Vape Pens – How to Clean Them to Extend Their Life

Vaporizer pens or vape pens are the most simple products to clean and sustain. This is when you compare them to other vaporizer products.

How to Clean Vape Pens

When you purchase any product for private use, you should have a care and preservation process in place. This is a must to assure that the product is always in good working condition. This applies to your vaporizer pen too in equal degrees.
Below is a summary of significant tips that’ll guide you on how to clean vape pens.

Recognize your vaporizer pen

Your Vaporizer pen could vaporize any of the following: oil, herbs or wax. There are diverse cleaning approaches to use when cleaning each material off of your vaporizer pen.
You need to understand the different parts of your vaporizer pen. This will definitely help you comprehend how to handle the disassembling procedure.
A majority of vape pens comprise of a heating chamber, a battery, and a mouthpiece.

Dry herb vaporizer pen

Vaporizing ground herbs can sometimes be very messy. Still, cleaning vape pens after each use is a very simple thing to do. The chemical you will use doesn’t leave any adhesive residues in the heating chamber.

Cleaning a dry herb vaporizer pen

  • In order to keep your chamber as tidy as possible, take these steps. Firstly, detach the heating chamber before cleaning the device. Empty out all the fillings including the ashes of the vaped herbs isn’t hard. You can do that instantly by tapping on them lightly into a trash bin.
  • After each use, you should clean out the chamber. To eliminate any dry particles present in the chamber as well as on the screen, use a small cleaning brush or a q-tip. This will also extend the lifespan of the atomizer.
  • Nearly all vape pens come with a cleaning brush in the same box. Refrain from using water for washing the interior of the heating chamber. That’s because they made the component out of compact wiring. It’s an electrical device and will lose its functionality if you use water in the cleaning process.
  • You must clean the external part of the vape pen with a cotton cloth. However, you can clean the mouthpiece under running water.

Oil or Wax vaporizer pens

They are the toughest to clean due to the sticky residue in the heating chamber. Yet, you will discover that the process is easy after cleaning them on a regular basis.
The design of oil/wax vaporizer pens differs depending on the model and brand. However, the vape pens consist of similar parts which play the same roles.

 Cleaning oil/wax vaporizer pens

  • For oil vaporizers you must be certain not to wet the interior at all. You should never use water or alcohol to clean the chamber with the wick.
  • Open the heating chamber and detach the mouthpiece before starting to clean the vaporizer pen. You can separate some parts for informal cleaning such as the Aspire Nautilus.
  • Make use of a dab tool, cotton bud (preferably dipped in isopropyl alcohol) or a Q-tip. This is to scrub the rim and the inside layer of the mouthpiece and heating chamber. The dab tool frequently comes in the same box with the vaporizer.
  • Repeat the procedure until there is no residue visible in the heating chamber.
  • While cleaning, refrain from applying excessive pressure to the heating coil. This is because it is one of the most delicate parts of the vaporizer pen. The vaporizer will become useless if you break this component.
  • Be sure to allow all parts to dry completely before using.

Concentrate vaporizer

Concentrate vaporizers are a tremendously convenient way to enjoy your legal flowers and essential oils. In contrary, smoking a pipe can’t provide you the maximum result of a concentrate dab. Vaporizers will get the maximum out of your concentrate while also providing you a smooth smoking experience.

Cleaning a concentrate atomizer

In the case of atomizers, they put the wax directly onto a very gentle coil typically wrapped around a wick. Therefore, it’s necessary to be cautious while cleaning the inside of the piece. The good thing about these atomizers is that they can tolerate a slight rubbing of alcohol. This makes it convenient to get rid of the residue. Just soak the q-tip or cloth with a little alcohol and very gently wipe the interior of your chamber off. Remember to be careful with the coil. Like your dry herb atomizer, you can use alcohol to clean the gunk off the outside of the component.

How to clean the mouthpiece

Because the mouthpiece is the vapor pathway and near the chamber and your mouth, it can accumulate the most residue. Fortunately, it is also the very convenient to clean. Just put on a damp cotton ball or cloth to clean the dirty parts. Check your manual first before using chemicals like alcohol.

How to Clean Vape Pens: General cleaning tips

  • Warming up the vape pens will definitely make the cleaning process easier and faster. High temperatures will help in loosening the residue inside the heating chamber.
  • Do not spill alcohol or water on your product during the cleaning. They might leak into the core circuitry. Use the dab tool instead.
  • If the vape pens comprises of oil attachments, detach them from the heating chamber first. Then you can start cleaning the external parts using a soft and damp cloth.
  • Cleaning the vape pens on a regular basis is very important. This will extend the life of the device and keep it running smoothly.
Published: April 21, 2017 Updated: April 5, 2019


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