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Cheap Mech Mods 2018

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A powerful and authentic mech mod is a pleasure to vape. Most of the advanced vapers create unbelievable tricks by using this kind of device. Mech mods are simple to use: you don’t have to worry about power adjustments, this wild beast works its best firing at the maximum power output. Moreover, they have outstanding design and quality of build.

But what a vaper got to do if the price of a decent mechanical mod reaches $100 and over? We’ve got the answer! You need to know special offers from the best vape manufacturers. To make your journey easier, VapingDaily.com made a list of our favorites among the stellar mech mods under $100. Enjoy!

What is a Mech Mod?

Mech Mod build

In a mechanical mod, the coil fires up directly from the battery. You can’t customize its wattage or temperature. This kind of power supply is called ‘direct output.’ The voltage that battery supplies is not steady because it depends on the level of battery charge. If you are using rebuildable atomizers, especially with your personal coil builds, a mech mod is a great way to go, as long as it works literally with any type of coil that you put inside an RDA. While not every box mod is programmed for a certain type of build, you would like to use. Just keep in mind that you have to know Ohm’s law, amperage calculation rules and much more to ensure safe vaping with a mech mod.

Advanced vapers also believe that mechanical mods are more durable and reliable than other vape devices because they don’t have too much fine electronics to it, that potentially may malfunction. At the end of the day, mech mods have an elegant style. Your mech mod made of true copper, or gold-plated with a unique engraving may become the star of your collection and the envy of other vapers who didn’t manage to get it.  

Why choose cheap mech mods?

cheap mech mods worth it

Lots of people who want to vape good without having to spend a fortune on it, end up seeking cheap clones of reputable vape brands. We don’t recommend you doing that. First of all, in most cases, clones don’t have protection chipsets. Thus, they may be extremely dangerous in use. Most likely, their build quality would also be poor; and we all know that loose parts made of cheap metal alloy can’t provide cloud-chucking experience.

Keep calm. You don’t have to look for cheap alternatives. There are tons of authentic, best mech mods under $100, that are a dream to vape. Their brands don’t spend much on advertising and don’t produce millions of copies, that’s why it’s hard to find them. But we’ve tried, and here’s the result.

If you are looking for a cheap mechanical mod vape, look no further! Here is the list of the best inexpensive mech mods that will blow your socks off. The reason for their price to decrease is that new models keep coming out, hence old collections turn out more affordable. So you can enjoy vaping a top-notch mech mod selling with a very attractive price tag!

Are cheap mechanical mods safe?

Before using a mech mod for advanced vapers (with no circuit boards) you need to read carefully and memorize all the safety instructions regarding battery use. Because that is the main reason why mech mods can be considered unsafe. Batteries may overheat, overcharge, over discharge, or even explode. And this may happen not only to cheap mech mods but the devices over $100 if you don’t use them correctly.

To make sure that your mech mod is safe, you have to follow a few simple rules. Always choose the right battery, intended for mech mods (typically, it’s ICR (LiCo02) and IMR(LiMn)). Don’t overcharge it. Prevent misfiring – the device should always be locked or shut off when in your bag or pocket. Always check for short circuits before vaping – to do this, you need to calculate the lowest resistance possible and do not cross that line. And after all, ensure that you have enough airflow in your RDA and that the atomizer is compatible with mech mod devices like yours.

Best mech mod under $100

Aria Hyperion Hybrid Mod by BeyondVape

Aria Hyperion Hybrid Mod

This mech mod is beyond any expectations! Plated with 24K gold, it has all chances to be a precious piece of your vape collection. As time goes by, this flawless surface doesn’t tarnish like copper or other metals. But not only the look is perfect and sleek. The 4-post atomizer deck with a wide-bore drip tip to it is included in the kit priced for $74.99. You can also use it with any of your favorite 510 atomizers. A drip tip insulator made of PTFE (Teflon) prevents overheating, far outperforming the competition. The build feels complete with a silver-plated button spring and silver-plated brass contacts, adjustable airflow, and an exquisite laser-etched logo. This mech mod is compatible with a 18650 battery.


  • Outstanding quality with use of gold, brass, and silver
  • Teflon drip tip insulator
  • 510 connection
  • 4-post atomizer in the kit

  • Atomizers wider than 22mm will overhang
  • A shiny surface is tedious to maintain

Carbon Chin Bone Mod by Standard Functions

Get ready for noble vaping! The Carbon Chin Bone by California brand Standard Functions comes in a kit of three tubes compatible with either 18350, 18500, or 18650 battery for only $45! Units are made of stainless steel, covered with carbon fiber, and finished with a layer of acryl for added gloss and durability. The contacts are copper-plated (bottom) and silver-plated (upper). The magnetic recessed firing button features a locking mechanism and includes a little notch for an effortless and intuitive single-finger action. They say there are only 1000 items produced so if you want this exclusive bargain, you need to hurry up. In the kit, you also get a nice and sleek box that will be an adornment of your table.


  • Exclusive design
  • Durable build
  • Easy operation
  • Copper and silver plating ensures accurate power output

  • No RDA in the kit
  • No protection chipsets
  • Power output depends on battery

Daruma 26650 Mod & Rhyno XL Atty Set

Daruma 26650 Mod

The Daruma mech mod is all about massive power! Two detachable tubes in the kit are designed for 26650 battery. Magnificent fine engravings shine like a true gold decorating the brass and stainless steel unit, both with magnetic switch function. The spare tapered cap is made for your 22mm tanks and RDAs. The positive contact features an adjustable brass pin. The Rhyno RDA that comes in a beautiful box with it is a perfect fit. It has got an adjustable airflow control slotted hole. The top cap includes cooling fins. Four atomizer posts are gold-plated. And with a 510 adaptor sky is the limit for your vaping experience.


  • Quality build
  • Complete Kit + RDA
  • Only for $80
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 510 adaptor
  • 2 tubes for 26650 battery

  • You can’t monitor e-juice level
  • With massive power, coils will burn out quickly

Hit iT 18650 by Anatolian Mods

Hit iT 18650 mech mod

Anatolian Mods is a company founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2013. It quickly drew the attention of advanced vapers because of high-quality materials and the variety of choice. You can buy their Hit-It mech mod for only $55. Top cap, switch housing, button design is customizable, and it’s all included in the mech mod kit for $55 on company’s official website. The tube itself is intended for use with a 18650 battery. You can choose between stainless steel, copper, and the brass surface of the unit, switch, and fire buttons. The brushed finish is made by hand, not by chemical process. The top cap has a 510 adaptor. Recessive, spring-loaded firing button doesn’t need lock mechanism – in case of a short circuit; the spring collapses to protect you. The button is also available with magnetic recession instead of spring.


  • Advanced material options
  • Customizable set
  • Button protection from short circuit
  • Only $55

  • No RDA included
  • Only 18650 battery compatible



All in all, choosing a mech mod is a question of your personal taste. If you would like to have a golden-plated vape device – go ahead and pick one from a trusted USA company. Sometimes it’s hard to find them for less than $100, but they are so worth it. However, we would not recommend using that type of mech mods if you are new to vaping and not familiar with all the electricity rules. The simple build of some mech mods is designed to bring the maximum of raw power. So, paired with an RDA, it potentially may appear dangerous. Only use mech mods like that if you are sure of what you’re doing. Consider buying a more popular version of a mechanical mod to get used to vaping this kind of device. Then again, leaving all the safety warnings behind, cheap mech mods under $100 have the same high quality as the ones above $100, if they are authentic. You may want to look through official websites of trusted USA brands from time to time, hunting a work of vape art for a discounted price.  

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