has 27 mm in diameter tank glass. The extra diameter is needed for this massive tank because the coils are just enormous. This tank is incredibly well built with fantastic airflow. One thing to keep in mind is that you might want to reduce your typical nicotine level when vaping the Smok TFV12 sub ohm tank. You will be inhaling a lot more vapor than usual, so it would be appropriate to reduce the nicotine content.

Smok TFV12 Sub Ohm Vape Coils

Of all of the serious cloud chasing tanks, TFV12 coils are the most affordable and most available. Coil prices vary depending on which option you select. Because of its popularity, most retailers carry them. TFV12 coil options include:

  • V12-T12 Coils - 12 head coil, wattage range 60 to 350 watts
  • V12-T6 Coils - 6 head coil, wattage range 90 to 320 watts
  • V12-Q4 - quad coil, wattage range 60 to 190 watts
  • V12-X4 - quad coil, wattage range 60 to 220 watts

The TFV12 is not for everyone; it is for the cloud chasers. This is the best sub ohm vape tank for clouds.

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8/10 overall
8/10 quality
8/10 value

There is a reason the Smok TFV8 gets the nickname 'cloud beast.' And there is also a reason why it is on our best sub-ohm tanks list. This is a great looking sub-ohm tank that performs exceedingly well when it comes to vapor production. TFTV8 is a whimsical, almost unreal tank when it comes to producing big plumes. And there is a reason. The biggest moan against the TFTV4 was that although it produced massive plumes. It chugged onto the e-liquid like there’s no tomorrow. TFV8 not only produces even bigger clouds but has a little better e-liquid economy compared to its predecessor. Remember, it might still consume more e-juice than most regular tanks.

The tank comes with a turbo RBA deck, which is pretty large and easy to build on. In fact, with the dual Clapton coils and more moderate 0.28-ohm resistance, this is one of the very best. If you’re a cloud chaser, we don’t think that recommending this beast is necessary. Chances are you already know how powerful it is, if not, then you’re missing out big time.

TFV8 Cloud Beast Coils

One of the significant advantages of the TFV8 is that you can get the coils pretty much everywhere. The majority of vape shops will carry TFV8 coils as will the majority of online retailers. I recommend that you order online from Direct Vapor. You will always get authentic product and free shipping. Even if you buy just one single coil, you get free shipping. There is no minimum order. TFV8 Cloud Beast coil options include:

  • T10 deca coil, wattage range 50 to 300 watts
  • T8 octuple coils, wattage range 50 to 220 watts
  • T6 six head coils, wattage range 50 to 220 watts
  • Q4 quad coil, wattage range 50 to 180 watts

You’ll not only get the room-filling clouds, but the flavor is also pretty decent. This is especially true if you vape at 70+watts. Otherwise, the flavor is on a par with most other sub-ohm tanks, but it’s the vapor where TFV8 excels.

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8/10 overall
9/10 quality
8/10 value

The original Uwell Crown is a classic. In fact, many vapers are still using the original Uwell Crowns they bought three years ago! The Uwell Crown III is the new and improved version, and it is bringing some innovation like plug and pull coils. Overall, with Uwell you know you are getting fantastic build quality and all the vapor you can handle.

The Uwell Crown 3 is a 24.5 mm diameter tank with a 5 ml e-juice capacity. The top-fill ports are extra large making refills easier even with over-sized vape juice bottles. The adjustable airflow channels are bigger than ever with a super smooth draw. All of that is great but make no mistake, the vapor production and flavor are why the Crown III is one of the best sub ohm vape tanks.

Uwell Crown 3 Coils

Uwell Crown 3 coils are threadless. You do not have to screw them in and out when swapping. Instead, you plug them in and pull them out. That easy. A pack of four coils is only about $14 making them one of the better values in the new trend of large, cloud making coils.

  • 0.25 ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil - 80 to 90 watts
  • 0.5 ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil - 70 to 80 watts

The Uwell Crown III sub ohm tank is one of the easiest to use. You will probably be vaping this tank for many years to come.

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8/10 overall
8/10 quality
7/10 value

The Aspire Athos sub ohm vape tank is beautifully and durably constructed. It has a stainless steel body, Delrin heat resistant drip tip, and a Borosilicate glass tank. The Athos has a 25 mm diameter and a 4 ml e-juice capacity. This one has made the list of the best sub ohm vape tanks because it not only makes big-time vapor, it also brings out the flavor.

Aspire is a pioneer in sub ohm vape tanks. In fact, the original Atlantis is the tank that made sub ohm vaping accessible to anyone. "Game changer" is a phrase that applies. The Athos sub ohm tank is the latest development in Aspire's impressive history innovating better sub ohm vape tanks and better vaping.

Aspire Athos Coils

Aspire Athos coils will run you $5 to $6 each. They are not cheap, but they last for a long time, and they make a lot of vapor. These are huge coils! The two best are:

  • Athos A3 coil - 60 to 75 watts
  • Athos A5 coil - 100 to 120 watts

If you want big clouds, the Aspire Athos will deliver the goods. It is a beautiful to look at and a pleasure to vape.

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8/10 overall
9/10 quality
8/10 value

The Uwell Valyrian is one of the new sub ohm vape tanks that is making waves. One of the first things that you will notice is the new push button top-fill tank design. Just push a button and flip open the top cap and fill the tank. The most straightforward top fill design we have tested to date.

There is another unique feature of the Uwell Valyrian sub ohm vape tank. Namely, there are three separate and interchangeable center pins.

  • Standard center pin
  • Rounded center pin
  • Spiral center pin

Swapping center pins is easy. They all vape much the same. The spiral center pin seems to make the vaping extra smooth. You can experiment with each pin to see what you think.

Uwell Valyrian Coils

There is only one coil option for the Valyrian, but it is a beauty! A fantastic big coil that makes amazingly consistent vapor. The juice ports are massive. In fact, keep an eye on the minimum juice fill line on your coil. These coils are on the expensive side, but they last a long time and make a lot of vapor. The coils are rated at 0.15 ohms and can be vaped at 85 watts to 120 watts. You are going to get plenty of vapor at 85 to 95 watts.

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8/10 overall
7/10 quality
8/10 value

If you want a top-quality sub-ohm tank but can’t afford to spend a lot, consider the Aspire Cleito. At $20, it offers a decent vapor and hit comparable to some of the best sub ohm vape tanks.

Aspire has built this sub-ohm tank on their experience with the two previous models, i.e., Atlantis and Triton. They were fairly successful. However, Aspire seems to have learned from their mistakes. They improved the design by doing away with the separate chimney section, a necessary evil with the two previous tanks.

Cleito features include a user-friendly top-filling design, high-quality materials (Pyrex glass, Delrin tip). It offers great performance at an affordable price.

The flavor and vapor are decent, obviously not as good as the tanks that will cost you twice as much. However, you can rest assured that it will vape well. One particular thing that we loved is the great airflow. If you’re a direct lung hitter, you’ll share our opinion on this. Another thing that we noticed was the amazing wicking. It worked well even when the sub-ohm tank is about to run out of juice.

Cleito Coils

The Cleito is inexpensive, and so are the coils. Another reason it has earned a place on the best sub ohm vape tanks chart. You can get a five-pack of Cleito coils for only $14.95. Coil options are a 0.2-ohm coil and a 0.4-ohm coil.

The only issue we could note was that without the cuff, the cap could get a little hot. Other than that, no complaints. All in all, the Aspire Cleito does an amazing job at a ridiculously low price.

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8/10 overall
8/10 quality
7/10 value

The VaporFi Vulk is a bit on the expensive side, but it is a super tough workhorse. The Vulk is a tank. It has a 26 mm diameter and 5 ml e-liquid capacity. Made of stainless steel with an easy-access slide top fill, the Vulk also has a steel tank encasement for an extra level of durability. Perfect for vapers who need a rugged sub-ohm vape tank.

The Vulk features an extra wide bore drip tip that is larger than a typical 9 mm bore 510 drip tip. It does come with an adaptor so you can use your favorite 510 drip tips if you prefer. The top-fill port has a locking mechanism to ensure your cap does not come open accidentally. By the way, the top-fill design is fantastic. Easy to refill and built to last.

You might have noticed that the VaporFi Vulk tank has small airflow ports. The other side of that coin is that instead of two airflow ports, the Vulk has four. The airflow is fantastic. The air is drawn up through the heart of the Vulk coils and gives you outstanding vapor and flavor.

VaporFi Vulk Coils

There are only two different coil options for the Vulk, but both are unique each offers an entirely different vaping experience. You get one type of coil with the Vulk tank and replacement coils are sold in packs of three for $19.99. They are amazing long-lasting coils, and if they were a little cheaper, the Vulk sub ohm tank would likely be higher on our list.

VaporFi Vulk 0.2 ohm Coils - this is a six head, tri-parallel coil design that will produce momentous clouds of vapor. These big coils also offer excellent flavor. The suggested vaping range is 60 watts to 95 watts. Can be vaped at up to 200 watts!

VaporFi Vulk 0.6 ohm Coils - Ceramic atomizer, very long-lasting. These reverse sandwich coils bring a sharp flavor. The suggested vaping range is 50 watts to 75 watts. Can be vaped at up to 100 watts.

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Honorable Mention

We have listed the top ten best sub ohm vape tanks. We do have one honorable mention to share with you.

8/10 overall
9/10 quality
8/10 value

If you are a new vaper, you’ll love the Kanger Toptank mini that costs $30. It offers an ideal experience for those who have never had vapor down their throat. It’s not too overwhelming, nor lacking.

Although there is nothing special about the overall design, it’s available in four colors. It includes black, silver, white, and red. The top-fill design makes life easy, and the 4ml capacity is respectable.

The most notable thing about the performance of the vape is the excellent flavor it produces. Don’t get me wrong, the vapor production is pretty great also, but the flavor stands out. Something that you don’t want to experience as a new vaper is tasting the e-liquid. And you will thank the Kanger Toptank for its anti-spitback design.

Kanger Toptank Coils

The coil options are a big reason why the Toptank Mini gets an honorable mention on the best sub ohm vape tanks list. You can find the coils almost anywhere, it's only about $15 for a five-pack, and the Nickel coils give you a temperature control vaping option. Toptank coils include:

  • 0.5-ohm Claptons
  • 0.5-ohm
  • 0.2-ohm
  • 1.2-ohm
  • 0.15-ohm Ni200 nickel coils

Therefore, if you want a versatile sub-ohm tank that won’t overwhelm you. However, it will also grow with you as you go and will offer more features. The Kanger Toptank Mini is worth a look.

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9/10 overall
9/10 quality
8/10 value

The Halo Jag 6 sub ohm vape tank with ceramic coils is not a cloud maker like most of the devices on the best sub ohm vape tanks list. But it is our pick for the best sub ohm tank that uses ceramic coils. Why would you want ceramic coils? Primarily because they last a very, very long time. Like I mentioned, they do not make as much vapor although they do bring out a clean and crisp flavor.

The Jag 6 is a 25 mm diameter tank with a 4 ml vape juice capacity. The two chamber chimney helps prevent spitback and seems to enhance the flavor.

Jag 6 Coils

Jag 6 coils are ceramic covered Kanthal appropriate for sub ohm vapor making. Coil options are:

  • 0.5-ohm wattage range from 20 to 50 watts
  • 0.25-ohm wattage range from 20 to 70 watts

The Halo Jag 6 is constructed of stainless steel and has a top-fill cap. The top airflow combined with ceramic coils make this one a hit with flavor chasers.

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The Best Sub-Ohm Tanks of 2018: Brands & Prices

Category Best Sub-Ohm Tanks Price
Best Sub Ohm Tank of 2018 Vapor 2 Trinity $19.98
Best Sub Ohm Tank for Flavor Mig Vapor WTF $26.95 (with a 10% off coupon)
Sub Ohm Tank for Clouds Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast $34.95
Best Vape Tank Under $50 Uwell Crown III $31.95
Best Sub Ohm Tank on the Market Aspire Athos $29.95
Best Vape Tank for Great Vapor Production VaporFi Vulk $29.99
Cheap Vape Tank for Sub Ohm Vaping Halo Jag 6 $29.00

Do You Really Need a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Ask yourself this question.

Are you unsure, whether the best sub-ohm tank will be the best choice for you or not? Let’s weigh their pros against their cons and see whether sub-ohm vaping is the right choice for you.

Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping

Vaping Style

There are two types of vaping styles. Standard vaping with atomizers above 1.0-ohms, and sub-ohm vaping with atomizers below 1.0-ohms. When you are standard vaping you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. When you are sub-ohm vaping, you draw the vapor directly into the lungs. This is MTL, mouth to lung, vs. DL, direct lung.

When you are vaping a standard atomizer coil above 1.0-ohms, you will use a vape juice that is 50% PG or more. When you are sub-ohm vaping, you will use an e-liquid that is more than 50% VG. Remember as well that with sub ohm vaping you will not need an e-liquid with any more than 6 mg of nicotine. If you vape direct to the lung, you’ll simply love the sub-ohm vaping experience. In fact, once you sub-ohm, you won’t go back. On the flip, if you prefer mouth to the lung, above ohm vaping gear is the way to go. Although not written in stone, it’s the easiest way to gauge whether a top sub-ohm vape tank is ideal for you.

Sub-Ohm Tank Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, standard vaping doesn’t even come close to sub-ohming. The vapor production is considerably higher. In fact, that is the biggest charm behind the best sub-ohm vape tanks. It has become a competitive sport. People compete against each other to see who blows the biggest, thickest plumes of vapor. Cloud chasing is the pursuit of the biggest clouds of vapor possible.

The fact that you are inhaling so much more vapor is why VG e-liquids for sub-ohm vape tanks contain less nicotine than PG e-liquids for standard vaping.
We have a couple of quick tips for choosing an e-liquid blend for you sub-ohm vaping tank. An e-liquid or vape juice that is 70% to 80% VG is the sweet spot for vapor production and flavor. Max VG e-juices will make even more vapor, but will not be as flavorful.

Sub-Ohm Tank Flavor

This is where things get a little crazy. You would think that the flavor intensifies because you’re inhaling more vapor. But, with the increased airflow and speed at which vapor is inhaled directly to the lungs, it leaves little time for your taste buds to extract the taste. You get to savor the flavor on the exhale. The flavor performance was one of the leading qualifying criteria that we used to determine the best sub-ohm vape tanks. A lot of factors determine the flavor performance of a sub ohm tank. The quality and construction of the coils being chief among them. Organic cotton coils deliver the best flavor. The combination of airflow and juice ports that keep the wick saturated is a secret sauce for vapor flavor.

Finally, little things like the distance of the coils from the drip tip can impact the flavor. Of course, the quality of the vape juice you are using is critical. Cheap, poorly made vape juice tends to be overly saccharine and flavor challenged shall we say! You sub ohm vape tank deserves a good juice. Find proven, transparent e-liquid brands and your vaping experience will be much better for it.

More Excitement, More Innovation, More Fun

When compared to vaping standard cartomizers or tanks, sub-ohming opens a new world of innovation. In fact, most of the innovation has been dedicated to developing the best sub ohm vape tanks.

The innovations have taken diverse paths. Tanks like the TFV12 are all about maximum vapor. No holds barred insane vapor! Other tanks strike a balance between vapor production, flavor, and ease of use. Others yet are geared toward affordability. Every type of innovation has its place and will appeal to a cross-section of vapers.

There are vape tank innovations in drip tip design, airflow design, and chimney design. Minor changes can drastically alter the vaping experience. It is a lot of fun to experience.

We have also seen incredible innovation and improvement in sub-ohm coils over the years. The best tanks have the best coils. Manufacturers also strive to make coil swapping easier for vaper.

Is Temperature Control Vaping Sub-Ohm?

Yes, it is. Temp control vaping is achieved with sub-ohm coils. But, instead of Kanthal coils temp control coils must be made of compatible wire. Examples of temp control wire are nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. Some of the top-rated sub-ohm vape tanks on our list do give you the option of using temp control coils. We did not consider this a factor in the ranking structure. Our focus was to evaluate these devices as sub-ohm tanks. If you are interested in temp control, look for products that give you the coil options that accommodate TC vaping.

From temperature ranges to coil materials to top filling designs to RBA heads, there is just so much to experiment. You’ll never get enough of it.

Disadvantages of Sub-Ohm Vaping

Big Dent to Battery Life

Sub-ohm tanks need a lot of power and wattage to offer optimal performance. Small e-cig and mod batteries do not have the power required to bring the vapor. You will be best served by a device that operates on 18650 batteries or an internal battery with a capacity of at least 1,500 mAh. Mods with dual 18650 batteries should provide ample power except for the extreme cloud chasers.

What this means for you is that you’ll be charging your battery more frequently. Since the resistance of the coil is low, more current flows through it. The battery gets some beating. It’s akin to water flowing through a pipe: the wider the pipe is, the more water will flow.

We recommend using an external battery charger for your 18650 batteries. You will also want to have spare, fully-charged batteries on hand and ready to go.

Heavier on Your Pocket

Sub-ohm vaping can be more expensive than standard vaping. Sub-ohm vaping tanks not only uses more battery power but also consumes more e-juice. Those big clouds come at the cost of excessive e-juice. And if you use a high-quality, expensive e-liquid, it can impact your budget.

That said, you do not want to skimp on your vape juice. The best sub-ohm vape tanks will give you full enjoyment of your juice. Cheap juice made in the back room of a vape shop might save you a buck, but quality vape juice always vapes better.

Stealth vaping Is Out of Question

This is a no-brainer. If you want to vape around people but don’t want others to notice, you have to choose above-ohm vaping. Sub ohm vape clouds will be noticed!

No Mouth to Lung Vaping

Sub-ohm tanks usually have a loose airflow so you can take the draw easily. It’s pretty much like drinking soda through a straw. Therefore, you won’t be able to do mouth to lung hits. As a result, the vapor won’t stay in your mouth for long enough for you to savor the taste.

It Can Be Risky

Sub-ohm vaping has become much safer than it used to be a few years ago. This is thanks to powerful, precision regulated vape mods. By regulated, we don’t mean legally; we are talking about control boards, or chips, that control power output. Not only are mods better but the best sub-ohm vape tanks today are amazing. Finally, better batteries have also contributed to a safer vaping experience.

However, since you virtually stretch the batteries to their maximum capacity, it can be comparatively riskier. But again, the stats show that probability of a vape battery explosion is one in a million.

The best-rated sub ohm tanks have made vaping safer by making it easier. Follow the recommended wattage ranges to avoid stressing batteries and frying atomizer coils.

Sub-Ohm vs. Above-Ohm Vaping

Apparently, there are more downsides than advantages of sub-ohming. However, the vapor production and the excitement simply outweigh all the cons. It all boils down to your personal preferences. If you sub-ohm for a while, chances are you’ll get hooked on it and never go back.

What Makes a Good Sub-Ohm Tank?

Let’s see what the qualities of a good sub-ohm tank are. The Bigger, the Better? Maybe. But then, it all depends on your vaping style. Having a 5ml or even bigger sub-ohm tank is great as you don’t have to refill very often. This can be a plus depending on how often you vape. Ideally speaking, you should go for a big tank size. On the flip, it can increase the overall size of the mod.

Also, are you one of those souls who always want to try new things? You might want to try new flavors as well, and bigger might not be better. Trying to switch to a different flavor can be a problem if you already have a full 5ml tank.

Look, the bottom line is this. Big sub-ohm vape tanks can accommodate larger coils. Bigger coils can bring more vapor. Can a small sub-ohm vape tank and small coils deliver as much vapor as a cloud chasing tank like the TFV12? No. But, a little tank can bring perfectly respectable sub ohm vapor production. For practical, everyday vaping, a small sub-ohm tank will do just fine.

The final verdict is that larger diameter sub-ohm vape tanks with huge coils produce more vapor than smaller tanks. Many vapers like to have a small tank for day to day needs and have a big sub ohm tank at home for maximum clouds in their leisure time.

Type of Coil

This didn’t use to be a big factor until lately. However, with so many different options available, you might be missing out if you continuously use the same coils. For example, a Kanthal coil is ideal for use with ordinary variable wattage vaping. As a general rule, the lower the atomizer resistance, the higher wattage you can vape. Low resistance and high wattage equal more vapor.

You can completely change the vaping experience just by swapping coils. On the other hand, you can also use nickel, stainless steel, and titanium on a mod with temperature control.

Your mod will pretty much dictate what type of coil you ought to choose. Different e-liquids will have a slightly different taste with different types of coils. It is something that experience will teach you. Try out different types of coils and the settle down with the one that floats your boat. Or, don’t settle down at all! It’s up to you.

Another factor that can impact your vaping experience is the style of the coil. For instance, some modern tanks come with Clapton-style coils, which somewhat look like guitar strings. You should also consider the number of coils (some have up to 12 coils) and their alignment (vertical vs. horizontal). Vertical coils usually outperform the horizontal ones and are more common.


Most sub-ohm tanks allow customization regarding air flow control. For direct lung inhalers, a wider airflow is better and vice versa. A tank with wider airflow options is a better choice.

There is a whole line of RTAs that come with a rebuildable atomizer (RBA). However, there are a few sub-ohm tanks that include an RBA in addition to the built-in options. This is a great feature for rebuilders who want to try sub-ohming.

Top-Filling Design vs. Bottom-Fill Design

The top-filling design is extremely easy to fill and is becoming increasingly popular. Rather than having to take apart the sub-ohm tank, simply uncap the top and refill.

Wicking Material

Another important factor is the wicking material. The most common material is Japanese organic cotton. There are a few sub-ohm vape tanks that offer a ceramic coil. The latter offers the advantage of additional heat resistance. This means you can fire the mod with an empty tank and there won’t be any damage to the wick.

On the flip, a cotton wick will burn pretty quickly. This little feature not only improves the flavor but also prolongs the lifespan of your coils. But this doesn’t mean that we can rule out cotton. In fact, comparing apples to apples, cotton will offer a better taste.

Other features

Some other features that you may consider including liquid flow control and anti-spit back system. Liquid flow control allows you to regulate the speed at which your juice reaches the coil. As a result, it gives you a lot more control over the overall performance.

Anti-spit back is an innovative design mouthpiece that stops the hot juice from going into your mouth. Moreover, certain sub-ohm tanks will have a cooling system for those who don’t like the hot vapor.

Tips For Using Sub Ohm Vape Tanks

Always read the user manual of your sub ohm vape tank. There are some variations of how sub ohm tanks function. Here are a few tips common to all tanks:
– Use an e-liquid with more than 50% VG
– 70% VG e-liquids offer a great combination of vapor and flavor
– Max VG e-liquids have less flavor but more vapor
– Always prime your sub ohm vape coils
– “Priming” is placing a few drops of e-juice directly on the cotton visible through the juice ports on the coil
– After priming, assembling, and filling your tank – wait at least five minutes before vaping
– Waiting at least five minutes will allow the wick to become fully saturated with e-liquid
– When refilling a sub ohm vape tank, it is a good idea to close off the airflow to prevent leaking.

Finally, it is a good idea to break in new sub ohm coils slowly. For instance, you don’t want the first hit on a new coil to be at maximum wattage. Start out at the low end of the wattage range and gradually increase.


Sub-ohm tanks are pretty much like supercars. They are high performance, but they are not for everyone. And if you think you’re cut out for sub-ohming, make sure to consider all the things we have discussed above. It’s best to do some research and then use it along with your personal preferences to choose a tank. Feel free to choose any of the best sub-ohm vape tanks we’ve mentioned above. All of the tanks on our list have been put through their paces and proved their metal in real-world conditions. We test these tanks that way that you will use and enjoy them. Go with a proven performer and ensure that your vaping will be all that it can be!

Where Will You Be Doing Most of Your Vaping?

The final aspect of choosing the best product we will be looking at is location. Where will you be using your vaporizer? Where do you spend most of your days? And what does that say about what type of vaporizer is best for you? Let’s take a look.

Spend Most of Your Day at Home

Whether you work from home, are a stay-at-home person, or you’re just simply unemployed, the fact remains that you spend a lot of time at home. You are lucky because you can get a quality desktop vaporizer for amazing vapor. We would recommend the Herbalizer or the PLENTY. If your budget isn’t quite as high, then perhaps the Arizer Extreme Q will fit the occasion.

Spend Most of Your Days in Public

Whether because you are an extrovert who loves being around people or you hate sitting at home, some people just spend a lot of time out and about. If you are out of the home and out in public, you need a vaporizer that is portable and offers you a level of privacy. We would recommend that you take a look at a portable vaporizer.

The V2Pro Series 3 ($129) and the Mig Vapor Matrix ($139) are small but effective. If none of those suit your fancy and you have a mid to high budget, then you may want to look at the Pax 3 ($274.99) or FireFly 2 ($229.94). There is a device for every budget. Just stick with the proven and tested performers.

Spend a Lot of Time at Friend’s Houses

If you are often hanging out with friends at different houses and plan to be sharing your vape, then a portable device is an ideal choice. A vape pen does not have enough battery capacity to share, and desktop vaporizers are a bit too bulky to pack up and move all the time. If you have a larger budget, then we recommend the Mig Vapor DRAY or the V2Pro’s Series 3/Series 7.

Wrapping it up

Vaporizers are a rapidly advancing technology that is changing the landscape. A vaporizer can be used for all types of herbs, botanicals, and even tobacco. Of course, they are most popular among medical marijuana patients and recreational users. Choosing your first marijuana vaporizer can be challenging. We are here to help you to find a perfect product. Thanks for being with us. Stay tuned and vape on!

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James Bickford

My way of understanding the significance of vaping came not only through the disruption of smoking but its effects on society as a whole. Now I bring people to vaping and bring vaping to people. I love using new gear, writing in-depth reviews and generally nerding out about vaping to like-minded people.

  1. comment-avatar

    Melissa Sprouse

    December 19, 2017 at 1:32 pm Reply

    I’m looking for a new mod w/ tank. The most important thing to me is the taste of my ejuice. My favorite that I own now is the Crown 3 but there’s a bit of a burning to my throat in the mornings of course this is because I am a chain vapor

  2. comment-avatar

    K. Campbell

    February 22, 2018 at 4:39 am Reply

    My first vape kit was a Pico with a Mello tank, I’d done little research (my bad) I ended up with the guardian tank by vaporesso using ccell coils. I loved that little thing. I dropped it on concrete, tile, you name it, and kept on going till it was knocked into a sink full of water. I read up on all the hype and changed over to SMOK AL85 with tfv8 baby and hated it. The mod is plastic, the tank, even using the GT Ccells which are compatible, still pale in comparison to the Guardian. I’m getting either the NRG or the Cascade. People complain about the ceramics, but I set a new one in a bottle cap ( when I need to replace one) to soak for 30 mins and it’s rtg. These coils last 4-6 times longer (my record being 6.5 weeks) and don’t taste like drinking thru a bed sheet. Either tank can use the GT ceramic coils (the cheaper of the two) I would love to hear a tank to tank review or advice so I can finally take the plunge. I’ve ugraded my mod to the Voopoo Drag 157w TC with the Gene chipset..,.Thanks

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