FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review


by James Bickford

Updated: October 21, 2022

FireLuke Mesh desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price range:
Multi Colors
Threaded Connection:
24 mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Aesthetically pleasing build
  • Mesh coils for increased airflow
  • Great flavor experience


  • Mesh Tank must be empty to replace the coil

Starting Price: $ 21.99

Mesh style coils like those in this tank are the new trend in vaping and for good reason! Long lasting and stylish, this mesh vape tank provides increased airflow and intense flavor in a 24mm package. The Freemax FireLuke tank is leak-proof and easy to refill, perfect for vapers, and vaping on the go. The tank’s performance is unbeatable, and it is the best of its kind when it comes to sub-ohm tanks that work under 90W. Does it sound like this mesh vape tank is the one for you? Check out more of what it has to offer in the review below.

What’s in the Box

The Sub-Ohm Mesh tank has a couple of different parts and includes some spares in the box. It comes with spare mesh coils, an extra glass tube and a few additional smaller parts for user convenience. Check out some more detailed information about the vape tank in this review.

FireLuke Mesh desktop

Included in the box:

  • One FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank
  • Two 0.15ohm FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Coils
  • One spare glass tube
  • Spare parts
  • FreeMax Fireluke User Manual

Best FireLuke Features

What makes the Freemax FireLuke a crowd-pleasing favorite? Easy, any review is sure to point out the sub-ohm mesh tank’s assortment of top rated features. Its stylish profile, heavy duty construction, mesh coils, and easy refillability make this vape tank stand out above the rest.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Freemax FireLuke Sub-ohm tank comes in three different types of finishes (Steel, Carbon Fiber, and Resin) and each of these finishes offers a variety of different colors for vape users to use and choose from. The tank itself is made of glass, so the coils are visible, which gives it a thoroughly modern look.

FireLuke Mesh tanks all

The 810 Drip Tip even matches the color/finish of the sub-ohm tanks, which is an added touch that most other products do not include.

Mesh Coil Heating Element

Mesh style coils, coupled with bottom fed air slots and an atomizer core add up to one intense vaping and e-juice flavor experience. The 0.15ohm mesh wires allow the heating element to cover a larger surface area than the traditional wire coils.

FireLuke Mesh coil up

A larger surface area leads to more efficient heating of the e-juice, giving the user intensely vape juice flavorful hits. The two air slots at the base give this mesh tank ample airflow and provide great cooling properties for a more comfortable hit. Mesh coils are also known to last a lot longer than the traditional wire model in other tanks, giving vape users more use before the coils need to be changed.

Easily Change Coils

When it comes time to change the mesh wire, this sub-ohm tank is relatively easy to take apart and put back together, after a careful review. The FreeMax FireLuke comes apart into four distinct pieces: the top cap/drip tip, the fill-cap, the glass compartment, and the bottom base which houses the coil. Replacing the coil is easy and putting it back together is even easier, as everything screws into the base, which holds the mesh tank together. It is important to note that the fireluke’s tank must be completely empty in order to replace the coil header, since everything screws in at the bottom of the piece, to avoid a mess.

Easy to Refill

One of the most annoying parts of vaping is having to refill the tank. Thankfully, the FreeMax FireLuke is extremely easy to refill. This mesh tank features two large threaded top-fill sections that take up almost all of the tip fill space, eliminating the hassle of putting drops into tiny refill ports.

FireLuke Mesh tank Refill

The FireLuke tank itself holds up to 3mL, which is an adequate amount for the moderate-use vaper. The easy refill ports make up for the slightly small capacity because refilling is a breeze.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Freemax FireLuke is made of the best materials that stand the test of time. The glass of the mesh tank is reinforced with Pyrex glass which is one of the strongest glass models on the market. The body is also made of strong material, either steel, carbon fiber, or resin, which makes it less likely that this piece will break.

FireLuke Mesh tank reinbow

This construction is great for on the go vapers, as users can rest assured that their tank won’t break in their pocket or bag.

Performance of the Fireluke Mesh Tank

For a sub-ohm mesh tank that uses a 0.15ohm coil and runs best between 40w-90w, the FreeMax FireLuke performs extremely well, according to this review. Typically Sub-Ohm tanks run at a higher wattage, but this low wattage option performs just as well, if not better. This tank gives e-juice vape users an intense flavor experience, as good as any drip tank, and allows them to get a unique flavor profile of their favorite e-juices.

FireLuke Mesh coil

Two air slots give vape users smooth, comfortable hits. The 0.15ohm mesh style Kanthal coil features an organic cotton wick, so be sure to prime it well before the first use, as any review would say. To ensure proper priming, allow the cotton to saturate for about 30 minutes and take a few test pulls to figure out if it is saturated enough. The last thing any user wants is burnt hits, so be sure to take care when priming to eradicate this risk.

Similar Products on the Market

Uwell Valyrian Sub Ohm Vape Tank

This is a vaping tank that does not even come close to the quality of the FreeMax FireLuke. It features one quad coil option, which does not provide as much airflow or taste as the FreeMax FireLuke.

Uwell Valyrian Tank

The Uwell Valyrian runs at a higher wattage. While it does have a convenient push button top fill option, the push button often gets stuck or refuses to open, which can be frustrating to vape users.

Aspire Athos Sub-Ohm Tank

The Aspire Athos sub-ohm tank uses A3 tri-coil heads as well as A5 Penta-coil heads. These heads do not provide as much airflow as the mesh coils like in the FreeMax FireLuke. This sub-ohm tank’s performance is similar to that of the FreeMax FireLuke- it provides good flavor and a similar user experience.


The main difference is that the Aspire Athos uses a much higher wattage than the FireLuke and coils are very different. While the two products are similar the Aspire Athos is almost 3x as expensive as the FireLuke, making it a better value.

FireLuke Mesh Specifications

FireLuke Mesh
Diameter: 24 mm
Tank Capacity: 3 mL
Mesh Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm
Dimensions: 24mm x 46.5mm



  • Aesthetically pleasing build
  • Easy to take apart & reassemble
  • Mesh coils for increased airflow
  • Great flavor experience
  • Heavy duty glass


  • Mesh Tank must be empty to replace the coil

Is It Worth It?

Compared to the other new tanks on the market, the FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Mesh Tank is a great option for any vaper who wants an intense flavor experience at a lower wattage. Its features are top notch and are made for the best performance. The mesh style coil and dual air slots bring increased airflow through the piece, letting vape users get the full taste profile of their favorite e-juices.

Easy to take apart and reassemble, this sub-ohm tank is extremely user-friendly and easy to like. The mesh coil is easily replaceable and the vaping performance is at the top of its class. This stylish tank is perfect for any vape user and will give them intense flavor with smooth, strong hits. It is one of the best, new low wattage tanks on the market- users will not be disappointed with this tank’s quality.

Published: April 8, 2019Updated: October 21, 2022

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