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Smok Nord 4
Smok Nord 4
10/10 icon-question
  • 2000 mah integrated battery
  • 4.5 ml pods 0.16 and 0.4 ohm
  • RPM coils included

The Nord 4 is one of the most powerful substitutes for Juul vape, so it is our top vape. The Smok Nord 4 features a 2000 mah integrated b...

Rubi Vape
Rubi vape
  • 280 mAh battery
  • 30 minutes to fully charge
  • 1ml refillable pod
Vaporesso Xross Mini
Vaporesso XROS Mini
  • 1000 mah integrated battery
  • 11 to 16 watt output
  • 2 ml refillable pods

Best Trusted JUUL Alternative

Given the highlighted factors, JUUL‘s competitors are offering a good replacement. JUUL alternative discussed here aren’t necessarily perfect but are probably equally good or even better. After all, variety is the spice of life.

#1 Smok Nord 4

Best Juul Alternative

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Nord 4 is one of the most powerful substitutes for Juul vape, so it is our top vape. The Smok Nord 4 features a 2000 mah integrated battery that produces 80 watts. Additionally, it has a rugged build quality that allows it to withstand everyday bumps, bangs, and drops.

Snuggly fitting into the battery is a 4.5 ml pod that fits all of Smok’s RPM coils. Its capacity guarantees plenty of time between refills. The pod comes with two sub-ohm RPM coils that generate high levels of vapor, and it has adjustable airflow.


  • Excellent battery life with quick charging will make your vaping experience much better
  • Great connection between the pod and mod
  • High juice capacity for long and tasty vaping
  • Compatible with all RPM coils, you cannot worry about where to buy a new one when the time comes


  • MTL is too open that it can leak

#2 Rubi Vape

Compact and Sleek Vape

/10 icon-question Review score

The Rubi Vape is a small, lightweight, and pocket-friendly device, measuring just 4 inches in length. The slim rectangular design with rounded edges gives it a modern and minimalistic appeal. The device is made from high-quality materials and boasts a sturdy build, ensuring long-lasting durability. One of the most impressive aspects of the Rubi Vape is its simplicity. The device is draw-activated, meaning there are no buttons to press; simply inhale and enjoy your vaping session.


  • Easy-to-fill, refillable pods offer versatility and cost savings
  • No-spill design ensures a mess-free vaping experience
  • Fast charging time, providing less downtime between uses


  • Limited 1ml pod capacity may require more frequent refilling for heavy users

#3 Vaporesso Xross Mini

A Cheaper Alternative to Juul

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Xross Mini has a great battery for such a small vape compared to the average vapes with similar features. This compact vape delivers powerful output courtesy of its 1000 mah integrated battery and AXON chipset. Flavor and draw quality are improved by the adjustable airflow system and the 1.2-ohm pods. The result is highly satisfying mouth-to-lung draws. Also available are 0.8-ohm XROS pods.

An additional benefit is fewer messes. The pods utilize SSS leak prevention, which makes refilling simpler and cleaner. So be sure that Xross Mini is a great choice; it will help you vape more smoothly and make the flavor pure.


  • Great build quality makes this vape very durable
  • Excellent flavor thanks to high-quality e-liquid
  • Easy to check juice levels to let you know when you need to change the pod
  • Good battery life with a short charging time will make your vaping time more pleasurable


  • Only one pod in the kit, so you need to buy extra separately

#4 Uwell Caliburn G

Cheap Juul Alternative

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Uwell Caliburn G is a portable, ergonomic vape that is simple and convenient to carry. So it is a perfect choice for beginners. It has a single-button interface, and it is slim and lightweight. Besides button operation, it also supports draw activation.

The internal 690 mah battery significantly extends vaping time and delivers up to 18 watts. The flavor is excellent, and the coil can handle direct and mouth-to-lung vaping.

The build quality is excellent. All pods are leak-proof, and they are top-filling. Each can hold 2 ml of salt or freebase nicotine. Plus, they have a comfortable mouthpiece and a removable coil.


  • Portable and ergonomic allows you to bring it wherever you need it
  • Easy to use and refill, so it is really good for beginners
  • Long-lasting coils for outstanding flavor


  • The mouthpiece may be too large for some users

#5 Uwell Caliburn A2

MTL Juul Alternative

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Caliburn A2 is a great choice for both advanced vapers and beginners. The Uwell Caliburn A2 has nearly every desirable feature a vaper could want. These features include Pro-Focs and anti-leaking technologies, which significantly improve flavor. It is also controlled with a button and is a draw activation.

It is an intuitive device that offers a tight MTL draw and excellent flavor. These features make this vape one of the best for people wanting to go beyond disposables.


  • Top filling is less prone to leaking
  • The long-lasting coil creates smooth vaping
  • Tight MTL draw for great airflow
  • Comfortable and portable, and perfect for vaping on a go


  • No type-c cable is included, so you must consider it before purchasing

Best Alternative to JUUL

Category Juul Alternative Price Rating
Best JUUL Alternative Smok Nord 4 $31,99 10
Best Stealthy Juul Alternative Vaporesso Xross Mini $19,99 9.5
Best Powerful Alternative Rubi Vape $49.95 9
Best Quality JUUL Alternative Uwell Caliburn G $25,99 8.5
MTL JUUL Alternative Uwell Caliburn A2 $27,99 8

Types of Pod Vapes

Several types of pod vapes stretch from simple, draw-activated devices to more advanced ones. For example, there are disposable types of pod vapes with no buttons or control, and other devices feature rechargeable batteries and have similar controls.

As a result, users can find many models that incorporate many features and offer both simplicity and sophistication. Here are just a few models recognized as some of the best pod vapes out there.

Types of Pod Mods

JUUL Alternative

If JUUL has remained so popular since its invention, why does its traditional clientele need alternatives?

  • JUUL manufacturers have kept releasing a variety of great vape juices. Still, on the downside, the pod is a closed system that limits a vape user to only what is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Another disadvantage of using JUUL alternative is that it is impossible to refill the pod systems, which means you incur expenses in pod replacements.
  • JUUL pod mod sizes are another limitation. The pods are not sufficiently big and have to be replaced often.
  • With a pod mod capacity of 0.7ml, some users experience fewer puffs (about 200) than they would wish. However, at a 56mg/ml nicotine concentration, a user will get a kick with fewer puffs from a JUUL.
  • JUUL’s battery capacity is rated 200mAh, so the battery life is annoyingly much less than some vape pens.

With plans to make lower nicotine pods, this may further open up its market share, but time will tell if the closed pod system stays attractive to vapers.

How Can You Tell a Fake Juul?

According to some vapers, there are several ways one can identify a JUUL killer.

  1. One of the ways to identify fake JUUL pods is in the way a cap holds onto a pod. Notably, the cap on a JUUL killer is usually loose-fitting.
  2. The LED lights also behave abnormally.
  3. For example, a vaper notes that the lights tend to flash several times after one has fitted the pod.
  4. The LED light intensity or brightness might also differ from an original JUUL.
    Another way to identify fake is in the taste.
  5. A vaper on Reddit noted that a fake JUUL tastes ‘burnt.’

This implies that the flavors from a JUUL will taste different from that of an original Juul. Also, although different vendors price JUUL differently, incredibly cheap JUUL may turn out to be fake. However, Juul is actively trying to do something about it and has recently gotten a restraining order against Chinese Juul counterfeiters.

Part of the reason teens can get Juul sticks so easily is because the counterfeiters are not asking for an age requirement to buy them, especially since they are mainly being sold on eBay.

Are fake JUUL pods safe?

Fake pod systems may not be safe. Some users have reported leakage in some pods they believe are fake. Keep in mind that someone does not know what the unscrupulous manufacturers put in the vape juice.

Such leakages may be hazardous and harmful. The dangers of inhaling vapor from the fake pod systems are not mentioned. Using a counterfeit vape pen can be downright dangerous, so it pays to heed this information to not end up with a fake.

For Juul users, there is a need to be on the lookout for Juul killers because their safety is not guaranteed. However, vape user forums on sites like Reddit can help share information to stay safe from the fake JUUL. In addition, Juul users have a way to hold onto their device for a long time through customization, all thanks to the skins and wraps.

With all these alternatives in the e-cigarette market, competition with Juul has been taken a notch higher. Some of these JUUL compatible pods spot some very unique and impressive designs. However, thanks to bigger pods, others tend to deliver more puffs than a Juul. Usage times have also emerged as another critical aspect of the competition. Some manufacturers are now engineering high-capacity batteries to ensure that vapers have a seamless vaping experience.


What can I use instead of Juul?

Users can choose from many Juul alternatives to satisfy their vaping pod needs. JUUL alternative list above included a lot of popular pod vapes that have similar and, often, better features than Juul, like the Caliburn or Vaporesso Luxe Q. But for die-hard Juul lovers who want a similar experience, there are also specific vapes that use Juul compatible pods so they can continue enjoying the same type of vaping experience.

What's better than Juul pods?

Several types of pods are different from the Juul, although which is better is subjective. Many users may enjoy the particular e-liquid that only Juul makes, so they want to continue using it but with another device, of which there are many.

But the flavor ban in the US makes it difficult for people to find any variety, so vapers are stuck with flavors like tobacco and menthol. Users can also always try refillable pod devices that give them the freedom to use whatever e-juice they like, no matter the taste or nicotine content.

What e-liquid is similar to Juul?

Juul’s e-liquid is a closely guarded proprietary secret that the company has copyrighted. The exact ingredients and content are unknown, but that hasn’t stopped others from copying it. But the e-liquid is derived from nicotine salts, which are widely available and are said to provide a similar feeling to that of the Juul e-liquid. Nicotine salts can deliver a more potent sensation without overpowering the user with too much regular, free-based nicotine.

What are other pods compatible with Juul?

Juul device is not compatible with any other type of pod, as they are made to work with each other and nothing else. Juul pods, however, can be used with other non-brand devices that have been designed to accept the pods. Users can find these devices on the internet, and they typically come with chargers and other accessories to keep them working.

Are Juul compatible pods legal?

The company has been fighting copyright infringement and other black-market devices or pods that claim to be Juul-brand pods, even though they are counterfeit. It is hard to find Juul alternative pods and not recommended as they can contain harmful substances that the company does not include in its own products. Users will take many risks to find alternatives to a pod, so they are better off using the real pods or using a refillable device, so they use whatever e-juice they want.

Are Juuls Made in China?

As of now, Juul batteries are made in Shenzhen, China. But the pods are made in the United States. There are also several counterfeit devices in China. Juul has sued 30 companies selling knock-off vapes as a result.

How Much Is a Juul Now?

Two packs of Juuls are $9.99, while four packs are $15.99

Is Juul Banned in the US?

Juul is not banned in the United States. However, FDA restrictions have resulted in them providing fewer flavors than similar companies.

How Many Hits Are in a Juul Pod?

Juuls provide around 200 puffs per pod.


People who love Juul have a lot of alternatives to choose from. They can go for the simpler types of devices that resemble the original or choose from more advanced options that give different vaping experiences. There are many options available, and there are always new devices coming out as well.

Published: August 18, 2020 Updated: May 11, 2023



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