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The Jili Box Charger
Jilibox Juul Charger
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  • LED to indicate battery levels
  • Compact, ultra-portable carry case
  • Light-weight design

The Jili Box is a backup charging bank for Juul devices. It is also a personal carrying case for the batteries and pods. The unit feature...

The Jmate Juul Charger
jmate juul charging case - image by vapingdaily
  • 1,200 mah battery
  • LED light
  • Silicone stopper
HydraTech Juul Vaporizer Case
Hyrdatech JUUL Vaporizer Case
  • Magnetic Sliding Drawer
  • Easy-to-Use
  • JUUL Pod Compartment

Here are The Best Juul Chargers Out Right Now

#1 The Jili Box Charger

A Slim, Lightweight Case

Battery capacity:


  • Secure, hinged top for easy access
  • LED display for accurate readings
  • Can charge a battery three times on a full charge


  • Plastic construction
  • Fragile screen

The Jili Box is a backup charging bank for Juul devices. It is also a personal carrying case for the batteries and pods. The unit features a 1200mAh battery and can carry two pods, and one e-cig.

It measures close to 4.3 inches tall, and 2.3 inches wide. The exterior appearance of the Jili looks like a cigarette case. It has a thin profile and can fit easily into a pocket.

It has a flip-back top to insert the batteries and pod. There is a small LED at the base of the device that displays the battery power. Users insert a battery and the LED lights up to show the unit’s capacity. It goes down as it is charging the battery. To charge one device takes around forty minutes.

#2 The Jmate Juul Charger

Sleek portable charger for Juul


  • Powerful battery
  • Easy to open
  • Portable


  • Only available in blue and black

The Jmate PCC is a smooth and thin box that is lightweight, portable, and constructed from aluminum alloy and plastic.

The top of this portable charging device has a silicone plug that opens up, allowing the Juul to be placed inside. Not only can it hold the Juul, but it also carries two extra pods.

It is easy to open and does not come off. The bottom has a charging port that connects to a 1,200 mah battery that can charge a Juul four times before it is depleted. The PCC has an LED light that glows when it is charging and flashes when the battery is dying. The light turns off when it is charged.

#3 HydraTech Juul Vaporizer Case

Battery capacity:
Charge time:
45 minutes - 1 hour


  • Large battery capacity
  • Quick charge time for itself and the e-cig
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and well-built


  • Too big to be pocket-size
  • Not very portable

The HydraTech Juul case is a portable, carrying case/charger for the Juul battery. It features an anodized aluminum outer shell, and a magnetic sliding drawer. The drawer consists of medical-grade silicone and can fit a battery, one pod, and a USB charger.
The other end of the case features a USB charging port, the power switch, and LED indicator lights. The drawer slides out of the shell, but it stays in place with a magnet. The battery capacity is 800mAh.

When fully charged, the unit can recharge a dead battery two to three times, before needing charging itself. The charge time for the unit itself ranges between forty-five minutes to an hour.

#4 Jubox Portable Charging Case

A Tough, but Sleek Charging Case

Battery capacity:
Charge battery:
1.5 - 2 hours


  • Tough, zinc alloy build material
  • Sleek, and minimalist design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast charging time for the box and the battery


  • Heavy to carry
  • No other functions or features

The Jubox charging case can charge Juul devices, as well as protect them from damage. It features a heavy-duty, outer shell that can hold a single battery. It takes around one and a half, to two hours to charge the box’s battery.

It takes between forty to forty-five minutes to charge an exhausted cell. The Jubox features a 1000mAh battery and can charge a depleted battery for two or three times when fully charged. The box consists of a zinc alloy build material. It has a USB charging port, on its base.

Users insert their device into the slot on top of the case to begin charging the battery. There are two LED indicator lights on the exterior. One LED shows the battery life of the case itself. The other is the e-cig LED light that indicates when the battery is ready.

#5 The Gem Magnetic USB Charger

A Convenient Way to Charge


  • A convenient, easy-to-use charging cable
  • Compatible with other Juul-style batteries
  • Same magnetic connection as the original charger
  • Portable and lightweight


  • No other features or uses
  • No LED indicator light

The Gem Magnetic USB cable is a charging cable for the Juul device. It is compatible with other types of batteries as well, but it has the same magnetic connections that the original uses.

The cable is over 2.6 feet in length and can attach to any compatible USB port. The Gem allows users to charge their device in any setting. There is a gem-shaped logo etched into one of the plugs. The cable is small, portable and very lightweight.

Buying a Juul Case: How to Find the Best One

People who are always on the go should find a sturdy case with a rechargeable battery that will keep the Juul powered up while it is stowed away. The case does not have to have a battery, but at the very least, it should be able to withstand the rigors of travel. The case should be small and capable of fitting in a pocket or purse, and it should prevent the Juul from getting scratched.

Here are Top Juul Cases

#1 Juul Portable Charging Case

Charge Juul Devices on the Go


  • Can charge a device three times
  • Cool look
  • One year warranty


  • Only available in black
  • Not available in Hawaii or Alaska

The Juul portable charging case allows people to charge their Juul devices while they are moving about the city. It is capable of fully charging a Juul device three times before it needs to be recharged. An LED light tells the user when his or her device is charging, and the four lights show that the case is completely charged. The device comes with a one year warranty and a micro USB charging cable. Not only does it keep the Juul charged, but it also keeps it safe, secure, and clean while outside of the house or office. Users will not have to worry about it breaking while it is being transported in a purse or backpack. An additional benefit is that the Juul portable charging case is compatible with all Juul devices.

#2 Vivismoke Mini Pocket Juul Case for Travelling

A rustic looking travelling case


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Extra space for pods
  • Holds cash and cards


  • Small and easy to lose

The Vivismoke Mini Pocket Juul case may not be able to charge a device like the Juul Portable Charging Case, but it is a pretty cool device all on its own. It uses a stretch pulling design that stores the Juul securely, so it does not fall out. As an added precaution, there are magnets that help to keep the case closed and the contents from falling out. Not only does it hold the Juul, but the case also can carry two extra pods and cash and credit cards. It is thin and lightweight, making it the perfect case for activities like walking, hiking, or bicycling. The case is made of eco-friendly leather, and the inside is lined with soft microfiber.

#3 Anti-Slip Juul Case for Safer Use

Silicone covering for slip protection


  • Covers entire device
  • Available in several colors
  • Inexpensive


  • Cover can tear off if not careful

This covering made out of silicone encases the entire Juul, including the pod, preventing it from slipping out of fingers, purses, and pockets as it is being carried around. The surface of the silicone case is rough instead of smooth, which allows it to be gripped more securely. A small cover is attached to the case by a thin piece of silicone, allowing the user to pull his or her device out at will. This case is available in blue, black, aquamarine, and pink. It is a cheap and fast solution for preventing Juuls from getting scratched or seriously damaged while they are in luggage, backpacks, and purses.

What Kind of Juul Case Suits Me?

There are a lot of cases out there in all situations. Manufacturers make everything from cases that attach to phones to car chargers. There are outstanding devices like the Louis Vuitton Juul Case, the Fancy Juul Case, and the Gold Juul Case. But, these cases may not be what the buyer needs. There are a few things to take into consideration when buying a Juul case:

  • Travelling people need something that is sturdy and durable
  • Outdoorsmen need something that is light and will not weigh them down
  • People who are away from a charger for extended periods should get a case with a portable charger
  • Fashion conscious people should get a case that balances style with practicality and dependability
  • The case should be large enough to protect the contents, yet small enough to be portable
  • Read the FAQ page of the manufacturer to find out all there is to know about the case

RipGrip Juul Phone Case Holder

This phone case holder can hold one Juul and four cards, and it is compatible with most smartphones. It uses 3M adhesive that is durable and will not let go of the Juul. The company claims that the quality of the holder is guaranteed or the customer gets his or her money back.

Juul Charger Case

Juul charger cases hold onto Juuls and their pods and charge them at the same time. Examples of such devices would be the Jmate Charger and the Juul Portable Charging Case. These two charging cases not only charge the Juul, but they also keep them protected from scratches and damage.

Juul Carrying Case

Juul carrying cases allow vapers to take their devices anywhere. This case from Clip and Carry not only contains the Juul in a protective case, but it can carry up to four pods. Carrying cases like this one are great for stowing in suitcases and backpacks.

Juul Pod Case

A case should hold more than just the battery stick. Make sure that it can hold plenty of pods, too. There are several examples of cases that hold several pods, such as the Buuk Ziip USB and Pod Case. Getting a case with space for extra pods will allow vapers to enjoy their e-juice longer than they would otherwise.

Juul Protective Case

A Juul case not only allows vapers to carry extra pods around, but they also protect the pods and the battery from unnecessary damage. The Juul by itself if very portable, but by itself, it can become damaged, especially when its user on the go, which is why it is important to invest in a protective case.

DIY Juul Case

The more creative among us might want to make their own Juul case. One person on Pinterest posted a photo of how he or she constructed a carrying case out of a tin of Altoids. This contraption should serve this person well because metal tins are great at protecting their contents. With a little imagination, there are probably many more things a person can make a carrying case out of!

Wooden Juul Case

The only thing as durable as a Juul case made of metal is one made out of wood. Not only does it keep the Juul and the pods safe, but it is stylish and classy. This wooden case by Jwraps can hold the battery stick and three pods. The base of the interior is covered in black velvet, and the outside is sanded down and stained.

Juul Car Charger

A lot of the times, people take their Juul on the road, but they do not have the right charger. When the battery is running low, they opt to use a regular car charger. It is very unsafe to use a phone charger for the Juul, which is why it is important to find a car charger designed for it.

How to Find the Right Juul Case

Finding the right Juul case all depends on what the buyer is looking for. Those who are always traveling on planes or by car should get a wooden case or portable Juul case. These will hold up longer than any other protective case. For carrying on one’s person, it is best to get the Vivismoke Mini Pocket because it is light and can fit in a pocket.

How to Take off the Juul Case off Phones

The phone cases often use adhesive to keep the case attached to the phone. Ripping it off will damage the adhesive. Instead of doing that, gently pull the case away from the phone until it comes off.

How to Properly Take the Juul Out of a Charging Case

Cases like the Jmate Charger have a silicone plug that prevents the contents from falling out. To take the Juul out, remove the plug, and put the thumb on the exposed part and push it through where the plug used to be.

How to Get a Juul Out of a Wooden Case

With a wooden case, it is tempting to turn it over and dump the contents on a table. Do not do that because the Juul could get damaged. Instead, place a thick towel on a table and empty the contents over it. You can also use your fingers to pull them out of the box.

How Long Does it Take the Juul Carrying Case to Charge

The carrying cases that recharge the Juul have big batteries that are over 1,000 mah, so charging the case might take an hour and a half give or take ten or twenty minutes depending on the case.

Juul Chargers Explained

Every Juul e-cigarette comes with its charger. It is a tiny device that plugs into any USB port while the battery sits atop the two connections in the cradle. While portable, and stealthy, the small size of the charger also means that it gets easily lost.

When one of them gets lost, people start to panic and shop any first seen product. Although the Juul uses port-connected charging, the special magnetic posts on the battery are proprietary and are not compatible with other kinds of charging devices.

There are SubReddit groups and forums dedicated to finding solutions about shopping new Juul charger after the used one got lost, or malfunctioned. People admit to losing two or three of them, and ask how to charge a Juul without one.

From this need, grew a demand that portable Juul charger fills. These unofficial devices come in many types:

  • Magnetic USB chargers
  • Charging cables
  • Portable chargers
  • Car chargers
  • Charging cases

They are available from various locations like online stores, shops, and retail stores. Users can buy them online, or find them in retail stores like Walmart. They are not bulky and are like other portable vape battery chargers. Users never have to worry about losing them or their e-cig dying on them.


How does a juul charger work?

Juul chargers work much like the original Juul charger. They use two magnetic connectors to charge the cell. Carrying cases/charging cases work similarly but have a different shape and form than the USB charger.

Any charger that is a cable needs a compatible USB port to function. The cases work by having the battery inserted into it. They are large enough to have an independent power source, like any power bank. There are other e-cig carrying/charging portable cases that work on the same principle of being a vessel to carry e-cigs cells, as well as charging them.

How do you know when it is done charging?

The device has a LED indicator light that shows battery life. Users need only to tap the device to check the level of the charge. The light will flash either green, yellow, or red depending on the output capacity left.

The LED light on the will turn green when the battery is finished charging using a standard charger — unofficial chargers for the e-cig work in the same way. The case or power bank type chargers also features LED indicator lights. The LEDs follow the same color scheme as the original devices.

What to do when it does not charge?

Off-brand Juul chargers became popular because the original USB charger came with problems. One problem was that the devices would not always charge the battery.
The reasons it would not work include the following:

Even though the e-cig sells itself as a maintenance-free device, there are some things users can do to make sure their charger is always working. If a device does not begin to charge when a user plugs it in, try:

  • Cleaning the pod, and magnetic posts with rubbing alcohol
  • Run another magnet across the posts to remove any dust or debris from the connections

If a Juul charger continues to malfunction even after using these tips, it might be time to contact Pax Labs customer service. Every device comes with a one-year warranty for the battery. The other option is to buy a separate, off-brand charger that will also charge it.

Where to buy a juul charger?

All Juul devices sold by authorized dealers include a USB charger. The basic kit (as most starter kits do) comes with just the e-cig cell and the charger. The other package consists of the device, charger, and four flavor pods.

A Juul charger alternative can be bought almost anywhere. Online vape stores and vendors, not only of vape gear but major retailers like Amazon, carry most, if not all, charging devices for the e-cig. Online vape shops may have a wider selection, and sell all kinds of different charging devices.

Specialty vape shops where people can buy the Juul kit may or may not carry alternative chargers for the battery, depending on whether they are authorized seller of the e-cig. Keep in mind that unauthorized chargers do not come with the actual e-cig. It must be bought separately.

Are they all the same?

Not all chargers are the same. As first stated in the beginning, aftermarket Juul chargers can be either:

  • USB charging cables
  • Carrying cases
  • Power banks
  • Car adapters

Even though they do not all look or work the same, these units all perform the same task, which is charging the e-cig’s battery. They have different indicator lights or physical setups, but the job is still the same.

Juul battery life is such that it needs recharging after heavy use. The battery only has a 200mAh capacity, so it needs to be recharged often. While some Juul alternatives offer more powerful batteries.

Juul charger vs. the Jubox

The Jubox Charging Case

The Jubox is a durable, hard-shell carrying case/charger for the Juul battery. It has one slot to charge the e-cig, and it features a USB port on its base for charging its internal, 1000mAh capacity cell. The exterior of the case is a zinc alloy, and it has a single LED light to show its battery life. The cases’ slim and portable form factor allows it to charge a battery on-the-go, but it is still bulkier than the original charger.

A Better Way to Charge JUUL?

Unofficial Juul charger offers users more versatility in charging their e-cigs. The unfortunate side of the official Juul charger is that users need to be close to a USB port to make it work. This fact may be convenient for users who are always near a laptop or computer to charge their e-cig.

When not near a USB port, charging it then becomes more difficult, and almost impossible. Off-brand chargers take care of that problem. The carrying cases/power banks that can charge the device can fit snug in a pocket or bag. They have high-capacity batteries, and can usually charge a battery in under one hour.

There are many accessories available for the Juul. A portable, easy-to-use power bank or charger that can charge a device on-the-go is one of the best ones to get. It will make sure a vaper never has to worry about a low battery so they can always keep vaping.

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