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Disposable E-Cigs: The Ultimate Guide from VapingDaily

Disposable e-cigs were once the norm in the vaping industry. The first electronic cigarettes ever sold were disposables. The design is very simple. A one-piece device with a battery, atomizer, and e-liquid all contained in that single piece. You vape until the battery runs out and the e-liquid runs dry. Then, you throw it away.

Disposable E-Cigs: Reviews, Rankings, and Buyer’s Guide

Over time, the two piece e-cigarette evolved. With a two piece, you can recharge the battery and replace the cartridge. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes provide a better long-term value. Today, we have mods, vape tanks, and vaporizers that come in all shapes and sizes. Disposable electronic cigarettes have virtually fallen off the radar.

Despite advances in electronic cigarette technology and rechargeable batteries, there is still a place for the best disposable e-cigs. A disposable is not going to make a huge vapor cloud but they can definitely be a satisfying vape. Disposables tend to be small and portable making them ideal for travel. Given all of the complications of air travel with e-cigs, taking a disposable can simplify your life.

If you are going camping in the wilds or are just going to be on a golf course all day, a disposable is handy because it does not require any type of maintenance, refilling, or charging. If you are going to another country where who knows what the electrical outlets look like, take some disposable vapes with you. Disposable e-cigs are all about portability and convenience.

Disposable E-Cigs Pros and Cons

  • Portable, travel-friendly
  • Can be a very satisfying vape
  • Good for camping or being off the grid
  • Do not require charging or refilling
  • Easy to use
  • No maintenance required
  • Convenient
  • One time use only
  • Cannot recharge batteries
  • Cannot use your own vape juice flavor
  • Does not produce large amounts of vapor

Using Disposable E-Cigs

There really is nothing to using a disposable e-cigarette. Take it out of the package and start vaping. When the battery dies and the e-liquid runs out, throw it away and open up a new one. Using a disposable is that simple but picking the right disposable, well, that’s a bit more complex. You do need a satisfying vape and that means need to figure out the best disposable electronic cigarette for you.

If you vape a sub ohm mod with a 6 mg nicotine level, choosing a disposable with a 6 mg nicotine level is not going to be enjoyable. Disposable e-cigs are not sub ohm devices. A typical disposable atomizer resistance will be in the range or 2.0 ohms and will use a PG e-liquid. There will not be as much vapor so you need more nicotine. Look for nicotine levels in the 18 mg or 1.8% range. You will need a higher nicotine level to get the satisfying vape you are looking for.

Try and avoid the generic disposables that you might find in some gas station or C-store. Stick with proven brands. You might see a Blu or NEwhere disposable being sold in a store and those ones are good. But other store brands are hit and miss, emphasis on miss. You can maximize your value by buying online from proven US vape companies. Buy a five or ten pack of disposables for the road to save money and stock up.

Disposable E-Cig Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Vaping Daily has compiled a disposable e-cigs buying guide to help you get the goods and avoid the duds. We have completed numerous disposable e-cig reviews and established the best of the best. The number one factor, of course, is quality. A disposable has to deliver a satisfying vape otherwise what good is it? The good news is that we found some excellent disposables that you can rely on for enjoyable vapor.

In addition to quality, our disposable electronic cigarette review rankings also factor in value. Your disposable only lives once, that’s right, YDOLO! And because it only lives once, you want to get the most out of that one life. You want to get the most satisfying puffs possible. A disposable that only gives 100 to 150 puffs is a dud and will not make it into our buying guide.

Add up all the variables and criteria, we have made a list of the best disposable electronic cigarettes.

Best Disposable E-Cigs

V2 Cigs Disposables Review

V2 Cigs Disposables

V2 Cigs disposable electronic cigarettes come in two flavors, tobacco and menthol, and have a 1.8 % nicotine level. The 18 mg of nicotine delivers a strong throat hit and satisfying vape. Each V2 disposable is 105 mm or 4 inches in length so it is pretty much the same size as a cigarette. Very portable and very convenient.

Vapor Production

The vapor production is surprisingly excellent. It is not a cloud but it is a dense, flavorful vapor. The best thing is the consistency. The flavor and vapor remain strong and steady throughout the lifespan of the battery and e-juice.

Puff Count

V2 Cigs disposables are rated at 400 puffs. Does it really give you 400 puffs? Pretty close! If you take full-sized puffs, you should get over 300. If you take smaller puffs, you could be closer to the 350 or even the full 400 mark.

Price and Value

A 5-pack of V2 disposable e-cigs sells for only $24.95. That is under $5 each. You won’t get a price like that buying from a retail store. Buying online direct from V2 ensures more bang for your buck.

Each V2 disposable is individually packaged making them ideal for travel. The vapor performance, flavor, and value put V2 at the top of the list for best disposable e-cigs.

ZigZag Disposable E-Cigs Review

ZigZag Disposable E-Cigs

V2 Cigs partnered with the famous ZigZag brand to produce a terrific disposable vape. Each pack of ZigZags looks like a pack of cigarettes and contains five disposable electronic cigarettes. You can choose either tobacco or menthol flavor. The nicotine levels available are 1.8% or 2.4%. If you are looking for a disposable with a stronger nicotine hit, the 2.4% ZigZags might be just the thing.

Vapor Production

The vapor production delivered by the ZigZag disposables is very good. The density is strong but not harsh. The throat hit with the 2.4% nicotine is really nice. The nicotine hit is not overly strong but does hit the spot. Both the tobacco and menthol flavors are solid and consistent.

Puff Count

ZigZags are rated for 400 puffs each. If you take very small puffs you might get 400. More realistically, however, you should get close to 300 puffs. It may not be 400 puffs, but 300 full-sized puffs is still excellent. Especially for under $5 per unit.

Price and Value

A 5-pack of ZigZag disposable e-cigs sells for $24.95. That is under $5 each and an excellent value. Buy them directly from V2 Cigs and avoid the retail middle-man markups.

Vapor4Life WOW Disposable E-cig Review

Vapor4Life WOW Disposable E-cig

Vapor4Life WOW disposables have made our list of best disposable e-cigs because of the nicotine satisfaction and natural feel. The quality is clear. The draw is natural and feels like a cigarette. The soft tip also mimics the texture and feel of a cigarette filter. You can get a tobacco or menthol flavor at a 2.6% nicotine level.

WOW disposable vapes from Vapor4Life sell for a bit more than the other best disposable e-cigs on our list. They still make the list because of the quality and feel. The soft tip design is going to be a bit more expensive.

Vapor Production

The vapor production is good. It is not a lot of vapor, but once again it is a very nice vapor. The 2.6% nicotine delivers a solid, spot hitting punch. Good satisfaction. The tobacco flavor has a genuinely smoky taste. Very much like tobacco. Vapor4Life WOW flavors are very authentic to tobacco. They do not try to enhance the flavor with any sweeteners, they keep it real. The menthol is nice, too. Not too strong but you definitely get the cool hit of menthol.

Puff Count

The puff count for Vapor4Life WOW disposables is right about the 200 mark. That is 200 full, normal, human puffs. 200 puffs are not as high as some others but they are 200 very nice, quality, and satisfying puffs.

Price and Value

Vapor4Life WOW disposable e-cigarettes are a bit more expensive than their competitors. One single disposable sells for $7.99. A 10-pack sells for $69.99, so you save a buck a piece when you buy a 10-pack.

NEwhere Disposable E-cig Review

NEwhere Disposable E-cig

NEwhere disposable e-cigs are a larger disposable vape that has more battery capacity and more e-liquid. That means a higher puff count. They sell disposable e-cigars, e-hookah, and e-cigarettes. The e-cigs come in three different flavors. You can get tobacco, menthol, and grape. The nicotine level is 2.2% or 22 mg. NEwhere made the list because of the value. You might have seen this brand being sold at a gas station or convenience store. You can also buy them online. NEwhere ships anywhere worldwide.

Vapor Production

The vapor production from the NEwhere disposables is good. Definitely above average. The 2.2% nicotine is enough to deliver as decent throat hit. The vapor and flavor production is not as consistent as V2 Cigs, but still better than most. The flavors are good. The tobacco flavor is mild, the menthol is cool and smooth, and the grape flavor is really good if you like fruit flavors.

Puff Count

NEwhere disposables are rated for 800 puffs. That is the equivalent of 40 cigarettes. It is not easy to nail down an exact puff count because everyone is different and takes different sized puffs. You may not get 800 puffs but you should get at least 500 full-sized puffs and that is pretty amazing.

Price and Value

NEwhere e-cigs sell for $9.99 each. Considering the number of puffs you get, that price puts them in the running for best value. They are a bit larger than the typical disposable but still comfortably portable.

Blu Cigs Disposable E-cig Review

Blu Cigs Disposable E-cig

Blu Cigs was the most famous vape brand at one point in time. In fact, they still might be. They make a very good product and you can find them in retail stores from coast-to-coast and around the world. Blu’s featured products are probably the Blu rechargeable vape kit and the Blu Plus disposable tank system. But you can still find Blu disposable e-cigs in many stores and you can buy them online.

Blu Cigs has always been known for a milder vapor. For people who find vaping VG e-liquids to be harsh, Blu Cigs is a great option. They use a higher VG e-liquid which is less harsh but also doesn’t have the same throat hit. Well, that was then. Now that Blu has added a 4.5% nicotine option, you can get the best of both worlds. You can get the milder vapor and strong nicotine hit in your choice of six different flavors.

Vapor Production

Blu Cigs has always been known for excellent flavors. The vapor flavor is so good. You can get classic tobacco, menthol, vanilla, Carolina Bold tobacco, cherry, and mint. The vapor at the 2.0% nicotine level is very mild. The vapor at the 4.5% nicotine level is nice and strong. Good vapor production, great flavor, and a thumbs up to Blu for offering a stronger nicotine option.

Puff Count

Blu Cigs are rated for a 400 puff count. That depends on the individual. For large full-sized puffs, you will be more in the range of 150 to 200 puffs. That’s not the head of the class but it’s not bad.

Price Value

One Blu disposable e-cig sells online for $7.99.

All in All

We have reviewed and listed five of the best disposable electronic cigarettes in our buying guide. Some of them last longer than others, some are better for flavor, some are better for value. V2 Cigs and ZigZag are at the top of the list because they best combine performance, enjoyment, and value.

Disposables are great for trips, camping in the backcountry, and for simple convenience. I keep a disposable around as an emergency back-up. There are many reasons and occasions where a disposable vapor product is a perfect option. And speaking from options, you have many to choose from!