Dabbing is vaping that heats CBD and THC extracts to produce vapor. Dabs and Wax materials are hard to find or make and difficult to vape or smoke. Thus, A lot of e-nails and e-rigs use the same elements of dab vaporizers of the past: a heat source, a metal surface, a glass water bubbler. Only modern wax vapes come in a smaller, much more straightforward package. These new vaporizers are much easier to use and are more self-sufficient. What is more interesting, some good devices come at affordable prices. Still, it doesn’t influence the build quality. Cheap wax vape pens use rod-and-coil-style atomizers to vape waxes, oils, and concentrates. They use ceramic-lined heating chambers with either convection or conduction-style heating elements. The best cheap oil vape pens have only a small battery, a tiny, wire coil atomizer, and a mouthpiece. Oil, waxes and THC extracts do not need high temperatures to vaporize. They do not need as much power or specialized equipment as other materials, so their battery capacities are usually between 150mAh to 650mAh, making them perfect portable devices.

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#1 The Mig Vapor Trap 450 Oil Vape Pen

A Powerful, Portable Oil Vape Pen
9.8/10 overall 9.7/10 quality 10/10 value
$14.95 $13.45 You save 10% (with VD Coupon)

The Mig Vapor Trap 450 is an all-in-one, oil vape pen with a 450mAh battery. It has a top-fill, 510-threaded 1ml tank and a single fire button.

The Trap 150 battery has three preset temperature settings. There is a small LED circle behind the firing button. The battery connects to the tank with a 510 connection.

The Trap 450 is an excellent portable vape pen. It is easy to use, and with a 450mAh battery, it offers a decent amount of usage time. The Trap 450 features a USB adapter for quick, USB charging.


  • The tank is a clearomizer, so it is clear glass
  • There is also a cone-shaped mouthpiece atop the tank’s construction
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#2 Mig Vapor Canna Blast Oil Vape Pen

A Well-Built, and Well-Made Vape Pen for Oils
9.6/10 overall 9.5/10 quality 9.7/10 value
$29.95 $26.95 You save 10% (with VD Coupon)

The Canna Blast oil vape pen features a 380mAh internal battery. The battery has the option of being draw or button-activated.

Color options come in silver, black, white, and pink. The Canna Blast uses a ceramic atomizer and mouthpiece to vape its materials. The onboard battery can send over 4.2V to the wickless ceramic coil atomizer inside.

The Canna Blast uses the famous Mig 21 battery. The 510 threading on the battery makes it compatible with many other types of atomizers.


  • The coil inside can vape at 1.2ohms to produce plentiful and tasty clouds
  • The entire device has stainless steel and Pyrex glass throughout its construction
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#3 The Mig Vapor CE3 510 Oil Vape Pen

A Simple, Affordable Vape Pen for Oils
9.3/10 overall 9.5/10 quality 9.2/10 value
$15.95 $12.95 You save 19% (with VD Coupon)

The CE3 510 vape pen kit is an affordable, regulated vape pen for oils. The oil cartridge measures 3.2 inches tall and 0.3 inches in diameter.

The battery has a 280mAh capacity, a plastic 1ml tank, and a smart, convenient metal carrying case. The cell has a rounded, rubberized tip with a series of pinhole indicator lights around it. The CE3 is a pen that can work as a stylus for compatible electronic devices.


  • The battery is draw-activated and has no visible power button
  • The CE3 is perfect for portable, on-the-go vaporizing
  • The cell has a USB charging adapter for rapid charging

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#4 The Yocan Evolve

Easy-to-Use, One-Touch Wax Vaporizer
9/10 overall 9/10 quality 9/10 value
$48.95 $34.99 You save 29% (with VD Coupon)

The Yocan Evolve is a wax and concentrates vaporizer. It employs a built-in 650mAh battery with simple one-touch controls.

The atomizer features a stainless-steel exterior and two quartz heating rods inside. The device fires instantly and produces vapor for however long the button is pressed.

The loading chamber seems a bit small, but with only a tiny dab of material, the quartz rods work fast to vaporize concentrates. The battery has a constant voltage output and a rubberized exterior.


  • The absence of temperature control or any adjustable settings makes the Evolve easy to use
  • There is also a small silicone container for wax concentrates located in the base of the battery

#5 Vaporcone Discreet

A Tiny, Portable and Stylish Wax Vaporizer
8.8/10 overall 8.3/10 quality 9.4/10 value
$49.95 $44.95 You save 10% (with VD Coupon)

The Vaporcone Discreet lives up to its name for being a tiny, portable, vaping device for waxes. The mouthpiece and battery are 510 connected, and their assembly produces an incredibly small and discreet vape.

The entire device has a soft, rubberized exterior, which makes for easy portability. There is a single, ceramic wick inside the atomizer attachment.

The Discreet is draw-activated, so there are no buttons anywhere on the battery. The Vaporcone Discreet attachment can last for anywhere between 100-300 puffs.


  • The Discreet battery can charge using an included USB charging adapter
  • Vapor production is excellent, even for a small device
  • The single, quartz rod atomizer heats up instantly and stops whenever not in operation

#6 Micro Vaped Vaporizer

A Button-Activated, Tiny Wax Vaporizer
8.5/10 overall 9/10 quality 8/10 value
$17.95 $10 You save 44% (with VD Coupon)

The Vaporx XLT vaporizer works with oils and wax to produce vapor with a 650mAh battery. The battery is 601 threaded.

The clearomizer tank is top-fill, and there are no adjustable airflow slots. The entire device measures 5.2 inches in height and is only 5 inches across, making it very pocket and palm-friendly.

The Vaporx XLT has one button to power on and fire the device. Clicking the button six times turns on the device, but the device turns off by itself after ten seconds. Heat-up time for the internal coil takes between 5-30 seconds.


  • The tank has a capacity of 1.3ml
  • There is a plastic-lined heating chamber inside the atomizer
  • The coil consists of a ceramic heating element

What the Best Cheap Wax Vape Pens Have

Vapers who vape wax and concentrates enjoy the discreteness and portability of dab pens. They also like the quality of vapor that comes from vaping pure THC extracts. An excellent vape pen balances these two essential features: portability and performance. A must-to-know fact is that CBD oils and extracts can help ease the pain in terminally-ill patients. Oil vaporizing does not produce the same psychoactive effects as dry-herb vaping.

Vape pens use different ways to vape oils and waxes. The best way by far is using a hidden, ceramic dish or “donut” that can heat up materials in an efficient way. A ceramic dish atomizer and a convection-style heating chamber also produce great vapor. Neither of these essential features takes up too much space.

DabWax Vape pen with concentrate image

A pen with a ceramic-dish heating element, a convection-style heating chamber is tiny. They have USB charging capabilities and even pass-through charging, so they vape while charging. Vape pens with adjustable heat settings start getting up there in price. Finding a pen for oils and waxes that has a ceramic, dish-style atomizer, convection-style heating, and adjustable temperature settings is the criteria for a pen that is both portable and produces excellent vapor clouds. If a pen has all those features and costs less than $60, then it is a steal!

Cheap Vape Pens for Wax, the Best Brands

The best cheap vape pens for wax and oils have nothing to do with brands. Materials and excellent engineering make the best vape pen.

Brands like Vaporcone and Yocan use a lot of high-quality materials for their pens. Cheap pens use a lot of the same elements. They do not have extras like adjustable settings and cool exteriors. Yocan is also famous for offering a 1-year warranty on all their devices. Materials like ceramic heating chambers and stainless steel coils come standard on cheap dab pens. The best brands for vape pens use quality materials throughout the device not only in the atomizer section.

High-grade, Pyrex glass makes for a clear vapor path, which a company like Vaporx does. Mig Vapor is another company that uses Pyrex glass in their mouthpieces. Other companies use plastic in their mouthpieces.


Why dab?

THC content of dry herbs = 10%-25%
THC content of extracts = 50%-90%

The potency of THC extracts is the primary reason driving its popularity right now. Dab pens for cheap are a part of this new movement.

Wax Concentrate with Dab Tool image

Only, the material itself can be pricey. All compounds, like concentrates, oils, and waxes are chemically extracted. This means to produce them they need more work and effort.

Only 0.5g of an extract can cost $20. Products with higher potency and a more significant quantity can start at almost $50 for a half-gram. The higher price does justify itself, as many dab vapers use less material, during their sessions. The price is more than dry herbs, but the product lasts longer.

Where do you buy cheap vape pens?

Cheap pens are available in regular vape shops as well as online vendors.

Online vendors sites are the best way to find cheap pens. The online sellers offer discounts, coupon codes and bundle packages.

Should I use a cheap dab pen?

Yes, you may use a cheap dab pen.

Using a dab pen can provide insight on what things a great pen has to have.

Things like:

  • Ceramic, stainless steel or quartz atomizer material – no plastics or other metals
  • A clear, and quality-made vapor path, also free of plastics and electronic parts
  • Adjustable settings like power or temperature

A cheap vape pen is a suitable starter device. They are easy-to-use and have enough quality materials to produce great vapor. Cheap dab pens can introduce someone to the world of vaping concentrates. Vape pens for wax usually go on sale after their initial release. Their simple design and quality parts make them excellent, on-the-go options for vaping waxes.

Cheap vape pens for sale are an opportunity not to be missed.

Are marijuana extracts safe to vape?

Marijuana extracts are safe to vape. The extraction process of the marijuana plant can occur in many ways, though. Extraction with butane was before the most common form of concentrate manufacturer. This method of extracting THC and other elements was and is dangerous.

New processes have emerged that use carbon dioxide, and other hydrocarbons. These new methods ensure that the concentrate is pure and safe. Keep this in mind when looking for concentrates to buy. Make sure there are no bits of particulate matter inside the concentrates.

When the concentrate melts, these small bits will attach to the coils inside a cheap wax vape. They will oxidize and create harmful vapor when the device is in operation. Vaping marijuana extracts can be safe, as long as you chose a high-quality, hydrocarbon-extracted wax or concentrate.

A New Way and Material to Vape

The era of dab and extracts vaping is here. The legalization of recreational marijuana has exploded the popularity of waxes. If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, then you should vape extracts. Dabs and waxes are not only a novelty item.

Cheap dab pens that are for sale should be the starting point. Reading this list of best cheap dab pens will point in the right direction, as all the products listed here are excellent.

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