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Cheap Vape Pens

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Vaping technology has become saturated, at least in the most basic models of vaporizers. This saturation has resulted in a whole new market for cheap vape pens characterized by cut-throat competition between manufacturers. Most brands in the affordable vape pens segment invest very little in marketing and survive mostly on word-of-mouth and organic growth from affiliate marketing. In the end, we have a lot of cheap vaping options, with anything below $40 being considered pocket-friendly. This page discusses everything you need to know about inexpensive vape pens and 5 of the best cheap vape pens on the market today.

Why Choose Cheap Vape Pens?

The most visible advantage of choosing affordable vape pens is, of course, the cost factor. At their average price of $20, these products have a lot of economical appeal over high-end brands which cost an average of $60, with some models charging as high as $100.

The lower price makes cheap vape pens the ideal devices for rough use. I mean, at a price tag of $40, you can get value for your money even if the device only vapes 40-50 chambers, which is a worst-case scenario for most products out there.

Most vape pens in this category tend to be extremely sleek and small, which improves their stealth and portability. They are designed with ease of use in mind, and since they consist of two basic components – the battery and the atomizer – even beginner can find a way with these products.

Most of the cheaper models have disposable atomizing units, which also comes in cheap. This eliminates the need for cleaning the tanks, solving a big messy part of vaping.

If you are new to vaping but low on budget, an inexpensive vape pen is a good start. You can get used to the product and its concept before buying a high-end atomizer.

vape pens

Cheap vape-pens can also be a great back-up for your vaping needs if you already own a high-end vape pen. They are portable and simpler to use, making them a traveler’s true friends. Actually, you can use one while on vacation, and then throw it away at the end of your trip.

However, the price advantage is a double-sided blade. The low price restricts a lot of features that you would expect from an average vape pen.

The most striking disadvantage of cheap vape pens is their low battery life, which is a world apart from that of expensive ones. If you use a good vape pen, you can immediately feel the dearth of battery power from your first use.

The second big disadvantage is the harshness of vapor, which may feel uncomfortable for some initial users. Most of these atomizers take the temperature up too quickly, which messes up consistency. To be exact, you will get a lot of vapor in your first few drags, but then it will die out in terms of density and flavor.

What’s the difference in build and quality compared to expensive vape pens?

There is a lot of difference in build and quality of an affordable vape pen compared to the more expensive models. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because vaping units are intricate products which depend, a lot, on the product architecture and material.

Cheap vape pens are designed as use-and-throw products and build quality is quite average, mostly plastic or cheaper alloys.

On the higher end of the product line, you will find vape pens with stainless steel body and coils of higher density. This provides a nice consistency to your vaping experience; you will get the same flavor and vapor density even when you smoke it for the hundredth time. In the case of cheaper models, you will find a steady decrease in performance with use.

Are cheap vape pens safe?

Though there is no conclusive study into this matter, the consensus is that the price of vape pens doesn’t affect their safety. There is nothing fundamentally different in the vapor from a cheap vape pen and that from a costly one. Here too, it is hard to go wrong as these products are designed within a safe temperature range.

One big concern with inexpensive vape pens is the temperature and dryness of vapor hitting the back of your throat and lungs. This can be a mild irritant for some users of affordable vape pens and many have often complained of dryness up their throat and mild coughing.

Expensive vape pens are designed such that the vapor is cooled before it enters your mouth, but the cheaper models have the atomizer unit closer to the mouthpiece or insufficient ventilation, which leaves the vapor hotter and drier.

The dryness of the vapor can also depend on the quality of the coil and the resistance it uses. Expensive models, due to higher battery capacities, can afford to play with sub-ohm coils or double-resistance coils because they have the battery advantage.

Best cheap vape pens on the market

SMOK Vape Pen 22

SMOK Vape Pen 22 model

The SMOK Vape Pen 22 is a classic optimization of high-end features on a low-cost model. You get the much-coveted sub-ohm vaping in a below $20 price-tag, which is a good start. This vape pen has a non-detachable tank, with top-fill design, and is an all-in-one device.

The battery packs in a powerful 1650 mAh, and this makes the device quite bulky. The heating element is dual coiled and comes with two, 0.3 Ohm coils. Apart from the one that is fixed inside the device, you will get a second replacement coil with the product. Due to its awesome battery, SMOK Vape Pen 22 produces a consistent vaping experience and give you dense, flavor-rich drags till the very end.

It is a neat and clean device with ergonomics and easy to use and clean. However, it has two clear drawbacks, and both are due to poor engineering. First is the fixed airflow, which makes the product less versatile. The second major design flaw becomes visible when cleaning the device. When you try to open the device, sometimes the coil gets stuck to the upper cap and comes out of the main body. This leaks out all the e-liquid through the air holes and makes a mess out of a good vaping experience.


  • Well-priced
  • Sub-Ohm heating
  • Good quality of vapor


  • Non-detachable coils.
  • Design flaws.
  • Fixed airflow

Eleaf iCare 140

Eleaf iCare 140 vape

Eleaf recently released three new models of iCare, and the 140 strikes out as the best of them all. It is the perfect middle ground between the iCare mini and the iCare solo, and indeed, it gives the best of both the worlds. It is amazingly slim and compact, which makes it an ideal vape pen to travel with.

It comes with two IC 1.1 Ohm coil heads, which can be bought separately. The main unit contains the battery into which the coil heads fit in seamlessly. The battery has an output voltage of 10W, powered by a 600 mAh battery. You can fill in a maximum of 2ml e-liquid into the RDA, which comes with a top-fill-cup design. The design of the RDA is interesting, and there are spiral-tops for the vapor to pass through.

Eleaf claims that the RDA spiral design makes the vapor more dense and flavorful, but we can’t comment on that. However, the spiral top design prevents spit backs, but it does not stop them completely. If you vape too hard, you will get some spit backs, but this is common in top-cup-fill design vape pens. The vapor quality is quite flavorful initially, but the airflow is super light all throughout.


  • Flavorful vapor.
  • Stealthy and portable.


  • Non-adjustable air-flow.
  • Spit backs.
  • Low Battery.

VaporFi Air 2 Mini

VaporFi Air 2 Mini size

This mouth-to-lung device is a blessing for new vapers and is tough competition to Pax JUUL. It is a compact and sturdy little vape pen that is both durable and stealthy. It is an all-in-one device and comes with a 350 mAh battery, which delivers a moderate 15W power to the coils. The design is pretty simple, and you get a top plastic part, which opens up easily and is also used to unscrew your heating chimney.

The chimney goes inside a long and hollow opening, where you have to put in the vaping juice. The tank has a maximum capacity of 1.3 ml, which is quite low compared to the other vape pens. We recommend giving the pen at least 5 minutes of resting time from the time you put the juice in.

The design hinders quick contact between the liquid and the coil, preventing the initial dry hits. The coil is very basic, and at 1.1 Ohm it gives off thick clouds of vapor. We do not recommend this to flavor-seekers, as it is quite average in extracting the flavor out of the e-liquid. It is also not for travelers as it packs only 350 mAh of battery and doesn’t have removable atomizer units. The VaporFi Air 2 Mini allows pass-through charging, which means you can vape as it charges. Overall, it is good as a backup, run-of-the-mill, vape pen for indoor use.


  • Good density
  • Slim design.
  • Pass through enabled


  • 10-minute soak time
  • Not quite flavorsome.
  • 350 mAh

Halo Triton II

Halo Triton II vape pen

The Halo Triton II is an evolved model of the Halo Purity, and it comes with an uber-cool package. It is a well-priced device and a truly adaptable one for starting your vaping journey. It is very simple to use, but it has a lot of features to boast about.

The company provides two batteries, each 700 mAh, with the Halo Triton II and that is one feature that is hard to ignore. The removable battery adds a lot of functionality to the product, and you can easily last an entire day with just two hours of charging. The heating element has two coils, with one extra, independent, coil. The product also comes with two mouthpieces and one adaptable mouthpiece. The equipment is very versatile, and the company has left space for a lot of modifications. The screws on top of the battery head can be used to fit atomizers of other brands like the G6 Cigalike. This interchangeability of atomizer units, as well as the battery itself, makes it one of the top products on this list. However, it is a bit to the higher end of the category and costs around $45, which is justifiable for its superior build-quality and usability. Moreover, since there are two batteries and two atomizer tanks in the kit, this price is realistic.


  • Versatile.
  • Great Battery
  • Sleek design
  • Sub-ohm coils.


  • Less availability.

Smok Stick One AIO

Smok Stick One AIO vape pen

The Smok Stick One AIO vape pen is a class above most of its peers, for its high-end designing and superior vape experience. It gives you one of the finest sub-vaping experience, deep down at 0.23 Ohms. This produces a nice depth in the flavor and some of the most beautiful vapor clouds, in this price range. The product comes as an evolution of its earlier versions, and it has major design upgradations, which produces substantially higher quality vapor.

The chimney and the tank are designed as a 4-hole bidirectional airflow design, which maintains a nice warmth to the vapor. With 1600 mAh battery to power the coils, it does a great job in producing lush clouds of flavor-rich vapor. It has an 8-second cutoff, which may make it safe, but it is a bit too low for enjoying your vaping. The filling technology makes it an ideal product for your outdoors, as the cap rotates to open-up the chamber, which can be filled directly from the top.

Kandypens K-stick

Kandypens K-stick vape pen

The Kandypens K-stick is an instant vaping device, that is as easy to carry around as a pen. This vape pen is in the below $30 category and is well worth the price; thanks to its simplicity and durability. However, this is not really a pen to trust when it comes to battery. It has a 280 mAh battery which is too low for outdoor trips. However, the battery carries a lifetime warranty, so this can be a very reliable back-up for all your e-liquid needs. The battery can be fired up with five simple clicks and turned off by the same off. The battery heats up the liquid instantly, and this makes it a good choice for quick-vapers. The kit does not have any extra replaceable heads, but these can be bought separately. The battery can also be used on any 510 threaded atomizers.

Cheap wax vape pen


The next category of vaping products is the wax pens, where you can get the best dab experiences. These dab pens are low-cost versions of expensive vaporizers and can be a good substitute, if you are looking for a separate vaporizer for just wax and oil concentrates, instead of jamming the oil in your dry herb chambers, then check out these options that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You will have to forgo some features like temperature control, LED display, replaceable battery, airflow optimization, etc. but these three products are well worth the price tag.

G Pen Vaporizer

G Pen Vaporizer vape pen

The G Pen Vaporizer comes from a veteran family of vaporizers from Grenco Science, and brings the best of all its earlier updates. The G Pen is a simple vape pen that can be used with your favorite wax or oil concentrates. The whole device consists of three parts; the battery, the atomizer and finally the mouthpiece. The battery is enclosed in a polymer body with a metallic button. This single button is the heart and soul of operations, and the device uses 5 clicks on/off system. There is a led indicator present inside the button and at the end of the battery-unit. The vape quality is quite good and exceeds most products in this range. Moreover, what we always like with Grenco products is its holistic vaping kit, that adds a lot of functionality to the experience. The G Pen Vaporizer kit includes 3 cleaning tips, 2 glass containers and one G tool, which is quite useful in cleaning the vape pen. The vapor quality is excellent at this price. We didn’t feel any harshness in its vapor which is dense and thick to the core.  


  • Cleaning equipment
  • Durable.


  • No LED display.

KandyPens Slim

Kandy Pens Slim vape pen

KandyPens is a brand well-known for its style quotient and good quality of products. The KandyPens Slim is a vape-pen for wax/oil concentrates, in a pocket-friendly price range. It has a 180-mAh battery which is good enough for its 0.5 ml tank capacity. This should come handy as a backup device but if you wish to live off just this, you can order two of them, which would suffice for a good amount of vaping a day with just 2 hours of charge. You can trust the brand because it provides a lifetime cover on your battery. The vapor it produces is certainly not something to boast about but is good enough for beginners. The vaporizer is able to maintain consistency in vapor quality until the very end and there is minimal wastage.


  • Consistent Vaping
  • Well priced.
  • Lifetime warranty on battery.


  • Multiple parts, prone to loosing.
  • Cleaning a bit messy.
  • Low battery life.

Yocan Evolve

Yocan Evolve vape penThis is one quality product that has traversed several milestones in designing technology and provides many innate advantages of the Yocan brand. This masterpiece from Yocan is almost a flagship brand, with much effort being pulled in for a single product. The design is ultra-modern and feels very ergonomic and sturdy. The Evolve is one of the best atomizers in terms of vapor quality, as it uses two Quartz heating elements instead of the traditional ceramic. This prevents any kind of harshness in the vapor. The vapor in Evolve also passes through a coil-cap which keeps the mouthpiece cool and prevents any residual leakage. The Yocan Evolve has a 10-second safety cut-off and is short-circuit protected.  


  • Dual-Quartz coils
  • Smooth vapor quality.
  • Low price
  • Leak-proof


  • Not adaptable with other vaporizers.
  • Hard to clean.


To conclude, we again emphasize on defining your need before buying these cheap vape pens or cheap vape wax pens. If you want to live off these, you may end up inhaling drier and meaner hits. For someone, who is used to vaping with a good quality vaporizer, these products will feel like torture initially. However, for someone who is coming from a smoking background, these products are a great and pocket-friendly way to start off. These cheaper models are also good for back-ups or immediate budget-replacements, to continue your vaping needs.

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