Blu E-Cigs Brand Review: E-Cigs with Innovative Social Features

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Blu eCigs

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Blu eCigs has been around since late 2008, and no other e-cigarette brand has enjoyed so much hype as it does. But does the Blu e-cigarettes live up to their hype and promise? We take a look. Since being purchased by the Lorillard (maker of cigarette products such as Newport and Kent), the brand is now synonymous with the increasing role of “big tobacco” in the industry. The company’s marketing is top notch and far-reaching, and therefore they command a considerable market base. You have probably heard or seen about their recent campaign “Rise from the Ashes” that was spearheaded by the famous Stephen Dorff (known for his roles in movies such as Immortals and Blade). Blu eCigs name is unquestionably illustrious, but does its e-cigs deliver the good for vapers and smokers? Let’s take a quick overview of the pros and cons before we conduct a meticulous analysis.

Blu eCigs Pros & Cons


  • Propylene glycol-free cartridges
  • Seven well-executed flavors
  • Outstanding portable charging pack
  • Smart pack with “Social” feature
  • Great looking kit and branding—small and portable

  • Limited vapor production
  • Not ideal for heavy smokers and vapers
  • Battery life too short

The Battery and Charging Performance

Blu eCigs starter pack comes with two shorter-than-normal (almost mini) rechargeable batteries. This mini like design is meant to provide a very light feel to make it a nice experience puffing and holding the e-cigarette. Each battery gives the user only about 75 to 100 puffs max and takes about 105 minutes (1.75 hours) to charge. Short life, yes…but very consistent. The Blu’s starter pack, however, comes with a great charging pack to lessen the worry. The Blu eCigs charging pack charges about 4 to 5 batteries at a go and charges a lot quicker than a USB. The charging case has a meter that shows the charge power as well as the cigarette level of charge. There is also a “social” button on the side. This “social feature” means that the pack buzzes every time you are nearby Blu E-Cigs’ vendor or when it detects the signal of another user’s case.

Packaging and Design

Blu E-cigs Packaging and Design

The premium 100 kit comes with a minimalistic black box, decorated with white and blue text as well as an image of the charging case. Even though this packaging is uniquely glossy and classy, it is a little bit hard to open and close it as it lacks a press-stud. The Blu E-cig has a matte black finish that feels great in hand. It is also very light to hold and puff. The LED display on the pack indicates how much power you have left. Another handy feature is that the LED light will flash five-time indicating that you have hit more than five puffs in the space of one minute. The case slips comfortably into the pocket, so portability is not an issue.

What exactly do you get with the Kit?

  • USB Charger
  • 10ml Bottle of Classic Tobacco E-Liquid
  • Clearomizer with replaceable coil
  • Two 950 mAh batteries
  • User manual

User Experience

With the cartridge attached, the Blu Cigs are usually the size of an ordinary cigarette, but a little bit on the heavy side. Also, its hard casing makes it a little bit awkward to hold in the normal in-between fingers (V shape) way. Therefore, it is more comfortable holding this e-cigarette as many would hold a cigar. The tobacco-flavored cartilage produces the most authentic smoking experience with this device. The atomizer aid in the production of a fairly thick, odorless vapor. However, as aforementioned, the battery life is rather weak, and you have to keep charging the batteries to use this vaping unit continually. It is certainly not ideal for heavy smokers. Some users also claim that the vapor cloud you produce is quite thin along with the tobacco taste starting to dull after some extended use with the Blu eCigs.

What are the Nicotine Levels?

In the Blu E-cigs, you have four levels of nicotine High (13-16mg), Medium (9-12mg), Low (6-8mg), and no nicotine. These levels are potentially meant to manage users’ nicotine intake; this is probably the reason why it is not recommended for heavy.

How to Use Blu ECigs

  1. Remove the clearomizer off the battery,
  2. Take off the mouthpiece from the clearomizer,
  3. Fill the clearomizer with e-liquid, but do not overfill,
  4. Give it some time until the e-liquid soaks up entirely,
  5. Vape, and enjoy your flavor.

Concluding Remarks

Blu E-Cigarette Starter Kits are great for anyone trying to make the switch. It is a nice product and within a reasonable price range—there are three kits to pick from; Premium 100 ($89.95), Premium ($79.95), and Original ($34.95). The kit is, however, not ideal for heavy vapers as it lacks a good nicotine throat hit. But for the light smokers, this is a go-to product for you. Click the button below and acquire this beautiful, portable vaporizer kit.


Published: August 25, 2015 Updated: April 27, 2019



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9 comments on “Blu E-Cigs Brand Review: E-Cigs with Innovative Social Features

  • Cheryl

    August 16, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    I’m actually happy with mine. I havent bought a pack of Marlboro reds since I got it, and I’ve been smoking for 20yrs straight. I do want to look into other vape options, but for starting out with quitting smoking, I am very happy with this product. Got the vanilla refill, I love that I dont smell like an ashtray anymore!

  • JoeAnn

    August 13, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    Sup Vapes, I’m trying My Blu disposable for first time, and I gotta say Vapes…I LOVE THIS SHIT! I’ve researched the product and how to use and maintain for longevity. It must remain upright otherwise it will leak for us girls don’t let it lay down in your purse or what ever you carry. I did turn it upside down for a second and it did start to leak, so that’s a no-no.Also, I read up on nicotine vs non nicotine. Diacetyl is a ingredient that makes it harmful. There’s is a juice that’s kosher with no diacetyl and nonnicotine or not. So before you review do your homework. 😃

  • Gareth thomas

    July 7, 2018 at 9:58 am

    I have contacted blu numerous occasions.about fauly getting nowhere..customerservice needs to be looked at…useless

  • John

    May 7, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    Wow I guess I should have read these review before I bought one LOL. Oh well, it was only 1 dollar for the starter kit. Some kind of promotion. From what I’ve read here so far I guess they’re only worth $1. Can’t wait to find out how bad mine sucks! LOL

  • David g

    March 2, 2018 at 3:38 am

    My e cig charger wires got tore up by my cat so in a pickle I bought a blu e-cig. Thank god they were available! Had I not bought this e cig.. I would not be content with my current life. But holy crap does this thing suck. Take one hit.., abd wgstever u were doing before will seem 1000000X better. I bought a menthol e cig from speedway. No hint of menthol. No smoke. Must be a dud. So thank U blu.. I thought my own life was absolute poop until I found this useless barely puffable e cig.. thank u for proving to me that there are way worse things out there. Your ecigs suck and your company president should stick a letter opener in his right eye socket. Enjoy the 7$ I just gave you, and ya anybody considering buying s blu e cig Ud be better off buying mint chocolate chip ice cream, rolling it in a newspaper and smoking that cuz these things suck.

  • Pasquale J Argenio

    December 8, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    I thought I was buying a rechargeable, but when I got home I found it was disposable. The package looks the same. $16 for one e-cig? Plus the environmental impact, which is important to me.
    I will NEVER ever buy anything Blu again.

    • Tom

      August 6, 2018 at 3:58 am

      Isn’t that your fault for not looking at the packaging properly and opening your mouth and asking about the product?

  • Walt_Smith

    November 2, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    blu e-cigs suck. And the also leak into your mouth, mmmmmm good. Sometimes into the battery too! Then when I write 3 emails I get completely ignored except for their ads I still get wondering why I have not visited in a while! I am going to learn how to hack their web site and then see if they ignore me. This product is garbage.

    • dan

      December 29, 2016 at 7:17 pm

      did u get the blu plus or the other one?