Freemax FireLuke 2: A Tank for Making Smooth and Silky Clouds


by James Bickford

Updated: March 1, 2022

Freemax FireLuke 2 Review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
$15.21 - ‎$23.99
24 mm
Juice Capacity:
5 mL
White, Black, Orange, Red, Green, Blue
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Outstanding cloud production
  • Improved appearance
  • Two coils included with the starter kit


  • Metal drip tip (but replaceable)

While the original FireLuke had a lot going for it, some users complained about its appearance, juice capacity, and the lack of an extra coil in the starter kit. In response, FreeMax came out with the second version of this tank, and it is a significant improvement. Such improvements are a larger tank, an extra coil, and a better appearance.

FreeMax FireLuke 2 Review

The FireLuke 2 is an outstanding device that cloud chasers are going to love. It has all of the new features one could want, including a set of sub-ohm coils, high juice capacity, and compatibility with the full range of FireLuke coils.

Freemax FireLuke 2 Colors

Additional benefits to using this product are outstanding airflow that produces a high amount of clouds (enough to fill a room), top-filled airflow, and a much better appearance. Finally, the price makes it suitable for people who want a high-performing budget vape.

FreeMax FireLuke vs FreeMax FireLuke 2

The FreeMax FireLuke 2 is a definite improvement over its predecessor. The original only had 3 ml of juice capacity and a single 0.15 ohm coil, while the FireLuke 2 comes with an extra higher resistance coil and 5 ml juice capacity.

3 ml juice capacity is not enough for a vape tank that can handle almost 100 watts. The juice vaporizes away too quickly. High wattage tanks should have 4 ml of capacity, at least. As for the coils, most tanks come with two coils so that users have low and high-resistance options. This problem was solved by including a 0.2 ohm coil with the FireLuke 2.

One problem with the original FireLuke is that it had an odd design and appearance that made it look like a disco ball. The FireLuke 2 is a much better-looking tank.

FireLuke 2 Tank Vapor Production

The FreeMax FireLuke 2 is a sub-ohm vape tank, so vapor production will be very high because the coils get so hot. After taking a drag using this tank, the user will have to exhale twice to get the vapor out of his or her lungs. Cloud chasers will be very satisfied with this tank and its flavor.

Freemax Fireluke 2 Kit

The kit comes with the vape tank and two coils: a preinstalled 0.2 ohm (40 to 80 watts) and a 0.15 ohm for 40 to 90 watts.

Freemax FireLuke 2 Starter Kit

Also included is a replacement glass, an extra o-ring, and a user manual. Be sure to give the manual a thorough reading, especially for those using a sub-ohm tank for the first time.

FireLuke 2 Tank Building Quality and Design

There are things to like and dislike about the construction and design. The knurling on the top cap and airflow control ring is a nice touch that allows the user to get a solid grip on them. Beneath the top cap is a large fill port. There should be no problems with spillage if an appropriate-sized cone-nosed bottle or syringe is used.

The only thing not to like is the metal drip tip. That does not make sense at all because it conducts heat. At higher wattages, the drip tip gets very hot. This is why most manufacturers use Ultem and Delrin drip tips, which do not conduct heat. Luckily, the metal drip tip can be replaced with another 810.

What Coils Are Compatible with the FreeMax FireLuke 2?

FireLuke tanks are compatible with all the coils in the FireLuke M/TX line. These coils range in resistance from 0.12 to 0.5 ohms. They all use a mesh design over a large surface area and organic cotton wicking. These features help raise cloud and flavor production while improving coil life. Replacements come five in a set.

How Long Do FreeMax FireLuke 2 Coils Last?

FireLuke mesh coils can last a few days to three weeks, depending on how often they are used and the types of liquids in the vape tank. Frequently hitting the tank and using sugary liquids can reduce coil life by several days.

Get the most of the FireLuke mesh coils by priming them.

  1. Before putting them in the tank, dab some liquid on the cotton and put it in the tank.
  2. Next, fill the tank and allow five to ten minutes for the cotton to absorb the juice.
  3. Performing these steps will extend the life of the coils and improve flavor and cloud production.

FireLuke 2 Tank Airflow

The tank has dual bottom adjustable airflow. There is a knurled airflow control ring that rotates smoothly and efficiently. It is less restrictive than that of its predecessor, and it makes cooler and denser clouds. Also, the draws are silky smooth and highly satisfying. Just beware not to overfill the tank, or liquid could leak through the airflow slots.

How to Use the FreeMax FireLuke 2

The top cap and base separate from the glass and expose the coil. The glass can be replaced when the top cap and base are pulled away. To adjust airflow, simply turn the airflow control at the bottom.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Operation

  • Remove top cap
  • Screw in or unscrew the coil into or from the base
  • Replace the glass and top cap
  • Adjust airflow by rotating the airflow control ring

How to Fill the FireLuke Mesh Tank

The tank is easy to refill. Find the red mark beneath the top cap and slide it open and expose the fill port beneath. Use a syringe to refill the tank, as they are less messy than bottles. Close the top when refilling is complete.

How to Change the FreeMax FireLuke 2 Coil

After wetting the replacement coil with juice:

  • Take the tank apart as earlier described, making sure that the glass is separate from the base.
  • Do not try to remove or take the replacement coil out while the glass is attached, as the glass could break.
  • When the coil is installed, put the tank back together.
  • Fill the tank and allow five to ten minutes to pass before vaping.

Competing Products

FreeMax Fireluke 2 vs. Uwell Valyrian 2

The Uwell Valyrian 2 has a few features that make it stand out from its competitor. It uses self-cleaning technology, 6 ml juice capacity, and it comes with a lower resistance 0.14 ohm UN2-2 dual mesh coil.

Uwell Valyrian 2 Colors

However, self-cleaning products still have to be cleaned, so do not expect to be off the hook for maintenance. Additionally, it consumes juice faster than the FireLuke 2, and its airflow is not as good. Finally, the FireLuke 2 is less expensive.

FreeMax Fireluke 2 vs. Falcon King

Falcon King Colors

The Falcon King compares well with the FireLuke 2. It has 4 to 6 ml juice capacity, thanks to the bubble glass in the starter kit. It also has a top-fill port with a locking button mechanism. However, the Falcon King’s coils use a lot of liquid, and it is more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions About the FireLuke 2 Tank

  • Are FreeMax Coils Interchangeable?

    The coils are interchangeable. The FireLuke M/TX line consists of nearly a dozen coils, all of which are compatible with FireLike tanks.

  • What Is the Best FreeMax Coil?

    It is impossible to say which is the best because that judgment should be reserved for individuals to make for themselves. However, there is a case to make for the triple and quadruple mesh 0.15 ohm mesh coils. They produce a lot of dense vapor.

Freemax Fireluke 2 Specifications

Diameter: 24 mm
Juice Capacity: 5 mL
TX2 Dual Mesh Coil: 0.2 ohm (40 to 80 Watts)
Single Mesh Coil: 0.15 ohm (40 to 90 Watts)
Tea Fiber Cotton:
Slide-to-Open Top Cap:
Top Fill Port:
Dual Bottom Airflow Control :
Drip Tip: 810
Connection: Gold-Plated 510
Colors: White, Black, Orange, Red, Green, Blue


The Positives

  • Outstanding cloud production
  • Improved appearance
  • Two coils included with the starter kit
  • Fill port located on top
  • Excellent airflow

The Negatives

  • Excellent airflow

Closing Thoughts About the FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank

Aside from the metal drip tip, there is not much to complain about here. The FireLuke 2 has every feature a cloud chaser could want, such as two low resistance coils, smooth airflow control, and a much better appearance than its predecessor. It is also good that it has a fill port on top instead of at the bottom. FreeMax gets a strong A for this tank.

If you have any thoughts about this tank or its competitors, please leave a comment below.

Published: August 31, 2021Updated: March 1, 2022

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