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Best Mech Mods of 2018

Mechanical vape mods are becoming more and more popular in the vaping world. Cutting out the majority of the complicated inner workings of a usual vape they make it much simpler device to use. The circuitry and pre-installed battery are removed in a mechanical box mods meaning that it is stripped right down to the bare bones.

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They originated as the first collection of mods that were ever available when people modified their vapes when vaping first started to make a move towards the mainstream. So, with all this being said which box mechanical mods are the best around at the moment?

Top Mechanical Mods

#1 Noisy Cricket 2

10/10 overall
10/10 quality
10/10 value
The Noisy Cricket 2 offers a lot in terms of features when compared to other mech mods out there. It has some safety features included to ensure that there isn’t a risk of batteries burning out as well as a voltage modifier to give the user their preferred power level. It also has a bottom loading battery compartment to remove the risk of short-circuiting the battery as it is inserted. The safety level and performance of the Noisy Cricket 2 are enough to give users exactly what they want with minimal levels of fuss.


  • Excellent safety features
  • Voltage modification switch
  • It can put out an exceptional level of power


  • The voltage switch can be hard to turn sometimes.
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#2 Demon Killer Tiny Vape

10/10 overall
9.6/10 quality
9.8/10 value
The Demon Killer is a small sized mechanical mods vape that offers levels of power that are significantly greater than its size would lead users to believe. It even includes an LED screen and direct voltage output to punch out the highest level of power possible from such a small device. It has an 800mah battery and offers sub ohm vaping and can create huge clouds as such. The compact nature of the Demon Killer means that it is easy to use and hold discretely and will never become a hindrance when vapers are going about their day.


  • The tiny size makes it easy to use the Demon Killer in a discrete manner
  • The power output is excellent for such a small device
  • The sub ohm vaping on offer means that great clouds can be created


  • While the power on offer is excellent for a small device, other larger devices do offer more power.
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#3 Vandy Vape Pulse BF

9.6/10 overall
9.6/10 quality
9.6/10 value
The Vandy Vape Pulse has an advanced chipset that allows users to reach a wattage of up to 80W. This is an incredible level of power that ensures that users can vape to the level that they desire. The ability to utilize sub ohm vaping is also on offer with the Vandy Vape Pulse. It has an 8ml squonk bottle included which is a large capacity that reduces the number of refills that are required throughout the day. In addition to all of this, it also offers the ability to control the temperature, so the vaping experience is fully customizable. Which makes this product probably the best among all the mechanical vape mods for sale.


  • Huge power output
  • Customizable temperature
  • Large capacity in the squonk bottle


  • Squonk bottles aren’t to everyone’s tastes
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#4 Wismer Luxotic NC

9.4/10 overall
9.6/10 quality
9.5/10 value
Created using an alloy and a resin to give a beautiful looking frame that is both strong and good to look at, the Wismer Luxotic NC is one of the best mechanical box mods around due to its ability to reach up to 250W! That’s more power than most people can handle, but the Wismer offers that ability to all of its users. It offers a number of safety features to ensure that batteries don’t blow out and the bottom loaded batteries protect from potential shorting. It even has the ability to dual load batteries and then uses them in series or parallel.


  • Huge output
  • Excellent safety features to protect users
  • Dual loading, bottom loaded batteries allows for more power and great safety


  • All of that power doesn’t come cheap.
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#5 SnowWolf X Feng

9/10 overall
9/10 quality
9/10 value
The SnowWolf is one of the most feature-laden ecig mech mods available at the moment. It has the ability to hold two batteries at a time, which means that the power output has the potential to reach a massive 230W. It has an OLED screen with a user-friendly menu that makes it simple to control all aspects of the SnowWolf. This ecig mechanical mod doesn’t just offer control over the wattage, but it also has a variable temperature control too so no matter what temperature the user desires it can be reached quickly and easily.


  • The customization is quite high for a mech mod
  • The power output is at the top end of the scale
  • The dual batteries mean that increased power doesn’t sacrifice battery life


  • The high power can sometimes be overpowering.
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#6 Sigelei VCIGO Moon Box

9/10 overall
8.6/10 quality
8.8/10 value
The Moon Box has the ability to go from 50 watts all the way up to 200 watts with this variable wattage mech mod. With a fun design that looks great without being garish, it has a great aesthetic, but this isn’t a mech mod with just great looks, it has much more than that on offer. It can be loaded with two batteries and includes some safety features the ensure that there are no problems when using the device and to provide that the user is in no danger when using the Moon Box.


  • Adjustable wattage that goes all the way up to 200W
  • The aesthetics are superb
  • Excellent safety features


  • The highest power setting drains the battery quickly.
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#7 Tesla Invader III

8.5/10 overall
8.5/10 quality
8.5/10 value
Throwing out an incredible 240W of power the Tesla Invader III is one of the most high powered mech mods on the market at the moment. Combined with its compact size it offers a powerful but discreet vape mechanical mods that won’t leave users feeling unsatisfied. In addition to all of this, there is also the ability to partake in sub-ohm vaping, with coils up to 0.1 ohms able to be comfortably used with the Tesla Invader III.


  • Huge amounts of power available
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry
  • Sub ohm vaping is possible


  • The battery life isn’t the best due to the high power output.
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Types of Mech Mod

Mech mods, in general, are all pretty much the same. They are a stripped down vaping device that offers the ability to vape in a simple, easy and efficient manner. Of course, then there is the atomizer that goes with it, but they are usually bought separate and aren’t part of the mech mod package. There are two distinct types of mech mods out there that do throw up some minor differences though. To take in consideration unregulated box mods contribution check carefully the device.

There are genuine mech mods that are released by reputable companies, and there are clone versions of these mech mods. Clones are mostly copies of the mech mods that offer similar features for a lower price. The problem with clones is that they don’t tend to be as safe as the original version, nor do they offer as many quality features. Due to this, it is best to stick to genuine mech mods where possible, budget allowing, of course, this will ensure that safety is paramount and a superior vaping experience will be had.

Best Mech Mod

Regarding which mech mod is best, it all depends on the individual desires of the user. Some users may have different wants and needs from their mech mod, and this will influence the choice that they make, due to this, there is more than one choice for best mech mod. Each selection offers the best option for different situations.

The Noisy Cricket 2 is a device that is perfect for users that are operating on a medium budget but still want good performance and a range of features. The safety features combined with the ability to vary performance levels means that the Noisy Cricket 2 provides a lot for the money.

Name Resistance Price
Noisy Cricket 2 0,5 Ohm $34.95
Demon Killer Tiny Vape 0,5 Ohm $42.95
Vandy Vape Pulse BF 0,5 Ohm $56.95
Wismer Luxotic NC 0.1 – 3 Ohm $74.95
SnowWolf X Feng 0.05 – 3 Ohm $59.95
Sigelei VCIGO Moon Box 0.1 – 2.5 Ohm $27.95
Tesla Invader III 0.1 Ohm $44.95

The Vandy Vape Pulse BF is a device that allows users excellent levels of customization. For users who like to get their settings fine-tuned and just right for the perfect vape, then the Vandy Vape Pulse BF will give the opportunity to do this with minimal fuss.

Tesla Invader III is a monster of a mech mod. For users who want to experience vast amounts of power and unrivaled sub ohm vaping than the Tesla, Invader III is the right choice to go down that road. This mech mod is perfect for users who don’t want to sacrifice power when choosing their mech mod. In addition to these users who wish to colossal power and don’t have a budget to worry about could also take a look at the Wiser Luxotic as it has a higher power output but also comes in at almost twice the price.

Overall, it makes sense to check each mech mod for what they offer and what is required. Depending on budgets and vaping preferences some people might have a different order for these mech mods, but one thing is for sure, and that is that no matter what is required one of the mech mods on this list will be able to fulfill that requirement!

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