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Mech Mods – Top Mods That Every Vaping Enthusiast Will Love

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Mech mods aka mechanical vape mods are ideal to veteran vapers. They offer an alternative to those who want huge improvements in terms of battery life and overall performance when compared with any other type of vaporizers and even regulated box mods.

The Top 5 Mechanical Mods Every Pro Vaper Should Have

Mech mods also open up whole new levels of customization for a great, tailored the vaping experience. However, the vaping world is big, and still growing at a ridiculously fast pace. This makes choosing the best vape mods extremely challenging.

To solve this problem, we have refined some of the best mech mods that can take your vaping experience to the next level. But before diving deep into the best mech mods, let’s try to understand the basics.

What are Mech Mods?

Mech mods, like flashlights, come with a special tube which holds the battery connecting the fire button and the atomizer. The design features no electronic switch, making the device very effective and accurate. When you push the button, it completes the circuit. This causes the battery to fire, which heats up the coil, and a wicking material brings e-liquid in contact with the coil to turn it into vapor. When the switch is released, a spring pushes it away.

Why Mech Mod?

So why should you consider mech mod instead of regulated vape mods?

  • Extreme vaping experience. Some regulated sub-ohm mods offer pretty intense vaping, but that can’t hold a candle to mech mods. They are simply beasts. Even the weaker mech mods will produce equally big if not bigger plumes of vapor than the most powerful mods.
  • Extreme customization. It doesn’t matter if you want cool vapor or warm vapor, intense flavor or mild flavor. With a mech mod, you can do pretty much anything you can imagine. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customization.
  • Long lasting. Mech mods don’t have any consumable internal parts and have a rugged body. As a result, they can outlast their regulated competitors.
  • Affordable. Regulated mods can cost a pretty penny. However, you can get or even make a mech mod by spending a few bucks.

Risks Involved

  • Since there is barely any protection, people consider them riskier especially because the batteries undergo immense thrashing.
  • The battery life is usually short.
  • They consume a lot more e-juice because of more current passing through the coil.

Mech Mod Pro-Tips

  • Ensure that there’s a lock for your firing pin/button, so it doesn’t turn on accidently.
  • Check the mod for air-holes. Proper ventilation for the batteries is the key to safety.
  • Check the volts of the batteries to ensure that they don’t overcharge or undercharge.
  • Use batteries that have a high discharge rate stay away from relabeled ones.

The Best Mechanical Mods on the Market

Mech Mod Best Material Price
Wismec Noisy Cricket II D25 For high power, portable vaping Aluminum $34.95
Flawless Tugboat V2 For high-end vaping Copper $147.95
Phantom Mod Wotofo For vaping on a budget Copper $22.97
GP Custom Akuma V2 For Massive plumes of vapor Copper $140
Ragnorak Full Copper by VLS US Made mech mod Red Copper $99.99
The Seeker Copper Mod For vaping in style Copper $59.99
Smoktech Magneto V3 For great quality Stainless Steel $49.99
Maraxus Mod For striking design Copper $210
Axiz Box Mod For unique design Teak Wood $260

Wismic Noisy Cricket

Wismec Noisy Cricket II D25Their mech mods look elegant because it’s available in six glossy colors. The Noisy Cricket is a fashionable, authentic mechanical mod ideal for serious vapers. Moreover, it features an aluminum alloy body and a surface brushed treatment, this unit looks very classic. Besides series connection plus high power output, the special linkage set as well as ventilation hole design. This makes the unit more adaptable and popular among vaping enthusiasts.

Featuring changeable cells, the Noisy Cricket mod is much safer and convenient. The power output is dependent on the battery level as well as coil resistance. However, you can be sure to get an extreme vaping experience. The unit comes with a fire button which is at the top. It’s a feature that greatly improves the contact efficiency and allows for convenient operation.

Wismic seems to have put some thought into safety. The device has an insulation ring at the bottom of fire button, which helps protect the circuit. There are big vent holes at the bottom to prevent the battery from overheating. The only thing missing is reverse battery protection so be careful when inserting batteries.

Key Features

  • A special linkage set: At the baseboard, near the hybrid adapter, is a linkage that can perfectly work with 510 connectors of dissimilar lengths. This boosts the suitability of the unit.
  • Bottom ventilation holes: The six ventilation holes located at the bottom of mod body help dissipate the extra heat.
  • SMPL style button, unique linkage set, and bottom ventilation holes
  • Recommended resistance range is 0.25 – 0.5ohm
  • Dimensions: 79mm x 40mm x 22mm
  • Works with two 18650 batteries in series

Flawless Tugboat V2

Flawless Tugboat V2So what is hiding behind the mask of this powerful unit? Well, just like other mods, this unit is highly appealing and a performance-packed model art from Flawless. In fact, this is thanks to its exquisite matte exterior and attractive inset firing button.

Unwrap the pretty mask and guess what you’ll get: a monster, a real cloud-blowing monster that’s been machined with precision! They designed and re-engineered the Tugboat V2 around one concept –maximizing conductivity. Additionally, Flawless wanted to give you great appearance. As a result, they used a Cerakote coating process when they made this model, giving all new splatter finish. It comes with full copper tubes, high Carat (24K) gold-plated springs, as well as full copper hybrid caps. The conductivity is at par with the ‘KINGS’ of vaping.

And it does not just stop there, no. The manufacturer has gone ahead to give vaping aficionados a memorable experience. They did it by coating the contacts and caps with the precious metal. This metal is four times harder than conventional metals and doesn’t oxidize or tarnish. This means you can’t scratch the unit’s connections easily. It doesn’t get dirty, can self-clean and stays pristine. What this means is that your device gets voltage drop for a greater mod longevity. As a result, it guarantees you a memorable experience whenever you take a vape!

The V2 comes with a redesigned switch. It’s a silver coated spring, as well as a copper contact to increase durability and conductivity. Moreover, this model will excite you. It comes with a matching top cap, featuring two-seven airflow slots, and a Delrin competition cap. Additionally, it also has a 14mm wire bore. If this doesn’t win you over, you will be happy to know that the competition cap fits on all RDA’s. This makes the deal even sweeter! Additionally, the unit comes with an extra silver coated spring plus a free Vapesox Mod Holder to enhance its appearance.


  • Made from copper
  • Comes in five Colors options to choose from
  • Comes with a single 18650 battery
  • It is a hybrid connection device
  • Height: 90mm
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Includes matching top cap

Phantom Mod: An A-Mod Explosion from Wotofo

The Phantom Mod, an 18650 authentic mech mod, offers a feature packed array of options. It features two top caps to take care of hybrid connections, swap-out-plated Gold springs (2) for throw adjustment. This model guarantees top level performance. Also, they included a rhodium coated copper to boost conductivity. Specifically manufactured for use with long pin atomizers, this smart device by Wotofo is simply a top performer. Features like standard top contact with a floating, enlarged contact area are what make the unit shine. The inclusion of a hybrid top cap ensures that you achieve a lower electrical transfer. The unit comes with an adjustable Delrin ring at the base to take care of throw and atomizer compatibility. Also, all contacts are Rhodium Plated with Copper, which enhances durability. But wait, there is more! If you have a Freakshow mini, there is a new top cap with chuff breathability!

Designed and engineered based on elegance and simplicity, the model has clean lines plus a balanced feel. As a result, making it a perfect entry-level 18650 mechanical mod!

GP Custom Akuma V2 – Simply Exceptional


  • The unit features a telescopic battery connection pin is telescopic
  • Silver coated to enhance conductivity
  • The fire button makes this unit extremely smooth


Featuring two red copper tubes, the 22mm Akuma V2 promises to give you the best a vaporizer could offer. With this mode, you get both 1850 and 1894 bodies in one. GP Custom Akuma V2The 18650 comes with an extension tube (made of pure copper) to enhance performance and conductivity. The unit also features copper coated silver contacts, a brass top cap, as well as a lock ring.

A laser number alongside an Akuma logo has been engraved on the surface of this device. Handmade in the Philippines, this authentic device is making a statement and stamp its authority as a brand leader.

With a fully adjustable connection pin for the atomizers, users have the control when it comes to vapor quality.

Munstro by 2puffs

2Puffs was very decisive when designing the new Munstro v2 Mod set. This mod features a modular copper inner tube. It is compatible with 18650 or 18490/500 battery sizes for superior connectivity. With this unit, you get silver plated contacts (to minimize voltage drop) and a well-designed switch to boost usability. The best thing about this mode is that the outer tubes are in the kit. It is available in black or white (for size 18650) as well as bronze/ gunmetal (for size18500). This unit stunningly beautiful and can last for years to come. Also, it includes a 2Puffs over-the-shoulder vape bag of impeccable quality.

Dovpo GX-200


  • Working voltage is 3.2 to 4.2V
  • Maximum output is 20A
  • Has the lowest resistance of 0.2ohm
  • Low voltage protection < 3. 2V Over current protection > 30A
  • Max charging current is 800mA
  • Automatic circuit breaker which activates after every 15 seconds smoking


They made the Dovpo GX-200, a hybrid Mechanical Mod, from aluminum. They power it with two 18650 batteries. To give users absolute safety, it features a built-in safety protection which is capable of sub-ohming to 0.2 Ohms. Furthermore, there are additional safety feature such as over current protection, battery polarity protection, as well as short-circuit protection. As a result, they make this unit a must- have for novice vapers.

They designed it to operate at a voltage of 3.3- 4.2 volts. This unit is also capable of firing atomizers down to as low as a 0.2o-hm resistance level. The GX-200 box mod features a 510 connection and an adjustable contact screw. Moreover, for ease of use, the firing switch has been put on the top side. The digital LCD screen display, which displays voltage, is underneath it. The Dovpo gx-200’s comes with a micro USB port to help you charge the batteries with ease. The four highly powered magnets hold the back plate in place.

The Ragnarok Full Copper by VLS


  • Made of red copper or stainless-steel inside the US
  • Enhanced conductivity thanks to the Copper Telescopic Top Pin
  • Virtually zero voltage drop
  • Sleek design, intense performance


The Ragnorak is the only, if not, one of very few mech mods that they make in the States. I know many people who won’t use just any gadget. In fact, they prefer the ones made in clean, standardized facilities and under strict rules and regulations inside the US. If you’re one of those, this one is the way to go. Moreover, it’s a sleek and elegant vape mod made from red copper.

The mod is heavy and a little bigger with 24mm diameter. Therefore, it won’t fit perfectly for most atomizers. However, it doesn’t look awkward. Priced at $99.99, it’s a mid-range vape. Then again, you’re paying the few extra bucks for the “Made in the USA ” label. However, its design is a masterpiece, and its performance is peerless, making it well worth the price.

Priced at $78.99, VLS offers a stainless-steel version. It offers the same performance at a better price. Also, you can get nearly the same performance from other mods we have discussed above at an even lower cost. That is, if you don’t care about where the product originated.

One unique feature of the Ragnorak is its specs. It’s got PEEK insulators, pure copper top pin, and a copper bottom firing pin, and spring loaded firing button. Moreover, the vape has a near-zero voltage drop. As a result, it offers a rich flavor and massive plumes of vapor. However, it heavily thumps the batteries at the same time which is its only downside.

The Seeker Copper Mod

The-Seeker-E-cig-ModWhile its copper construction is not as pure as the Ragnarok, the Seeker Copper Mod is still highly efficient when it comes to minimizing voltage drop. It is a stylish mod with engraved accents that make for a classy look. There is also a spring-loaded firing pin for a smooth operation, and the contact pins are made of silver, which is a better conductor than copper. The price for this beauty is just a mere $59.99 – a steal of a deal for an all-original mech mod.

Smoktech Magneto V3

Smoktech Magneto V3The third revision of the highly popular Magneto series of mods from Smoktech, this edition comes with much improved modular pin contacts. It is a stainless steel, telescopic mod, meaning multiple-sized batteries can be used, and it has a smooth, magnetic bottom firing pin (hence the name). It is a mod design that has survived many years; yet here it stands, a testament to its performance and quality.

Maraxus Mod

maraxus-modMoving towards the high-end spectrum in terms of pricing, the Maraxus is a mod with a striking design that’s sure to catch anyone’s attention. It is constructed in stylish two-tone brass and stainless steel that is telescopic and collapsible. Copper pins ensure efficient conductivity and it also has an integrated venting system to regulate temperature. This is a great mod for those who like to tinker with their devices. While it comes at a higher price, stylish points alone make it all worthwhile.

Axiz Box Mod

Axiz mech modMech mods don’t just come in tube form; some come in box form. The Axiz Box Mod is a Filipino-made mod that’s made out of teak wood. Carved to have an ergonomic pistol grip, the Axiz Box Mod has a stainless steel firing button and is sand-sealed and coated with polyurethane to preserve its finish. Despite being a wood mod, the Axis still hits like a freight train and is a unique mod for those looking for something different.

Simple Yet Powerful, How?

This is what I used to think when I entered the world of vaping. How come a simple device be more powerful than a sophisticated one? In other words, why a simple device is for advanced users? The answer is simple, let me explain.

Since there is no internal processor to keep the voltage in check. Just to explain it in layman’s terms, the battery will start at around 4.2 volts, and will gradually deplete. Since there is no mechanism to keep the battery from over-depleting, the battery can fail. Moreover, there is no protection in case of short circuit. This is why mech mods are for experienced users who have at least some basic knowledge of electronics. It’s because they have plenty of working experience with mods. On the flip, it also means that battery and the atomizer will offer peak performance as long as they can.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, mech mods are a whole different breed of vaporizers. If you don’t have ample experience, you’re better off using regulated sub-ohm box mods. Do you think you know your stuff and want to take your vaping to the next level? You’ll be happy to know that mech mods will satisfy you, no matter what your expectations are.

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