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You don’t need a high-end device when it comes to weed vaping. Of course, variable wattage and a strong battery is a plus, but in this case, we’re talking about some subtleties that just have got to be there. So, when picking up a cheap weed vape, make sure that the overall build is made for efficient vaporizing of the ground material. You can get that all for cheap! At the end of the day, even expensive ones can be too basic to give out that knee-slapping, smile-stretching canna-adventure. So, why pay more?

Even though marijuana has been enjoyed for the last 4,000 years or so, the leaps and bounds of vaping weed have really changed the way people have been using it over just a few short years. The form of weed vape pens or vaporizers has not been around long, but have really gotten quite sophisticated very quickly. Because of this evolution, even cheap vaporizers for weed are really top notch as opposed to a few short years ago.

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#1 The Pro 50 Combustor Dry Herb Vaporizer for Stealth Vaping

Discreet Stealth Vaping in an Elegant Package

pro 50 combustor sub-herb mig vapor 50w image
9.5/10 icon-question Review score
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Manufactured by:
Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity:
1600 mAh
Wattage Range:
Variable 50 watt device
LED screen on the bottom of the battery
Charger type:
Standard Micro-USB
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 8 h.
Heat-up time
icon-battery 30 s.


  • 1600 mAh battery for lots of power
  • Easy to use LED screen
  • Adjustable wattage up to 50 watts
  • Lots of safety features
  • Very sleek modern design


  • Price is slightly high
  • Short 90-day warranty

The first thing that stands out is the elegant design of the Pro 50 Combustor. Besides being pretty, it is quite powerful. Powered by a 1600 mAh internal battery, it has a 50-watt output. The wattage is adjustable by using the LED screen.

With its ceramic cup for heating, it can vape loose leaf dry herb, wax, and oil concentrate. All the while producing excellent plumes of vapor. Airflow vents at the bottom of the pen help dial into each user’s preference for maximum flavor without combusting the weed.Safe to use, it features automatic shut off to prevent a battery from overheating.
From power to surprising features for a small vaporizer, it has a lot to make this worth the price tag.

#2 Mig Vapor The Herb-E Micro Vaporizer

A Compact, Long-Lasting Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

MigVapor Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer front side image
8/10 icon-question Review score
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Today’s exclusive offer
1200 mAh
Chamber capacity:
Temperature control:
2 presets
90 days
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery 8 h.
Heat-up time
icon-battery 20 s.


  • Small, portable size
  • Two preset temperature settings
  • Carbon-fiber wrap-around
  • Solid metal body
  • One-button controls
  • All-aluminum heating chamber
  • Separate wax insert allows for vaping of concentrates


  • Mouthpiece comes off easily

The Herb-E from Mig Vapor is a very compact, and easy-to-use dry herb vaporizer. The magnetic top/mouthpiece is very easy to remove and stays in place whenever using the Herb-E.

The internal heating chamber can fit almost 0.8g of material, so it is large even for such a small device. There is only one button on the Herb-E that turns it on and allows the user to change the temperature settings.

There is a powerful, 1200mAh internal battery that provides excellent battery life. Both of the two temperature settings on the Herb-E produced adequate vapor. The hottest temperature, represented by the red LED lights was best.

The Herb-E is very small in size, making it excellent for on-the-go vaping. The Herb-E costs much less than similar devices, and it works very well.

#3 Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Target Mini Vaporizer Kit

A Great Kit for Sub-Ohm Herb and Wax Vaping under $100

mig vapor SubHerb Target Mini dry herb vaporizer
8/10 icon-question Review score
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Today’s exclusive offer
1400 mAh
Max Power Output:
Chamber Type:
Thread Type:
Compatible with:
Vapor production
Battery life
icon-battery ~650 hits
Heat-up time
icon-battery 8 s.


  • Tank and mod together are a sub-ohm dry herb vaporizer
  • Target Mini mod can output a 40W maximum
  • Built-in 1400mAh battery
  • Dual-use tank (vapes herbs and waxes)
  • Ceramic heating elements
  • Bottom adjustable airflow


  • Tank can break

The Sub-Herb Target Mini kit from Mig Vapor features two pieces. One is the Vaporesso Target mini-mod that has an internal 1400mAh battery.

The second part is the Sub-Herb tank from Mig Vapor that uses a ceramic heating dish to vape herbs and waxes. A heating wire baked into the dish provides a purer and cleaner vape than exposed coils like in other devices.

The Sub-Herb tank is perfect for anyone who wants to customize their vaping experience. Attaching the tank to a regulated mod like the Target lets the user decide their ideal temperature or wattage level.

The highest wattage the Sub-Herb can vape is 25W. At this wattage level, the device produced huge, great-tasting clouds.



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