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Puff Bar Disposable Vape Pen
10/10 icon-question
  • Many flavor options
  • Good throat hit

This disposable e-cigarette contains a delicious combination of orange, mango, and guava flavor. Taking a draw off of it really hits the ...

Best Disposable Vape Posh Vape
  • Eight flavor options
  • Nicotine salt e-juice
  • Sold individually and in bulk
  • Great throat hit
  • Excellent flavors
  • Good nicotine blend

Best Disposable Vapes of 2022

Disposable Vapes got less attention last years but now they are back with a breakout! Strong throat hit or smooth cloud of nicotine salts grant them a beneficial attention among vapers. They can take on different forms, just like their cloud-chucking cousins. Portable, stealth with numerous flavors to choose from these vapes rock.

Hookah pens and e-cigars are just some of the ways that disposable vapes can transform into something new and exciting.

Big clouds aren’t everything, and despite preference, box mods aren’t better than disposables. While disposable e-cigarettes don’t hit like mods do, mods sacrifice convenience for power. Sometimes you want to vape, but don’t want a big mod in your pocket.

A lot of people want something closer to a cigarette’s look and feel, don’t have the funds for a big purchase, or just want a unit that requires little to no work on their part. In such a case, the disposable vape is the only way to go. There’s a good variety of disposable e-cig brands here, so whatever specifications you’re looking for, you should find something that you’ll love below.

#1 Puff Bar Disposable Vape Pen

Orange Mango Guava

10/10 icon-question Review score
E-liquid capacity:
1.3 mL
Battery capacity:
280 mAh
Nicotine strength:
20 and 50 mg
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Disposable
  • Satisfying flavor
  • High nicotine content


  • Some of their other flavors are weak

This disposable e-cigarette contains a delicious combination of orange, mango, and guava flavor. Taking a draw off of it really hits the spot thanks to the realistic flavor and five percent nicotine content. The flavor is similar to that of a juice cocktail, and each pod holds 1.3 ml of e-juice. These features make this disposable vape one of the best flavor selections on the market.

#2 Best Disposable Vape Posh Vape

A Colorful and Convenient Alternative to Cigarettes

9.5/10 icon-question Review score
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 200 puffs


  • Great flavor options
  • Good vapor production
  • Excellent throat hit
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Some of the flavors taste the same

The Posh Vapes disposable, pre-filled e-cigs come in eight different flavors. The flavor options run from Mango Frost to Cool Melon and are mostly fruit-based. Other flavors include Blueberry Ice and Frozen Grape. The devices are small and portable and can fit into any pocket. The Posh Vapes disposable are meant for single-use only, and they are neither rechargeable or refillable. Each Posh Vape is air-activated and has no buttons. Inside the device is a 1.8ml capacity pod filled with a nicotine salt formulation. Despite the various flavors offered, the pods have a single nicotine strength at 6% or 6mgs.


9/10 icon-question Review score
E-Juice Capacity:
1.2 mL (up to 20 cigarettes)
Salt Nicotine Level:
60 mg/ml (6%)
Puff Count:
Flavor Options:
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 12 h.
Heat-up time
icon-battery 1 s.


  • Super-convenient
  • Great throat hit
  • Perfect for ex-smokers
  • Good nicotine blend
  • Excellent flavors


  • Limited flavor options
  • Poor vapor production

STIG disposable pods are easy-to-use, portable vaping devices. They are pocket-size and come individually wrapped. The pods contain 1.2ml of a special nicotine salt formulation.

The nicotine content is 6.0% of the juice or 60mg. The devices are small, have a flattened mouthpiece, and have no buttons. The whole unit is breath-activated.

Users do not need to charge the device or fill the pods. There are five separate flavor options. Each selection comes in a package of three. Vapers can choose from Tropical Mango and Mighty Mint, which are the proprietary flavors of the STIG. Three flavors come from the VGOD line of e-juices, Cubano, Lush Ice, and Mango Bomb.

#4 Blu Disposable E-Cigarette

A Disposable E-Cig that is Small and Mighty

8.5/10 icon-question Review score
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 400 puffs
Heat-up time
icon-battery 0 seconds


  • Easy to use
  • Zero maintenance
  • Good flavors
  • Automatic drag based activation


  • Can’t customize

The Blu Disposable E-Cig come out of the box fully charged, and you do not have to recharge it, nor do you have to worry about refills. All you have to do is take a pull to activate it.

The battery and the e-juice inside last 400 puffs, but the longevity of the device depends on how often it is used. When you are done, simply throw it out. This fire and forget e-cig costs much less than other advanced vaping products while offering the same experience.

Variety of Flavors
There are many flavors you can choose from when you use the Blu Disposable E-Cig: classic tobacco, magnificent menthol, vivid vanilla, cherry crush, and polar mint. Each of these flavors is great, and they are certain to make your nicotine hit very pleasant. These flavors, as well as the Blu’s portability and simplicity, make it a great device.

#5 Mojo

8/10 icon-question Review score
E-Juice Capacity:
1.2 mL
Nicotine Level:
50 mg/ml (5%)
73 mm
13 g
8 Flavors
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 10 h.
Heat-up time
icon-battery 1 s.


  • Works quietly and offers a constant hit
  • All flavors are colored differently, making it easy to recognize the flavor
  • Excellent vapor for such a small device


  • The ‘inhaling’ light is too bright
  • Lacks automatic shutoff feature

Mojo is a popular name when it comes to nicotine lovers. The device is specifically designed for adult smokers and comes with 1.2ml of salt nicotine vape juice. Each stick lasts for about 250 puffs, which equals to 20 cigarettes.

Using the device is a piece of cake thanks to the draw activated technology, i.e., inhaling activates the device. It comes in eight flavors: tobacco, lemon dessert, menthol, strawberry, iced pineapple, cool melon, peach, and cubano. Each flavor is unique and very true to the actual taste.

Its one-piece design makes it very convenient to carry. Plus, it is also quite light in weight.

#6 ePuffer XPOD

7.5/10 icon-question Review score
E-Juice Capacity:
1.2 mL
Built-In Battery:
280 mAh
2.7 ohms
Dimensions (H x W x D):
78 x 19 x 10 mm
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 10 h.
Heat-up time
icon-battery 1 s.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Stealthy and discreet
  • Portable
  • Good throat hit


  • Limited flavor selection

EPuffer XPOD mini vapes are disposable devices with pre-filled cartridges. There is 18mg of nicotine in each pod, and the pods come in three flavors. The blend of PG/VG in the liquid is 50/50.

The devices are fully-integrated. Users remove and insert the pods from the bottom. The device has no buttons and is draw-activated. There is a small LED light that lights up when the device is in use. The pods can hold 1.2ml of liquid, but they are disposable, and not refillable.

The device functions on a 280mAh built-in battery. The coil inside the pod fires at a 2.7ohm resistance. The XPODs are perfect for mouth-to-lung vapers. The battery section is rechargeable, and the pods can last for around 300 puffs.

#7 ePuffer Eco Premium Tobacco Disposable

7/10 icon-question Review score
Nicotine Content:
0, 1.2 and 2.4%
Tan and Black
118 mm
12 g
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 12 h.
Heat-up time
icon-battery 1 s.


  • 500 puffs per disposable
  • 70:30 PG/VG ratio
  • High-quality e-juice ingredients
  • 2.4%, 1.2%, and 0% nicotine options
  • 3.7V internal battery
  • Glowing charcoal LED tip


  • Lack of flavor options

The Epuffer Eco is an excellent mimic of real cigarettes, detailed with rich flavor, tighter draws, and a soft filter.

The Epuffer Eco e-cigarette is a class apart for its natural simplicity and superb draw. It is disposable and comes pre-charged for up to 500 flavorsome puffs, making it equivalent to 30 regular sized tobacco cigarettes. It comes in a protective square plastic tube which makes it a travel-friendly e-cig.

The icing on the cake for the Eco is its revolutionary Soft Filter and DiRECT|Flow™ technology, both of which gives you the authentic vibe of smoking a real cigarette.

The draws are a bit tight compared to regular vape pens, but the flavor is very genuine. The device carries a 3.7 V lithium-ion battery and is non-chargeable. The Eco is 118mm in length and weighs just 12 grams. The aesthetics of the mod is very similar to a regular sized cigarette and mimics the feel very well. A charcoal LED lights up the tip of the cigarette with an orange glow while vaping.

The Epuffer Eco comes in three flavors:

Premium Tobacco, Caramel Mocha, and Menthol. There is a subtle sweetness in the pre-loaded e-juice which adds to the overall taste. The PG/VG ratio of the e-juice is 70:30. The vapor is smooth but comes with a distinctive throat hit of PG-rich e-juices. The nicotine level in Epuffer Eco varies from 1.2 mg, 0.6mg, to 0 mg variants.

The Epuffer Eco is portability at its very best. This is ideal for vapers looking for something to compensate their inability to carry bigger box mods or pen style vaporizers. The protective case comes handy while traveling and is undoubtedly a worthy buy for short trips.

Using Disposable Vapes

There really is nothing to using a disposable vape.

  • Take it out of the package and start vaping.
  • When the battery dies and the e-liquid runs out, throw it away and open up a new one.

Using a disposable is that simple but picking the right disposable, well, that’s a bit more complex. You do need a satisfying vape and that means need to figure out the best disposable e-cig for you.

If you vape a sub ohm mod with a 6 mg nicotine level, choosing a disposable with a 6 mg nicotine level is not going to be enjoyable. Disposable vapes are not sub ohm devices. A typical disposable atomizer resistance will be in the range or 2.0 ohms and will use a Nicotine Salt e-liquid. There will not be as much vapor so you need more nicotine. Look for nicotine levels in the 18 mg or 1.8% range. You will need a higher nicotine level to get the satisfying vape you are looking for.

Try and avoid the generic disposables that you might find in some gas station or C-store. Stick with proven brands. You might see a Blu or V2 disposable being sold in a store and those ones are good. But other store brands are hit and miss, emphasis on miss. You can maximize your value by buying online from proven US vape companies. Buy a five or ten pack of disposables for the road to save money and stock up. Check with your local municipality as there are going to be certain requirements on how to dispose of lithium-ion batteries.

Disposable Vape Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Vaping Daily has compiled a disposable vapes buying guide to help you get the goods and avoid the duds. We have completed reviews and established the best of the best. The number one factor, of course, is quality. A disposable has to deliver a satisfying vape otherwise what good is it? The good news is that we found some excellent disposables that you can rely on for enjoyable vapor.

In addition to quality, our disposable electronic cigarette review rankings also factor in value. Your disposable only lives once, that’s right, YDOLO! And because it only lives once, you want to get the most out of that one life. You want to get the most satisfying puffs possible. A disposable that only gives 100 to 150 puffs is a dud and will not make it into our buying guide.
Add up all the variables and criteria, we have made a list of the best disposable vape.

What are Disposable Vapes?

Everything that you need to know is in the name. When you’re finished with a disposable vape, you just throw it away. There is no refill, no charging, and no hassle. There’s a variety of disposable e-cigs on the market, and the features vary. Some have refillable oil cartridges and rechargeable batteries, making them less disposable than the rest. They offer a little less convenience than fully-disposable units, but they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run.


Why Buy Disposable Vapes?

They are great for vape enthusiasts as well as the novice. For the newcomer, it’s a great entry point. The price you’ll pay at the counter is significantly less than that of a mod and tank setup. If you already have a mod and tank, a disposable e-cigarette is still beneficial. It’s a cheap and effective backup unit when your main system is charging or when you don’t have access to a wall charger.



  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Discreet (perfect for stealth vaping)
  • Initially less expensive


  • Not very powerful
  • Loss in flavor quality
  • Less cost-effective over time

Where Are Disposable Vapes Sold?

You don’t have to look far. Finding a disposable vape used to be a hassle, but they’ve become common. Many gas stations, convenience stores, and disposable vapes near mes online retailers sell a variety of disposable e-cigarettes. If you really want one, Walgreens carries several. No matter where you are, if cigarettes are available to you, disposable e-cigs is probably being sold right next to it. Be sure to only buy from reputable retailers. There are a lot of clone units that are sold and advertised as name brand units. They’ll usually be less expensive, but they’re often low quality and sometimes even dangerous. To make avoiding such units a little easier, we’ve included links to all of the best disposable vape reviews.

Fully Disposable Vapes Compared

For those drawn to the ease of use that comes with a throw-away unit, you’re going to want to check out our list of fully-disposable vape. They’ll consume more of your cash over time than a unit with a rechargeable battery and refillable cartridges, but they’re far more convenient. If you value ease of use more than efficiency, there’s quite a few of these on the market. For an ex-smoker to take up vaping instead of smoking, it helps tremendously for the e-cigarette to be easy to use and always available. Which is why disposables are so ideal. Needing only to open it, use it and then toss it means that it is more likely to get used instead of somebody reaching for the pack of smokes.

Disposable Vapes Puffs Count Price
Puff Bar 200 to 300 $11.99
Posh Vape Disposable Vape up to 200 $5.99
VGOD STIG 500 $20.00
Blu Disposable E-Cigarette 400 $7.99
Mojo Disposable Pod 250 $6.99
ePuffer XPOD 300 $16.95
ePuffer Eco Premium Tobacco 500 $7.95

All in All

We have reviewed and listed five of the best disposable vape in our buying guide. Some of them last longer than others, some are better for flavor, some are better for value. ePuffer and NEwhere disposables are at the top of the list because they best combine performance, enjoyment, and value.

There are even non-nicotine disposables for sale, for those ex-smokers who have finally weaned off of their nicotine addiction. Though, they really are not recommended for people who have never smoked before.

Disposables are great for trips, camping in the backcountry, and for simple convenience. I keep one around as an emergency back-up. There are many reasons and occasions where a disposable vapor product is a perfect option. And speaking from options, you have many to choose from!

Published: September 18, 2017 Updated: June 9, 2021



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    As a young vaper ive thought that the puff plusses are the best. they have 800 puffs per device, and they are by far the best to me

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      I just received the puff plus for my birthday l think it’s great heavy vap and great flavor (Blueberry on Ice) I have been through many vapors and this One surprised me!

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    Puff bars suck they burn fast and don’t work a lot. I’m trying to find the best disposable e cig out there

    • James Bickford

      August 10, 2020 at 7:20 am

      Hi Steven, sorry to hear about your bad experience with Puff Bars. Right now, with new regulations and flavor bans, it’s hard to find a quality disposable unit. The Phix is a reusable unit, with disposable cartridges, but with the ban, there are only two flavors, tobacco and menthol, but that’s what it’s going to be like for most closed-system devices. You could try Blu, which have a lot of pre-filled flavors and are semi-disposable (depending on the model) or the X-Pods from ePuffer are good, fully disposable units, with pod options that are refillable. Let us know how it goes. Happy Vaping!

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