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Cheap E-cigs and Cig-a-Likes

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When it comes to buying a cheap e-cig or cheap vaporizer, there are many things to consider. For one, you might not want to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive setup and then have it break down on you in a few months.

At the same time, you don’t want to skimp on a device that you’ll be using practically every day, and for an important reason. You also don’t want to put your safety at risk by purchasing a cheaply priced, but poorly-made, and ultimately dangerous device.

So, as I said, there are many things to consider. And the usual rule of thumb about being a consumer – “you get what you pay for” – doesn’t always correspond to real life. In my own experience as a consumer, I haven’t always found that to be true.

Something that is relatively expensive might fail sooner than I expected and something that is cheaper might last longer than I expected. But then again, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then the price is of supreme importance.

And it might seem like a daunting task trying to buy a modestly priced, but well-performing, quality and durable device. So that’s why we created this guide to the best, cheapest e-cigs out right now.

This list will describe a few devices (mostly of the e-cig variety) that we think to fulfill all the criteria for being an item that is worth buying for its price as well as its performance.

We’ll also be looking at whether or not it is a good idea to buy a cheap e-cig or vaporizer and whether there are any other benefits to buying a cheap cig-a-like or disposable e-cigarette system, besides just price.

Are Cheap E-Cigs Safe?

Are Cheap E-Cigs Safe?

Cheap e-cigarettes and cheap things, in general, can be negatively tainted by their cheapness; being low-priced is not always a positive quality. Cheaply priced e-cigs can make people believe that they have a whole mess of other lousy attributes, chief among them is the belief that they are unsafe.

And, while if misused (charged with the wrong device, wrong batteries used, etc.) any vaping device can be dangerous (as well as any device that uses batteries), there is no reason to believe that a cheaply priced e-cigarette is any less safe than an expensive one.

With that said, however, there are certain safety advantages to buying a higher-priced device over a cheaper device. These advantages include:

  • Built-in protections: Many higher-priced devices have a lot of built-in safety protections like short-circuiting and over-charging protections that lower-priced devices may not have
  • Better build quality: Higher-priced devices might also have the benefit of being made of better quality material, both internally and externally (stainless steel, aluminum or zinc alloy, a more powerful chipset, etc.)
  • Customizable: A great deal of vaping accidents (i.e., batteries and devices catching fire) come from users trying to make modifications to their devices when they should not be modified, more expensive devices sometimes allow for greater customization over lower-priced devices
  • Warranty: This factor can vary from company to company, and of course, a device having a warranty doesn’t always guarantee that it is safe to use, but having a warranty behind a device, especially a lifetime warranty, is a good sign that the company stands behind their device

You should remember, however, that the features listed above apply more to vape mods and box mods, rather than your cheap, disposable cig-a-likes that you can find in just about any gas station or convenience store.

Those advanced vaporizing devices have safety concerns of their own, which is perhaps why so many of them come loaded with safety protections, and, seen in that light, cheap e-cigarettes then emerge with their own safety advantages, which include:

  • Lower battery capacity: Most cheap, disposable e-cigarettes use automatic batteries that only operate when you inhale or take a draw from the device. This button-less operation means that there is no risk of leaving the device “on” and that there is no way that such a battery get overheated
  • Disposable: Vaporizer battery accidents can sometimes occur when a battery is charged with an inappropriate charger. This problem is solved with the “disposable” e-cigarette that gets discarded after the e-juice runs out and foregoes entirely the need to be charged
  • Lack of customizability: Another (potential) safety hazard of more expensive, vape mod and box mod setups is that a lack of knowledge about metal conductivity and electricity, can lead to some unfortunate mismatches by using a metal not suitable to such high-power outputs. This risk is nullified with the easy-to-use, ready-to-use, cheap disposable e-cigarette or cig-a-like

Are Cheap E-Cigs Worth It?

Are Cheap E-Cigs Worth It?

Whether cheap e-cigarettes and cheap cig-a-likes are worth buying is something entirely subjective. If your goal is merely to try an alternative to smoking cigarettes, cheap e-cigs might be ideal since they require little to no assembly, and come, more or less, ready to vape.

And because they are not “worth” much, you won’t be putting yourself into the poor house by buying a cheap, disposable e-cigarette system, that is not meant to last in the first place. Cheap e-cigarettes are also a great introduction to vaping, in general.

Many an experienced vaper began their vaping life with cig-a-likes and cheap, disposable sets that piqued their interest in vaping and brought them into the wider world of vape pens, and box mods.

For that reason then – for being a cost-effective, non-committal entryway to vaping – cheap e-cigarettes and disposable cig-a-likes are definitely worth buying since they don’t strain your wallet, but still offer you a glimpse into the other vaping possibilities out there.

The Bestest, Cheapest E-Cigs

Having gone through most of the pros and cons of buying and using cheap e-cigarettes, the time has come to list the best, and most inexpensive, e-cigarettes and cig-a-like devices. This list is merely a sampling, and while we want to be as objective as possible, some of these devices are here because they are our personal favorites, so you might not agree with all of our choices here.

The Titan E-Cig Starter Kit

Titan E-Cig

The Titan E-Cig starter kit is a rechargeable e-cigarette device from Vapor4Life, a vape company started by ex-smokers. The Titan E-cig fully replicates the experience of smoking by delivering supreme throat hits that can vary depending on the type of battery.

Regarding its shape and size, the Titan can be classified as a cig-a-like since it is made up of a small battery attached to a cartomizer. Vapor4Life offers the option of manual (button-activated) batteries or automatic (draw-activated) batteries with varying strengths, from the lowest at 200mAh to the highest at 400mAh.

And with over 150 different flavored cartomizer cartridges, there is no limit to the kind of e-juices you can vape with.

Price for the Titan E-Cig Starter Kit (standard): $20

Titan E-Cig Starter Kit Pros:

  • Manual or automatic battery operation
  • Simple to use (with either option)
  • Voltage range between 3.7V – 4.7V (dependent on battery)
  • Long lasting battery life (dependent on battery)
  • 150 different varieties of a cartomizer

Titan E-Cig Starter Kit Cons:

  • Long charge time
  • 808 threading of the battery means you cannot use it with most cartomizers

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe

South Beach Smoke was one of the first cig-a-likes brands to emerge on the market, and they have gained a reputation as one of the best. And it’s probably due to the loads of goodies and add-ons they included in their kits. The standard kit comes with two battery choices (one standard, one high-capacity) and ten different cartomizer options!

Their deluxe kit comes with three different battery types (mixed with manual and automatic batteries) and 20 different cartomizers. The South Beach Smoke kit is a great starter kit for new vapers and ex-smokers, or soon to be ex-smokers. It is an easy to use, long-lasting e-cigarette that comes together very easily and has replaceable cartomizers.

Price for South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit: $53

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit Pros:

  • Three batteries included (different strengths)
  • Long lasting battery life
  • 20 different cartomizers included
  • Personal charging case
  • Five different nicotine strengths

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit Cons:

  • No battery level indicator
  • No e-juice level indicator

Express VaporFi Classic Tobacco Starter Kit

VaporFi Classic Tobacco Starter Kit

VaporFi is one of those vape companies that were around since the beginning (they were initially called Vapor Zone). And because they’ve been around for so long, they were also one of the first companies to release an e-cig starter kit, the Express.

The Express Classic Starter Kit features two battery options (standard and high-capacity) as well as five, pre-filled 1 ml capacity cartridges with a choice of four different nicotine strengths. The total power output of the Express high-capacity battery is around 4.5V, which makes for an excellent, full-flavored vapor output.

Price for Express VaporFi Classic Tobacco Starter Kit: $40

Express VaporFi Classic Tobacco Starter Kit Pros:

  • Two battery options
  • Refillable cartridge (sold separately)
  • Closely resembles a real cigarette
  • Different charging options

Express VaporFi Classic Tobacco Starter Kit Cons:

  • Most options sold separately

Mig Cig from Mig Vapor

Mig Cig kit from Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is yet another vape company with a distinguished reputation. Although they put more focus on dry herb and concentrate vaporizers, Mig Vapor also got into the cheap e-cigarette or cig-a-like game with their Mig Cig system.

The battery of the Mig Cig is nearly 110mm in length, has a standard 4.2V output, is rechargeable and comes in a range of options, from automatic and manual to come in a variety of different colors. The starter kit comes with the option of five different flavor cartridges as well as five different nicotine strengths.

Price for Mig Cig Standard e-Cig Starter Kit: $49.95

Mig Cig Standard e-Cig Starter Kit Pros:

  • Durability
  • Two battery styles
  • Many color options
  • Battery size
  • Ease of use

Mig Cig Standard e-Cig Starter Kit Cons:

  • Long charging time

Blu Plus Rechargeable Kit

Blu Plus e-cig Rechargeable Kit

We’ve saved the best for last or at the least the most popular, and well-known. The public’s idea of e-cigarettes was primarily shaped by the massive marketing campaign that accompanied the release of the Blu Starter Kit.

An e-cigarette financed by a Big Tobacco company, the Blu e-cigarette won over many with its unique design layout. Rather than trying to resemble a cigarette as much as possible, it sought to break the mold of what a traditional e-cigarette should look like.

The Blu comes in two separate kits: one, the least expensive, offers only one battery, one atomizer, and a USB universal charger. The other kit offers a carrying case/charger, three pre-filled cartridges, and two batteries.

Price for Blu Plus Rechargeable Kit: $42.99

Blu Plus Rechargeable Kit Pros:

  • Quality build
  • Quick recharging time
  • Beautiful design
  • Rechargeable pack eliminates the need for chargers

Blu Plus Rechargeable Kit Cons:

  • Poor vapor production

Best Cheap Disposable E-Cigs

We’ve already covered the Best and Cheapest E-cigs options, but those covered multi-use devices meant to last, which is one option. The other option is to emulate the experience of smoking a cigarette fully, by disposing of your e-cig, just like you would with a cancer stick.

Disposable e-cigs were first introduced in the late aughts, and they quickly became the first and only ways that the general public could begin vaping. They were sold individually, and most early versions contained only about 1.8 to 2 mg of nicotine.

While some may regard disposable e-cigs as relics of the past, they remain quite wide-spread and are still sold everywhere from gas stations to supermarkets. Here are some of the more popular versions still available:

400 Puff V2 Cigs Disposables

400 Puff V2 CigsFrom the reputable V2, maker of the popular V2 Pro Series model of a vaporizer, comes the 400 Puff V2 disposable e-cig. The 400 Puff delivers what its name promises, and last for however long it takes for you to get to 400 puffs (about a day, or day and a half with moderate use).

The 400 Puff disposable e-cigs contain only 1.8mg of nicotine and are restricted to just two flavors, menthol, and tobacco. Considering a pack-a-day smoking habit can run you at least $10-$12/day, a five-pack of 400 Puff e-cigs, with each e-cig the equivalent to one pack, which costs around $25 might seem like the most cost-effective choice.

Price for a 5-Pack of 400 Puff V2 Cigs Disposables: $25

400 Puff V2 Cigs Disposables Pros:

  • Great value
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent vapor production

400 Puff V2 Cigs Disposables Cons:

  • Limited amount of flavors

Blu Disposable E-Cigs

Blu Disposable

From the forerunner of the e-cigarette movement, blu E-Cigs, comes the Blu Disposable E-Cig, which is the same popular blu E-Cig but sold individually.

The blu Disposable E-Cig guarantees at least 400 puffs, much like its competitor. There’s no fuss or assembly needed to start vaping the black-bodied, blue-tipped e-cig that comes in six different flavors (Glacier Mint, Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Carolina Bold, Vivid Vanilla).

The blu Disposable E-cig sells for around $8 each, so about the same as a pack of cigarettes in most states. The wide availability of Blu Disposable E-cigs makes them the most convenient disposable e-cig for most people.

Price for an individual blu Disposable E-cig: $7.99

Blu Disposable E-Cigs Pros:

  • Sleek, beautiful design
  • Great flavor options
  • Inexpensive
  • Great vapor production

Blu Disposable E-Cigs Cons:

  • Not sold in packs

EPuffer Eco Disposable

EPuffer Eco Disposables

The EPuffer Eco Disposable also takes an old-fashioned shape and look, with its soft-tip mouthpiece that resembles a charcoal filter, and the red LED tip that lights up every time you take a puff. The cigarette shape is just one of many other designs and flavors that EPuffer offers for the Eco Disposable E-cig.

The EPuffer Eco Disposable has a little bit more of everything compared to other disposables. The 3.7V battery can power at least 500 puffs for each unit. And it is a bit longer than other models.

Where the EPuffer Eco does differ in quantity, however, is in the lower-than-usual 1.8mg of nicotine contained in each e-cig. There are two other nicotine levels available, 0.6mg and 0mg. Flavor-wise, the EPuffer Eco comes in at least six different flavors from Mojito to Watermelon Sangria.

Price for an individual EPuffer Eco Disposable E-cig: $7.95

EPuffer Eco Disposable E-Cig Pros:

  • Longer lasting
  • Powerful battery
  • Great flavor options
  • Affordable

EPuffer Eco Disposable E-Cig Cons:

  • Low nicotine content

Finding Your Cheap E-Cigs

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how useful, convenient, and affordable cheap e-cigs and cheap disposable e-cigs really are compared to their more expensive, complicated and intensive big brothers.

The cheap and inexpensive e-cig may seem outdated and obsolete in the age of the box mod. But for most new or inexperienced vapers, cheap, uncomplicated e-cigarettes remain an important gateway to bring people away from smoking and into vaping.

Cheap e-cigs and cig-a-likes are safe, portable and just as satisfying to smokers and ex-smokers as more powerful devices. Their great functionality and their widespread popularity ensure that cheap and disposable e-cigs are here to stay.

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