Top Online Vape Shop: Unbeatable Prices, Wide Selection & Fast Shipping

Vape stores are retail establishments that specialize in selling e-cigarettes, and related accessories. These stores offer a wide variety of e-cigarette products, including starter kits, mods, tanks, coils, and e-liquids. Some vape stores also offer other products such as CBD oil, herbal supplements, and smoking cessation aids. Vape stores can be found in many locations, including shopping malls, standalone storefronts, and online. It is important for consumers to research and choose reputable vape stores that sell high-quality products and prioritize customer safety.

Best Online Vape Stores for All Styles of Vaping

The list of stores here are ranked in no particular order. They represent the widest range of quality vape shops that are in operation right now. A few are brand-specific and sell products only from that particular brand. Others are vendors and distributors that carry all brands. Some deal exclusively with e-juice, while others are specific only to alternative vaping (herbs and concentrates), while a few deal with all three.

1. Mig Vapor at Vaporfi

Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is a well-known name in vaping circles and considered to be one of the best online vape stores. The Florida-based company started by former smokers first began to market e-cigarettes; simple vape pen devices with clearomizers and 510-batteries. The brand quickly expanded. It grew to create larger, more sophisticated devices for e-liquid vaping like the Bug and Morpheus sub-ohm vape pen. It also started the Vimanna e-juice bar, where users can mix and match available flavors to suit their tastes. The Mig Vapor name is also recognized for its variety of herb and concentrates vaporizers. Among the classic devices that have come out under the Mig Vapor label include the Matrix, the Dray, while newer devices like the Khan and High-Four continue the tradition of those earlier models.

Mig Vapor products are easy to get. Users can find Mig Vapor products in reputable vapes stores across the country. Vapers can also order directly from the company’s website. It offers free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. The company also delivers internationally. Users can sign up for the Rewards Program to earn points toward discounts and deals on future purchases. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.


  • They always have new vaping devices
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Wide range of e-juices
  • You can buy both retail and wholesale
  • Offers e-liquid and alternative vaping supplies
  • Vimanna e-juice bar lets users create their own e-liquid
  • Good customer service


  • Vape devices are derivative
  • Overpriced vaporizers

2. KandyPens


KandyPens is a brand apart. The California-based e-liquid and alternative vape designer has a unique aesthetic emphasizing its West Coast roots. KandyPens devices are colorful confections that reflect the brand’s fun, laid-back attitude to vaping. Still, they can also match the quality and performance of other brands who take themselves too seriously.

The vaporizers are suitable for beginners and advanced users. For example, Crystal 2 is a unique vaporizer compatible with wax and oils and is a top pick for a vaporizer pen.

Among the company’s crowning achievements are the KandyPens Rubi (e-liquid and oils), the Prism (concentrates), the Crystal (concentrates), and the newest KandyPens device, the Oura, a portable e-rig. The brand is also known for its collaborations with famous vapers like A$AP Rocky and Amber Rose, who have lent their names to devices that feature such luxe touches as mahogany, gold trim, and champagne color schemes.

These collaborations have brought brand recognition beyond the vaping world. Within the vaping world, though, the KandyPens name is also well-regarded, as their finely-made devices have consistently won awards for their outstanding performance and innovative designs. Moreover, KandyPens has gained a loyal following among vapers for its brand-wide lifetime guarantee on every product they sell.


  • Very good quality vaporizers
  • Unique, brand-specific aesthetic appeal
  • Covers e-liquid as well as alternative devices
  • Products are available everywhere (online and in brick-and-mortar stores)
  • There are choices for tight budgets as well as expensive products
  • Lifetime warranty on all products
  • Shipping is very fast, within 2 days
  • Friendly and responsive customer service


  • A small product line

3. ePuffer


ePuffer is an international e-cigarette brand that has branched out to also create high-end, luxurious e-cigars and e-pipes. The brand exudes the elegance and maturity of those vapers who were once smokers but want to make the switch to vaping. Only, they do not want the simple, throw-away devices that offer poor-quality taste and flavor.

ePuffer caters to a sophisticated customer base who wants excellent performance coupled with stunning, one-of-a-kind devices. One of the brand’s most popular devices is the Magnum and the Magnum Snaps e-cigarettes that use proprietary technology to connect a pre-filled liquid cartridge to the Magnum battery.

This device works on draw-activation and comes in several flavors and nicotine strengths. Another stand-out device from the ePuffer label is their XPOD disposable device that features a nicotine salt concoction inside and comes in three flavors, Tobacco, Menthol, and Mango. ePuffer devices are available at retail locations as well as directly from the ePuffer website.


  • Well-made, easy-to-use devices
  • Product line ranges from disposables to top-of-the-line devices
  • Wide selection of e-juices
  • Caters to an upscale market (no marketing to underage vapers)
  • Great customer service
  • Fast delivery


  • No alternative vaping products

4. VaporFi


VaporFi is a subsidiary of the International Vapor Group and the brand does have an international presence. The company operates online as well at retail locations that span the globe, from Vietnam to Guatemala to the US. The company features its own proprietary e-cigs, starter kits, tanks as well as e-juices. Not only does it create its e-juices made from high-quality ingredients like USP-grade, Kosher vegetable glycerin, it also carries several well-known vape juice brands.

Visitors to the brand’s brick-and-mortar retail locations can also benefit from the in-store vape juice bar, where knowledgeable vape tenders can help them craft an e-liquid specific to their taste. The company’s focus is on nicotine vaping, so it does not sell any alternative vaping products. But, it has recently caught on to the CBD trend. Users can find several cannabidiol products, from e-liquid to tinctures to CBD-infused gummies on its site.

The online store features almost every imaginable vape mod, tank, coils, or accessory. Brand-new vapers can shop for a wide range of disposable or pod vapes, while the more experienced user can peruse the site’s selection of advanced squonk or unregulated mods. The company has free delivery (within the US, not internationally) for customers who sign-up for its auto-delivery program. It also has a Private Members’ club, where registered users can get discounts on products not available to the public.


  • The company has an online store and brick-and-mortar shops
  • Physical locations found throughout the US and in other countries
  • A wide-range of e-liquids both off-brand and proprietary
  • Caters to all vaping levels, from beginners to more advanced
  • Rewards programs offers several discounts
  • Also carries CBD products


  • No herb or concentrates devices

5. image – the owner of the most coveted domain name in vaping – is an alternative vaper’s dream site. The site is a dedicated vendor of alternative vaping devices, from simple concentrates and herb vape pens to high-tech e-rigs or desktop vaporizers. The site does not sell e-liquid devices or nicotine products. The site has a bright, sunny demeanor and easily navigable functioning.

The site has several product categories. Users can find the latest vaporizers from trusted brands like Storz and Bickel, Mighty+ Vaporizer, DaVinci, and G Pen. Every product is expertly described and gives users a full understanding of its capabilities and functions. The brand also caters to old-school smokers who still want to grind, roll and smoke their material. For these users, offers a wide selection of rolling papers, pipes, one-hitters, bongs, and grinders.

The site maintains a regularly updated blog, where users can read reviews and learn about the differences in herb and concentrates vaporizers so they can find the right device for them. The site also offers users a price-match guarantee, so if they find a product on another site at a lower price, they will match it. offers free shipping within the US for orders over $25 and uses discreet packaging so customers can be assured of privacy.


  • Wide-range of vaping and smoking products
  • Price-match guarantee for all products
  • Knowledge base page offers users important information
  • Products for every budget from $30 to $1000
  • Free delivery for orders over $25
  • They have a referral system where you can get $10 or 100 vapor points


  • No nicotine products

6. Pax


The Pax brand resonates far and wide within the alternative vaping community. Much like its sister device the Juul, the Pax line of herb vaporizers conquered the industry in a few short years. Unlike the Juul, however, the Pax vaporizer has avoided a spectacular fall from grace, and continues to be a trusted, coveted item among those who are the most in-the-know about herb vaporizers.

There are, to-date, three different versions of the Pax device. The original Pax device, though, has been discontinued by the company and is hard-to-find. Only those vapers who were attracted to the original’s unique design and purchased it can still use it. For everyone else, however, the Pax 2 and Pax 3 are also top-of-the-line units that offer unparalleled vapor quality, while using design elements (like Bluetooth connectivity and developing an app to pair with the device) that inspired other manufacturers to follow suit.

Aside from the two versions of the Pax, the brand has also released the Pax Era, which is the brand’s dedicated liquid concentrates device. The Pax herb vaporizers do come with a steel-wool concentrates pad for users to insert into the chamber, but the Pax Era offers improved performance in a pod-like device that pairs with a battery section, much like the Juul, but for alternative materials.


  • High-quality vaping devices
  • One of the best vaporizers to try for dry herbs
  • Industry-leader in innovation
  • High-quality materials and build
  • Unrivaled performance
  • Excellent functioning
  • Customer Service is outstanding


  • Expensive
  • Pax Era uses only proprietary technology
  • Pax Era not available everywhere (only legal states)

7. Blu


Blu is a well-known brand that aims to help smokers transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The brand began operations in 2008 and quickly catapulted into the limelight as a premium e-cig brand. Its early devices were cig-a-like models that needed no buttons and worked with simple draw-activation. The early devices were met with initial success and even garnered celebrity endorsements.

But they failed to catch on with the greater public, as other companies like Juul took up most of the market share. The Blu brand was also one of the first e-cigarettes to be bought by a major tobacco company, Lorillard. But the company was later resold to tobacco giant Imperial Brands, which continues to manufacture and market the brand to this day.

Blu is now the second most popular e-cigarette in the US, behind the Juul. The range of devices is small. Users can choose from three Blu products, which range from the Blu Disposable, the Blu Xpress and the myBlu device. All three units feature pre-filled liquid nicotine cartridges that come in several flavors and nicotine strengths from 0mg to 2.4mg and 4mg.


  • Blu disposables are the best choice for beginners
  • Devices are easy-to-use
  • Available in many countries and at many different retailers
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Good nicotine hit
  • Stylish and well-designed
  • Blu vapes do not require assembly


  • Owned by Big Tobacco

8. Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is a giant in the vaping community. The online vape retailer consistently outperforms the competition due to their huge selection of nicotine vaping products. The company carries a range of products from toss-away vape pens to the ultimate in vaping technology and power. The brand has not only gained admirers worldwide for their amazing selection but also for its incredible customer service, free domestic shipping on orders over $30, 15-day return policy and 60-day warranty.

The site does not offer alternative vaping devices or products. But it has started to carry a wide-array of CBD products including CBD-dominant pre-rolled herb sticks, as well as CBD e-liquids, edibles and tinctures. The website is easily navigable and features several product categories that include Vape Brands like SMOK, Vaporesso, Wismec, and Innokin. Users can also browse e-juice labels like Cosmic Fog, Pachamama, and Naked 100 – it does not have its proprietary line of e-liquids.

The site also offers a separate Vape Deals page where customers can browse for deals and discounts on mods, tanks, and accessories, all at a reduced price. Direct Vapor also features a Rewards, as well as a Loyalty, Program and, like, Direct Vapor offers customers a price-match guarantee on all its products.


  • Huge selection of vape kits and e-liquids
  • Everyday low prices
  • Price-match guarantee
  • Free domestic delivery for orders above $30
  • Stellar customer service
  • Free shipping and 60 days warranty
  • The website is easy to navigate


  • No alternative vaping devices
  • Slow customer response time

9. Central Vapors

Central Vapors

Central Vapors is a Texas-based wholesale and retail distributor of all manner of nicotine vaping products. The brand has an online presence but no retail shop. The website features a wide array of vaping devices, accessories, e-liquids, as well as DIY supplies. Users can browse through the company’s many product categories to find exactly what they are looking for.

The e-juice page features e-liquids divided into flavor categories as specific as Cinnamon and Cereal flavors, while there are also stalwart categories like Menthol and Tobacco. The company only sells its own proprietary e-juices and does not carry any other brands of e-liquid. The company does, however, sell a vast array of vaping devices from name-brand manufacturers like Aspire, GeekVape, and Uwell.

Central Vapors uses high-quality ingredients for all its e-juices, ingredients like USP-grade, Kosher, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The company also sells these ingredients in bulk so users can create their own e-liquids at home. The company offers free shipping on domestic orders over $50 and also offers customers same-day shipping on select products.


  • Low, everyday prices
  • Wide selection of vaping mods
  • Twelve different e-juice flavor categories (including CBD e-juice)
  • The wide selection of vapes, tanks, coils, and e-juices
  • Affordable prices for new kits
  • Same-day delivery
  • Wide-range of products for DIY e-juice making


  • No other e-juice brands



VapeSourcing is an online USA vape store with a wide selection of vaping products and accessories. They have a professional team who tests all the vape brands daily to provide users with high-quality e-cigarettes, e-juices, oils, and accessories. Vapesourcing can satisfy customers’ needs worldwide, and they have such shipping methods as Registered Air Mail, Express, and UPS.

They don’t just provide products, they offer the best vaping brands and products. The company concentrates on customer service and keeping the prices of the products as low as possible. They have a huge selection of popular vape kits and e-juices that are often cheaper than anywhere else.


  • Large selection of vaping hardware, vaporizers, and vape liquids
  • Carries CBD oils, juices, and gummies
  • Worldwide shopping
  • Cheap prices
  • Great customer service


  • There’s not much information about the company on the Internet

FAQ Section: Everything You Need To Know

  • What Is the Best Online Vape Shop in 2023?

    Users have to decide for themselves which of the above (or maybe one that is not above) best online vape stores is the best for them. Vapers have different tastes, different expectations. They have wide-ranging budgets and may not always vape the same way as other users. The above list provides the most comprehensive selection of the best online vape shops that we know of that cater to an ample customer base. Users are free to visit each of them to decide for themselves which they prefer the most.

  • What Are the Benefits of Buying Vapes Online?

    One of the main benefits of shopping online for vapes is the selection. A brick-and-mortar store can only hold so much merchandise, whereas an online retailer has an entire warehouse of products that users can choose from when shopping online. Users can also take advantage of discounts and deals or marked-down items that few if any physical stores are able to offer.

  • How Should I Choose the Best Online Vape Store?


    When looking for the best online vape store make sure to check comments left by other customers. This will give you a better idea of how the company treats its customer’s complaints and problems. An even better sign is if the company responds to their customers’ problems and tries to find a solution rather than ignoring the problem.

    Check Each Page

    A lot of online vape retailers list a wide variety of products from several brands. But when you click on them the page shows up empty. Do not be fooled by a long list of brands and products. Make sure to thoroughly check every page to see if the company offers as many items as they say.

    Warranties and Guarantees

    A company that offers guarantees and warranties for its customers is one that truly wants its customers to have an enjoyable experience. It also shows that the company is confident in their services and quality of its products and is willing to back it up with replacements, discounts, or some other form of remuneration.

  • What Are the Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping at Online Vape Stores?

    A few things you should avoid when shopping online for vape products:

    • Only buy from authorized resellers and distributors of vape products (you can write to the brand itself to check if the shop is an authorized reseller)
    • Check the privacy policy and do not give out so much information
    • Take advantage of deals even if it means signing up for a newsletter and being added to a mailing list

Final Thoughts: The Best Online Vape Stores: A Wealth of Choices

The best online vape shop is one that makes its customers happy. There is no secret formula, but the things that make people happy are low prices, great selection of products, deals and discounts, quick shipping and friendly customer service. Every smart retailer knows this already, which is why they say it upfront in the hope of winning a customer’s business.

But no two online vape stores are alike. The above list is a compilation of brand-specific sites as well as vendors and wholesale distributors that offer many products from several brands. Users can read this guide and browse these sites at their leisure to make an informed choice on who gets their business.

What is your favorite online vape shop? Is there one that we missed with this list? Let us know what your favorite shop is in the comments section below.

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