//Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit Review – Elegant and Flavorful Vaping
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Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit Review – Elegant and Flavorful Vaping

MG21 Clear Fusion Kit

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Overall Performance: 87%

User Experience: 89%

Value for Money: 89%

Price: $79.95

Our Verdict: A great cig-like device that ensures consistency throughout its use, the Mig 21 Vapor Kit is a reasonable buy at $79.95 for two complete e-cigs. Its function, as well as the type of vapor produced, are perfect for beginners, as well as advanced users who need back-up portable kits for when they are on-the-go.

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Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit: First Impressions

Design: Mig Cigs has done a fantastic job in mimicking the ‘real deal’ with the Mig 21. Its overall design speaks of class and first-rate materials, and first-time users are quick to believe that the unit is durable enough to stay intact for long-term use.

Build Quality: There is truth in what it portrays, as the Mig 21 has optimized resilience for serious vapers, but can be a little delicate for beginners who have yet to learn the do’s and don’ts in vape kit care. The aluminum rings around the tank’s edges are pretty weak and in some cases get loose, but other than that, the batteries, clearomizer, charger, and even the carry case are tougher than other starter sets.

What’s in the Box: Inside the box are: (2) Clear Fusion 1.3 ml clearomizers, (1) Free Extra Clearomizer, (2) 140 mm (380 mAh) Super Batteries, (1) USB cable and charger, (1) Wall Adapter, (1) Ego Style Carry Case, (1) bottle of 30 ml e-liquid, a user manual, and care documents.

Vaping Experience With Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit

Usability: As a cig-like starter vaping kit that has been improved to outperform and outlast others within the same range, the Mig 21 Vaping Kit was designed for easy and hassle-free use. All you have to do is to remove the top cap of the tank, fill it with your chosen e-liquid, let the device heat up for a minute or two, and begin vaping instantly.

It is suitable for anyone who spends a lot of time in the car or who is on the go a lot, with its handy size and weight to carry around. One of the drawbacks is that it needs more frequent refilling of e-liquid to avoid dry hits or burnt taste, which can be a little inconvenient for those who are used to tobacco smoking.

Although the whole unit has a somewhat bulky size, any practical user would understand that every space it consumes translates into real functional parts.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor quality is better than other starter cig-like vaping kits of the same size. It uses top coil configuration on its tank, which produces warm vape that is comparable to cigarette smoke. This is something e-cig beginners would love.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Weighed against other batteries used in similar starter cig-like kits, the Mig 21 has a 380 mAh battery that lasts longer. Heavy vapers can use the device continuously for approximately 6 hours with one full charge. When used with the Clear Fusion Max tank, which gives thicker vapor and stronger throat hit, the battery is depleted within a shorter span of time.

The consistent 4.2 voltage output maintains the quality of the vapor throughout, but it does not allow the user to choose how much vapor they want to get, as with variable voltage batteries. Additionally, the same top coil configuration of the tank, which is a bit outdated, makes it vulnerable to dry hits. Aside from constant refilling, you may need to tilt the device often to make sure only flavorful vapor is produced.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit Review Additional Info

For advanced users, the Mig 21 can be a good substitute and back-up when the need for portability arises. It has higher voltage batteries that last longer than other brands, produces warm and thick vapor, and is discreet in size. Compared to more advanced vaping kits, the tighter airflow from the tank lessens the flavor of the vapor produced with this unit.

The price is reasonable for a kit of two complete e-cigs, with options to upgrade the tank into the Clear Fusion Max and choose between manual or automatic batteries. It also has a USB cable and wall adapter, as well as three 1.3 ml tanks, which are included in the kit. The kit provides enough of everything for users to vape when they want to.

Then again, the top coil designed clearomizers can be quite annoying for users who are looking for flavorful vape over and over again without any dry hits. The good thing is that the coil can be discarded by itself to save the tank and be replaced with new ones. This practical trick can be used by beginners and advanced users who want to prolong their use of the Mig 21.

One other thing that advanced vapers may not like is the fact that the threads of the batteries are only compatible with 808 compatible atomizers or clearomizers of the same brand. For users who have spare atomizers from old set-ups, it should be known that they will not always work with Mig’s 380 mAh Super Battery.

Nonetheless, getting spare components or a few customizations from Mig Cigs, can never go wrong, because of their reputable line of products and e-cig apparatuses that are built with high-end durability.

Mig Cigs offers the same range of e-liquid flavors in five different nicotine levels for the Mig 21 user—the higher the level of the nicotine, the stronger the throat hit. Both manual and automatic batteries are available in white, black, stainless steel, and metal rainbow (manual only). When purchasing a kit, you can choose to get their reliable carry case in white, pink, black, or red.

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Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit
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