GeekVape Alpha Review: The New Alpha Among Tanks


by James Bickford

Updated: July 21, 2021

GeekVape Alpha desktop

Review Score: 91/100

Price Range:
Silver/Ember Resin, Silver/Twilight Resin, Silver/Flare Resin, Black/Onyx Resin and Blue/Onyx Resin
E-Liquid Capacity:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Excellent build quality
  • Beautiful and durable resin design elements


  • Low e-juice capacity

The GeekVape Alpha is a brand-new sub-ohm tank that features mesh-style coils. The Alpha comes with two mesh coils — 0.15ohm and 0.4ohm — with unique wick material — organic Egyptian cotton. The tank has the same stainless steel-on-resin design layout as GeekVape’s newest mod the Nova.

The Alpha is TPD compliant and features a 2ml e-juice capacity, while the non-TPD capacity is 4ml. The kit includes a spare glass piece for either standard. The Alpha comes outfitted with a colorful resin 810-drip tip that measures 18mm in diameter.

An Up-Close Look at the Alpha Tank

The Alpha sub ohm tank from GeekVape has a standard build and configuration but with a few surprises. The first is the aesthetic design as the tank bursts with color thanks to the resin elements (there are five color options). The Alpha sub ohm comes as a stand-alone tank, but it is meant to pair with the latest GeekVape mod, the Nova, which also blends stainless steel and resin into its exterior design.

Stainless steel is what the rest of the tank consists of, including the heat-resistant glass tank. The glass piece has a spare in the kit, but it is only a replacement piece either for the pre-installed 2ml or 4ml glass. The tank also features a pre-installed all-resin drip tip. The drip tip is an 810 and has a wide-bore opening.

The surprises continue with the push-open, top-cap that sits atop the glass. It is more a swivel-back as the cap turns to the left instead of flipping back. There is only one exposed fill port under the cap. A second would have been nice, but the installed one is wide enough to accept most, if not all, e-juice bottle tips.

GeekVape Alpha desktop

Down at the bottom of the tank is the airflow control ring. There are three separate slots along the bottom that can stay either fully open or closed depending on preference. The tank has a standard, gold-plated 510-pin at its base. The Alpha sub ohm features a 25mm diameter (0.98”) so it can fit most single or dual 18650 mods.

Kit Contents

The GeekVape Alpha tank comes with the necessities to keep the tank in good shape. There are the spare glass pieces (always essential) as well as the two coil options that cater to different vaping styles. Here’s what to expect if you get the Alpha tank:

  • One x GeekVape Alpha Tank
  • One x 0.15ohm MM X1 Coil (pre-installed)
  • One x 0.4ohm MM X2 Coil
  • One x Replacement Glass Tube
  • One x User Manual

The Look and Feel of the Alpha

The tank has a fine finish to it, both the steel and resin parts. It is a very well-made tank and it glimmers in the light. The resin elements have small ridges and notches to make it easier to remove individual parts. The stainless steel parts, though, have smooth lines but are also easy to grip. The bottom airflow control ring is also thick and well-built.


Although you don’t want to drop a tank, this resin and stainless steel combo look like it can stand up to a fall. The drip tip is also durable and it is replaceable with any other 810-sized drip tip, as it features a few o-rings under the top cap. The coils are also remarkably well-machined as they have a larger-than-usual build with wide-open juice ports to make priming them easier.

The push-back top cap has an interesting feature. It might not spring open so much at first, but with use, the gears break-in, and the spring-action is instant. So it only improves its performance as you use it, which is something that not a lot of tanks can boast.

Using the Alpha Tank

There is not much to using the tank that differs from other atomizers. The design of it also makes it straightforward, right down to the big “Open” engraved onto the push-button top cap. Similarly, the fill port under the top cap is very wide, so users should not have any problems filling the tank.


For best results, unscrew the bottom of the tank to remove the base, which then allows you to prime the pre-installed coil. The tank comes pre-installed with the 0.15ohm coil, with the 0.4ohm as a back-up. They have different ranges, which we will get to later. Once the coils are primed, screw them back into the coil base and replace the glass piece.

The fill method on this tank is also self-explanatory. Once the button has been used a few times, it should open without a problem. The first few times, the button may not flip out so fast so give it a little push. With usage, the springs adjust and activate. There are no fill lines or a Max line on the glass piece so users can fill it.

The MeshMellow Coils

The MeshMellow coils (as GeekVape calls them) are the star of the Alpha tank. Even though the rest of the tank is well-made and performs wonderfully, the coils are what deliver the flavor and cloud production that vapers are looking for in their sub-ohm tanks. The coils use Kanthal wire so they are not for temperature control vaping.

The type of cotton is organic, Egyptian cotton so they are very absorbent and can hold a lot of e-juice. The different resistances of the coils also give different vapor styles. The 0.15ohm is good for direct-lung vaping, while the 0.4ohm coil gives off good flavor. The former coil vapes best between 60-110W, while the latter is rated for between 50-80W.

GeekVape Alpha tank coil
The 0.15ohm is also a dual-coil so it can put out a lot of clouds. The cotton also means that the coils have good durability. They can stand for at a dozen or so refills before the flavor or cloud production starts to diminish, but even then the vapor quality is as good as other coils, even when they are fresh.

Vapor Production

The Alpha tank and coils have been getting a lot of rave reviews. Looking online, it is also hard to find and is out of stock in a lot of stores, which is only another sign of its popularity. The reason has to be the new coil design. The Alpha is, of course, not the first tank to use mesh-coils, but the combination of Egyptian cotton wicks and Kanthal mesh-wire seem to bring out the best of any e-juice.

Mesh touches more of the cotton wick than typical coil designs. This design means that the mesh can vaporize those spots that coil-style heads could not reach, which means more intense, fuller, and layered flavor, as well as more cloud production. Such is the case with the MeshMellow coils.

Within either coil’s stated range, the flavor profile of any e-juice on point. With the 0.15ohm coil, users can also get sizable clouds, as the range can go as high as 110W, which makes for a lot of cloud cover. The 0.4ohm coil also delivers exceptional vapor, but is better-suited to low-temp, low-wattage settings that can heighten the taste quality without sacrificing on cloud production.

The Competition

GeekVape Cerberus

The GeekVape Cerberus is another GeekVape-designed tank that features a larger e-juice capacity (4ml and 5.5ml with expander glass) as well as different coils. The Cerberus also uses a classic, stainless steel/glass build that comes in several different colors.


Users can take advantage of the tank’s dual adjustable airflow control to create clouds of the size that they want. The Cerberus also measures 25mm in diameter (0.98”) and uses the same mesh-style coils as the Alpha. The Cerberus has a threaded top cap, so users need only remove it to fill the tank.

Horizon Tech Falcon

The tank that started the mesh-coil craze, the Horizon Tech Falcon was one of the originators not only of mesh coils but of unique wick material. The Falcon is a sub-ohm tank that uses coils with materials like wood pulp, flax fiber, and cotton blends for its series of Falcon coils that range from 0.2ohms to 0.15ohms.

Horizontech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank colors image

The Falcon can hold up to 5ml of e-juice (7ml with the expander piece) and has a threaded top cap like the Cerberus. The Falcon has three bottom airflow slots that are fully adjustable and a wide-bore, resin drip-tip.

GeekVape Alpha Tank Specifications

GeekVape Alpha Tank
Sizes: 2-13/16" x 15/16" (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
Diameter: 25mm
Threaded: 510
E-Liquid Capacity: 4.0ml
Retractable Top Fill Design with Button Lock: Yes
Bubble Glass Tank: Yes
Colors: Silver/Ember Resin, Silver/Twilight Resin, Silver/Flare Resin, Black/Onyx Resin and Blue/Onyx Resin
Dual Mesh MM X2 Coil Head : 0.4ohm
Single Mesh MM X1 Coil Head : 0.2ohm
Unique Resin Crafted Design: Yes
Triple Airflow Slots: Yes

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Excellent build quality
  • Beautiful and durable resin design elements
  • Straightforward user design
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Superior coil design
  • No leaking
  • Versatile airflow options

The Negatives

  • Low e-juice capacity

Conclusion: The New Leader of Mesh-Coil Tanks

The GeekVape Alpha tank has been flying off shelves ever since it was released. Not only does it have the prestige of the GeekVape label, but it is genuinely above-average, not only in build quality but in vapor production as well. The small touches are what make it such a sterling example of GeekVape ingenuity.

The push-button top cap gives it high marks for ease-of-use, especially with new users. Coil removal and filling are very straightforward. And the resin design elements top everything off with a bit of flair. The coils are also a big part of the Alpha’s draw. The MeshMellow design delivers the right balance of superior flavor, along with the sub-ohm clouds that vapers expect from a sub-ohm tank.

Published: July 29, 2020Updated: July 21, 2021

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